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    when i first read the title of this thread my brain automatically filled in the end of it as: I need some help understanding women
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    Alright you primitive screwheads listen up You see this? THIS IS A NEW MAFIA GAME. There's no fixed size but I want at least 7 players ideally, more would be better. Rules will be posted at the start of the game - it's not going to be a super rule chaos game but it'll have some fun quirks (I want to wait for size before deciding on some rules) Signups close at 1 AM EDT on Friday - I just made the topic lock itself to make my life a little easier. Lets fucking go. 1: The Golden Tyranno 2: BuildtheWalia 3: Faint 4: Jazz 5: MacDude 6: The Antagonist 7: Sophocles 8: Broken Brillance 9: Malcolm 10: Logic 11: Sage
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    Am i too late to partake in the gayness?