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    @TheGoldenTyranno has subbed out for @Malcolm and @Malcolm's Multi
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    sorry about that, been at work for the past 2 days apart from a short shower, my mind is disconnected from reality tie will result in no item, as stated at start of day vote jc.
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    1st 140 2nd 80 3rd 40 Consolation 20
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    Also Obligatory Scumwood Warning That Will Be Ignored: Do not leave stray votes up. Learn from last game.
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    i want to have so few problems in life that i get on duelistgroundz at 5pm and post this shit
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    wow OPs life is so hard, please explain more about the depths of your existential crisis
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    As the shockwaves of the explosion wore off, the town gathered, thinking, "Gee I sure wish I was dead too lmao." Or maybe it was "I don't want to die." It can be hard to tell with the kids these days. Unfortunately, one of those kids had already died. His name was Kazuma. He dies a lot, apparently. But there is also Kyoya, another man sent to this world by Aqua. If Kazuma was evil, surely Kyoya must be too, they reasoned. BuildTheWalia was lynched! While everyone was busy grabbing pitchfork and torches, Hazmah grabbed the Zoom Lens from the guild! The night starts now and ends in roughly 15 hours and 40 minutes.
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    Yes he’s an idiot and that was acknowledged already. In light of the posting today, why shouldn't we end Auri? He was on both mislynches, i caught him and called him out contradicting himself yesterday.