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    Drinking too much tea and eating too many cookies. I smoked some weed the other night, well, vaped it and then went on to do a zoom quiz with my boyfriend and his family and it did not go well. I'm certain they knew I was high and I feel bad about it.
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    Easter weekend in quarantine like
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    Thanks guys. Once I finish the sopranos I'll pick up one of these shows (probably mr. robot first). TBH Sorpanos is simply sublime. I can't get over how good it is yet somehow how funny it is too. Its got a curb your enthusiasm quality to some of the humour and delivery whilst still keeping itself serious. Its also very very watchable. I'm already nearing the end of the first season now (last episode) and I only started it yesterday and I am not the bingey type of person. One of the episodes was literally like playing the Witcher 3. the moral dilemmas were driving me crazy.
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    You can skip dexter. Yeeeesh I don't watch TV, but holy Mr Robot is something special I really enjoyed Halt and Catch Fire, but I'm super into the subject material so...
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    Just to update. Trails zero is god damn slow. Like way slower than FC. I just feel like the ENTIRE game is a setup for the second (which I believe is confriemed as trails AO has been described as the best in the series). Idk what im gonna do as I want to play Persona 5. Having a trails backlog of Trails ao/Cold Steel 3/Cold steel 4 is a bit next level. also I skipped half of the moon doors in trails in the sky third so have to go back and do them as some of them look amazing.