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    Tbh I'm more annoyed by the number of ppl who passed on playing/were vague about it / didn't respond than people who dropped after signing up because it took too long. Get over yourself nick, people aren't obliged to give you advice just because you suck. You were given tips, just git gud plenty of people have been given praise for marked improvement (be it from mediocre to good or from bad to mediocre).
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    What I’m about to say has nothing to do with the current conversation at hand, just speaking in general, but this is something I’ve noticed myself. I usually look at the total number of active users (I’m often on mobile, scrolling down shows active topics/users), this morning (9am est) there was literally 2 users online, myself and Faint. There’s more users atm, but I’ve never seen that few active users. Its usually a handful of people at any given time. DGz has really fallen on hard times.
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    Actually you're exactly wrong. If you normal summon a monster, it doesn't start a chain. If it doesn't start a trigger effect, then you're in box B, so you can activate any speed spell 2 or higher effect before your opponent can (Box C). It literally says things work like I said they do on the flow chart. For example, if you summon Denko Sekka while you have 1 set, if the summon isn't negated, you get the first opportunity to respond to the summon. So you can flip your one set in response to Denko's summon, putting Denko Sekka's continuous effect into play. Rabbit being able to "dodge" Veiler is because the turn player is given the first opportunity to activate a card effect in a new phase (Box A) so you activate Rabbit (moving from box A, to box D) and now since Rabbit isn't on the field the opponent cannot respond to it with Veiler.
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    Maybe we shouldn't have banned / driven away all the new players / fired one of the few active mods
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    Oh i remember this, and no some of those new players need to be banned because they make the game worse, such as TheSoulSheep. (Another site). Needless to say it stems from activity, interest, players getting bored, and people getting tired of waits. Myself, I get tired of: Waiting Idiots Bad Hosts Seeing DGz has 3 active users online TOTAL Love the idea for the game don't get me wrong, but i've been waiting 1 week for a +ONE, so naturally I and perhaps others, will get to the point where we no longer "have time" or we are 100% sure we will forget and not get told when to login on DGz to start mafia. I am 100% sure he's talking about ACP