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    does anyone need a sub
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    After the loss of Titan against Alexis and his return to the shadows, we all thought this was the end of him, but after watching Yugioh GX events, I found some evidence to say the opposite. 1.He's the only duelist who could cope with thunder giant shocks and make him useless(Aster was able to cope with thunder giant shocks, but this duel was orchestrated by Sartorius, so it was useless anyway. That doesn't count sorry.) 2.crowler didnt pay him rent 3.After defeating Kagemaru by Jaden in episode 49 Titan is no longer in the shadows anymore. Yubel summoned Titan in episode 121 of Yugioh GX then defeated by Jesse and then summoned him again, but he was defeated by Jaden and Jesse however the real Titan was in the hands of Professor Banner, who stole the card from Yugi deck somehow, and then in episode 45 of Yugioh GX. He banished it from the game, but returned to the deck with the ability of elemental hero Electrum
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    Winter wunterland forever in our hearts
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    Remember when I won claiming scum?
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    i played VR for the first time today (I bought a PSVR) and its incredible. I just ordered a PS4 Pro too because 1080p looks awful on my 4k screen.