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    Gintama has to be here as one of the absolute masterpieces. Gintama in the anime has just had a timeskip. Normal timeskips in all your shitty animes have a few developments, a few power deviations and a few new powers for each cast member. Honestly its just soooo many tiers above every other anime in intellect, in-jokes, plot complexity, heart, attention to detail, humour, action, pacing... Other animes do one or maybe two things well but this one just shits on all of them. Its a travesty that so many people who watch anime haven't watched it despite its pretty much universal love and praise of anyone who has watched it. The only big issue the show has is its very weird start. It also has a fucking awesome kick ass film which is again universally praised. I struggle to see what more it can do at this point. Some double episodes of Gintama shit on 24-episode series.
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    Well if you started the entire Bucs offense in DFS congrats you win
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    never got excited about this worldcup hence my lack of posts. we never played a decent team apart from belgium + croatia who we lose to. got a really easy route to the final and couldn't do it. a lot of english players are bottlers sadly and you could see the cracks, especially Sterling who is possibly the weakest player mentally I've ever seen [as evidenced by booing at anfield making him turn into a league 1 player]. i think this tournament is actually not that valuable of an experience for the team. we didn't get to play any top class teams to gain experience in that regard. Harry Maguire should use this world cup to engineer a move to a top side. Rashford should move or he will suffer the same fate as Martial and/or Walcott internationally. I think AOC walks into this england team. Southgate is far too forgiving. There are a couple of players who probably should have been switched out. However I honestly don't think we had many or any solutions on how to beat France so its all a bit redundant. Despite how easy the teams were that we beat, I think England did REALLY well given how shit the players are compared to 10 years ago. Its really sad as the England team 10 years ago would have won this World Cup (but then again, the Brazil team 10 years ago would have been rampant). This WC has taught me the quality of football, especially defensively has indeed taken a turn for the worst. A lot of end to end stuff, no Pirlo's in the middle of the park dictating play. _______________________ I hope France win it. Croatia probably has the best central midfield in the tournament and their defence is solid as fuck. However I expect this to be the tournament where Mbappe becomes a legend. It just seems written in the stars at this point. Also everyone who shits on the French league can go fuck themselves lol. Possibly the best performers of this WC and the quarters came from the French league.