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    Because I am God you will learn soon enough
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    crei your death sucked and if id been awake i wouldve fought vs it but from a scum / hindsight perspective you gotta admit it is pretty fucking funny =')
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    Default war 6vs6, 2 subs LC Lineup: Starry Night/ Starry Night Kanna Hashimoto / Kanna DN sasoripwns/ Sasori TCAX/ tcsilver Greengodisback/ Nikoskons tjarkvos/ tjarkvos TB Lineup: Nicey Hash Milk Hani Jawhari Nick Petzold Bluemaster 21 LC hearts 2 TB hearts 5 Matches Milk vs TCAX 2-0 Nick Petzold vs TCAX 2-1 Nick Petzold vs Starry Night 2-1 Nick Petzold vs tjarkvos 2-0 Nick Petzold vs tjarkvos 1-2 LC subbing sasoripwns/ Sasori out for TeamWiseGuys_Sam/ sambino 7711
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    I barely dodged your terrible questions. I would point out mascis as town or scum. I’m sorry I think on a much higher plane Paranoid players suspect me in every single game I play and it is always the same ones that do it. This happens to ash and it happens to stefanos as well. I don’t have the luxury of being townread for playing like a psychotic moron like some players do.
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    ok so we have 2 elements here... number 1 is you have a girl with baggage ongoing. IMO.. the healthiest balance to this is understand you are both on 2 different separate journys. she has to learn to deal with her own shit... sure u can help her with her demons a bit by supporting her but you should no where ever be her "rock".. she should be her own rock. if you ever become that, then this relationship is just going to end horribly. number 2 is you have issues with people's pasts which you need to get over. firstly everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn't judge or dredge up their past. if you're too insecure and can't manage to see the person infront of you rather than the person they once were... dating is going to be hard for you. its like dating an awesome girls who in the past has taken 30 dicks.. u just gotta let it go. talking about this situation specifically.. u describe her as "decently attractive".. i dont get the vibe you're in love with this girl or even remotely even interested deep down in falling in love with her. you are new to the town, don't have many friends and you've settled with this girl. if im wrong, then correct me.. but if this is the case, then shes going to suck out a lot of time and oppurtunity where you could be meeting MANY different types of people.. one of which maybe you will really like and see a future with.
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    Nearly half of town voted you over Silver. Me trying convince town to kill a better target and me killing you over Silver are not the same thing so strop trying to make it sound like they are. Silver was obv town. You weren't. I made it clear while you were around that I wasn't killing him. Gaia you punted d1 and didn't take a position on the d1 lynch. You literally voted silver because it would "give info." EVERY LYNCH GIVES FUCKING INFO. It gives info does not tell me jack shit about your motivations and is the equivalent of apathy (which guess what, is scum indicative). I already apologized for the timing. I have a job and I couldn't really make posts that more than one liners during business hours . I'm not gonna apologize for giving my thoughts on the game or including you in them. You also act like the entire post was focused on you when literally 7 other players were mentioned and you weren;t even at the top of my kill list. If we are gonna talk about my lack of logic, let's look at yours here If a good player voted you, its because they fearkilled you. If a bad player voted, you its a bw. When people want to comment about my ego, I'm going to refer them to this. Unsurprisingly, I don't think it would have mattered if all 19 other players voted you as they would have been grouped in one of those two categories. You have only yourself to blame for your lynch. If you don't punt d1, and projected town second half of d1, you don't get scumread by half the game and don't die.