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    Hunter x Hunter (the new one) Death Note Attack on Titan Trigun (put up with the early silliness it gets good) Re:Zero (some of sao's concept with better execution and more suffering) konosuba (some of sao's concept with better execution and probably the funniest anime i can remember) Neon Genesis Get In The Fucking Robot Shinji
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    I personally think all other fate universe shows are garbage barring Kara no Kyoukai, Carnival Phantasm, and F/Z. F/Z is a much more interesting show especially since Shirou is so unbelievably boring.
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    attack on titan - spectacular compared to the other shit reccomended imo; pacing is a bit so/so but thats moresodown to the fact that the narrative covers a very small scope of the world and leaves u wanting a lot more gintama - just simply better than nearly every single anime, definitely the best in regards to soul + character + humour + parody monster - masterpieces in general, not just of anime if u dont mind a 24 episode time investment, clannad [which is 6/10] then prepare for major feels in clannad after story [10/10]. ppl having not watched gintama is just criminal tho. its just so many leagues above so many other animes. check out some amvs or some shit guys.
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    Definitely watch death note and sins I think. They're both easy to watch, entertaining and very good anime (death note for the psychology, sins for the more action packed fun based show with kickass characters) I think monster you need to invest a bit more into to really enjoy it so try easing yourself in