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    If you did like them and play them what do you think of them? How does your experiences playing with Living Card Games and Deck Building Games compared to the more traditional and popular Trading Card Games and Collectible Card Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and many others well known and recognized card games. Do you enjoy Living Card Games and/or Deck Building Games more than than the traditional Trading Card Games or Collectible Card games? If you did, then how come? Any recommendation of LCGs or DBGs is also much appreciated, thanks.
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    There are tutorial videos from the official yugioh youtube channel. After watching these tutorial videos you'll understand better how the game works:
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    As a teen I played through most of the game but never beat it completely. I've owned the cart for a while though and always meant to complete it. I am continuing to play but probably won't beat it until November. Lol. I think it's absolutely worth a playthrough at least once in your lifetime and I'm shocked at these blokes being so disrespectful to the classics. Get the fuck out of here, you don't deserve to be in Video Game Club! And that goes for the other 2 people who are still active on this forum, screw you too!
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    I joined because I kept hearing about DGz on DNF (rip) and Pojo, mainly in the context of how smug and how much superior they think they are. I decided to make an account sometime in the summer of 2016 and failed because there was an issue selecting a country, so I didn't bother with making an account will December. Then I promptly stopped caring about yugioh. I also heard on Pojo, DNF, and reddit about how DGz was like the only place that plays Goat Format well.