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    The chances of Nintendo upgrading the baseline switch hardware and releasing a game that *isn't* backwards compatible with current Nintendo Switches is literally zero sadly. The Nintendo Switch is here to stay and in all likelyhood Nintendo will camp out with this same hardware for another 5 years in order to milk the massive install base for as long as possible. Ergo BOTW 2 will be same as BOTW in all regards
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    KnY - Watched it. This must be a manga thing caused I didnt get that hype vibe. Most shounen things won't do it for me. Sazazanmai - GTFO. This was bs. Voice acting was good, but this is nowhere near AotY. It's not even the AoTS. C&T - It wasn't a gas attack. That was probably liquid nitrogen (to keep something cold like a dismembered body part. i am thinking an eye or an ear. (Cybelle = STAN confirmed). Reserving Judgment on FB Kono Oto is doing more of the same stuff as always but the story is advancing and the quality is consistent.