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    the team formerly known as every villain is lemons vs the team that fucked ynus's dad and made him all jealous. two juggernauts swiftly make way into battle. the final matchup of the duelistgroundz war league and certainly the most anticipated. it's time to dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddduel. Neo Sigurimi A. Brandis B. Digbic C. Walia FuZe Gang A. Iori B. Thugalicious C. Castro :eyes: War Story
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    March 2010's format has recently had an incredible resurgence, but not in the way most of us were familiar with, but with one of the greatest decks ever provided to DGZ being shared in the discord by "Tom Brady da G.O.A.T", the deck originally created by Arvin, the DGZ member of which this format is named after. This deck, simply known as "Arvin's Deck", is arguably the most balanced and fair mirror match deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! history, with many players scrambling to find matches in it to prove their true skill. The two pioneers of the format, Me. and Tristan, have been testing the mirror match extensively. An obvious note about the deck is that it is at 38 cards, this is done purposefully to ensure drawing into the power cards of the deck more consistently. To play with 38 cards on DB, you must include 2 proxies in your deck, and remove them from the deck at the beginning of the game. Card Choice Breakdown: D.D. Scout Plane is an important combo piece in the deck, having strong interactions with Soul Release, Witch Doctor of Chaos and Dark Armed Dragon, as well as countering the opponent's Dark Core and Karma Cut. Spirit Reaper is one of, if not, the most powerful card in the deck, it can singlehandedly change the tide of a match. Being indestructible in battle, it can be very difficult to out, having to use either a discard trap or Lightning Vortex on it, ensuring a -1 to the opponent. It also provides excellent tribute fodder for Caius the Shadow Monarch. Witch Doctor of Chaos is a very underrated card in the format, having offensive and defensive capabilities. Offensively it can set-up stronger Return plays, as well as banishing Scout Plane for an extra body on board. Defensively it can remove threatening trap cards from the grave to prevent them being retrieved by Mask of Darkness, as well as removing Darks to prevent the opponent summoning Dark Armed Dragon. Mask of Darkness is a key card in maintaining advantage and indirectly providing answers to otherwise troublesome monsters by returning Karma Cut or Raigeki Break to the hand after already using them. Kryuel's defense stat is impressive at 1700, being able to withstand attacks from most of the attackers in the format, only being attacked over by Regenerating Mummy, Kycoo, Caius and DAD. When it does get destroyed by battle however, it has a 50% chance of destroying a monster without targetting. Also worth noting that it can crash with Plague Wolf for extra value. Plague Wolf is another underrated card, being able to attack over Mummy and Kycoo, making the opponent hesitant to stop it because it will die in the end phase, often providing a safe out to the big beaters. It can also be summoned by Tomato, essentially giving you a 2000 attacker in your following turn. 2 Mystic Tomato provide constant board presence, often forcing the opponent to Lightning Vortex them to prevent them recruiting other threatening monsters like Spirit Reaper. Snipe Hunter is another powerful card in the format, being able to out any card on the field, and being recruitable by Mystic Tomato. Pitch-Black Warwolf's 1600 attack means it can attack over Snipe Hunter, and forces the opponent to out it in Main Phase 1, potentially allowing you to continue your plays and still go into the Battle Phase. It's also very powerful in combination with Return, as special summoning it during the Battle Phase prevents your opponent from using Torrential Tribute or any of the discard traps to prevent an OTK. Regenerating Mummy counters the opponent's Spirit Reaper, by returning itself to hand when discarded by an opponents card effect, also very prominent in countering the opponents Card Destruction. It being at 2 makes this even more prevalent, as you can attack with 1, and keep the other in hand for such circumstances. Kycoo is an excellent counter late game to prevent a DAD from dropping, however it can set-up the opponent's Return, so banishing the weaker monsters first can be very important. Caius is the strongest normal summon in the deck, also providing a lot of damage as it will always inflict 1000 damage since all of the monsters in the deck are DARK, potentially banishing itself for game in some cases. It's also a strong card to special summon with Call of the Haunted and Return, putting a lot of pressure on the opponent and demanding an answer. Dark Armed Dragon is the most feared card in the deck, you always play around it whenever possible, preventing the opponent from getting 3 DARKs in grave, and you trying to maintain the same. The mere threat of it can be game changing. Magical Stone Excavation can set-up your DARK count the most efficiently, while also being able to retrieve powerful spells in the late game such as Soul Release. Foolish Burial sets up your DARK count, as well as providing fodder for Call of the Haunted. Card Destruction is one of the better draw cards of the deck, discarding dead cards in hand, or DARK monsters to aid in summoning DAD. However, be wary when using this, as it can benefit the opponent too. Lightning Vortex is the most prevalent card in the deck, being at 3 copies, so it should be consistently played around, having multiple monsters face-up on the field provides the opponent with an opportunity to break even with their Lightning Vortex, or even go +, so setting monsters to play around this is a very strong move. Dark Core acts like a 4th Lightning Vortex but significantly weaker, however it does banish the monster, so it can play around DAD and Call of the Haunted. Linear Accelerator Cannon and Mass Driver both fill similar roles, LAC can provide a higher damage output, being able to seal games later. While Mass Driver can provide a constant stream of damage every turn. They can also be used to put DARKs in the graveyard for DAD. Soul Release is a power card in the later game, setting up OTKs with Return, as well as resetting the opponents DARK count in grave. Monster Reincarnation oftens returns Spirit Reaper to the hand, after the opponent has used one of the few outs to it, putting even more pressure on the opponent as they have to deal with a 2nd Reaper. It can also return discarded Caius' or DADs to make use of them again. Pot of Avarice is best combo'd with Card Destruction for maximum value, being able to return DAD to the deck is powerful as it provides that looming threat once again. Big Bang Shot is important for being able to deal damage through a Spirit Reaper. Mystical Space Typhoon is best held for a Call of the Haunted, however in some cases it is necessary to use it to build a chain for Accumulated Fortune plays. Return from the Different Dimension is another extremely powerful card, being very difficult to play around in most cases, and often ending games once activated. Call of the Haunted is the best counter to Raigeki Break, instantly reviving the monster that was destroyed. Karma Cut and Raigeki Break are both very similar, one banishing the other destroying. Raigeki Break also has the added bonus of being able to hit face-down cards, which can come up when trying to attack with Spirit Reaper. Torrential Tribute is another card, like Lightning Vortex, that is often played around, despite being at 1, it is very powerful and can be game changing if flipped at a crucial moment. Divine Wrath is best saved to counter Spirit Reaper, being a very easy out to it. However it would also be powerful against Caius or DAD in theory. Jar of Greed and Accumulated Fortune are the decks draw power, being very good when drawn together as Accumulated Fortune needs to be Chain Link 4, resolving this provides you with a +1 in card advantage, so it's often worth setting up that play.
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    The use of two different artworks of Mystic Tomato really adds a layer of subtle skill to the game that some players may overlook. For instance, a player might use Monster Reincarnation to add Mystic Tomato back to their hand. Then, they normal summon Mystic Tomato. A player that is not paying full attention to the game may accidentally play the Tomato with art opposite that of the one retrieved moments earlier, thus revealing hand information to their opponent.
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    Please note that the time for this tournament has been adjusted. We will now be taking signups up until 2:00PM CST on Day 1.