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    I basically will not respond to or answer questions asked toward me in the thread. And if I deem it especially egregious I’ll go for the MK. All hosts should do this. A mafia host should basically be a robot that provides flavor and answers questions in private chats. One should not do anything or participate in any dialogue that might influence the game in any manner.
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    We need to remind people not to communicate with the mod within the game thread but instead via PM. This is common sense but apparently it’s not so common. @Brandis72 if you need a sub you cannot ask for one or refer to host communication in the thread. It’s actually worthy of a modkill on its own regardless of hitting quota
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    This was my take fwiw. I had heavily sounded out rei being scum but didn't want to kill him based on "alive=scum" and honestly mascis provided 0 content all game which is typical of his scum game, and his reads were generally dreadful. If I had used "dgz logic" then town wouldve won i guess, but honestly i absolutely hate that mentality
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    mmf washed confirmed. his ancestors must have been serbs
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    Whilst I agree with Francis's other analysis post on how posts should be structured, I do not agree with the message of this post at all. Despite rei potentially being an incredibly convincing town, it is quite literally scummy and uncompetitive to kill someone on the basis that they are too good as town for mafia to keep alive or that if they're not killed you should lynch them as theyre scum. And if this kind of play is practiced, I encourage hosts to start introducing roles such as 1/2 shot bulletproofs, vets, commuters etc to punish both town and mafia who adopt that mindset. Don't take the cheap cop out. Be better. Or don't and lose.
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    I finished "To the Moon". 6.0 Great story Shit game