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    it's the same on crunchyroll lol!
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    Hello friends, I am here today to address something that had been going around for while. Someone has hacked Kris "use my dice app while I play infernities" Perovic's duelingbook account. When this happened, I was blamed for hacking him even though I JUST got back in the discord scene. However, I am here to show that it WASNT me. I will disprove the following reasons on why people think it's me. s/o silver, he hates scummy shit thx for doing justice bro 1. My duelingbook account got banned and some of my alts yes i understand that since my main db acc and some of my alts got banned then it looks like it was me, etc. HOWEVER, if it was REALLY me, all my alts would be banned and also some other people's accounts (example: carl) because it wouldve shared the same ip. The reason why my main account got banned and some of my alts was because the person who ACTUALLY did it was on my accounts cuz we shared a tight group chat. Also, ALL my alts woulda got banned if it was me... 2. I had a picture of kp holding a fish as my discord pfp cmon now.... really? I had this pfp for so long (like a bunch of months before he got hacked) and this is a bad reason to think it was me tbh 3. I got no beef with this dude i never really had a problem with kp why the hell would i hack him lol. i respect him for being a good player and hope he comes back to the scene! So the question is "if jay didnt do it? WHO DID IT!?!?!" and no it was not nicey, that dude dont even play yugioh. The person who hacked kris "i robbed konami ;)" perovic is BURGN (also goes by "burgundy"). this person ACTUALLY had beef with kp. one night, kris "i wasnt spying" perovic was playing a goat match with burgundy (who was our friend at the time) and burgundy completely washed kperovic and after that it got a little heated between them where they started making pastebins on each other and kp was getting heated in one of our group chats with the attitude that burgundy had or something etc. This was the last goat match kp ever played i believe because he just completely stopped afterwards, thats how bad he got beat. https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=6841049 (the ultimate match) https://pastebin.com/6V9YjCaB (pastebin #1 by kp) https://pastebin.com/q9n4L0kQ (pastebin #2 by burgundy/burgn in response) https://pastebin.com/ndAR2qfq (pastebin #3 by kp in response to burgn's response) so this is how the "beef" btwn them started and how kp retired. now youre probably wondering "woah dude what the hell man this is crazy i never knew burgn and burgundy was the same person" yea bro they got like super similar names. "does burgn/burgundy have any correlation with andrew bergen?" idk the answer to this question because i never knew who burgn ACTUALLY was so maybe it could be or maybe not who knows. we can talk about this later jazz was thinking that this burgn/burgundy character was just one of our alts or something, but NO its not and jazz tried to prove this case by first, ip banning burgn off the discord and then kicking nicey. by doing this, if nicey is not able to join back the server, then he is definitely burgn since they'd share the same ip. nicey came back, so its not him. then jazz tried to do this to me but i also came back so its not me. so that beats the case that burgn is one of our alts or whatever. when burgn was IN the format library server he literally explained everything there and what he did and HOW he did it so how the hell can ppl think i still hacked kp? thats actually insane. now back to the andrew bergen thing... i really really hate blaming ppl for stuff they may have not done or not be associated with (s/o morpp for doing this all the time) but there IS something fishy here so dont blame me for this one; 1. "bergen" "burgn" "bergy" "burgundy" cmon now lol this is kinda weird that they all got like super similar names and all and ive never seen them interact EVER other than that one day where burgn made his return after he hacked kp but ill get into that later. but cmon, same names is kinda weird but its not the only reason i think he might be burgn 2. they both have doom pfps andrew bergen has had a doom pfp or multiple doom pfps on discord and so has burgn who also has/had doom pfps... this kinda fishy cuz how you gonna have the same names and same pfps cmon now theres no way this can be a super big coincidence the chances of it happening are like slim to none lol... 3. they have never interacted except once have yall ever seen bergen and burgn interact? no i dont think so because ik for sure ive never seen it EXCEPT when burgn came back on 5/17/2019. he challenged burgn to a match or something but it never happened...weird and i will post the screenshots below with all the other screen shots and you guys lmk what u think now im sorry for attempting to blame someone but i just want yall to know i am NOT burgn and i did NOT hack kp so hopefully this can be convincing... also before ppl say "you were friends with burgn on discord" yea i was because he had a private server that was pretty tight and only select members were in there whos names i will not reveal but they are all in FL and GF servers and they know who they are so i wasnt the only guy who spoke to burgn also, you might ask why was burgn ever in your acc in the first place? he got decks, played some matches and spectated on my account before and all my alts and main acc have the same exact password so he went on some of my alts to spectate sometimes too, idk why but i never cared cuz its alts lol thank you for coming to my ted talk!! ill see u soon! goodnight america! if u made it this far.... new post coming soon