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    If you have Adobe Flash Player you can just play it on the link, you don't need to download anything else because it's browser based and you can adjust the key mapping. http://emulator.online/snes/super-mario-rpg-legend-of-the-seven-stars/
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    ima play it on SNES classic; SNES9x 1.53 is what most speedrunners use as an emu - note older versions are considered not console accurate enough (same with ZSNES)
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    So are people actually down to play SMRPG then since it won with 5 votes? @rei @BuildTheWalia @KimJongUnderballs @Aaron @Tygo @Faint @Grimey @Bazoo @Sophocles @Paraliel
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    Hes been alittle banged up so watching the game it seemed like they basically just decided to give him some extra rest heading into his bye.
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    He ran bad due to game script and other variance but his value is definitely lower than it was previously. Can’t expect the consistent usage now that Ingram’s back. I’d still project him for about 16 PPR points in a neutral week