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    Nate1080: Your dismissal of the deck seems pretty baseless. Who cares if Trickstars are still good when this deck shits on Trickstar? I think this deck is actually pretty good. You have numerous autowins going first and the deck has a tremendous grind game. Sure the deck is inconsistent to an extent, but definitely not enough to just discount it outright. Curious means that you have access to Snow much more often, and it also means that you can search Glow-Up Bulb and just auto win against Pendulum decks and other other decks that rely on Spell Cards. LS was skirting on the edge of relevancy before the list don't forget (3 topped YCS Prague in November), and I'm willing to bet that it'll do a lot more now that the majority of the monsters in the metagame aren't protected from Snow by Spyral resort.
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    hmm, I thought we had enough members that might be from south Detroit already but it could be what is clear is that they took the midnight mod shift, banning anyonnnee
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    I love the Womack deck. One of my all time favs. I would probably play if you did a troop dup live.
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    YGOrg revises its translations once a product is released, especially for main products. Here’s our revised understanding of Circuit Break. We’d have had this out a week ago, but a bunch of our people responsible for this sort of thing were at the NAWCQ and didn’t get home until recently.
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    how many people play goats with cybernetic revolution? why is it so hard for you to keep your shitty opinions about "fixing formats" to yourself and just play the game as it was played in these formats?
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    Bye everyone, good luck with the site.
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    Machines were a hard as fuck counter to T-heroes due to 3x Dustshoot, idk what you're talking about.  Also in my opinion, this was one of the worst formats back in the day, otk's out of nowhere, dustshoots nonstop, it was just not fun at all.  I never wanted to quit as much as I did after Nationals that year
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    [quote name="TheNewGuy" post="3596737" timestamp="1381781827"]Machines were a hard as fuck counter to T-heroes due to 3x Dustshoot, idk what you're talking about.  Also in my opinion, this was one of the worst formats back in the day, otk's out of nowhere, dustshoots nonstop, it was just not fun at all.  I never wanted to quit as much as I did after Nationals that year[/quote] This
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    If there was a modern adaptation of this format, I would propose the following adjustments to the F/L list: Forbidden: Confiscation Cyber-Stein Metamorphosis Limited: Brain Control Dark Hole Granmarg the Rock Monarch Mobius the Frost Monarch Sinister Serpent Spirit Reaper Time Seal Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Trap Dustshoot Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Semi-Limited: Book of Moon Call of the Haunted D.D. Assailant Drop Off Exiled Force Injection Fairy Lily Lightning Vortex Mask of Darkness Scapegoat Unlimited: Thousand-Eyes Restrict I tried to eliminate dominating strategies to foster variety. The absence of power cards in the format meant it was a straight-forward aggro beatdown. I added a 2nd Call of the Haunted to make up for the loss of Premature Burial, to make non-Monarch tribute monsters more viable and to have a method of Special Summoning that's not Cyber Dragon. The second major revision of Dark Hole to 1 will give players another power card to conserve. It also is a counter to over-extending with Cyber Dragon + another monster and will give players an opportunity to recover from an uneven board.
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    Since this is pretty much the only place in the Yugioh community that even tries to keep old formats out of oblivion I figured I should try and spark some interest in my favorite format. Official March 2012 Ban list: Forbidden Cards: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Cyber Jar Cyber-Stein Dark Magician of Chaos Dark Strike Fighter Destiny HERO - Disk Commander Fiber Jar Fishborg Blaster Glow-Up Bulb Goyo Guardian Magical Scientist Magician of Faith Makyura the Destructor Mind Master Rescue Cat Sinister Serpent Spore Substitoad Thousand-Eyes Restrict Tribe-Infecting Virus Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Tsukuyomi Victory Dragon Witch of the Black Forest Yata-Garasu Brain Control Butterfly Dagger - Elma Card of Safe Return Change of Heart Cold Wave Confiscation Delinquent Duo Dimension Fusion Giant Trunade Graceful Charity Harpie's Feather Duster Last Will Mass Driver Metamorphosis Mirage of Nightmare Painful Choice Pot of Greed Premature Burial Raigeki Snatch Steal Temple of the Kings The Forceful Sentry Crush Card Virus Exchange of the Spirit Imperial Order Last Turn Ring of Destruction Royal Oppression Time Seal Trap Dustshoot Limited Cards: Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Dark Armed Dragon Debris Dragon Dandylion Elemental HERO Stratos Formula Synchron Exodia the Forbidden One Gladiator Beast Bestiari Gorz the Emissary of Darkness Honest Left Arm of the Forbidden One Left Leg of the Forbidden One Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En Lonefire Blossom Mezuki Morphing Jar Necroface Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Night Assailant Plaguespreader Zombie Right Arm of the Forbidden One Right Leg of the Forbidden One Sangan T.G. Hyper Librarian T.G. Striker The Agent of Mystery - Earth Advanced Ritual Art Allure of Darkness Black Whirlwind Book of Moon Burial from a Different Dimension Card Destruction Charge of the Light Brigade Dark Hole Foolish Burial Future Fusion Gateway of the Six Heavy Storm Infernity Launcher Limiter Removal Mind Control Monster Gate Monster Reborn One for One Pot of Avarice Primal Seed Reasoning Reinforcement of the Army Scapegoat Ceasefire Magical Explosion Mirror Force Return from the Different Dimension Solemn Judgment The Transmigration Prophecy Wall of Revealing Light Semi-Limited Cards: Archlord Kristya Card Trooper Destiny HERO - Malicious Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner Marshmallon Necro Gardna Reborn Tengu Summoner Monk Tragoedia Chain Strike Destiny Draw Emergency Teleport Level Limit - Area B Magical Stone Excavation Royal Tribute Shien's Smoke Signal Swords of Revealing Light Bottomless Trap Hole Magic Cylinder Mind Crush Ojama Trio Solemn Warning Torrential Tribute Ultimate Offering "Decks to beat": - Wind-Ups - Inzektors - Dino-Rabbit - Chaos Dragons Although this format featured one of the most notorious and degenerate combos in the game, it still has a place in my heart due to the huge variety of decks that were playable at the time and the number of tech choices and slight adjustments that players could explore. "Staples" / Most popular cards of the format: - Maxx "C" (x2-x3) - Effect Veiler (x2-x3) - Gorz the Emissary of Darkness - Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning - Tour Guide from the Underworld (x3) - Sangan - Heavy Storm - Monster Reborn - Dark Hole - Solemn Judgment - Solemn Warning (x2) This was probably the best deck of the format, although it's hard to say definitively which deck was the most dominant.