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    Cold Feet I am so lucky but I don't know what to do
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    Well I've never edited a 4K video in my life, but I asked people in the know about the whole 4K video editing ram thing and their answer was "all of it" and they decidedly recommended that 256-512gb of RAM in a Xeon is a worthwhile investment for a serious 4k video editor. So yeah I would say that 32GB is the answer
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    I think aiming to be 'the best X-deck player' is a good idea tbh. It's the perfect option select for your ego. Win? I beat them with my deck I had faith in Lose? I lost because my deck wasn't up to scratch It's like playing low-mid tier characters in fighting games. I do it a lot in melee where I'll play a low tier for tournaments. Otherwise I just get frustrated.
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    Lord Of D Jeff jones Monster Reborn free Reggie Dark Hole I fucked my gf so hard in the ass last night lol
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    And Paleo is now like BA. It just keeps coming back:
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