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    didnt read this, just skimmed
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    AND I GOT HIM THAT ONE TIME! outplayed imo tbh imo
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    that reminds me best post in the thread lmaooo
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    I barely dodged your terrible questions. I would point out mascis as town or scum. I’m sorry I think on a much higher plane Paranoid players suspect me in every single game I play and it is always the same ones that do it. This happens to ash and it happens to stefanos as well. I don’t have the luxury of being townread for playing like a psychotic moron like some players do.
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    I'll admit I made a mistake. I wasn't sure on your alignment (had you as like 50/50) and I should have let it sit for a phase. From my perspective, you died from a combination of group think and defending mascis. I actually think it was fine, just unfortunate. I hope there's no hard feelings. The time zone thing sucks but it's part of the game--I don't think it's fair to say we should never lynch someone who is AFK, especially in a no claim game. Days shouldn't be scheduled to end that late for europeans anyway--it's a clear disadvantage. Malcolm rightly deserved suspicion this game for liberally tossing shade, pegging mascis as neutral, and dodging questions. I'm not sure how you ever had him as solid town. If the "mafia gods" don't want to be suspected they can project town better. I suspect Malcolm most games because he plays scummy most games. I suspect you most games because your scum game is almost perfect, and the difference between it and your town game is very subtle. What am I supposed to do about that, huh? In the future, I'll give additional consideration to handing out day passes (I actually gave one to JC this game), but I still think it's correct to vocally suspect good players when they're not making sense (your mascis defense) or not being fully transparent (malcolm's play).
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    I like how Underwood has tried to logically explain my kill like forty times when the only thing that is to be said is 'dgz town can't read for shit' and move on Malcolm played one of his better games as scum and people( = same like three people) still suspected him because they suspect him every game Less drama more thinking You punk ass bitches
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    This is possibly the worst topic I have ever seen on this website
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    Dumb reply #1. Instead of posting insight on which game requires more skill you post this drivel.
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    I must say that Yugioh trading card game requires more skill than Pokemon video games, to say nothing of the card game. Building a complete deck demands more insight than assembling and optimizing a team of 6 pokemon. Furthermore, mass destruction like Black Rose Dragon bring forth a whole new dimension into field control and advantage in yugioh compared to winning pokemon battles.