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    That reminds me: BotW2 better be a stable 60 FPS. An argument could be made about BotW1 on Switch being held back due to being a WiiU port/Switch rush job, but for BotW2 in 202X there’s no excuse for anything less. BotW1 not even being a stable 30 on Switch was annoying at random times. It even dipped to around 0-10 frames in Hyrule Castle in some spots.
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    The short story is this was my first anything besides locals and I went 2-4-2 with Salad deck with lettuce on top. Long story will have to wait because I've been feeling under the weather since yesterday evening so expect more soon. I will take the time to shout out @Faith+1 @A Loli @ygo duelist bodan and Hani Jawari for signing my mat among others. With that said I feel awful so I'll b back later. Cont: This was a big deal for me as far as facing my anxiety and even though I didn't make a great showing I'm glad I went. Matches: R1 I faced a rando Zombie deck. Not much to say here. Took the match 2-0. R2 I faced Shunping Xu and his Sky Strikers. I drew bad both games and the matchup sucks. I lost both games. R3 I faced Tdrags and honestly, it's my fault 4 losing made a lot of misplays. I lost the match. R4 I played the mirror and we drew in time. R5-6 Are a bit of a fog now but I lost one of the matches in time and the other from being unfamiliar with the archetype. R7 Drew against a kid in time playing Endymion who was playing pretty damn slow. I probably should have pressed the issue but I didn't want to be a jerk. R8 Nothing to say here it was a win via noshow.
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    The chances of Nintendo upgrading the baseline switch hardware and releasing a game that *isn't* backwards compatible with current Nintendo Switches is literally zero sadly. The Nintendo Switch is here to say and in all likelyhood Nintendo will camp out with this same hardware for another 5 years in order to milk the massive install base for as long as possible. Ergo BOTW 2 will be same as BOTW in all regards
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    there is no haha react big enough
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    It's your loss seeing as CTR is better than both and has online racing and tons of unlockable characters, skins, stickers decals karts and future content in the Grand Prix. They are even adding Crash's GF Tawna from Crash 1. This game is a must buy for anybody who enjoys kart racers in my opinion. I debated getting Team Sonic Racing earlier this month but decided to save my money and I think it was the right decision. The driving mechanics have depth and rewards the player for learning it more than Mario Kart. Like Diddy Kong Racing there is an adventure mode which is lots of fun. I beat it 100% on CTR original.
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    I'm not sure if there are any other trailers but these have been the best two that I've seen. I think the game looks pretty good. It looks like a hack and slash with a mix of commands during limit breaks. I think the Materia showing up in the weapon is a nice looking visual. Overall I'm very excited. I'm curious if Square is going to cut any parts of the game (Cross dressing) or how they will handle death. I'm stoked though. Coming out 2020 so it isn't too far away. EDIT - Apparently they are releasing it in installments. This first piece will be Midgar only. That's less exciting but we will see how they handle it.
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    Jim Simons, creator of arguably the greatest hedge fund in the world, shuns the Wall Street types for their dogmatic thinking and hires PhDs, code breakers, and so on who have no financial experience, in order to improve his fund. Generally, out of the box stuff fails, but the best strategies are out of the box types in all competitive fields. Not that I'm saying mine is the best- but everyone has something they're good and bad at so just go with what works I guess.
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    follow that guide fella also here is a comparison video which i think is quite cool: that was posted a year ago. the difference is probably bigger now. we have custom colour grades (i have my own personal one where I've put the green to vanilla-levels whilst keeping everything else pretty much looking incredibly ridiculous cos i feel the light coloured green grass is kinda iconic to BOTW.. and bright green grass looks cartoonish). this allows us to remove the white fog/white cast which nintendo obviously put on to hide the draw distance, poor texture filtering, poor resolution etc. honestly its breathtaking. i even have motion controls enabled on my PS4 dualshock. its literally a BETTER experience than what I had on my switch. also don't let the visuals and colour grades distract you from: FUCKING 4K AND 60FPS... CLARIFYING 60 FUCKING FPS. its like the switch version is a slide show compared to this shit.
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    when i last looked into day trading more than a decade ago transaction fees for individuals killed it if you couldn't literally be on the floor I assume that's changed?
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    Dang. Quite disappointing tbh. But that's how life goes, ups and downs. That old Worm Linx Snipe Hunter deck wasn't really any good. I just happened to get lucky using it in a grindy metagame where it fared better than normal (still wasn't good, I'll be the first to admit- to rogue stuff mainly it lost), but it was a little after Qli and the pendulum mechanic came out that it really became obsolete. I had some big wins over a few legends in the game but only online so it means nothing and it was never good enough to win major tournaments. I can look at my stock strategies and see how technically, it is similar to the deck building methods I use. Helmet.dek pretty much. The analysis is done beforehand (line drawing) and there is really no decision tree involved. Hard to translate it further to YGO, but yeah. Neither is an easy game. Just a few days ago I know a guy who blew his whole account. Scary stuff. He'd been trading for years too. Just gotta keep reading, learning, applying, readjusting. I just thought it'd be cool to see what kind of strategies the players here could come up with in trading. Other forums are just kinda meh. I don't want to sound like a showoff but I've been doing well and others online consider me to be one of the good ones, so it isn't easy finding someone to discuss technical methods with. People just don't understand. Also, like in YGO, if a strategy gets out, everyone else uses it and then it stops working. My edge/secret in the game is how I calculate the price points- googled it and nothing came up so I have to develop it further by myself from scratch pretty much. It's all good though. It's part of the game.
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    Also, specific to DGz now that I think about it, Warring and Mafia not being things any more really destroyed activity. Basically, almost ironically actually, when Allen wasn’t able to be an admin anymore.
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    Presumably the same thing that's happening to Pojo. Not to mention Yu-Gi-Oh ETC/Exodia.gg and Yu-Gi-Oh Forums are actually just gone no longer hosted. A lot of people say Facebook wounded the Yu-Gi-Oh forum pretty bad and Discord killed it.
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    KnY - Watched it. This must be a manga thing caused I didnt get that hype vibe. Most shounen things won't do it for me. Sazazanmai - GTFO. This was bs. Voice acting was good, but this is nowhere near AotY. It's not even the AoTS. C&T - It wasn't a gas attack. That was probably liquid nitrogen (to keep something cold like a dismembered body part. i am thinking an eye or an ear. (Cybelle = STAN confirmed). Reserving Judgment on FB Kono Oto is doing more of the same stuff as always but the story is advancing and the quality is consistent.
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    FF Tactics The battle system to me feels just so...non tactical.
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    I'm playing on Xbox via Rare Replay. I'm on level 2 and much like level 1, it's just a labyrinth of corridors that all look the same. Add to that no objective markers and I don't know where to go. It also doesn't seem to give button prompts when you go near an actionable item so I could easily wander past the objective. I just got tired of wandering around for 20 minutes. I could follow a guide on YouTube but if I have to do that just to get through the level then what's the point. Also I don't even know why I am investigating dataDyne because they didn't explain clearly enough in the 30 seconds of cutscene I got to see.
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    I feel like its more so that not as many people around here are as into Yugi atm and more importantly that the days of forum websites are dead/dying. Especially in the Yugi scene. Smart phones are the most widely used form of browsing the internet and smart phone browsers don’t play nicely with forums. Or at least are more cumbersome to use on smart phones. That’s a large chunk of the reason things like Discord and FB chat/groups rose in popularity as forms of communicating.
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    it's honestly ridiculous that a 17 year old game with 0 innate online play and 100% community created online has insanely better online than a game created to have online play by arguably the largest and most famous game company on the planet. Ultimate is honestly a good game, not being melee aside, but the lack of good online is what's killing it.
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    It's depressing to be sure. Never be afraid to post something though. I have a feeling all too many people don't bother because they figure what's the point no one else is posting.
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    i can't believe the japanese voice actor of kyon from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya is the same as young joseph joestar from jojo's bizarre adventure
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    It’s a joke. there is nothing to compare. right now the best point of entry into vr is oculus quest or if u are poor and have a PS4 , a psvr sinply for the exclusives
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    In a word, beautiful. If it comes to Switch as is rumored you guys need to get it.
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    I bought a Rift S too (fuck knows why i am just throwing money away on tech) Its a HUGEEEE step up from the Rift CV1 and Vive in screen quality. the black levels are not as good but it really doesn't matter when everything is so much more clear and little to no screen door effect. its tracking is NOT as good as light house or 3 sensor tracking. however for £399, you get: one of the clearest HMDs in the market, 2 controllers which are ergonomically second only to the index controllers but native support wise THE best, built in tracking so you can use this headset with a gaming laptop, the only high end portable VR headset (can move it room to room with minimal issues) and the best VR exclusives in the next 24 months (lone echo2, asgards wrath, defector, stormland as the AAAs) Absolute bargain. its also stolen the PSVR halo strap which I thought was a bad move. I was wrong, its amazing. it also has built in audio which is absolutely shit and terrible and tinny. Luckily has a headphone jack. I'm next eyeing up either the HP Reverb or the Valve Index if it ever gets released. However I'm going to wait on the Index until it has at least 1 or 2 games which take advantage of the hand tracking because I like valve but I do NOT trust them when it comes to releasing games on time and im not spending 1k on a headset when all the best games are on a competitors headset.
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    3d films on this are a blast too. on my rift they were unbearable.
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    Yup. The best games with the most depth are still on PCVR and they have 2D/pancake versions. IMO the VR versions are superior but the amount of VR-specific AAA titles are sparse but Oculus in the next 18 months are releasing 5 amazing ones, Valve are releasing 1 or 2 and although irrelevant to PC users, Sony knock about 2-3 out a year now (FWZH, Astrobot, Blood and truth). They'd be Elite Dangerous, Project Cars, Fallout 4 (altho u need a juicy rig to run it well ; i personally use a 2080/8086k), skyrim VR (with mods basically infinite gameplay but the VR aspect is more immersion based on visuals rather than made for VR title), soon No mans Sky. There is literally no doubt that for me, playing Skyrim in VR is completely different to 2D. Actually seeing a dragon for the first time is like wtf. Similarly in Re7, walking into a dark house with no light... is scary. However the cable DOES kind of hold you back in those games a little. There are work arounds. The Rift S and Index have increased pixels per inch AND they've gone to LCD now which further increases sub pixel count so SDE and pixellation is MUCH improved compared to previous. The Quest has an OLED screen so the pixel count and subpixel layout is not good but the black levels are the best-in-class for a VR headset so far. Overall I'd really say if you are prone to getting immersed, VR is invaluable. Would I rather play Mario Tennis with a controller on my couch or go outside in my garden and literally run and smash a ball against a weird robot opponent? definitely the latter. But which game has better multiplayer and longevity in regards to content? It would sadly be the 2D version. Would I rather watch Frozen in 1080p/4k on my 65'' TV? Or would I rather watch Frozen on my Oculus Quest on a 150 inch cinema screen with PERFECT 3-D reproduction but take a hit on resolution? On my rift, i'd opt for the former but with the quest, I'd honestly go for the latter. The issue about content is there. There ARE VR games, even JUST for the Quest but the problem is the game length in general is not the best. For someone like me who doesn't care about hours spent per dollar but more about enjoyment spent per dollar, VR & the quest offers something no other form of medium can. And I don't mind if I even did complete every VR-Game on the store, it just means I'll read a book, watch some anime, play some 2D games, play on my Switch or whatever.. Value for money, no doubt the Quest as a device is a BARGAIN. But VR as a platform is hella expensive for content you get for what you pay, but the experience is also 10-100x what you'll feel in pancake. I just watched a 3D Film how the disney dragon film thing and as hes flying down, I honestly felt excited and exhilterated like flying down with him. I watched the same scene on my sofa on my TV and looked at my phone out of boredom whilst watching it. Now one of them allows me to use a rumbling subwoofer and the other means I have to strap a piece of plastic to my face. So its definitely pros vs cons. I personally think Superhot alone in a large room space with the Quest is worth the money as its just mindblowing. Its like I've played sooo many shitty FPSs but at last I am the character. I can't wait for VR-Game developers to expand and allow me to hide behind crates against enemies with awesome AIs.
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    Haven't been on here in a while. So sad to see these threads aren't as active as what they used to be :/
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    we are the refuge for 'facebook and discord are blocked at work' <3
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    VXX down over a percent in less than an hour. Yay
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