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    FuZe Gang Sponsored by Harverd Universte and Alfred Eibstiem Members thugalicious/❀thugalıcıous❀#0061 !nf!del/!nf!del#8740 - Dueling Nexus' True King of Games IorI/IorI#9195 Serl of the three/Serlthree#8867 -Disciple of Yu-Gi-NoNo Mickey/Mickey#2287 Livd/Livd#1506 -Make you're dad suck the big bottle : - ) Kekler/Kekler#7251 -Play Burning Abysse bezt Decke Skelter/Skelter#8847 -Shouldering a pair of machine guns, this monster is unstoppable.
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    Special thanks to @dale for helping me determine the identity of the elusive 8th member of Canadian Nationals top 8 in 2005. The "big guy w/goatee" was, in fact, Andrew Hayton!
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    rei sucks he lost the last heart i was saving for sbe vs damage step and then he ditched us for mason wow.
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    wow...nice team guys...kidding...kinda shit
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    welcoming c0nfined on every villain is lemons and back to dgz after a 9 year ban
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    really think pot should be banned in general. Its just not a card that is good for the game imo (just on the premise of an instant 2 for 1 for free is bad design in general)
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    welcome morphing jar to every villain is lemons