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    I have a very personal want to play in this. I have had a difficult time as of late but the time under the waterfall has been well spent.
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    Going to close on my first house next week Friday. It's in the community about 500 feet from my apartment so easy move. Will post pics.
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    When nominating people you should consider three things. 1. Will they be an active player? - When trying to figure this out, you should look at the activity levels of previous games. These are hyper active games that take place in basically real time. You want to send someone that has the time and willingness to keep up. 2. Will they be an asset to the forum? - These games are a great opportunity to advertise the forum so you want to send players that are not only active, but fun to play with. This is a chance to draw new blood to the forum for games so you want to send someone that would get people to come here. 3. Are they a good player? - Good players have a better chance of advancing in the tournament which means more opportunities to advertise our community.
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    send tyranno or malc (for the nom to me - i dont even have time for my own site let alone someone elses)
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    I don't want to - no time at all If malcolm has time and desire pick him Otherwise someone that will be active (tyranno a good option)
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    i wasn't under the impression that Francis wanted to play mafia anymore. last time i was active he retired out of protest from something i dont remember.
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    hey guys random question did wunterslaus stop posting the same time as the Mark drama? uhh can i accept the nomination as the backup? i would say to put jazz/tyranno in front of me
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