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    Based on Epicmafia players, you are, without a doubt, vanilla town.
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    Yep. This is past me coming back to haunt me
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    Dude, you need to calm down. What the fuck.
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    I'm going to warn and not modkill you for this because literally everyone has asked me about this (break another rule and I will end you tho). I AM NOT CONFIRMING OR DENYING THE MECHANICS FOR END OF DAY. MAKE ASSUMPTIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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    Ultimately, JC, Malcolm is thunderdoming you, I'm pretty confident he's town, and you misrepresenting his intentions such that they're purely antitown isn't going to make him unvote you here. You're really stretching it with the takes. Every action he's done and is doing is internally consistent and makes more sense from a town pov. Scum doesn't need to put heat on themselves after that d1, especially when we have a null pile we'd probably be lynching in for a few days. Combine that with the fact that there were so many towny players d1 and Malcolm would've had enough of an argument as to why he never got SPKed until lylo.
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    I've gotten a mechanical message, probably from some form of parity cop, stating that Slickz is a member of the kingdom. Which I assume to mean town.
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    I would love to policy lynch malcolm but I'd rather win the game. I knew all along I would be voting for JC instead of Malcolm, but coming into the thread when I did I saw that all the momentum was going toward a JC lynch so I did an experiment to see how would like to vote for Malcolm given the chance. I believe we have caught Slick as scum since I was one of the first to vote for Malcolm, Slick called me scum with no logic behind it beyond OMGUS, and then he voted for Malcolm too. Doesn't add up to town mentality. I think JC has played a good scum game if he is scum but I suspected that he was aligned with rei yesterday so he does need to flip by the end of the game. I will be sad if he is town but this is the right play given the circumstances. I would prefer to kill Slick today but that isn't happening. Soph doesn't look good from these Malcolm interactions either. Very interesting. unvote vote JC
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    Francis can't comment on it so I'll do it instead: potentially outing Jazz like that is so fucking bad jesus
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    too late chose bacon griilled chicken tomatoes and spinach
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    Im basing the case that his claim is most likely bs
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    It's weird to me that Jazz voted Malcolm
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    So Soph, once again, claim and say who you targeted
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    JC: "Please do not rely on mechanics." JC: "Here's my analysis based on mechanics" nice 1 friend
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    it is what it is, sometimes brilliance comes in waves
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    i dont think theres a single page in this game where slickz is consistent with his opinion
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    Lemme make this loud and clear for ya Malcolm is not going to let this day end without a lynch. His mind is set on JC being opposite of his alignment. Malcolm will leave his vote on JC.
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    I've anticipated all of your counterarguments with my brain, I just didn't consider them strong enough to deter me from trying to do this.
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    Bruh, what the fuck do you mean no way? I highly doubt Francis would include a role that basically town confirms because of the fact he shit on JC in a post game thread for it. DO NOT USE THAT CONCLUSION.
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    Also, an issue with why you don’t get to kill anyone is your lists are too big. Pick one or two and keep the others to your chest.
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    As of right now it is best to let the thread sit and have everyone else come in and post.
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    dont come at God if you are going to post stupid shit. go ahead and solve the game and i will share my thoughts on it too after soph posts
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    now that all of my reads are out there, here is some fluff. i got bored while waiting for the day to go up, so i made some memes
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    omg i was healed. this very heart warming. thank you healer <3<3<3
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    shot *them, sorry, pronouns and markus goes by faith now fyi
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    the animals used for bb's pizza aren't the only thing getting murdered today ...
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    I am happy that BB is town reading me, but I do want to say I deserve absolutely no credit for lynching rei. I was among the earlier players to post suspicion of him, but I also rallied against lynching him day one with posts like the one below. Added emphasis is mine, but I guess now is as good as ever to clarify that I meant specifically the argument about him linking 2k and Hazmah. I obviously agreed with my own arguments regarding his equip vote staying on "no read" MBA and the other points I brought up. I obviously saw some reason to kill him, but I thought scum may have been piggybacking onto the early suspicions to eliminate a strong player by trying to add whatever arguments were available. Apart from that, I didn't want to lynch rei d1 because I considered him an asset to town; it's fairly similar to the logic Faint presented. I'm well aware his role getting a buff after day one makes this sound bad. Lastly, I didn't want to lynch him d1 because he agreed with my view on 2k early in the thread. It's a lot easier to double down on the logic when you think you have the support of a player you trust to find scum, and I took our similar mindset to be a sign he shared my alignment. I don't think rei is infallible, but I think players can relate to this (maybe switching out rei with Malcolm). ...I'm probably not doing myself any favours bringing this up, but I want to do my best to keep the game accurate and let people know where I was coming from.
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    Vote Malcolm. I see no reason for you to fuck around on Day 2 like this to feed your ego. I have a solid town lean on JC and I'm null on you. I don't like limiting our options. Fuck off
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    https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1170441147833114625?s=21 wtf