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    If you bought it for $45 you should definitely be able to make some money off of it. Good find!
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    Well, it really is kinda hard to know since you don't see many of these for sell online but similar sealed OCG products from that era go for that price range so it's not inconceivable that average market value is close to 45-60. At the end of the day with collectible products, the question is how much is it worth it to the collector to get ahold of the product. Whatever you do though if you buy NEVER open those packs(Look for the singles online if you really want to own the contents of the pack) that's part of what gives it value and will increase it's value and make it a solid investment.
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    i saw one being sold for 60ish couple months ago
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    We've come full circle haven't we Myke would be amused
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    https://imgur.com/a/khHwm Last cards were reborn and judgement and raidjin and karbonala in ed This be the list
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    Unfortunately, I will be leaving DG again. I wish all of you the best, and, if you need to contact me, you can do so on Discord or Facebook.
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    Is much more cleverly gifted than given credit for
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    If you don’t know for sure, I’m not interested. Thank you