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    God damn Kittle Gonna miss my projection by like 50 points as well which is always nice
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    ironically if it was 4 or 6 team he would still be in it
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    There are plenty of revenue returning assets that are not vulnerable to a rise in interest rates or a run on the stock market because of a perceived price to earnings overvaluing. Aka the bond market. Aka literally any other asset than the stock market Finance 101
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    im hoping this is a sign p5 hits switch cos i dont think i can do anothet JRPG in my living room given I'd rather play VR games or one of the many big games i still havent played (god/witcher 3/horizon)
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    Hola motherfuckers. Rarely come on here anymore but when I do, I see this dumb shit. Checked the archives, you dudes have never beat us. I did find this though: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/114260-duelistgroundzcom-vs-xerocreative/ It's honestly great. We were all like 16. Simpler times. Everything's changed cept for @ygo duelist bodan still being a virgin nearly 9 years l8r.
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