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    or yknow, floodgate new fusion does nothing to aid competitive AG's - which are becoming worse and worse by the day tbh
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    A lot of people have been asking me about team-based postseason play, and I'm happy to finally be able to give them something with this announcement. At the same time as Winter playoffs, we will be running a teams-only invitational tournament for both formats. All teams are able to qualify, even the ones that weren't signed up for the regular season! If your team finished at the top of its regular season, you're already in for that format -- you don't need to do anything else from now until March 24. The top 3 remaining teams with nonzero points on these leaderboards for each format on 3/24 at 11:59 PM CST will be invited to play in the Winter Classic, a single-elimination teams tournament played in a similar format to the 3v3 round robin. Here's how it works: every team starts with a base point rating based on their performance in the regular season Round Robin. Your team's base point value is the number of regular season wars your team won in the round robin multiplied by 3. Exhibition war wins are worth 1 point each, and there is no penalty for losing them, meaning it's in your best interest to play as many wars as possible! First-round pairings for the Winter Classic are chosen by the top seed in each format and every team will lock in a 5-person ABCDE roster on the first day of the tournament. The winning team will receive a special prize TBA. I'll also give you dono or whatever.
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    It was OK. The music and acting was fantastic (the score is actually more amped than the Kendrick and Co OST stuff), and I think the visuals might have been good too (but I couldn't really tell because I could only get 3D tickets and everything looks shit in 3D). The story on a basic level was alright too, but there were weird minor choices all over the place. The politics of Wakanda are uncomfortable as well. It's basically like an Isolationist technology hoarding super rich country that has no democracy and subscribes to superstitious religious stuff and even though the film is partially about the protagonist realizing that he should change this, because it'd be more moral to help the rest of the world, the weird morals the entire fictional country live by make it difficult to really get behind the characters in some ways due to these issues actually being explored in the film. (Like for the vast majority of the film we're watching a fight between 'guy who wants to ignore every country in the world, all of which are full of people whose lives could be saved with his technology' and 'guy that wants to use said uber tech to take over the world') and honestly it's really hard to root for either. Also there's some weird logical things outside the story. Like Wakandan technology is supposed to be much greater than anything elsewhere on earth - and it is in the context of real life - but much of it has been matched within other Marvel movies. I guess it was handwaved by a line in there sorta, but I think the filmmakers should have really pushed the boat out techwise, much further than they did go. IDK about 'SJW' stuff... I guess there's humour at the expense of white characters here and there because of their race. I didn't really care about it though. I'd probably say this is like a 6/10.