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    Just dropping in to say Hi. I'm usually a bit of a lurker, but you won't shut me up once I get started. Played the game from its release until around 2010, stopped, then came back last October. Love it even more now than I ever did!
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    (.. no i dont know who the third scum is guess this isnt a proper rei game)
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    i am still upset at jazz for being a dick to me on day 1
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    Wunter is playing so badly I'm rounding from scum back to town because how can you be that bad but dont quote me on that i;ll still end up voting him most likely if I dont find someone more scummy
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    This vote bugs me because slicks had all of one post. Complete waste of a vote and in a small game it just leaves an opening for scum to abuse or town to run off the rails.
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    Also vote democrat tomorrow if you’re living stateside
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    I dartboarded walia on page two and removed my vote after wunter voted walia. if you wanna vote me with that info it's whatever, just don't vote me for the sake of piggybacking faint cause his posting tilted me irl