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    The Antagonist was... an antagonist! Or a deadite! Night will end at 1:45 PM EDT tomorrow or when all night actions are submitted
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    Hi Walia! See you floating over there. ;3. Would hate to see you stay quiet since I called you out at beginning of the day. Talk to us bb
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    my solid towns: tyranno, faint, walia, antag assuming town: broken big ?s: macdude, logic (although he seemed pretty friendly) scummers: malcolm, soph
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    its bullshit how little you've weighed in on the game
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    cant have a tie so unvote vote antag
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    yeah but its 3 to 2 and neither antag nor malcolm have even voted if one of them is mafia its like the mafia doesnt even give a fuck if they die this phase, which doesnt make sense
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    don't think it was nearly as bad as you say, he was wrong about sage but that's kind of where it ended. You yourself are gutreading bb as town, so why can't he? his antag suspicion was on point as far as i'm concerned Didn't want to say this explicitly in the hopes it would pressure him to vote but I think the antag lynch makes a lot more sense than the malcolm one at this point.
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    Dunno if logic is gonna be back but hey at least he voted antag i would like to hear from antag and Malcolm myself and that macdude guy and it would be nice if broken cast a vote
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    Do yourself a favor and don't speak in such absolutes before someones accuses you of perfect knowledge. Sorry for sounding scummy for coaching, but I can't help but take advantage of the teaching opportunity.
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    I could reasonably see antag malcolm scum team. No way was antag yesterday getting lynched so it's fine for malc to throw shade as long as he connects to a townie (sage)
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    I don't see the argument for the Soph vote, but I do think he has the right line of "active enough we get significant info on his death" without "he's so active the game dies if we actually vote him." I'll try to read back quickly.
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    Tl;dr I really like Jazz this game, as well as Tyranno. Tyranno made the same read I had on Antag reading his posts a couple pages ago, this his post was very "one foot in the water" and he seems very eager to do things that look townie (point at people without actually connecting with them, ask about inactive players to increase activity. Walia is my main suspicion. While everyone else responded to Jazz's suspicion on them with an OMGUS, Walia chose to not poke the bear, and instead trying to build a case for Jazz while avoiding interaction with him, knowing that if he did try to head2head Jazz, it would cause up more of a stir. We could WIFOM that Walia just managed the situation better, but I think diverting attention is a useful skill. I don't know, I've been watching his posts intensly since his first post so there may be some "Just find a way to confirm he's scum" so maybe there's nothing up with him. Hi Faint. Sorry I was too busy and not meeting your expectation for activity. Let me know if you want a foot massage or a shot or something.
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    for the record im liking soph better after this exchange, at least you have a pulse now, lets see where you go
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    bolded is the 'subtle shade' underlined is what I can only surmise is 'putting himself out there', like c'mon, as if it's way out there for antag, who's a reasonably competent player to put out a vote? your town read on him is entirely unfounded.
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    Richard 'I'm going to watch rogue one locals' Zapp would also make a fine train today
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    Like this, especially the points on soph
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    great activity level duelist ground z the other person i think could be a great lynch today is sophocles he didnt seem engaged in any of the lynch options whatsoever threw out that weird ass vote on logic without any explanation when i called him out on it he said it was a serious vote and passed on the opportunity to convince us why we too should vote for logic if he was town i would think he would care more about us knowing why he thinks logic is scum
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    Yo sorry for posting too late what did i miss??
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    I think we should lynch malcolm I don't like his reads at all this game
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    tyranno put in the work to not suck, markus got popular
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    You guys misunderstand my point. I know how Tax works, I pay a lot of it lol. At the moment I earn £50/hr although sometimes I can get paid from 55-75/hr for last minute shifts. Once I hit 100k, I take home <25/hr once I take into account NI deductions, student loan deductions, higher tax band. Also in the UK we have a tax free allowance. This gets reduced when you earn over 100k. I can comfortably hit 100k in 9 months. After that, the ammount of money I take home once taking into account NI, student loan, tax allowance deductions AND a higher tax bracket leaves me earning a pittance in comparison to having the time off or exploring other business ventures which are under a limited company rather than PAYE. Thats why I actually stop working after 100k. The amount of money I earn becomes not worth my time per hour compared to having that time off. I know its based on the portion of my income per band. My point is the extra 20-30k I will clear AFTER 100 will be a very small ammount of money in my bank account following deductions compared to the time I have to put in to make that money (3 months). When I'm at 100k, this kicks in: "Income over £100,000 Your Personal Allowance goes down by £1 for every £2 that your adjusted net income is above £100,000. This means your allowance is zero if your income is £123,700 or above."
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    I'd drop out of uni and take a career doing what I love doing in a heartbeat even at 24, sadly I honestly just don't have anything in life I actually have enough of a passion for to say I want to do it super badly. Which is why I'm grinding through this degree I only sort of want and watching people who are doing the same thing as I am but it's their passion fly by me. Maybe my profound advice would be not do a little bit of everything in all my choices and interests, but I actually really did enjoy and still do enjoy doing a little bit of everything, but that's not a very helpful thing to build your life around.
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    Sylvans are retarded. It's the best Pvp deck and if you add a Winged Dragon of Ra it becomes the best farming deck. They can do it all.
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