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    i downloaded an extension for chrome called owo and look what it did
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    It's shit pressure so faint's post was terrible which means he must be town
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    Markus is watching very carefully. [Safari Ball x30] [Rock] [Bait] [Run] suggest throwing bait
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    wow i cant believe markus unleashed le epic bait we're all just pawns in his master plan
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    vote jap nick because fuck you i can't tag u
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    I dont understand anything from the third clue are those images the dude used at some point?
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    Welcome to Big P Mafia! Threadmarks: N/A rn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Format: - closed set-up - role claiming is allowed (ex: Poisoner; Vanilla Town) - character claiming is not allowed (ex: Tribe-Infecting Virus; Theon Greyjoy) - no copy+pasting of PMs - no duplicate power roles - NK is mandatory and must be assigned to a player - mafia members will have safe claims - mafia members are not allowed to communicate with their team after death - moderate number of roles (more vanilla than power roles) - no bastard mechanics (alignment conversions, flawed investigators, cults, lynch proof, post restrictions, silencer, etc.) - 9 players - 48/24 phases - 4 post quota - strictly no toxicity, no excessive insults - ties result in a random lynch between tied players - majority lynch is not in effect on day 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clue #1 Morphing Jar, aka Big P, aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats, aka Exiled Force, aka Dubai, aka Hibernation, aka Dormant, is one of the best modern Goat Format players. The only players he has losing records to are MMF, Kris Perovic, and God. Morphing Jar aka Big P invented Chaos Recruiter in 2017 when he swept a DGz Top 4 team's squad. I heard that Hibernation aka Morphing Jar aka Brybry aka Mustang plays 4 spirits. Mustang aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats set the DGz Elo record in Goats at 155. This record has only ever been broken by MMF at 161. Big P aka Morphing Jar is not here right now, but his spirit exists in all of us. He is out doing sniping for the NHL and hitting the gym for sick gains. Dubai, otherwise known as Big P, who is the same person as Morphing Jar, was cheated by Chris Borovanch in the Summer 2017 DGz War League. Kristolph Beravinth cheated Big P and did Morphing Jar and Mustang dirty. Morphing Jar wins a lot of games with Mobius the Frost Monarch. Morphing Jar only uses Linux. The FuZe Gang was founded in the honor of Morphing Jar's legacy aka Big P aka Mustang aka Brybry. Thank You, Big P. Clue #2 january 11th 1997 deep in the woods of sassscachafuck a frail woman crawled to an empty cave bearing a gift for the elder bears of the forrest. Raized at the right hand of a grizlly the bear child was destined for greatness. Civilization welcomed him with open arms as any alpha will instill the fear of god in his underlings. Animals respond to fear and fear is controlled by the strongest animals so this was obviously easy as fuck for dewlorean the king of all yall mother fuckers. So he rose through the ranks quicker than any mere mortal could. He conquerred hockey in a year. Next it was goat, he fought jizz and kispy peeaches in the saison #1 dgg warriors vs spurs epic game 7 finals and of course emerged victorious B.I.G. P. Now in search of coats he is lost in a portland of time, bu alas one day he will find mink and return to our realm from the different dimension which he walks (clue). So have no fear btu take this time and prepare yourself, for the second coming will be the warth of kycoo. thx Clue series #3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Player list (note: there are exactly 2 members of the D.E.T.O.X scum): 1. Soph (Killed N1 - Morphing Jar - Town Bodyguard) 2. Walia (Lynched D1 - Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats - Town Watcher) 3. Jap Nick (Modkilled D1 - Hibernation - Vanilla Town) 4. Silver 5. PSK 6. Faint 7. JC 8. Mascis 9. Markus Subs: 1. TyTy
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    i've done it and it actually did a thing a few times already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(
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    you would've looked more intelligent if you just never gave your reasoning for the walia vote
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    fyi i voted for markus because he was obviously trying to set a trap on sophocles lynch and bait which imo makes no fucking sense from a town perspective given it is day 1 and he can't know soph is town. what exactly does markus gain if people join the soph lynch? he himself said people should "throw some votes out" so how exactly can he intend to then hold them accountable for their subsequent voting? similarly, if no one votes on soph, there's nothing to be gained as that's not indicative of soph's alignment. the only reasonable scenario is that markus is scum baiting someone into a town lynch so he can punish them for it later. also interesting how he doesn't go after mascis for the soph vote. it's either a case of a remarkably shitty town play or a super obvious scum play. the walia vote was for his awkward joke on page 1. then he gets defensive after receiving 2 votes. no attempt to game solve at all yet. immediately goes back to shitty jokes once the pressure shifts to someone else. not a fan. where at least i can say markus' play could just be town throwing, walia hasn't played at all.
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    maybe we should sleep... together
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    oh yeah that was fun i think i accidently vigged antag like 3 times as well
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    i think a 2nd vote after a weak opening is better than the first, because it adds early weight soph opened memeing so the vote was right, you bringing that up a page later when there had been 2 votes directed elsewhere was strong soph we have very different ideas of what is strong and weak, evidently :')
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    don't answer questions that are not directed to you.
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    Psk and silver unlikely scum partners I liked markus soph vote, good pressure I am vanilla town
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    Hey guys is page 2 too late to meme?
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    PSK lets step it up i know you're capable
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    we havent been playing very much today and that is no good. everyone try to throw some votes out there. JC, what do you think of sophocles?
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    walia hasn't said anything alignment indicative. vote sophocles who wants to help me kill this mafia player?
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    Vote Count: Walia - (2) PSK, Silver Markus - (1) JC Soph - (1) Mascis Not Voting: (5) Faint, Jap Nick, Markus, Soph, Walia Day ends in about 33 hours.
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    Bus your teammate, make 4 posts and dodge the rest of the phase, and never ever try to help
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    Taking advantage of jazz not playing, I see.
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    It's been so long since the last game, how do you play again? Someone give me some pointers.
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    if you dont read big p post everytime you go to bed, you are scum
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    im playing for mascis and silver
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    summer camp is justs an excuse for parents to bang while their kids are away and shit.
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    emphasis on this part Tt - 05/13/2017 THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED YOUR WHOLE SITE UPVOTES ARE JUST FUCKIN MAFIA LIKE ARE YOU A FUCKING CARD GAME WEBSITE ACP - 05/13/2017 yeah, rep is stupid right? who cares? I agree Tt - 05/13/2017 OR A FUCKING MAFIA FUCKING SPECULATION PIECE OF SHIT ACP - 05/13/2017 but you are getting upset for some reason Tt - 05/13/2017 AND MAFIA ISN'T EVEN THAT FUN LIKE I PLAYED THAT SHIT IN FUCKING GRADE 5 AT SUMMER CAMP AND WE GOT BORED AFTER AN HOUR AND IT WAS IN PERSON TOO ACP - 05/13/2017 yeah, you dont need to like mafia a lot of people dont Tt - 05/13/2017 SO I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU NUMBNUTS CAN JUST FUCKING GO ON AND ON ABOUT MAFIA ACP - 05/13/2017 I don't, and it's not relevant Tt - 05/13/2017 LIKE, IT'S PURE CHANCE RIGHT? ACP - 05/13/2017 if you dont like dgz, leave Tt - 05/13/2017 IT TAKES NO SKILL ACP - 05/13/2017 if you don't, just stay and use your mustang account Tt - 05/13/2017 I AM NOT GOING TO CONTRIBUTE ANY KNOWLEDGE ACP - 05/13/2017 but seriously, I actually have to go Tt - 05/13/2017 OK HOPE YOU HAVE A TERRIBLE NIGHT :* ACP - 05/13/2017 ok
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    lets play jc i have a dumb deck that ive been trying to use
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    real issue time how do we bring home the mafia win in kotf this time? we've got me/psk/jazz/paraliel/markus left in top 8 iirc
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    gl hf if anyone can beat me in a best of 5 going goats/jazz custom format/my custom format with 0 testing/november 2015/hearthstone i will team up with you and never vote you
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    "i revived your mafia section and now i'm going to let it die. i hope it dies and never comes back. i can't believe all of you have wasted so many countless hours of my life. weeks upon weeks of wasted thinking when i could've been doing literally anything productive. the fateful day the antagonist convinced me to play with you all even though i really didn't want to was one of the biggest time wasters ive ever had in my whole life. everyone here has always treated me like shit. whenever i start to enjoy this game or do any good it just turns out really shitty for me. i'm done. i've accomplished enough in this game. literally nothing good ever comes out of this. everyone bitches about posi vibes or not being good enough or the rules in some fucking way or anything else. i can take that sure, but it is just garbage rolling town 100 times and scum 6 times. seriously this game has gotten so fucking boring and you all have seen me not try in well over half of my games and you know i don't enjoy this very much, but i put up with it anyway. the meta is stagnant. none of the good players play. all of the bad players do the same things. no one reads no one learns. no one new joins. it's just fucking boring. it takes so much for me to want to play this and actually when i do, i do incredible, but for the past couple times i've really tried to have a good time it's just been disappointing and sad. wwe mafia for example. i hate when i try and put a lot of effort into things and i do do good but the world just ends up fucking me anyways. i'm gone now. i can read scum and i can play scum. i don't need anything else from this stupid fucking game. please never mention the word mafia to me ever again or i'll have a literal heart attack. it's for my own safety. it is mental trauma for me. i'm honestly damaged from your stupid fucking game." only a wolf would say something like this vote markus day 1 is useless anyway there is literally nothing we can do we should just go down the player list and kill everyone in order until we hit scum i dont see a rule about reading role pms
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    For anyone who hasn't already read: fuckmorphingjar2.txt
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    I'm a bit out of my depth withe some of these memes but I'll try to deliver the usual standard of shitposts. If I happen to catch the scumteam in the process don't be surprised, I'm the best player in this game
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    im disappointed in the lack of pool cleaners in this OP
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    Best of luck, you have 48 hours and 8 minutes from the typing of this post to locate the next clue (lynch). Good luck
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    this list just displays a stunning ignorance of everything that happened after teledad format lmao, basically the last decade of this game. while i think the current best players and the old best players are roughly comparable in terms of technical play, the current players are far and away better at deck building. they've been enriched culturally with all the theoretical discussions that have been worked out in articles, on forums (especially this one,) and by a major technological leap with Dueling Network. DN revolutionized not only how we practice (ye ol "dn grind,") but also exploded the amount of data we have to go on. we're not in the dark anymore. between comparable technical play and better deckbuilding, i believe i'm justified in asserting that the current best players are better than the old best players. the usual responses to this from older-minded players is liable to collapse into a type of "scrub mentality," a cynicism about current format. they'll argue that what we may have gained in deck building, we lost in technical play. but this isn't true at all, some of the most technical formats have been 2013, 2014, and 2015. they'll look at all the generalized 3 ofs and 1 ofs we've worked out, contra the old garbage theories about non-searchable 2 ofs, and not interpret it as an advance in our concepts of deck building, but as a streamlining and dumbing down of deck building as such! now, when you say "greatest," you might mean some notion of "superstardom" that, i'd agree, doesn't really exist anymore. people don't look at the current best players (with some exceptions in patrick etc) how they looked at the best players back then. there's a sort of "down-to-earthness" in the newer best players. so maybe in that sense of "greatness," i'd have less to contend your post with. but just remember, that sense of "greatness" can't be confused with "best."