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    Hi guys, my name is Austin Kulman and I was the yugioh national champion in 2006. I quit the game years ago, but I've gotten back into it recently and I have started a new video series called King of Games, where I interview the top players in the game in hopes that it will help players of all skill levels improve. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask that might be helpful to other duelists, please let me know. The first 2 interviews were done with Scott Page and Steve Silverman, both of whom recently won the YCS Vegas 3v3. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for questions. Not sure this if this is allowed, but here is a link to the first interview. Mods please message me if this is against the rules. Next interview will be up tomorrow!
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    honestly just grimes
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    You can skip dexter. Yeeeesh I don't watch TV, but holy Mr Robot is something special I really enjoyed Halt and Catch Fire, but I'm super into the subject material so...