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    This has been a really long day 1, hope the next game has shorter phases
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    The real MVP was the d20 that gave us a no lynch
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    Scum were Solstice and MBA, both vanilla Diana was watcher, Malcolm was desperado, no other abilities. MVP was Jazz No LVPs there were some not-ideal plays but nothing that super fucked town over
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    Something else I wanted to bring up after reading the discord... Scum were not given any safe claims. It was the very first thing I asked for in the chat, but we didn't get any kind of response until over a day later. (MBA must have asked rei through some other method because he later said rei told us we could use Near and Mello.) If town had decided to go for a mass flavor solve day 1 we probably would have been outed immediately. I agree with Francis's discord comment that there should be a rule that flavor games either must provided safe claims for scum or exclude flavor claiming altogether, though I have a strong preference for the latter as I'm about to explain. Even if we had gotten fake claims to start with, Diana got a free pass to never getting lynched once she claimed L (watcher honestly matters less as it's easier to fake in a closed setup) and nobody CCed. It's like someone claiming Naruto in a Naruto themed mafia game; even if they claimed VT they're still not getting lynched because nobody makes the protagonist a safeclaim. Certain flavor claims by themselves are just too strong and essentially act as an inno child, and scum are never given anything to balance around this. Flavor claiming should just be banned outright. Even what people are given as "safe claims" usually come with their own set of problems, which is a major reason I chose not to go with the Mello claim. For one thing it was stated in the signups the game would have spoilers up until episode 26, but checking the wiki episode 26 is where Near and Mello make their first appearance which already makes their believability questionable at best. And from what I could gather reading the wiki their characters are so closely tied that it wouldn't make sense to have one in the game without the other, so if one of us claimed and flipped the safe claim the other used is immediately called into scrutiny. Also Mello just seemed like an evil character to the point where I'd question he'd be town even as a standalone claim, but of course I haven't watched the show so it's possible I'm misinterpreting things. TLDR; Having flavor in games is cool and makes things interesting, but being able to claim flavor shouldn't be allowed because it tips the balance to favor town and hurts scum.
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    Guys, I figured out why DGZ scum have been sucking so much lately. It's because I've always been on the scum team. To remedy this, I propose rigging the game so I can never be scum again. #SolsticeforTown2020 Make DGZ Scum Great Again . . . Also somebody give me mafia specs so I can cry myself a river when I see how much everyone trash talked my play.
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    flavor solving either instantly ends the game or does absolutely nothing. it should never be possible for the former to be the case.
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    Lol. He doesn’t read my posts and still wants to tell me I played poorly.
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    lvp rei for no player number 4. there should've been 9 players wtf!!!!!
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    I mean i explained in discord why indont even need to read his posts to know that vote was bad there. Just a negative ev decision that malcolm being afk left unpunished Again, its not the only bad play by either faction. To say no one super fucked over town when town only won cause scum punted by not hammering and rng generating a favorable outcome is kind of ridiculous.
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    No idea. I sont read his posts Im not stirring shit up. Im disputing the bolded based on what i know about the game.
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    so much for him on ignore lol, just cant help stirring shit up
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    Jazz fucked up over town day 1 by creating a three way tie there instead of breaking the two way tie (Malcolm just punted harder) According to you, town threw the game only to have scum throw harder by not hammering. Seems like a game of throws to me.
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    i support and acknowledge your identity reggie