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    Too many scans. Way too many scans. Faint's role was too good sup biases towards my favourite character i guess Mascis getting NKed made me actually angry. Shout outs to Malcolm who made the decision all by himself Shout outs to no claiming being a fucking awful idea i will never do again, and shout outs to town shrugging off three modkills - i actually thought the game was almost balanced like halfway thru so much for that MVP is faint and LFN, and honestly getting 20 of you guys to come out and jam that was fucking amazing and im so glad it happened LVP is overall game design Dead QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/maSFxS8hLW3 Conspiracy QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/gZbDAkCVnk8 (Your friendly neighborhood Tyranno says hi)
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    extremely frustrating game. Extremely frustrating scum team except my bb soph. Aside from the game being impossible to win, I thoroughly enjoyed many people in town losing their minds in anger. Stefanos dying day one was great I appreciate anyone hosting and trying to run things because it’s a lot of work modding a role madness game. Thanks ash for trying your best. Lots of lessons learned no doubt
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    mod claimed your role for you in start of day flavour we'll have to give you a warning point for this faint, don't let it happen again
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    Scumwood as a backseat moderator was one of the most annoying things ever, especially early wanting modkills from every post - but he was correct in edging me into modkilling JC
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    No you retard Everyone BUT haz is town Haz is the last scum Seriously if i asked half of you to do "1+1" I swear you'd think for an hour and come up with the answer "egg"
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    *notices sophocles scum game* OwO wut's dis
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    also can i take a moment to remind everyone wunter is literally our best town player just listen to him for free wins
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    Jazz asked jc why lfn was confirmed town and jc, in jap characters, reaponds with is a secret. Contrary to what ppl think no claim includes not giving the inference that you are a different role. Jc May as well have hard claimed cop and putting that in kanji to hide it made it worse
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    This about sums it up in a nutshell. it was cool playing with all the OG’s. Also, I’m glad rei invited me back to play and there were genuine moments of hilarity. no hard feelings for anyone
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    I’m the only neutral allowed to win
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    Thoughts Overall getting the 20 people to play in a game is an accomplishment in itself so kudo to rei and the section overall on that. It really gave us a chance to see if people's skills improved. Game Design and Modding I won't harp on this too long since rei already mentioned it, but design wise, the game was very town friendly. Also, keeping up the flavor even tho no one read it makes the game better so thank you for that. I think the best girl mechanic is very interesting, but I think scum needed something to balance it out. Jazz asked me what I would have done and I told him I probably would have made everyone but scum vanilla unless voted best girl. That gives people an incentive to fight for best girl, doesn't reveal scum doesn't want it, and just overall balances things out. It's a slightly boring answer since VT don't have a ton of incentive to be active, but its what came to mind. PSA - If you have information in a no-claim game, don't be a douchebag. I get why rei is done with no claiming. Modding it is a lot of work and people just can't seem to understand no-claim means not giving away info that reveals you're role. We had a modkill on JC for softing a role. Slickz got warned for revealing another player's role. Tyranno literally claimed part of his role. Stop trying to fucking push the envelope to see how far you can go before the mod kills you. It's no claim for a reason. The info is for your benefit so you can steer town in the right direction WITHOUT REVEALING YOU HAVE PERFECT INFO. The reason its no claim is because claiming wouldn't let him put certain roles into the game because said roles would break the game. Like my god, could you imagine if I lived day 2 and just posted the name of every girl itt and said I think all of the girls are town based on the votes. Honestly, I think most players on DG cannot handle playing like this and games will have to be designed to be full claim from now on, which limits what can be done and forces scum to get good at fake and counterclaiming. Using foreign languages - I get that we all have google translate and can figure out what it means, but it makes more work for the mod in these type of games. I don't want police this, but it's something we have to consider a little bit after this since the mod shouldn't have to go through every post in the game and then google translate them to see if youre pulling some shit or not. PSA - Toxicity Before anyone says it, no this isn't only referencing Jazz. Jazz was the worst example of it this game to be sure, but myself, slickz, lfn, hazmah etc . . . all played a role in it (centered around Jazz but still). I get this DG and some players should just grow a set and realize its not that serious, but antagonizing players just do antagonize them doesn't help you win the game and it drives people away from the community. As scum (hazmah), you don't want to do this either because as you saw it gets the antagonized player town read. Moreover, without fail, every single time I see one of these toxic fights break out, I don't want to continue to play because its uncomfortable to deal with that. Fwiw, I literally asked rei before the game to warn and threaten to kill ppl for toxicity. People's Play and The Game itself 1: Silver - I thought he was super apparent town the moment he went after Gaia hard. As I explained itt, going after Gaia is a great way to get yourself killed and there;s no way Silver does that as scum. 2: TheGoldenTyranno - The modkill was probably a little harsh, but given how my role turned out, it's fine. Tyranno - stop fucking defending people's alignments who you aren't sure on. As town, you want a real to kill the person, not a reason to keep them slive. My defense of Silver was directly related to my desire to lynch Gaia because I thought his reasons for lynching Silver were trash and reasoning behind reads weren't that great. As hilarious as my town read on you was, I shouldnt have to be put in that position to make that call. You can make yourself obv town without that. 3: Faint- Probably the first time in awhile where you weren't an easy town read for me on d1. Idk if that was intentional or the bigger game threw you off. 4: Wunterslaus - If you don't believe that someone is going to kill you, you don't try, hence why I made sure you believed that I would end you (and if you didn't try, believe me I would have gotten town to lynch you for it). Your reads were good so try. That's effort, that's not lack of ability. 5: Malcolm - Worst thing you could have done was outed Mascis as neutral and then asking me about it. I was never letting him die after that. iThe vote on Silver was a really good opportunity for you and I think you should have rammed it down town's throat. Like you said in the QT, the Gaia lynch was the most +EV lynch for scum ever. In hindsight, pointing out Mascis was a perfect info slip that everyone missed. 6: Sophocles - I made my thoughts known on you in dead chat. While your play with the vote counts was obv and got called out, I didn't think you were the best lynch by far on most dates. I think you had it right in the QT where town just decided to kill you and wouldn't move off it. 7: Jazz - If you get mad, walk the fuck away. Pm rei for a sub. DO LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE THAN WHAT YOU DID. Also, you have to learn to watch the thread and post with an objective. I shouldn't have to control you itt. We don't need you every damn thought on every post. Seriously look at the dead qt and it was almost unanimous that after you got the TR from a player, they ignored your posts completely. Like honestly, give yourself a self-imposed posting restriction of X posts per page. It will make you a better player. 8: BuildtheWalia - People townreading you truly disgusted me. I feel like you got the reverse treatment of Soph. Ppl townread you over nothing and then just never re-evaluated. For everyone else, if you can't explain what someone's agenda is or why you are townreading them, you need to re-evaluate. Asking questions is something any player can do and I guarantee if I did it without taking a stance on anything, I'd be lynched for it. Hold town to a higher standard ppl. 9: Slickz - Probably town's MVP in all honestly. Was right and kept the schedule. 10: Confuse rei - I'm sorry about the timing of my post, but I had work. If I posted when you were on or you posted more than one post before like 6-8 hrs left on d1, you probably don't die, but realize that 8 people killed you and only 1 was scum. 11: LFN - Really good game. Right behind Slickz for MVP for me. 12: PSK - THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY TOWN AND GET YOURSELF TOWNREAD PPL. TAKE NOTES. Psk didn't have to post much, but he offered unique insight to certain situations, was unafraid to comment on big name players (Gaia), and it was clear what his agenda was with each post. This was easiest townread of the game. I thought the shot on Brandis was shit, but I get why PSK made it and ultimately it kept town on schedule so no harm no foul. 15: haz - Really underrated player from reading the QT. His scum game will get better but he was an easy tr on d1 and gave more content than most players. 16: JC - Punted d1 and got better as the days went along so that's fair. 17: The Antagonist - I didn't have any problems with your posting style or the content therein. I think you just went contrarian with a few things and it was hard to get a read on you. Gaia probably had the best read in that something about your posts struck him as town, 18: Brandis72 - Not enough to really talk about it. Getting killed on night 1 after a very empty d1. 19: Solstice - Decent recovery day 2, but same deal with Jazz. Post with an objective. No one wants a stream of conciousness 20: ZeroPassion - Youre usually pretty good from what I remember and I think you kind of knew you were trading yourself for Gaia with that vote. That's a trade I am okay with. Good job putting the team on your back with that one. 20: Mascis - The "no chance we are the same alignment" comment is the shit I'm talking about with pushing the envelope. Don't be a d-bag, and don't do it. Three factions left that just ambiguous enough to not be construed as a claim, but the mod shouldn't have to make that decision especially when it means potentially removing a faction from the game.
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    Defenitly fun game though. Good to see such a large group play here
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    @Sophocles wow fuck you too
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    also shoutouts for making me shit fucking india fucking racist
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    i had a good time but the game also reminded me of the reasons i stopped playing as often in the first place it is nice interacting with everyone though
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    Re: design, I think I've said this before in another game but adding a mechanic that town is more informed about than scum is makes it pro-town and should be incorporated when balancing the game.` We're sitting in the dark for most of the early parts of the game unsure of the impact of the mechanic, whether we can somewhat safely claim to have a use for it (if there's even non-girl characters in town) and if it's worth sticking our neck out trying to control the votes on that. Town has a (limited) idea about those powers based on their role PM, scum had essentially no clue. Those kinds of mechanics are ideally somewhat public so it doesn't impact balance too much but more importantly, so everyone is more involved in it. For scum it was just the safest bet to interact minimally with it, which in turn makes the mechanic less interesting.
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    yeah dont get me wrong, p4/p3 are awesome... i still enjoyed them but for me, its a lot of what could have been. btw skyrim is an absolute blast. the sense of immersion is awesome. i've installed like 99 or so mods and it looks beautiful too so that helps. the world is HUGE AS FUCK. just now i was following some quest markers, got lost, ended up exiting a dungeon into a mountain of snow, crossed this mountain to a bone altar, there a fucking dragon rocks up, i kill it, then go through a door, find a chest guarded by a dremora deathlord thing which i beat the shit out of... then... i remember i have these quest objectives to do. its just freaking lit. and with the ordinator mod.. u can literally roleplay so many genuinely interesting cool builds.
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    Calling LFN confirmed town isn't a problem, but when you get questioned on it and answer with "is a secret" in kanji no less then it's essentially a claim. Tyranno modkill was overkill in hindsight, but I didnt mention it at the time because I didnt know if it impacted the game (turns out it did because all the girls were town minus Mascis) Jazz pulled a shit move
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    On the first half of the day i was just legit trying to spread posi vibes and I legit was keeping vote counts 'cause rei wasn't doing any, not to fit in. Not to be all 'caught for the wrong reason' but my annoyance about being called out over that was not feigned. Day 2 I think I did well up until we decided to try to save ZP, which was probably objectively the wrong play but it was the most interesting play. Also after that horrendous crei lynch D1 I thought that'd be an easy switch lol, thought wrong.
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    Yea I’m a mod now. Warning point for not saying winter is coming
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    oh also i disagree that i should have been modkilled for my cop soft i should have been modkilled way earlier for softing that i was preparing for a big ability
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    its really hard to play scum on DGZ when ur not either an idiot or an asshole cause then how are u gonna make town townread u ?
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    Wunter almost threw this for town as well so 1 additional warning point to me right?
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    When it says "Oracle scanned someone and prevented any nks with best girl ability" after I get best girl and most of town are questioning after I vote someone saying they are scum then Jesus fucking christ
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    "and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling scumwoods" - J "The Weeb Whisperer" C
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    I am offended why was JC modkilled? and can we get qts pls
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    i really feel for the doctor early game coinflipped two choices and got the wrong one every time lets not fight too much guys we had a legitimately wild game even if it had glaring problems
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    What up fools, I decided to do a deck profile / tournament report since I made a few waves this past weekend at the FLC2. I'll drop my deck list, discuss my tourney experience and go over the tech cards everybody is talking about, specifically... Sasuke Samurai #4 and Fairy Box. My experience in the new Format Library Championship Series has been... interesting... to say the least. I attended both tournaments, made it to the top 4 in both tournaments, and was subsequently DQ'd... in both tournaments. Ha! Although I can say with 100% honesty that I feel I would have won both tournaments had I not been DQ'd, I'm not going to dwell on it. One thing I can take out of all this though is that I am proving my consistency in this format and although I may not be the most liked player in the community, you gotta respect me as a contender in this format. Okay so coming into this tournament I kinda felt like I had something to prove, the FLC1 left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I was determined to redeem myself this time around. I've had a lot of success recently with my version of Skilled White Chaos Control and I thought it was still a good choice to win the tournament, but I wanted to do something different this time, Damage Step has equal claims over the SWM list I brought to the FLC1 and I wanted to win the tournament with a deck that couldn't have been tied to anyone else except for WorldGoneMaad. Here's the list I ran. Swiss Standings. https://formatlibrary.challonge.com/flc2 Cards of chance are often ignored by players, most players feel that any type of RNG outside of the cards you draw from your deck should be avoided all together. In my opinion, cards of chance are definitely valuable when the rewards are large and the risks are small. Sasuke Samurai #4 fits this mold perfectly. Sasuke Samurai Is the MVP of the deck, and the only monster I chose to run a full playset of for this tournament. I would love to say I was the first person to seriously put this guy in my deck, but The 4th Sasuke was actually a trademark of the Atlanta based Team Villains during the Chaos Return Era. I was friends with most guys on the team and I learned a lot from them back in the day so this is an Ode to them. I like to pay homage to the true old heads of the game so that was my inspiration for this deck. Samurai is rarely a dead card and is a good opening summon no matter if you are going first or 2nd. The Samurai spears into face downs and def position monsters with no fear. The best case scenario is his eff goes off and you kill a monster for free. (Sasuke Samurai 4’s effect triggers before damage calculation so facedown monsters are not flipped faceup). Worst case Scenario is that the samurai attacks as normal. Since the Samurai gets his effect on defense as well, your opponent's attacks become much more difficult and setting monsters becomes a risk as well on their turn. This alone means that the Samurai doesn't actually need to do anything to exert considerable control over the game. The simple fact that it's on the field means your opponent is hard-pressed to make any attacks and going on the defensive risks losing their monster to the Samurai’s spear attack. Either way, your opp is gonna need a lil extra time to think about their plays when facing down Sasuke Samurai 4. Another thing #4 does best is force out Traps and Chaos Monsters early in the game, which allows good players to take full advantage of. Fairy Box is the other card everyone is curious about. It’s another card of chance with a minimal downside. Paying 500 lp per turn for the chance to prevent the damage from all attacking monsters again and again seems like a pretty cool effect to me. The Box doesn’t just prevent damage tho, It can become pure monster removal anytime you have a faceup attack position monster on the field, dealing some LP damage in the process as well. Fairy Box also doubles up nicely with Sasuke Samurai #4 when on the defensive. So addition to the coin flip effect of #4, I get the coin flip effect of Fairy Box, each creating essentially the same effect. So odds are good that I will make at least one of the calls right. One thing I wanna say about these 2 cards though is, their power is not in whether or not you win the coin flips, their power is the constant threat and pressure on your opponent that they oppose while on the field. The rest of the deck is a pretty standard Chaos Control shell. I chose to run Merchants over Dark Mimics cuz I wanted to speed the deck up a bit. Dumping my Chaos fuel, unneeded Samurais and the lucky Serp mills to go straight for my spell and trap cards felt better in this particular deck than the single draw that Mimic provides. Milling Chaos monsters is not as bad in this deck as it would be in other Chaos Control decks because of what Sasuke Samurai 4 does for me. I tend to be able to hold my Chaos Monsters a lot longer than my opponents were able to hold theirs when playing this deck. Double Skilled White Magician should be standard in Chaos Control decks about now, the versatility of being able to be played both offensively and defensively (much like Sasuke #4) opens up plays for the Chaos Control player that Shining Angel or Thunder Dragon can never do. My side deck was built to counter Zoo, Skilled Chaos Control builds, Chaos Turbo, and Alt win decks. I always look at the participant list before making my side decks cuz it tells me a lot about the meta I should expect, one look at the list for FLC2 told me that It was prolly safe to skip out on Threatening Roars / Neko Mane Kings cuz I didn't see anyone that I felt could pilot an OTK / FTK effectively enough to warrant siding for it, so I focused my side deck on more trap based alt win decks like PACMAN, Burn, and Last Turn while being able to commit more side deck slots to countering Zoo and Chaos Turbo, and Skilled Chaos Control which I predicted would be the 3 main decks I would face in the tourney. So that's it, didn't really mean to write this much but this Indo had my mind working. Shout out to Team Villains, Shout out to the best team on DGz...Tha 4HUNNIDS, Shout out to Jazz and MMF for hosting the FLC Series, Ill be attending, topping, and most likely DQ'd from the 3rd one as well so keep em coming lol thanks for keeping the goat community alive cuz otherwise niggas wouldn't have nobody to play this shit with and it wouldn't mean anything. Shout out to Lucas for getting a free pass to the finals and choking. Shout out to Carl Waite, I gave him a hard time for not giving up his spot to me in the top 4, Love you dawg. Shout out to anyone who fucks with me, and middle fingers to anyone who don't. All in all, I think the 3 Samurai + Fairy Box tech is real and should be respected, its a splashable engine that can fit in almost any deck with the right adjustments, so feel free to discuss the cards / ask me any questions I didn't answer here. -WGM out.
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    Also yeah being a wind is bad. He could have won our game 1 in round 1 because he had a sorc to summon but he had no darks in the grave, just a sam
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    Tristan 2 (Cannon Chaos) > digbick 0 (Monarchs)
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    I think this game completely turned me off of using my next fuck you mafia series, however. Maybe I’ll make a normalish game to host
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    Legit every time I play in a role madness game I roll scum and get screwed over lmao xd
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    I'll explain in aftergame. Everyone left but haz is town.
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    Sophocles was scum and could sexually assault people; (Can target a person once per night, if they're a girl they can only post 50 chars outside of their vote each post and have to vote every post)
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