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    TEAM DUELISTGROUNDZ[.COM] »»Noxjja / Noxjja »»MMF / MMF »»Jazz / Jazz »»Soul / Soul »»A Loli / Dance Gavin Dance TEAM PRO PLAY GAMES »»Gabe / ppg gabe 2-0 »»Desmond / he just played on justins account lol »»Dale / »»Avery / AveryFoster »»Justin / ppgjustindelhon I'll be honest, I really didn't think we were gonna be able to make this one happen. Damage Step and the Seraphim have joined forces in this crew battle against Pro-Play Games featuring the legendary Dale Bellido. This will be the first of hopefully many events for the new Team DuelistGroundz[.com]. Shouts out to Morphing Jar, aka Big P, aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats, aka Exiled Force, aka Dubai, aka pimp on dn, aka Mustang, aka Guerilla Warfare, aka Brybry, former NHL sniper. Shouts out to Bullet Club aka Mullet Club aka Masha Fan Club. This event will be recorded/streamed on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check out PPG's YouTube here as well! WAR STORY:
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    yo man u alredy know how I'm rockin man I put the boy avery back in his bag ez af man idk what he was thinking he the pinnacle of hot dog water man I bet dale bellido still play united we stand with fucking scape goats man that guy still in 2005 while we in 2020 what he doin? ez win for us bois s/o bullet club tho
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    Not a cost. It survives. It most definitely isn't a cost as of current errata and I asked and was told this has never been the case. Ignore and disregard old version of response where I considered the possibility it could have formally read/been ruled as a cost.
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    it's not supposed to be an unlimited format, that's legacy/vintage. It's supposed to be a relatively inexpensive eternal format. the format when you get to do zany shit but without the price of paying for reserve list cards.
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    Jeff Fisher: Case Keenum is a top 10 QB by our numbers The prophecy is coming true.
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    Markus you're just wrong. The Beatles were definitely shit human beings, but they were great musicians. Their music was simplistic in general, but that's part of the reason it took off.