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    So there are 8 hours and 40 minutes left in the day Genuinely sorry for the confusion
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    I screwed up the math in the OP and that caused me to continue making errors when calculating eod. The phase will keep going until 7am EST tomorrow that way it will be the 32 hours like was originally promised
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    Anker makes the best powerbanks for weight/slimness in general theyre what the backpacking community uses and they aren't too expensive. idk whatever smartphone i've got is generally all I use, I don't really game on the go any more.
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    Um. Day starts now and ends in 32 hours at 7pm EST on Thursday according to first post We still have like 20ish hours don't we? Spent the evening with extended family for 4th of July cookout after work, figuring I'd dive back into this tonight/tomorrow. Are people like incapable of reading or
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    Final Vote Count I Think: Tyranno - (4) Soph, Mascis, rei, Wunter notawolf - (1) Malcolm Wunter - (3) notawolf, Tyranno, Faint
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    Hey, idiot It wasn't a tie because I edited it to include my vote change. I had been on a RVS vote on Wunter before that post
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    No never mind the day is over. Do not post. The game started at 11am EST on Tuesday and should have ended on 7pm EST wednesday I wrote the wrong day of the week in the OP. Day was over 3.5 hours ago
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    Final Vote Count: Tyranno - (4) Soph, Mascis, rei, Wunter Wunter - (3) notawolf, Tyranno, Faint notawolf - (1) Malcolm Not Voting: Brandis Tyranno was lynched. He was Town Doctor. Please send night actions to me ASAP I would like to resume a normal day schedule of starting at 11am EST and ending a day later at 7pm EST. Sorry again. I’m out of town with poor internet this is hard. It is night.