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    Mod Announcement Fuckfiend has been warned concerning their posting in a game they aren't playing in. I'll take steps to remove their ability to troll this thread and disrupt this game further if my hand is so forced.
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    There’s a difference between setting up for a mislynch and pushing someone you think is scum but ends up being a mislynch.
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    It’s not that someone “leads a mislynch” it’s “how they do it” and “motivation behind it”
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    1. I agree with Faint that it's a bit odd you'd choose to only focus on Jazz for this (I did it too) and like Faint for pointing it out. I like Macer a little less for it. 2. This is non-alignment indicative and nobody should be reading too much into Macer's alignment based on it. I would actually argue faint trying to dissuade macer from Jazz over this makes faint more likely to be town (scum want to have as many open lynch avenues as possible) unless Jazz is also scum. I would lynch Jazz before Faint. 1. It's fine to think "these players could be bussing/distancing/whatever" but if they haven't done anything scummy as individuals then there are probably other players that have who should be higher priority targets. I agree about reevaluating when someone flips. 2. Faint praised you how? He has some soft defense on you of "why only Jazz" and "he's not toxic if players like Francis aren't playing" which is perfectly fine given what's been posted so far. I have no idea how you feel those posts reek of "perfect info". If you think it's more of a pocket attempt on you I agree it's possible, but I'm not seeing perfect info slips no matter how hard I look. First point is fine, I can respect seeing Jazz as town because he's pushing the game forward which is good from a town perspective, and there has been some gave solving taking place in what was previously a dead thread. I disagree with the second point a bit, if outcomes of lynches/Nks/whatever show your worldview was wrong you should be reevaluating, and I don't know why you'd post this. I don't get the scumread on Faint for this, at that point in the game I also had the mindset of "no one particularly stands out as being a better or worse lynch than anyone else" because nothing was happening and there wasn't much to go off of. Does that make me scum too? With all the hate Faint is getting he's currently the lynch I want to happen the least as scum wouldn't let scum get piled that fast.
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    The moment i read this my scum radar started reading. I would never write this regardless of allignment. But when does town write this? I cant see a reason why. when do I see a scum write this? When he wants to make posts but doesnt want attachments. The fact that i cant see this sentence from a town perspective but can see this from a scum perspective makes this a scummy post. As I keep reading i see jazz voting some dude and as he is reading on he instavotes you. This to me shows that while he was reading the thread he saw the same thing i did, his radar beeped like mine did, and he changed his vote. This is strong town pov or a very good scum play because he understood the fuck up and instantly went in on it, but i strongly lean on town pov. explanation mirrored to what i was thinking this to me is off. reason 1 is not a reason to vote someone other than OMGUS and 2 i completely disagree. It is frowned upon, but not scum favored. To me this is slightly scummy. You saw someone calling you out and fell the need to deflect. This post screams that it was made under head and as town you dont have any heat. It moreso seems like scum feeling nervous and bullying the kid that cant write for shit This is the definition of grasping at straws. And what was jazz's response ? That's why he is town. I also slightly like this post as well because it mirrors my opinion on him. The infamous 'dumb or scum' dillema, which plagues towns and only town are riddled by it because scum dont need to. Again, town POV here tldr; if faint is scum, he got caught. If he is town, he is rightfully called out because he made stupid posts. if jazz is town, he made the right calls. If he is scum, he made the right calls. I wont regret this lynch.
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    The PTSD I still have from that game is unreal. I no idea how my teammates managed to punt so bad; I literally handed them the scum team on a silver platter. I'm still mad about it. I hope the winky face indicates you're not serious.
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    losing weight is easy it just takes a bit of time and discipline . Averaging less than 2000kcal a day so far for the last week which is undercutting my maintenance by about 500kcal.
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      a long time ago giel was the resident faggot of rebelforums and i dont think he ever got over it   he was so cute back then it was great   PHAETON WAS THE RESIDENT FAGGOT BEN COME ON DUDE I THOUGHT WE WERE COOL 
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    Flaming Just like Max's childhood home
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    that being said   do me more!   roast me like max's childhood home
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    Soul- As much as you talk about sex you're probably incredibly average at it
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    Allen - Stephen Hawking with Asbergers without the ALS
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        shut up future tranny.   there's no evidence to back this up
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    i want that szechuan sauce morty
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    100% this I have no idea how no one reads faints original "scum slip" as a comment that literally nothing of substance had been said all game Of course, when you have little to go on, you pounce on what you can get, but that's not an 'omg scum tell' that's kinda horseshit Jazz is trying to hunt scum though so still p town crei egging this shit on is so fucking dodgy crei's "regardless of faints flip" post rubs me the wrong way super badly - no shit someone hunting scum is town leaning even if they're wrong Macer's first post on jazz after voting him is also dodge as fuck - mainly as theres literally no correlation to page 1 OMG IM TOWN posting and alignments and never has been. FOllowing it up with a literal attack on his character at this phase seems like a lot of effort for something that is absolutely not a town result
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    Legit instantaneously trying to distance yourself from a player who praised you isn't bussing? Do explain.
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    guys i had a moment to browse through old dgz threads today and my nostalgia hit me so hard we wasted our lives, but it was a good waste.
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    thats actually kind of cool that were using mafiawiki setups even though i would expect it growing stale over time
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    rei- I always picture you eating a bag of chips
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    texas is all for dog fucking
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    Furries don't yiff with real animals -facepalm-
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    I've never got the strage level of animosity furries recieve - at least the ones who are more into the anthromorphic animals and not into the "fucking a dog" side of the fetish which is really uncommon. I mean there's a lot of fucking weird fetishes out there, I really dont think having a fur suit or liking weird pictures is excessively horrible.