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    you know hormones only lead to a fat ass if you're actually getting fat right
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    sophocles ur a fuckin bitch and u always have fuckin been. little bitch. hop on this dick. u think i have some fucking vendetta against u but i dont. ur just a fucking bitch and every time i try to give u a chance u act like such a fucking bitch. i swear to fucking god. ur just so shitty and pathetic. shitty. fucker. fuck you. fucking suck my fucking dick. fuckhead. fuck u . eat this baby little dick bitch. bitch. i fucked your mom. i put my dick up in your mom. bitchyouaintnoshit.com suck my baby little dick. crawl up to me and suck on this dick real good baby girl. suck that fuckin dick. i got my dick sucked by a fewwwwwwww fewwwwww bitches (surprise surprise) and i know a bitch when i see one and i ur a bitch that likes to open ur mouth so how about we put tht to some fucking use bitch. worthless bitch. ur gonna be sucking dick better than me when im through with you. bitch. if u cant pick up any social cues or any considerate morals how about i just shoot some down your throat????? bitch. dont fuck with me unless u want this dick in ur mouth.
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    soul has a thin little dick what a bitch he can go in an ass with no lube??? like a b it of spiut is good enough for his baby ass little shrimpy dicky wicky pee pee? which is very different from a Cock. with a capital "C". man i know a little bit about how dicks go in asses and i know his dick has to be kinda tiny. like come on man. you got a shrimp dick. i learned so muc h about dicks recently and i was just thinkin about that u know. no smoke to soul though. groun dz duelist solidarity u know what im saying?????? i got a shrimp dick too. its pretty tiny. i get made fun of for it a lot by men with giant dicks .
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    Omg I want to cry because I posted in 2005... Dir en grey was my favourite band... TODAY in 2020: 1. Dir en grey 2. sukekiyo 3. Bring Me The Horizon 4. Post Malone 5. Slipknot 6. KoЯn 7. Billie Eilish 8. Rob Zombie 9. Queen 10. Ariana Grande I finally stopped listening to nothing but Japanese music thank god lmao.
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    seeeeeeeeeeeeeemz like every body like 2 put themselvez on a special pedestal r some shit abt how cool they want ppl 2think they r. like look. if u aint about tht big dick game u just aint. thts how it is u know. say shit about u tht is actually cool and true. like me. i got a fat ass..thanks hormone replacement therpy for making my butt so big. thank u omg. jesus didnt gvie me tht shit. science did. letssssss go science. scoreeeeeeee +1 for science!!!!!! god aint real. i mde a deal with god n i said if he did it for me ill start worshipping him. well he aint so i aint. god aint real. he is not.
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    i noticed stretch marks on my thighs and butt lol
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    u know i was partying yesterday n some hoes offered me coke and i said noooooo cuz im a good girl and im very happy with that cuz u know ive been going thru some hypomania obviously and that was some good control of impulses. very happi w that. = ) see i aint so crazy. i behave myself very well .
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    BRO I HAVE beeen going crazyy for a few dayz now. i feel like a bagillion bucks. i got a fat ass too. ima start working out and get it fatter. den ill do porn. cuz im aawesome gamer. gamer girl gf online.
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