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    I tried to get a tournament of this going last year but it failed miserably and ended up wasting a few people's time. I'd love to get 7 other people together and make one actually work but the interest just isn't there.
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    yeah if you're against pendulum luke's play is prob better and if you're against firewall decks or generall knightmare-centric decks i think my plays better two things: 1. i think the brandish mirror theory on mermaid from the last page is valid but its also a free out to iblee which i didnt realize at the time so thats a good reason to play it (frees up your brandish spells and is still able to crash if you want to evenly) 2. this might be too enlightened a play but against the iblee decks, particularly spyral, it can sometimes be a good idea not to immediately sanctum them post side and instead wait til they trig iblee in the gy to chain it for scythe. while you're probably going to take some damage that turn, the 1k loss from their mermaid (which they have cus they used it to get to iblee) makes it so they basically cant kill you, and youve made them use a lot of resources at this point. they cant get rid of their own mermaid either cus sleeper can only target their spyral and your cards. this might not work if they immediately link away mermaid though. idk just an idea to keep in mind for the occasional yolo. if you're controlling them its usually prob better to gun it on the second spyral summon tho.
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    well we haven't been testing with pendulum generally cus we dont know what the list (if it ever comes) will do to it. against other decks for shit like knightmare goblin that point midleft and midright, that zone is def worse for them than middle where it opens 2 zones instead of 1. also, assume that they do summon in that corner zone, then they have to build up from there cus it will take another link monster for the pointers to even be able to reach their extra mon zone (assuming extra mon zone point down right, and 2 things they summon in the zones they free point left)
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    FOr Me It Would HAve 2 Be Dragon Ruler s.
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    Did you skip Dark Armed return? From the PTDN release in Feb 2008 to the emergency ban of dimension fusion/LOTD release. Also I remember after LOTD and Gyzarus came out Glad Beasts were the shit. What's crazy is that we went from chaos to TeleDad from 2006 to 2008. Back then this felt like a lifetime but since then 10 years have flown by in a flash...