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    If I forgot to put your name on the list just let me know. I don't remember some of the town players having scum games, so if you have games you want to show me then link it! I will be updating this as games finish. You can move up or down Also, vote in the poll please TOWN POWER RANKING S Tier Malcolm A Tier rei confuse rei B Tier Slickz 2k17! JC Jazz Gemstone Mine hazmah Sophocles C Tier fuckfiend Faint Solstice Juan Mascis Di4na Jerkbear D Tier BuildTheWalia macer woawa dyachei SageRhapsody brandis Silver DETRIMENT TIER scumwood Wunterslaus (still love him) TheGoldenTyranno Broken Brilliance SCUM POWER RANKINGS Solo Carry Tier Malcolm confuse rei iSlickz A Tier Gemstone Mine JC B Tier Jazz Solstice 2k17 HUGE GAP C Tier Juan fuckfiend dyachei BuildTheWalia Faint D Tier Jerkbear SageRhapsody hazmah rei Sophocles Silver Wunterslaus GOOD LUCK IF THEY ARE ON YOUR TEAM TIER scumwood Mascis TheGoldenTyranno Broken Brilliance
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    I need more Mascis in my life
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    i dont particularly think throwing the game is mvp worthy! hmph macer hmph
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    by popular demand, the 7 player setup has been shelved for now in favor of something larger @BuildTheWalia @Gemstone Mine more slots open
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    I'm glad jazz was actually scum and not just spouting his mouth in ways that didnt make sense
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    This set up is tiny and scum favored any chance of getting something bigger / balanced?
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    I meant it's not really the primary problem with this game.
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    Is it really about the eod when you get 11 pages in 4 day phases Town just mailed it in lol
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    yeah, i know. imagine if you play well and move up the rankings! or fall into detriment tier time will tell fuckfiend
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    I'm in. ShadowTamer#7746 is my discord.
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    I'm really sad that that was my scum game. I'm not sure if people were just on holiday or if the super iffy schedule fucked everyone up, but that game's activity was terrible.
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    Bumping this cos the last 2 seasons have been phenomenal It's as close to breaking bad in terms of style, pacing, payoff as I've come across. Hugely detail oriented and engaging
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    page 1 matters because I've already decided I hate playing with you all
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    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. post-post-script (tl;dr for the tl;dr): look at this here chart, designed to be the Noob Guide to personal finance (Canada Text Post) https://www.reddit.com/r/PersonalFinanceCanada/wiki/money-steps (America Chart)
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    I think the Wall Street Mafia discovered he cracked the code and he's been taken care of.
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    why did u have to have 50 shades of grey on ur nightstand i didnt need to see that goddammit.     all i wanted was my pencil back -______________
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    Our father, who art in heaven, hallow'd be thy name...
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    > thinking scumwood is still good AHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    バカあほ ばかアホ 馬鹿阿呆 バカアホ ばか阿呆 馬鹿アホ バカ阿呆 ばかあほ 馬鹿あほ
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    i'm in love with you you know that
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    what if i sang a song called get destroyed to u would u like it then nate
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    well you all bullied me in this thread but i think in every game that im right about everything i get bullied a lot so you guys can just bully me for being better than you at this game or whatever you're mad about and i can keep collecting my wins