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    Honestly, having lived through assaults and violence, I would say that I too feel you are not approaching the matter as would be best, but that it's in part because of how you communicate with us. Self-defense is very much a speak-softly-and-carry-a-big-stick thing, but only when we've already failed to do plenty of other things that we ought have done in the first place, such as minimizing the duration where one is capable of being around persons one considers able and willing to assault, and minimizing the distance between places where one knows one is free from assault. My point, I guess, would be that the rest of us who live in shitholes here in the US are very sober about, and disappointed in, the fact that circumstances lead us to self-defense - and that we don't adopt it as a practice whereby we allow ourselves to become quick to presume lethal intent on part of those that would assault. Living through enough incidents where firearms were discharged with intent to kill has traumatized me, but in spite of that there are certain disciplines I have not let go of. I feel like the others in the thread are kinda scared that you're just gonna shoot someone dead that oughtn't be shot dead, and that you'll care more about your fear relating to these incidents than about that "some folk ought be shot dead, and some folk oughtn't" matter. My own incidents haven't led me to care more about my fear than about that distinction. Paranoid niggas are scarier in some ways than criminals, because paranoia is a mere stone's throw from being someone who does wrong while convinced they're in the right.
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    Vita is a dead platform and if I'm buying a handheld I'm saving my shekels for a Switch tho Trails 2 PC port hype train, more va more fun
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    Saw this video a couple months ago, not sure if it was posted here but super relevant: You’re more likely to get hurt/killed trying some slick shit than if you just let it happen. As said in the video, if anything, mace is enough. No need to needlessly kill someone or threaten them with a gun and possibly get killed yourself (most likely outcome tbh considering how quick you had the thought of getting a gun after a situation. Those people are the first to get killed). The person mugging or jumping you or whatever usually doesn’t have intentions to kill you, they just want your shit. They carry weapons usually for their protection, ironically.
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    Question in the title, I've been finding I want to play this game less and less lately due to things like the ftk decks, losing to absolute crap decks (which you know are crap when you check them), and events bringing only 1, maybe 2 new GOOD cards every so often, the incentive to grind them just ins't there. Leveling characters feels like a chore, and there are so many boxes now that saving gems seems moot cause the time you invest a few thousand, 2 more sets come by. Idk, I think just because the way the game yugioh is its getting less enjoyable, I've been feeling the same lately about the TCG as well. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I think being on top of decks that give 0% chance of winning going 1st like the new burn decks and maybe perhaps also re-working the pvp system as well. Being single duel formats, I feel 5 wins in a row is actually quite a feat to accomplish, and something like maybe even just 4 would make it more reasonable. What are your thoughts and experiences lately with the game.
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    lol man reading this thread makes me realise why people have shit lives. priorities man. then again from ur posts its very obvious u have some kind of psychiatric shit going on so maybe everyone should go easy on u.
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    dark eruption in the year of our lord 2017 :whomstvedtve:
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    i feel like if you ever get involved in an altercation, you are going to die
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    You think escalating a situation to lethal force will in any way protect or benefit you when literally every piece of evidence contradicts that. I've been around and owned firearms longer than you've been alive most likely, and yes I will flaunt not living in such a shithole i need a concealed firearm
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    From cases ive read, it doesnt typically end well.
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    oh cool this thread got more useless stupid posts. I have to remember that most of the people that post here are bourgeois children with the hardness of talcum powder and extremely poor reading comprehension. Can't claim I'm cool enough to brush off this frustration though. Rereading this thread and these new comments, well, the failures of our public schooling systems could be less apparent, but it'd be hard. So, I suppose I do care enough about the opinions of Internet strangers, since I started this thread seeking advice, after all--so here's an update: things are going better now that I've put a big enough dent in my debt to make monthly payments manageable and I can save money for the future again. it's almost like the intersections of health, socioeconomics, and crime were relevant the whole time. wow. really makes you think.
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    Your bitchy smug comments coming from a place of total lack of experience are helpful, constructive, and add to the conversation. You're flaunting ignorance and a bad attitude. Take pride in that if you must.
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    If you read what I said above you would not come to conclusion that escalating a situation to lethal force is a thing I advocate. I'm 28, started shooting when I was ten. Not saying you have lack of experience with firearms. I was saying you lacked experience with living in fucked up places dealing with fucked up people, fearing for your life, for about 22 of those years. Domestic violence, drug dealing, break-ins, actual fights in our driveway, my sister running a methhead out of our trailer with a knife, to give you an example. That was my life. Mental health issues made me graduate a year later than I wanted, but my timing for withdrawal was great because my stepmom was about to go to jail and I could take care if the house. Most of my immediate family: repeat offender felons. "Just move out of there" is classism. You think if I had the scratch to pay deposits on everything and travel for job interviews I'd still be here? "But you spent 300 on a gun". Yeah, well my appendix exploded in April and my car broke down in May so I'm in debt up to my eyeballs because my insurance wouldn't cover my CT scan. Louisville is the economic center of KY. I'm working on my shit, its just hard to get ahead when you're behind. I just don't get why your response to a person who is clearly scared shitless and doing the things that make sense to them no matter how irrational they are is to be a dick. Everything I said above says that violence is a last resort option. I am worried because 10 or 20 ft. Is not a wide margin for error and should that error have been made I probably would have gotten fucked up. Show some fucking compassion. You're flaunting your socioeconomic status, is what I'm saying, and that's fucked up.
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    Atypical depression caused by a fucked up life, that is now effectively treated by neurotransmitter substitutes, is totally why I don't deserve my second amendment rights. Bad things happened to you because you were too weak to stop them and it hurt you, but fuck you for claiming the bare minimum means of power to defend oneself. Fuck you stigmatizing mental illness. I'm not violent and I don't live in another dimension so what the fuck is it to you if I don't make enough dopamine or norephinephrine on my own? I'm not schizophrenic, I don't suffer psychosis. Unlike the general population I actually KNOW what's going on in my head because I take care of my mental health. When I speak of the dangers of 'mentally ill' people it's those who are violent, delusional, and untreated. Left untreated, I'm constantly sad and anxious, and that's about it. My life sucks without help but I'm no danger to myself or others. Otherwise I'd be deemed incompetent by the state and would not have passed my NICS background check. Qualified for my CCDW, btw. Missed no shots at 7 yards. 100% range accuracy translates to 50% combat accuracy, says veteran police officer of 31 years who taught the course. My other classmates were two middle aged white women (one with an EPO on a violent ex) and a middle aged black woman. Considering moving because I'm poor not retarded; that however is a process that also takes resources. Men don't have reason to fear sexual assault? @Jazz You're flat wrong. (but statistics and rape culture!) yes, those magic words will prevent all rape I might risk. I've been assaulted so I'm biased, just not randomly on the street by a stranger, so yeah it's probably unlikely for that to be a consequence of an altercation I would have in this circumstance. Yes, the first event is the one that matters and yes I came to the same conclusion regarding threat level. I already park as close as possible and move as fast as possible--a block away at most. I also called the police as soon as I got home. That is not the extent to all of what I should do. Someone, somewhere will have to work this job even if I leave, so pretend, if you will, that I personally do not exist but that this situation does as a constant. Some arguments may make more sense if the context is more important than the individual. Here's a weird thing to me: the odds of being assaulted go down or up based on location; but they never equal zero, so no one is justified in owning a personal defense weapon? It's always middle class and upper middle class people who have never been in real danger who think no one should have guns. No bad things ever happen once you do the white flight thing and make it to the 'burbs. As for Sam Harris comment, if the wrong person says the right thing, fuck it totally right? Sorry I didn't link to someone on your reading list. @mmf I post weird shit because I'm weird and my life is weird; approaching normalcy is the goal, however, whatever that means--I assume it means lower overall existential risk. @Sophocles Yeah, I'm just trying to give myself a fighting chance in case I can't get away. Going from 100% chance of dying to 99% chance of dying is still worth effort. @Malcolm I'm also no longer considering carrying an arsenal on me. The pistol I purchased will do just fine. Everything else is either overdoing it or underdoing it. I've been doing some more self-defense training but of course the emphasis is distraction and escape. I'm not trying to be Bruce Lee. Also working on making money so all my problems go away. Just paid off the debt I incurred off car repairs. Now I can focus more on my medical bills and credit card debt. If I was doing "privileged comment" BINGO I might have it by now. We've reached the point ITT where I'm not seeking advice but giving it.
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    You're just so fucking stupid it's hard to pin down whether I even want to defend myself from your shitty George Zimmerman comparison or try to parse the logic of letting yourself get beat up because you just KNOW that the people who don't respect your bodily integrity and attacked you unprovoked are good people deep down and won't cripple, maim, or kill you because reasons. The incident that triggered all of this wasn't because aggressive people specifically followed me to my vehicle, it was because I'm scared of kids in hoodies in the general path of normal transit. Clearly. I wrote enough words in this thread, try to actually understand sentences I use and what order they occur in and the contexts established by all the other words that have relationships with those words and concepts before twisting them or putting extra ones in my mouth. That goes for all you assholes who think anything like the above. Many of you didn't read what I said. You got halfway through a given paragraph and assume I said what you think I said, rather than what was actually written. That's why I've had to repeat myself so many fucking times and frankly I'm done doing it. Stop projecting.