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    remember that old exarion-era google doc that was kinda helpful but kinda all over the place? the one that DB randoms netdeck weird harpie lady and relinquished decks from to this day? remember looking back on it sometime since the advent of DB and thinking something to the effect of "man, this was probably a lot more helpful back when exarion was played in everything circa 2014, but it's really hard to get anything out of this now in retrospect and it would probably be a bitch and a half to update it all?" well, the owner did all that work required to update it for the modern goat meta and more, and revamped it into an entire website that you can find here: https://goatformat.weebly.com/ be sure to drop by his reddit thread and show him some love. there's a lot of useful shit here and it's all presented in a neat and digestible way. the only flaw is that the deck section has yet to include comprehensive sections on what we've come to know as "Chaos Control" aka "Thunder Dragon Chaos" and "Angel Chaos." but that doesn't take away at all from how helpful everything else is.
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    NOTICE:None of the information provided on this site by Abe should be considered to be personal, entrepreneurial, business, or otherwise advice, nor should it be considered to necessarily be factual; however, Abe has the most sincere intentions in providing this material. The opinions expressed on this site by Abe are his opinions and may have thereby been influenced by others, their experiences, his own experience, and influences otherwise still.Abe has taken great care to avoid the misuse of copyrighted material and this statement provides notice that no legal action may be taken against him without prior notice to cease and/or desist.Abe neither any entity, person, nor thing otherwise with which he is associated takes or shares in any way shape or form any responsibility for the actions nor for the repercussions of those actions of the reader(s) as those actions are theirs and theirs alone.Abe is a former competitive card gamer and now has a somewhat successful career in another (unrelated) field in addition to many other responsibilities and duties that are unrelated to gaming. As such, any attempts to to contact Abe shall be responded to at his discretion.Abe welcomes contact with regards to interests outside of the realm of competitive card gaming and would prefer not to be contacted with regards to gaming whatsoever.However, such contact will still be welcomed and Abe will do his best to remain a fan of the contactee in that case. This is a legally binding notice under any governmental organization or agency wherein the laws of that government or agency allows for such.By viewing this page you are subject to the legally binding notices stated here-in. Abe any profit in any way shape or form for the production of this post unless reproduction of this post is executed; in such a case, any profits incurred and hereby forfeited to the owner(s) of the forum on which this post is originally published (DuelistGroundz.com.)
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    Just started trying this deck out last night after researching it the past 2 days and I have to say I'm very grateful for the wonderfully well thought out and detailed op. I haven't played since last year Zoo nats format so getting used to the year's worth link era increase in cardpool has been the greatest challenge. I tried out all the ideas in the op toon engine, goods/fusion, diabolos and different ratios of theme cards and hand traps. I feel like there's a handful of good generic cards that can supplement the lack of aggression and game ending potential we're missing in the TCG without needlefiber, but for the most part I think pure Brandish is extremely viable if not the best variant due to versatility and ability to out grind the mirror especially if they dilute themselves with another engine. More than anything I'm glad to be playing again and am eager to engage in theory discussions with the members of this site once again. There's a couple of things which experience actually playing the deck taught me were slightly off as presented in the op. I think it's actually not a bad idea to build the deck with the idea of getting 3 spells in grave asap since the marginal benefits rack up quickly especially with engage's draw, but in general the mirror gets significantly easier when you have more spells in grave than your opponent, thanks to red you can be more aggressive against all match-ups early on if you fill the grave. Noelle is right to warn against haphazardly building to get 3 spells but if the proper thought is given to achieve this goal less directly and as a consequence of improving the deck's consistency overall then pitfalls like limiting the deck's versatility can be avoided. I think the most egregious offender of blindly building to get 3 spells is the toon engine, not so much because of the potential to draw bad hands with multiple toons but mainly because nothing substantial is achieved with those 3-4 slots as cyber dragon is seldom impactful and can sometimes be awkward or useless and cannon soldier in enabling Diabolos is even more limited. This engine limits the deck's versatility to an intolerable degree imo for the little it accomplishes, its the type of thing that's popular on pojo because they can't see the big picture(the deck's goals and win conditions). The best goals for deck building should simply involve improving access to rei, engage, and less crucially 3 spells in grave asap this ensures that you will outpace the opponent in the mirror with good technical play, if in the process versatility can be increased all the better, toon engine doesn't assist in seeing rei or engage turn 1. In my build I achieved all three goals by playing 3 Terraforming, 3 field spell, 3 mst, and 3 twin twister. Field spell+mst/twin twister+any theme spell results in floating rei, red->blue, that same spell in hand, 3 spells in grave or more depending on terraforming and twin twister, and potentially one more brandish card off reveal from field and you can play around cherries. Mst and Twin twister are vastly more versatile than toon engine and open up room in the side that would normally go to addressing IO and ASF games 2 and 3, as well as allowing plays to be made more easily against the mirror. As far as I can tell the only practical way to improve the chances of seeing engage is with field spell and foolish goods, goods engine with fusion is already extremely versatile at all points in the game. Another card I chose to play which was undersold in the op and that works really well with the extra s/t removal and field spells is Hercules Base which almost guarantees you win the grind against the mirror not just by allowing you to recycle your extra deck maidens but also by getting draws from beating over their links and cutting their rei off from floating or netting an extra draw.
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    So the entire first section is going to be a cognitive psychology textbook, followed by how to excommunicate bad yugioh players, the fourth section being how to shower and sleep before an event with third, fifth and final section being the part most people want to read?