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    Poked around a little bit, and the best I could do was potentially talking about that the death penalty leads to an increase of pentobarbitol in the US which in turn could lead to a higher amount of secondary pentobarbitol poisoning of wildlife, this is a real stretch however as according to this from the us fish and wildlife service it seems that most secondary pentobarbitol poisoning is the result of improperly disposed euthanized animals, also pentobarbitol appears to be a common anesthetic used on wild animals. The next best thing that I could find was that states turning to compounding pharmacies as more and more pharmacies refuse to sell drugs required for lethal injection to states, and one of those pharmacies led to a fungal meningitis outbreak. But yeah I'd beg and grovel as well, this one seems pretty fucking difficult. Good luck, I think you're going to need it on this one.
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    Legit just go to an event, side in 5 +3k life points game 2 if game 1 took more than 25 minutes, then if you draw a single one of those cards just start slow playing. Legit I'm pretty sure I can stall any single one of my turns out for 5-10 minutes just by asking for a response after every interaction then taking a deep breath/shuffling my hand, playing another card/leaving a phase and keep going. If you watch the clock and you have a LP lead you can almost certainly stall until an opponent can't take their battle phase and put their life above yours, it's pretty much a joke.
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    PC format (Before Phantom Darkness) had tons of viable decks. pc, raida, gadgets, baburn, zombies, CO Burn
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    id say stik with goats as there's a large playerbase outside your friends too