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    Maybe we shouldn't have banned / driven away all the new players / fired one of the few active mods
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    This is a guide to farming Espa Roba level 40 and 30 (decks are equivalent). Espa Roba's lv. 40 deck: Farming Decks: Dark Paladin Fusion (recommended for time efficiency, but high cost) 7-8k Duel Assessment with Union Attack, 7k without Required cards: Example Decks: Cyber Angels (Slow, but cheap) 7k duel assessment without Union Attack, 7-8k with. Required cards: Example Decks: Will (probably) update with guides for using.
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    Everyone has their off day, I am sure at least one of you has beat your wife before. We all do shit that no one would ever accept in life. I truly am sorry I went retard mode, and if it's me leaving everyone wants, then i'll just banish myself to the shadow realm.