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    Uhm... are you guys a ''secret division'' of the FuZe Gang... The discord literally puts you together as the same team.
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    Ugh, almost no reason to own a Wii U now, lol. Nintendo will destroy this year no doubt though
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    Full time, Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool! Serves Lovren right for running his mouth yesterday and then putting in a shambolic performance.
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    everybody will own a switch now it's time
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    Yeah chemistry that Walter white Alex Jones chem trail shit
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    1. Bridge Bridge is very complex and in tournaments you can easily rely on skill giving you a 90 percent win rate. The only downside In my opinion is that it is a partnership game, but that can be a plus if your married. It takes a year before you can beat average players. You can pay professionals to be your partner in tournaments so you don't really have to worry about being stuck with novice players. 2. Magic the Gathering Magic is a deep game. I checked out a list of the most consistent players and they have players who won 7 Grand Prix tournaments which can have thousands of participants. 3. Poker ( Texas Holdem) Poker is very high skill but very high luck. There are some situations that are extremely complex, however it takes a high sample size of hands to get to those situations, so it can be hard to get some action. Poker has had successful tournament players but now the players are very skilled so the edges are small. Multi tabling online may be the best way to see if your a good player or not. 4. Yugioh I believe Yugioh to also be a deep game. The game has many consistent players and even players with multiple YCS wins. I believe if the game had high buy ins like poker and cash prizes then the game would be profitable in the right format, (at least Until most of the player base gets really good). i think the best players can reliably make the top 10 percent of a tournament. 5. Gin Rummy Gin rummy is probably the most skillful standard card deck game for 2 players. In this Game skill will help you have a 67 percent win rate but with Elite memory you can have about an 80 percent win rate. 6. Euchre Similar to bridge but you can only win 2/3 of the time with skill. 7. Cribbage Great game for 2 players with a standard deck 8. Canasta 9. Pokemon 10. Hearthstone Can get more harder with more cards and mechanics Overall Play what best for you and don't be too quick to jump to another game because in all the games listed i have noticed that players always have stuff to complain about. some are never satisfied so stick by your game regardless of the flaws
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    Best Staff Member: MMF Best Duelist: DT KASPER Best New Member: 301 Best Post: "thx" by nicey Best Poster: 301 Best Thread: nicey's farewell thread Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team: Titan E-Sports and Pro-Play Games Worst Staff Member: Paraliel Worst Duelist: Ultra Plant/samoopusteno (same person obv) Worst Poster: Me. Worst Thread: Best Meme: rip kid no cry winning DCS Best Thing to Happen: noxjja joining the server Angriest Poster: WGM Biggest Shitposter: DA FUZE GUYS Stupidest Fucking Idiot: Ultra Plant Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF): Me. And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned - nicey
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    DAMAGE STEP A. MMF B. Me. C. Tristan EVIL A. Shining Blue-eyes B. Kewl`Kat C. confined9991 War Story: MMF 0 < 2 Shining Blue-eyes Me. 1 < 2 Kewl`Kat Tristan 2 < 1 confined9991
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    There's a Yu Yu Hakusho forum that has like 8 people who post. The game at the end was just broken so looking for "meta" decks from then won't do you a whole lot of good since all of them were just various different OTK decks. People generally only recognize cards up to Gateway and sometimes Exile in terms of playing the game now.
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    Hello, DGZ! As many of you have already noticed, I am very new to forum posting & the taboo to which it's users are accustomed to (ergo my color posting & generally negative feedback). I post general questions because I have nothing specifically to discuss. So today, I'm curious; what are your favorite cards? My own favorite card is probably Mark of the Rose. I'm pretty sure I already said that before in a previous post though. Aha...