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    E.V.I.L. A. Shining Blue-eyes B. Kewl`Kat C. Digbic REVEAL EXODIA, K? A. Lucas. B. Jebiga55 C. Froabucia War Story: Shining Blue-eyes vs Lucas. Kewl`Kat 2 > 1 Jebiga55 Digbic 2 > 0 Froabucia I'm sorry it took me so long to get this up. You guys will have an extra few days to play your round to make up for it.
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    Lol, you do realize the post you quoted is 5 years and some odd months old and as it happens that user isn't even active anymore?
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    thats pretty cool. any other old schooler people still here?
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    Logic and casually dominating random TCGs name a more iconic duo
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    just getting back into the game after 7 years. saw the link on reddit, and wondered if it was the same dgz so decided to login.
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    PICTURED: rei and his coworker hacking into Konami's database, searching for the ban list
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    great because i have a lot of porn and not a lot of places to post it.
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    Not like I called it when I quit months ago or anything.