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    I truthfully believe that Beast Ring broke the format. That card is way too strong. Buzzwole used to have to bank on Max Elixir to get a Knuckle or Absorption out, but now it just gets to set-up "for free". It doesn't help that Prism Diancie helps Strong Energy boost it to a ridiculous damage number. Knocking out Prism Diancie has 0 reward because it's a 1 prize unlike Regirock. It's consistent as well because of Octillery (which gets around Glaceon-GX even though that card isn't relevant at all) and Brooklet Hill). The whole deck seems "free".
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    I've come to the conclusion I fucking hate this format now Buzzwole and Psychic decks are way too good now They are also both weak to Psychic so its just a one shot format Fuck this I'll wait for rotation I did hit someone for 200 with baby Buzzwole off one energy earlier and that was cool but just another example of the problem
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    Still deciding if I should rewatch this or watch Isle of Dogs? The later would be the logic thing to do but I had so much fun watching this movie... Edit: Glad I went with Isle of Dogs because it was pretty spectucular. Not that Avengers is bad. Far from it.
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    remember when we had an active mafia section to keep the site alive? good times