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    Time for my tradition of thoughts on everybody: 1: Scumwood: It goes without saying that your day 1 was amazing, and I do think taking out Jazz N2 and JC night 3 was the correct play. I started suspecting you near the end of day 2, (I thought if I was wrong on Soph you were most likely to be Malcolm’s partner) but the NK targets really solidified that for me. Congrats on the victory; it’s frustrating because I feel like if town got one more day we could have had it. 2: The Antagonist: You would be my MVP pick. By the final day you had completely lost pretty much all the suspicion on you, which is huge progress considering you were on the lynch block day 1. Francis on the other hand started out very strong but by the last day had most people scumreading him. I think this was a good game for you as you were in my townreads from the second half of day 2, and outside of broken you didn’t really have anyone pushing on you consistently. 3: BuildTheWalia: You’d be my LVP pick honestly. You missed quota both days you were alive and hardly gave out any reads. Your watcher ability would have been extremely beneficial, and the fact you were killed for basically not playing the game really hurt town. Try to be more active next time, and if you can’t then bow out and ask for a sub or don’t sign up in the first place. 4: TheGoldenTyranno: First off thanks for making so many people aware of this game. Secondly, your day 1 was bad. I’m not sure what happened with Jazz being awol like that and I feel for you trying to navigate the game mostly on your own, but look at how people caught you and learn from it. Also as scum (and especially considering you were already suspect due to going for francis) I think you should have had a vote out at EOD; putting one on antag or broken might have been enough to save you. 5: Jazz: Whether you truly forgot about the game or not that quota snipe was awful (and you still missed quota by one 10 word post regardless) but you looked like you were doing a decent job of convincing people you were town day 2. Losing tyranno day 1 was rough, but if you had been more active I think you could have prevented it. Neither of you had an EOD vote out day 1 if my memory serves correctly, but taking out BB or antag instead would have really helped you. Though if Francis’s team hadn’t killed you off I think you might have had a decent shot at making it to endgame. 6: Faint: Sorry for whatever happened that caused you to sub out of the game, but I think you played very well when you were in aside from missing quota day 2. I am happy you asked to sub out when you realized there’d be a conflict though as opposed to some other players who just missed quota for no reason. 7: JC: Thanks for subbing in; I’m sure trying to catch up on the game was a lot of work. Sorry you missed sign ups and couldn’t join outright. I think you put a lot of effort into the game and I’m happy to know you would have shared my thoughts on Francis had you lived. Also thanks for hosting the next one for everybody. 8: Malcolm: This is the worst game I’ve seen from you. Only 50% of your day 1 reads were accurate (right on tyranno and soph, wrong on me and faint). You missed jazz completely and didn’t go after francis or antag until the last day. The effort you put into this game outside of day 1’s EOD (though wrong, at least you were honestly trying) was not very good. I don’t know what happened this game, but it is kind of refreshing to see you are fallible. 9: Aurirevoir: This is only my second game with you, so I don’t have a lot to go off of. You were definitely a question mark for most of the game, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m not as familiar with reading you. Like broken I think you also ended up quota sniping with under an hour left in the day a couple times, but at least you made quota which is more than I can say for some other players. 10: Sophocles: Congrats on being pretty much the only one to see Malcolm as town from day 3 onwards. Otherwise I think most of your reads were way off, and as such this was not a great game for you. Though at least you never had quota issues, so thanks for that. Better luck next time. 11. Broken Brilliance: First off congratulations for being one of the few people giving reads in a game where most people were avoiding it and missing quota. Secondly congratulations for being pretty much the only one consistently going after antag. Waiting until about an hour before EOD to hit quota the first two days was a bit painful, but otherwise I’d say this was a very good game for you.
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    Town wins as a team and loses as a team. It's the same deal for scum. The difference is it's easier for scum to work as a team because we have information. Malcolm was the final lynch and his playstyle almost constantly makes him a question mark, but he wasn't the reason that game was lost. If I am putting the lost one any one player, it would probably be Walia. Knowing what his role was, Walia really needed to step up and take control of town. He was watcher with a BP clause, which means, as town, you sbould have no questions about Walia's alignment.
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    I don't think "wow malcolm didnt literally solve the game for us day 1" as a valid reason for the loss. Instead, let's look at what we may have missed. Francis, note that the thread is over, so I am not looking to argue with you about whether your play was perfect or not. You are free to disagree with some points, but instead of just going "no u", how about you tell us what you think would have been a better way to identify you, if not by these points. Francis People started suspecting Francis on the last day, but it was a day too late. I'll be completely honest--I gave him a pass on the first day because I simply didn't evaluate his posts critically. I came into the thread with a positive impression, and I was unwilling to apply the extra effort to take a closer look. I think Solstice had one good point, which was that Francis tried very hard to keep all avenues of lynching open. My playstyle is very "town read" oriented, but I can get why Francis may theoretically not like them a lot. However, some players are vastly more lynchable than others, and admitting that someone is not worth considering lynching is basically what a town read is. People can change a town read to a scum read. It's a semantics argument at that point. Overall, Francis refusing to agree that anyone was more likely town than not after 3 to 4 day phases is suspicious. The next thing is that Francis had some clearly anti-town behaviour in regards to my personal play. He admitted to not reading my posts at one point, and Francis is a diligent enough member to do the work to hunt scum. Not reading is a sign that what I say doesn't matter, because he already knows the scum team. Furthermore, he later characterized my attempts to progress the game state as "scattershotting everyone" despite me making it abundantly clear I wanted to lynch Malcolm. Considering other avenues is not praying and spraying. I wanted people to challenge my opinions and to generate discussion, but most people aren't willing to reread the thread every time I make a big post to see where I am coming from, so I understand why it can be frustrating to play with me. Francis also did a good job of making us waste time and thought process on mechanics and flavour. Multiple players argued with him over things like "should scum make a NK if they know the town is bulletproof?" and that distracts people who already make limited posts from spending their time trying to win the game. The biggest issue, though, I think had to do with his attitude towards Solstice in regards to Malcolm. Francis made a big deal out of "why didn't you CC him? it would have been a guaranteed lynch! no balls! #fucksolstice"...while simultaneously NOT VOTING FOR MALCOLM. It was a disingenuous rhetoric that I missed. Thinking Malcolm was softing healer to draw a NK is OK. Thinking Malcolm was full of garbage and should die is OK. Thinking Malcolm was softing healer to draw a NK while also criticising players for not doing more to get Malcolm killed is NOT OK. Antag Antag flew under the radar. When I did my big analysis, I came up with no possible partners for Antag...except for Scumwood. At the time, I didn't want to consider Francis being scum, but that was entirely due to laziness on my part, which very well could be the reason we lost the game. I'll take the blame for that. Had I survived the night, I was going to post the scum team as Malcolm/Auri or Antag/Scumwood (or maybe Scumwood/Malcolm as well). Without tunnel goggles, I can see why Malcolm almost definitely wasn't scum, but I have a hard time ever believing Malcolm because he simply doesn't talk. I get not wanting to die all the time, and the possibility of risking getting lynched because "wow malcolm is playing differently", but I think Malcolm posting and explaining where he gets his reads from would be one of the better long-term changes to the section, assuming it did actually make a revival. I think the major thing here, like with Francis, is Antag pushing hard to keep Solstice open as a lynch possibility. A Serial Killer is a possibility, sure, but it is unlikely enough given the set up literally being "the parents" and the multiball nature. Apart from that, I think it was a solid game. Definitely interested in hearing thoughts from other people, because I don't think we do enough to try and improve.
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    More frustrated than mad. Why did solstice survive every NK?