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    Uhm... are you guys a ''secret division'' of the FuZe Gang... The discord literally puts you together as the same team.
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    0. The Armada rule: Anything I say is good can be bad if overused or used predictably. Anything I say is bad can be good given the right circumstances. The idea is not to create a final text for some matchup that will define the way it is played for the rest of eternity. The idea is to create an index of frames of reference for a variety of common situations in Chaos Control mirrors as they are played in the modern metagame. 1. Shortlist of 2- to 3-card damage output combinations (Changes from Metamorphosis in parentheses): Asura Priest + Shining Angel = 1400 + 1700 = 3100 Shining Angel + Sorcerer = 1400 + 2300 = 3700 (Dark Blade -100, Ryu Senshi -300) Thunder Dragon + Sorcerer = 1600 + 2300 = 3900 (Dark Balter/Fiend Skull +400, Reaper on a Nightmare -800) Sorcerer + Tribe = 1600 + 2300 = 3900 (Dark Blade -100, Ryu Senshi -300) BLS + Tribe = 1600 + 3000 = 4600 (Gatling Dragon -400) Sorcerer + BLS = 2300 + 3000 = 5300 (Dark Blade -100, Ryu Senshi -300) Tribe + Sorcerer + BLS = 2300 + 1600 + 3000 = 6900 (Dark Blade -100, Ryu Senshi -300, Ojama King -2300, Gatling Dragon -400) 2. Jaedong: “To play ZvZ you need a certain kind of confidence. I think I have that confidence.” To play Chaos Control mirrors, you have to strive for this same kind of confidence. You will not see success in this matchup if you are not consistently more determined and more confident than your opponents. 3. One of the most important reasons to play Goats and Metas in your deck is so that you don’t have to be the one to summon the first Sorcerer. If you can choose between summoning either TER or Sorcerer, summon TER first. 4. Hold Sorcerer and BLS for as long as possible until you draw an MST or a Book. Book is the best one because it beats both Snatch and Sorcerer, whereas MST only beats Snatch. Both of these are generally preferable to the Sorc/BLS + Tsuk setup, which opens you up to lone NoCs, uses a normal summon, and gives them a Torrential activation window. 5. When you open with a beatstick (Asura, Tribe, Skilled Magicians, etc), a flip effect (Mimic, Merchant, Dekoichi, Gravekeepers), and a Book of Moon going first for the first time in the match, set the beatstick with the Book. If the situation comes up again, the play depends on how the game unfolded the first time it happened. 6. Know how to use your core LIGHTs (Thunder Dragon, Shining Angel, Skilled White). With Angel and Magician, you can bait a NoC with certain hands and go aggro with others. With Thunder Dragon, you should be trying to hold out for as long as possible for a Charity or a simple gamestate where Thunder Dragon can be an acceptable beater. 7. If you’re playing Thunder Dragon or Airknight Parshath, know how to use the level 5 fusions. You can make Balter to punish important flip effects like Jar or Faith. If they have multiple set monsters and you have reason to believe they have more than 1 important flip effect, you can make Fiend Skull Dragon, which also punches through Sakuretsu. If your opponent wrongly commits to the deckout strategy vs your four Goat Tokens, one way for the Thunder Dragon player to punish this is by making Reaper on a Nightmare with a Tribute Set Thunder Dragon. 8. Every Chaos deck can get mileage out of Metamorphosis on Chaos Sorcerer, and this is one of the reasons to hold Sorcerers for late-game shots in simple gamestates. When they have Goats but no Sakuretsu, Mirror, or Torrential, you can make Ojama King and kill them with Tribe/Asura + another Chaos monster. When they have Book, Saku, Torrential or Mirror but no Goats, or when they have Snatch left but no way to summon BLS or a Sorcerer, you can summon Ryu Senshi, either alone to put them on a clock or with other monsters for a game shot. When they have nothing real in the backrow at all and 3 or less of either LIGHTs or DARKs in grave, you can summon Dark Blade to win the game even if you don’t reduce their LP to 0. 9. If you have Dekoichi and Tsukuyomi, check for NoC, then set up the loop. If you have Dekoichi and Book, you can summon Dekoichi and attack if you’re going second and they have a set monster. If you have all three and they don’t have enough LIGHTs/DARKs/chaos monsters to just straight up kill you, summon the Dekoichi and set the book if they don’t try to Sakuretsu it. Most of this remains true if you replace Dekoichi with Shining Angel. 10. If your opponent gets to a flip effect + Tsukuyomi loop and you can’t answer it, pay attention to their cards in deck and commit minimally behind single backrows for as long as you can. Use the slow pace of play in these situations to your advantage. A direct Tsukuyomi hit every turn with no other source of damage gives you 8 turns to draw an out. 11. NoC the first set in Main Phase 2 if they use a Sakuretsu or Book to protect it from an attack. If you can’t attack with anything, play around Jar if you can and hold the NoC for the second set. If they Duo’d you on turn 1 and your hand lets you go aggro, summon a dude, NoC the first set, and try to kill them as fast as possible. 12. In mirrors where both players have Scapegoat access, always pay attention to relative deck count and who is currently decking out first. It can be correct to hold cards like Pot of Greed or Graceful Charity solely to prevent decking out, and it can be correct to willingly give them Sangan searches, etc. to reverse a late-game deckout scenario. This is especially important when activating your own Scapegoats. Sometimes, you will have to let MST/Dust/Breaker resolve on your set Goat without chaining it because chaining it will cause you to deck out. 13. If your opponent is playing Thunder Dragons and you go first, you should Duo if you have it every time. If they open Thunder Dragon the first time you go second, consider setting Faith with no other spells in grave backed by a Book of Moon or a Ring of Destruction or holding Duo until you can do this safely. This tends to give you the best chances of resolving a double Duo, since Thunder Dragon lists are often forced to set across sets. 14. While everyone may side differently in the matchup, there are a few core sideboard options that are non-negotiable. If one or both players are playing Thunder Dragons, Mind Control is a postboard staple in multiples. If you play Angel or Skilled White but your opponent plays Thunder Dragons, side in one or two Dustshoots, particularly when you go first. In Angel mirrors, both players usually want to have one or both of Spies + Guard or Roulette Barrel postboard. Thunder Dragon players don’t have a lot of good options against Angel players outside of the second copy of Asura Priest. Lastly, Bottomless Trap Hole is a crippling and underplayed option against Skilled White. The best way for them to dodge it is by summoning Skilled White on turn 1 instead of setting it, and doing this takes away from a lot of what makes Skilled White good in the first place. 15. Mirror Force is not the only reason to keep 1 monster in defense and 1 monster in attack positions. Consider how to minimize the impact of TER on your board with battle positions before attacking into backrows, even when your opponent’s Mirror Force/Sakuretsu Armor are gone. 16. If you have more than 3000 LP or so and your opponent has a BLS, and you have a Tsukuyomi but no way to answer it, but you don’t have a Torrential Tribute in grave, you can summon Tsukuyomi, flip their BLS face-down, set a Spell or Trap card, and try to convince them you have Torrential Tribute. But you’re dead to BLS and another monster, you have to set the Tsukuyomi and hope that they attack wrong. To do this, you have to represent Mirror Force, Sakuretsu Armor, or Scapegoat, depending on which of these are already in your graveyard. 17. When you have a Shining Angel or a similar monster and a set backrow, and you set a monster or you summon something like Tribe-Infecting Virus or Skilled Dark Magician, your opponent can freely MST or summon Breaker, because you can’t chain Scapegoat even if you had it. But when you summon Asura Priest or Tsukuyomi next to these monsters, or when you’re looping a flip effect with Tsukuyomi and no other monsters on field, you can safely poke through TER and Scapegoat while representing a Scapegoat of your own. This is particularly useful for getting mileage out of Sakuretsu Armor and Book of Moon. 18. Don’t do that thing where you set Tsukuyomi because you feel awkward just passing the turn without doing anything. In fact, don’t do anything just because you feel awkward passing the turn without doing anything. Don’t do anything solely for the sake of doing it. Everything is a commitment. There can always be consequences. 19. Snatch Steal their D.D. Warrior Lady, banish another one of their monsters should be the absolute bare minimum for a Snatch Steal in this matchup. If Snatch would get you less value than that, you shouldn’t use Snatch there, and if it would get you more value than that, you should consider using it. The most commonly correct use of Snatch Steal is at the end of a line of Chaos trades that you ended up losing, i.e. they summoned Sorcerer, banished your guy, you summoned Sorcerer, banished their Sorcerer, they summoned Sorcerer, banished your Sorcerer, and you didn’t have another Sorcerer. 20. Every fundamental early-game interaction becomes a game of weighted RPS throughout a set. If you set a chainable backrow on turn 1 of game 1 and your opponent summoned Breaker to destroy it, you can sometimes get away with setting a lone Sakuretsu Armor or Mirror Force on turn 1 of game 2. If you set a Skilled Dark Magician on turn 1 of game 1 and your opponent Crossed it out, you can sometimes get away with setting Magician of Faith right away in game 2 without bluffing first. Pay attention to how often your opponent deviates from established patterns and the conditions they do it in. 21. Know how to play with and against Crossout based on how many of each Flip Effect you play. For example, if you play 3 Faith and draw 1, you should Crossout aggressively, possibly even before summoning/setting, so that if you hit a Faith, you can banish 2 from your deck and set the third from your hand. On the other hand, when you don’t have Crossout or they aren’t setting things, you can hold your Faith and set or summon other things until you draw your second Faith. 22. Give up on excessively ambitious sideboard plans like RotA+MSLV2+Blade Knight+Exiled Force or Soul Exchange+Apprentice Magician+Mobius+Thestalos. Doing this makes you look cool, but it dilutes your gameplan and takes away from what makes Chaos Control such a powerful deck to begin with. 23. Information is gathered during the early game and converted during the midgame. Endgames should be matters of execution, since by this point, you should be able to determine most if not all of your opponent’s unknowns from public knowledge alone. In other words, reads have expiry dates, and they do nothing for you if you wait too long to capitalize on them. 24. In Chaos mirrors, you can’t really use Morphing Jar to reset the game after your opponent gets ahead with an early Duo/Greed/both. You have to force a long and grindy midgame. Being down 2 cards to their 4 is pretty bad, but if you stay alive without trading cards for three turns, that becomes 5 cards to their 8, which is much more manageable. The best form of advantage to accumulate in these situations is draw phases. 25. Understand that using Scapegoat in response to an attack or during an endphase is essentially negative card value. The card is almost always better when chained for a few reasons. First, we want our opponent’s commitment to be substantial so that TER is impactful when it hits the board. Second, we want to be able to account for as many things as possible before committing to a TER ourselves. Think about why forcing a Scapegoat activation with Spirit Reaper is good. 26. In a lot of ways, playing a third Sorcerer is like playing a third Faith. There are a lot of ways to “get your opponent got” with the third Sorcerer when they aren’t expecting it. But you also have to take into account what happens when your opponent is expecting it. Additionally, the third Sorcerer will also clog, and you will have to fight through more early games and midgames with a dead Sorcerer(s) in your hand. The former weakness compounded with the latter can put you in a particularly daunting situation. 27. People often make the mistake of thinking of Kycoo as a silver bullet sideboard card for this matchup. I think everybody selectively remembers the one time their Kycoo banished a Sinister Serpent and the opponent’s only LIGHT monster and none of the times where their Kycoo was a crappy extra normal summon that died to Tsukuyomi and Sakuretsu and couldn’t get over Parshath or Skilled Dark. 28. Setting Storm is already one of the most overrated plays in the entire format, but it is especially bad in Chaos mirrors. It is only acceptable if you can be absolutely certain they will not punish it with MST/Dust/Breaker/Mobius/a bunch of other cards. At best, it gets you 1-2 cards more out of a weaker opponent. 29. In the Angel mirror, try to be the person attacking when two Angels crash. In this case, the attacking player gives up less information overall and the defending player will generally have to summon D.D. Warrior Lady as soon as possible; if they do not, the attacking player will know they have a DDWL in hand. This remains true if you replace one or both of the Angels in the scenario with Tomatoes. 30. What did Big P mean when he said, “mobius is hard to deal with... i win a lot using mobius?” Maining or siding a copy of Mobius can change a lot of the dynamics of this matchup. Even if you don’t play Thunder Dragon, you can still Tribute Summon yourself out of a Scapegoat token lock. Your opponent sees Heavy Storm in the grave and assumes it is safe to set Mirror Force + Sakuretsu Armor, Mirror Force + Torrential Tribute, etc. Mobius is kind of like Parshath, except that the things that beat Parshath lose to Mobius and vice versa. 31. If you’re playing Spies and Guards, know when to get Guard with Spy and when to get Spy with Spy. This depends on whether or not you have a Tsukuyomi readily available and whether or not your opponent is setting monsters of their own. If you resolve a Guard effect on a lone set monster and they don’t Torrential your Tsukuyomi+Guard, you’ve probably won the game. 32. You know who don’t get no respect? D.D. Warrior Lady don’t get no respect, no respect at all. D.D. Warrior Lady does so much for you without you noticing it. It’s hard to be aware of things like “the number of times your opponent had a dead Tsukuyomi while you beat them down with DDWL.” This is only really relevant to Thunder Dragon and Skilled White Magician players, as Shining Angel players don’t really have a choice in the matter. 33. Remember that some Chaos Control lists, particularly ones with Thunder Dragon, play Metamorphosis without any Scapegoats. This can punish players who see Metamorphosis and expect Scapegoat. If you’re thinking about playing Metamorphosis without Scapegoat, review §8 for some brief guidelines on using Chaos Sorcerer with Metamorphosis. 34. Skilled White Magician is the best core LIGHT in a metagame composed entirely of Chaos Control players playing optimally. Skilled Chaos has by far the best side deck options against Thunder Dragon Chaos. When both players are playing at a high enough level, Skilled White Magician begins to outclass Shining Angel in the head-to-head, since Shining Angel essentially becomes a vanilla with bad stats. 35. Stop using Book of Moon and Scapegoats to block trivial amounts of damage in the early game. Both of these cards are at their best when chained to commitments from the opponent. Milk these cards for as much value as possible. If you have Book of Moon but no Chaos Sorcerer yet and their Breaker is gone, it is often correct to just leave your Book in your hand while you set literally anything else. Setting these cards is a commitment that can be exploited under the right conditions. 36. Despite its shortcomings, Morphing Jar is not likely to disappear from Chaos Control matches in any of our lifetimes. If you start with an early lead, you should always be able to hedge against the possibility of Morphing Jar. If a Jar has ever resolved against you for a significant swing in advantage towards your opponent, you probably did something wrong. 37. Know when to leave Goat tokens up and when to chip away at them outside of the classic deckout scenarios. Sometimes you will have to leave them with all four tokens to prevent certain kill combos on their turn, and sometimes you will want to leave them with their tokens to set up for a big Tribe-Infecting Virus, Torrential Tribute, Needle Ceiling, etc. 38. When you have your opponent dead to a Ring of Destruction but you aren’t sure when to fire it off because they still have Book of Moon, wait until they use Snatch Steal, Chaos Sorcerer, etc. and chain Ring of Destruction targeting their target. This puts you in the best position in the case that they do have Book of Moon. 39. Don’t set yourself up for crappy hands like 2 Tsukuyomi 1 Asura Priest. Often, you should be attacking with Asura Priest or Tsukuyomi with the intent of forcing a Sakuretsu Armor or similar answer. The same goes with setting Tsukuyomi (or even Asura) with the intent of trading with a Nobleman of Crossout. 40. Before attacking a Shining Angel, ask yourself one question: do I get absolutely fucked if they search for Magician of Faith here? If the answer is yes, then don’t attack the Angel. Having a Chaos Sorcerer to try to banish the Faith in MP2 usually doesn’t count as an answer because of how badly you get screwed if they have Book of Moon. 41. Snatching their Flip Effect monster and summoning your Tsukuyomi becomes viable when one of two things is true: they have no backrow, or their Torrential Tribute is in their graveyard. If you don’t get a good chance to do this, but your hand isn’t so terrible that you need to go for it, you should probably be holding your Snatch for late-game Chaos monsters. 42. If you’re going first in game 1 and you can’t figure out whether or not to set Dark Mimic or Dekoichi first, look at the rest of your hand. If you have Tsukuyomi but no Crossout or Metamorphosis, you should set Dekoichi first. If you have a way to beat their own set monsters, you should probably be setting Mimic first, especially if you need your Metamorphosis to be online on turn 2. 43. Contrary to §4, it can often be correct to summon Chaos Sorcerer early to deny your opponent a LIGHT monster in their graveyard. The best time to do this is when you have Book of Moon and they have already used Graceful Charity. TER can be used similarly, except you’d rather set a Sakuretsu Armor with it than a Book of Moon. If you catch them with weak or no backrow in the midgame, you can summon Chaos Sorcerer to banish one of their LIGHTs, then Metamorphosis into Dark Blade to banish the remaining LIGHTs in their grave. 44. Alekhine: "During a chess competition a chessmaster should be a combination of a beast of prey and a monk." This matchup forces players to think beyond the traditional relative roles of aggression and conservation. In a sense, stuff like “who’s the beatdown” is always relevant. However, in Chaos mirrors, the line between the two is often blurred and the terms often fail to describe important aspects of game situations. 45. One of the reasons why Morphing Jar should not be played at a high level in this matchup is that good players naturally play around it. This alone may not sound like sufficient reason to cut a card, since we still play cards like Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force even though they scale poorly with the opponent’s skill level. However, in this matchup, Morphing Jar scales poorly with both players’ skill levels. 46. Out of the matchups between top decks, this one emphasizes virtual card advantage the most. Understand what exactly is happening when you keep their Chaos monsters from becoming live by managing their graveyard. 47. A threat is always more important than its execution. Mirror Force doesn’t just destroy all your opponent’s Attack Position monsters; it also tells your opponent that you won’t activate Mirror Force for the rest of the game (barring Mask of Darkness lol). 48. Summoning BLS early is a lot like a nut check in the sense that it keeps your opponent honest. You can get away with this when your opponent staggers on a set monster in the early game and you have a Book of Moon. A lot of the time, their answer will include Nobleman of Crossout, which makes it easier for you to resolve Faiths and Dekoichis afterwards. The same applies to a lesser extent with Chaos Sorcerer. 49. Playing Chaos Control mirrors is like playing Chaos Control against Chaos Turbo, except both players have lategames. Thunder Dragon lists that play three Scapegoat tend to have even more of a lategame. 50. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Commit without really committing, and make it look like you’re committing when you’re not. The core flow of the Chaos mirror is a lot like a game of chicken, except with NASCAR cars, both players are hammered drunk, and Michael Bay is directing the crash sequences. You have to learn to be one with the fear, like when Ricky Bobby was driving around with the cougar in his car. 51. Cyber Jar, Serial Spell, and Card Destruction can be used as an alternate win condition in passive control mirrors. A lot of the time, you can leave your opponent with 10-12 cards in hand after a Cyber Jar and then randomly steal the game with Card Destruction + Serial Spell. This is particularly effective when you are playing Thunder Dragon. 52. The “Warrior engine” is an archaic sideboard plan that is often overrated by Chaos players. They look at Blade Knight’s attribute and think, “oh, this is sick, I’m going to RotA for a LIGHT.” The problem is that none of the standard sideboard Warriors are the best card at doing what they do. Mystic Swordsman LV2 and Exiled Force are usually just worse Mind Controls. Blade Knight conflicts with Scapegoat and matches up poorly against Tsukuyomi and other beaters in the format. The most underrated Warrior in this matchup is Zombyra the Dark, but he doesn’t really merit playing RotA on his own. 53. Summoning Sangan is more of a commitment here than in other matchups, particularly when your opponent has a good graveyard. If you aren’t getting 1000 damage or a card out of them for summoning it, you probably want to set Sangan instead. 54. Sklansky’s fundamental poker theorem: “Every time you play a hand differently from the way you would have played it if you could see all your opponents' cards, they gain; and every time you play your hand the same way you would have played it if you could see all their cards, they lose. Conversely, every time opponents play their hands differently from the way they would have if they could see all your cards, you gain; and every time they play their hands the same way they would have played if they could see all your cards, you lose.” In YGO, the advantage gained from information is not always immediate or automatic. You have to work to convert the information, by painting a picture in the opponent’s mind that makes them feel like they need to extend when they actually shouldn’t. 55. The problem with GK Spy-based setups is that you can’t threaten to chain Scapegoat to their Heavy Storm. This means that your Spies are best after your opponent has already committed, either with monsters, backrows, or both. On the other hand, GK Guard alone can be good in either situation. If your opponent has both Spies and Guards in their Chaos Control deck, you can bring in Mind Control with sided Guards to have a solid answer to most of their defensive pressure outlets. 56. If you’re going to play Kycoo, you have to make him count every time. In Chaos mirrors, Kycoo works a lot like a watered-down Parshath. It’s difficult to set up direct Kycoo hits, but it can be very rewarding to do so in spite of this. 57. Spirit Reaper is an interesting card because it reverses the traditional dynamics of turn 1 Breaker. If you’re trying to be slick against Breaker by setting Scapegoat or Book of Moon on your first turn and passing, they can punish you with Reaper, but if you set an out to Reaper, it will usually lose to Breaker. The exception is Ring of Destruction, which is probably one of the safest cards to set on turn 1 in general. 58. Pay close attention not only to how many copies of Scapegoat your opponent can play, but how many copies of Scapegoat your opponent thinks you play. This information is most relevant during the last turns of the game. If you play three Scapegoat and you use the third in game 1 of your match, you can often side that copy out and coast on the threat of a third Goat for the rest of the match. 59. If you think your opponent has set Morphing Jar, decide whether or not you want to let its effect resolve. If you don’t have any Chaos monsters left, you might be able to play around it by setting your hand and attacking, then draw into a bunch of gas. But if you already have a BLS or Sorcerer and not so many Spells or Traps, you might not want to let the Jar resolve at all. 60. Tarrasch: “Before the endgame, the gods have placed the middlegame.” In a Chaos mirror, once you have begun to make commitments based on prior information and not just statistics, you have usually entered the midgame. This is where graveyard management matters the most for both players, since in more than half of your games, this will be the phase in which the first Chaos monster is summoned. With all other things held constant, it is probably optimal for the player with more information/less misinformation to do this. 61. Night Assailant is an interesting card that changes a lot of the turn 1 dynamics of matchups involving Thunder Dragon. When the Thunder Dragon player is going first, they can use Night Assailant with Tsukuyomi to punish summons and sets. But when the Thunder Dragon player is going second, Night Assailant provides extra insurance against Delinquent Duo, which the opponent has almost no incentive to hold going first. 62. Barring Dustshoot, which should only come up if at least one player is playing Thunder Dragons, intentionally “forgetting” Sinister Serpent comes up when the following is true: it is beneficial to you for your opponent to believe that the odds that your set monster is Sinister Serpent are relatively low. To understand whether or not this is the case in a given situation, you have to look at what monsters you actually have left (most importantly, which one you’re going to set) and what monsters your opponent knows/thinks you have left. 63. Creature Swap is a sideboard option Angel Chaos can use against Thunder Dragon Chaos in place of Mind Control. It is likely inferior to Mind Control, but it creates a number of interesting lines of play that are worth discussing here. If the Angel player has an Asura Priest or Tribe-Infecting Virus and the Thunder Dragon player only has one monster, they can force a Scapegoat activation with Creature Swap, then clear the Goat tokens and potentially a Swapped Angel with Asura/Tribe. However, if the Angel player doesn’t have Asura/Tribe or a Normal Summon, it’s risky for them to use Creature Swap, since Thunder Dragon Chaos can play up to three Scapegoats and a chained Goat is often a blowout here. Note that every single card on the Thunder Dragon player’s field is relevant here. 64. Within 5 years, this matchup could evolve to a point where three Solemn Judgment are considered staple (at least postboard) and deviation from this is seen as “aggressive.” This is the exact opposite of what is the case right now. 65. When Magical Merchant mills one of your Chaos monsters, you are losing position, not just threat density. The threat of one less Chaos monster can enable aggression from your opponent that would not have otherwise been a viable option for them. This effect is most noticeable when the milled monster is BLS. 66. If your opponent has already chained Scapegoat to something like Breaker the Magical Warrior, Mystical Space Typhoon, or Dust Tornado, you can still create a game shot without Asura/Tribe by Snatching a Goat token, turning it to attack position, and using Heavy Storm. This is like using Enemy Controller on a Goat token to attack for game, except you don’t have to be playing a terrible card. 67. Treat D.D. Warrior Lady like a mini-Sorcerer in order to stop her from getting eaten up by real Sorcerers and TERs. Be careful about committing a second monster alongside DDWL and try to use her when you have at least one Book of Moon. 68. Chaos Sorcerer is the best answer to itself. This means that you gain whenever your opponent has to use Chaos Sorcerer as an answer to something that isnt a BLS/Sorcerer. 69. Understand when you want to have backrow and when you don’t want to in a general sense. With cards like MST or Dust Tornado, you might often feel safe setting them on your first turn going first, “because they’re chainable,” but they really don’t count as chainables until your opponent has set something as well, which they aren’t likely to do before destroying your backrow with Breaker/Heavy Storm on their own first turn. On the other hand, if it’s extremely late in the game and the only Trap you haven’t used is Mirror Force, you might have to set something -- literally anything at all -- simply to give your opponent the impression that you could have Mirror Force. 70. Keynes: “In the long run, we are all dead.” Raw statistics are not enough to inform every single decision alone. Every game you play will take place under certain conditions at a certain time in a certain place against a particular opponent and all of these will never be exactly the same for any two games. In some cases, the same game 1 turn 1 play could be correct against one opponent and terrible against another opponent with the same decklist and opening hand as the first. 71. I think as time goes on, people will end up replacing their Skilled Dark Magicians in this matchup with Fusilier Dragons. Fusilier Dragon works a lot like SDM in that it trades well with Crossout and Sakuretsu, but unlike SDM, it works as a pinch combo piece with Tsukuyomi and a powerful niche Metamorphosis target. If your opponent’s Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute are gone and you can block a BLS attack, a King Dragun can often win the game on its own. If you need to push for game through a Scapegoat but you don’t have Asura/Tribe, you can Meta for Last Warrior as well, which kind of works like an Ojama King that can attack. 72. Unlike the other two builds, Thunder Dragon Chaos should side in this matchup primarily against the opponent’s sideboard as opposed to their mainboard. Spell Shield Type-8 is an answer to Mind Control that also enables aggression with Chaos Sorcerer since it negates Snatch Steal as well. Soul Exchange can be used as a pseudo-Crossout that doubles as an answer to Kycoo and similar cards. Royal Decree is especially nasty if your opponent sides in multiple Trap Dustshoot. 73. Asura + Big Bang Shot as an alternate win condition originally fell out of vogue on DGz because people stopped chaining Scapegoat to Heavy/Trunade when they didn’t need to. The emergence of Chaos Control forced everyone to re-learn this skill when Detox started decking out people like Francis who weren’t playing any tribute monsters. If you find yourself losing to either of these, you don’t need any particular sideboard card, you just need to play better. 74. Draw for your turn. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and clear your mind of everything other than that breath. Then do it again. Open your eyes and look at the board, then your hand. Now figure out the best play. 75. Kris Perovic: “If both players are using the same deck and both players play it perfectly, well, the only way someone can win is because someone has to.” It’s not a “random” matchup just because you feel like you played as well as your opponent but still lost.
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    somehow you're more active in sign up threads than you are in the real games hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    i revived your mafia section and now i'm going to let it die. i hope it dies and never comes back. i can't believe all of you have wasted so many countless hours of my life. weeks upon weeks of wasted thinking when i could've been doing literally anything productive. the fateful day the antagonist convinced me to play with you all even though i really didn't want to was one of the biggest time wasters ive ever had in my whole life. everyone here has always treated me like shit. whenever i start to enjoy this game or do any good it just turns out really shitty for me. i'm done. i've accomplished enough in this game. literally nothing good ever comes out of this. everyone bitches about posi vibes or not being good enough or the rules in some fucking way or anything else. i can take that sure, but it is just garbage rolling town 100 times and scum 6 times. seriously this game has gotten so fucking boring and you all have seen me not try in well over half of my games and you know i don't enjoy this very much, but i put up with it anyway. the meta is stagnant. none of the good players play. all of the bad players do the same things. no one reads no one learns. no one new joins. it's just fucking boring. it takes so much for me to want to play this and actually when i do, i do incredible, but for the past couple times i've really tried to have a good time it's just been disappointing and sad. wwe mafia for example. i hate when i try and put a lot of effort into things and i do do good but the world just ends up fucking me anyways. i'm gone now. i can read scum and i can play scum. i don't need anything else from this stupid fucking game. please never mention the word mafia to me ever again or i'll have a literal heart attack. it's for my own safety. it is mental trauma for me. i'm honestly damaged from your stupid fucking game.
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    LOL the funny thing is its not even the guys that get excited when another girl comes here. its the few other girls that do. join the discord forums are dead. also you can talk and guys can tell your a girl... (we have had a lot of catfish posters... saying they were a girl, and being guys. i believe the most epic was lily, who was preop trans and growing boobs and showed them off. she is a she now and is one of the most epic persons on this board. bow to her and lick her toes) =] tips for surviving here as a girl. either post your boobs or dont. people will ask its kinda a thing from the catfishs. if you do don't be apologetic about it when various people try to slut shame you like what happened to robyn (who is awesome but i hated it when she let some guys do that like fuck off dudes its her body you should shut your trap and count yourself blessed to see her awesome boobies. k?) and if they say tits or gtfo well sorry i dont really know how to properly fence that yet... i either ignore or direct them to google porn. they will calm down when confirmed you are girl. usually best way to do that is post pic with salute to dgz. Welcome to DGZ. have fun? hope you stick around and all this hasn't scared you. or that you are 12. that would be awkward. we need girls please stay =[ on the getting into the game advice, read articles on decks to learn how to play them. when learning a new deck play with people using the same deck, watch what they do, pick up plays. repeat. a LOT. Then play a lot more vs all sorts of other decks and pick it up yourself. Sidedecks are your friend but dont disrupt your deckflow to disrupt your opponents. you can do both. never rage quit. losing sucks but has lessons to make you better. learn them and its not a loss. this game is largely luck but you don't just lose because of luck, if your a good player you wont rely on it (but this is ygo and it does ALWAYS help) starter decks suck. if your looking to learn look at deckprofile articles and build a suggested decklist from there, will also tell you how to play it.
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    If you just want to play: Bundled App This was bundled specifically for windows. You may run into a number of issues. If you want to develop or mod: Source Code This is an open source project. Written in Python 3 (3.6.4 to be exact) using the Kivy Natural User Interface Framework. It comes with a Database Editor inbuilt so you can add cards (via pre-defined excel data) easily enough. It is 100% manual, so cheating is very possible. Uses Listen/Connect via IP to join another persons game. Deck Editor: If a card is in your main, side or extra, click it to remove it. If a card is in your search results: left click it to add to your main deck (or extra deck if it is an extra deck monster) right click it to add to your side deck PLAYMAT: When you connect, your deck will be built from your last loaded deck and shuffled once. left click on deck (bottom right zone) to draw right click on your deck to view contents (You can view your banish, extra, graveyard or opponent's banished, graveyard with either button) Use the shuffle button when applicable after searching your deck Don't add symbols to your life modifier, use the buttons instead 'Play' will always play a card face-up, 'set' will always play it face-down. If it is a Monster, it will always be rotated, if you want face-up defense, play the card first, then change mode. Reset Game will: - Clear *most* of your field (should be all but minor bug, clean the rest up yourself) - Reload your deck Note: You can change which deck is loaded by going to your deck editor before resetting, if you do this to, you should reset beforehand, clean up any left over, load deck, then reset again Note: Your sides will be restored, so make sure to rectify that if you sided previously Database Editor: There are (or should be) some examples of legacy excel sheets you should use if you want to update the card database. Add images to the database images folder, advised to be jpg for consistency sake for the time being. Make sure to use the database\images + card_image_name + .jpg standard now. To add cards, place the excel data in the database folder, then write 'excel_data_name.csv' into the Editor's Text Box before hitting add from csv. Settings: Not yet implemented Known Issues: view side deck opens extra deck clicking on extra deck opens side deck game doesn't reset completely the banished zone sometimes doesn't reset the top card image even if no cards are in it (gy probably does this too) Player Hand has a hard limit of 10 for the time being, be careful when drawing! Update Ideas: More gestures, less buttons for actions (e.g a swipe to move from atk -> def/def -> atk) Double tap on cards in deck editor to add, so you can view them with a single tap. Incorporate Yugioh Wikia API into App so it can update straight from a Yugioh Wikia Set Page. basic animations/sounds/better graphic details in general Bug Spray.
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    At least he's not in Africa lol
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    Since punkapunkin made a forum multi, I'd like to change my nomination to him being the mostly likely to be banned since that's what the punishment table says will happen now.
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    B A Z O O B O Y S - Digbick/ digbic - Kyou/ Aegisoul - Matt Kolenda/ MattK - Oh_The_Irony/ Naveen - Satchmo/ Satchmo - TheMadgician/ TheMadgician - Wrinklywinkie/ arvin Record: 0-0
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    Best Staff Member: rei, he literally bought the site lol Best Duelist: Jazz Best New Member: ZeroPassion Best Post: Jazz waterfall post - Worst Staff Member: mark Worst Duelist: Jazz Worst Poster: rip kid no cry person Worst Sig: Worst Thread: Mafia God - confuse rei Best Meme - Winter is coming Best Thing to Happen: mark getting caught Angriest Poster: markus Biggest Shitposter: Me. Stupidest Fucking Idiot: anyone still at DGz (myself included) Where is Big P? Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF): rei
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    Best Staff Member: Satchmo Best Duelist: You all suck at YGO Best New Member: Warbot Best Poster: JC Best Post: Best Thread: Worst Staff Member: Markus, gotta feed the feud Worst Duelist: JC again Worst Poster: ShamanReborn Worst Sig: Pick any, having sigs enabled lol Worst Thread: Mafia God: Malcolm Best Meme: Winter Wunderland Best Thing to Happen: Detox getting the first season of warring ended early and the ensuing drama Angriest Poster: Markus Biggest Shitposter: digbic Stupidest Fucking Idiot: U.B. (don't know his DGZ username, the guy who occasionally pops up in #politics) Where is Big P? Duelist You'd Like to Fuck: (DUELF) Faint
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    This post is contradictory. If you didn't care about winning, you wouldn't care that your personal favorite deck theme can't compete in the current meta. You'd just play casual games against friends and agree not to play the tier 0 deck. You wouldn't go to tournaments or play competitive games with any real stakes at all. You're allowed to play whatever you want, the problem arises when you show up to a tournament and whine about being unable to compete when you purportedly don't even care about competing. And you never defined "fun". You could define fun as "a format where being good at deck building is rewarded", or "a format where making the right metagame calls is rewarded" or "a format where in game decision making is rewarded". If you weighted it heavily to the third factor, a tier 0 format could be considered incredibly fun provided the mirror match was of high quality. You are a scrub by the definition of being somebody who complains about being unable to compete yet isn't even trying to compete. You're trying to fit the game to your personal preferences instead of discarding your personal preferences and treating the game like a puzzle to solve.
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    i suck royal dick at this game but is that what you think a good pendulum build looks like
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    best post 216 but it missed last year's nominations.
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    As an artist, tech enthusiast and someone who currently owns and works with a surface pro: If you don’t draw/use certain creative programs often, you’re paying a lot of money for a mid-range spec’d Windows machine. The built in wacom digitizer is literally the only thing that makes the Surface an option imo.
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    Let's say I want to win by using the best cards and combos of the format so I can win prizes, top events, and get some sick bragging rights and recognition. If it's what I want to use and what I want to win with, why am I not allowed to do that? Let's also say that I am a huge Yugioh GX fan and want to be like Jaden. If "Jaden-E-Hero.dek" is what I want to use and what I want to win with, why am I not allowed to do that? All of it DOES begin with YOU and what you want to do with the game, but that doesn't mean people should be forced to limit themselves. Competition, in the end, results in a winner and a loser and you shouldn't berate people for trying to have an edge over your deck. If you're playing the game for fun. you shouldn't berate people for choosing decks based on what their favorite character uses. It is actually very sportsmanlike to tell people, "Hey, your deck would work a lot better if you play this card!". WITHHOLDING that information so the player stays "bad" is not sportsmanlike. In the duels we had I pointed out that you were using Dark Hole when Raigeki is clearly a better option for your deck. "Everyone should compete in their own way" is just another way to say "do what lets you have fun in the game". If your definition of fun is an actual competitive game where your wits and strategies are tested every turn, you should be allowed to do that. If your definition is playing with your favorite cards, you should be allowed to do that, but don't complain that people are playing decks that shit all over yours because OF COURSE they are going to, that's what makes them at the top. Arguing that the game should be so bland where you can put any random assortment of cards together and have it be just as competitive as one that has hours and hours of thought and careful decision making put into it it ceases to become a competitive game.
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    A Punka by any other name is still a Punka
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    i mean theres like 3-4 nomination posts in here that are obvious multis / "PLEASE JOIN DIS SITE AND VOTE 4 ME" accounts
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    what makes tier 0 mirrors not fun? i think if you're trying to compete in a tier 0 format with a tier 2 deck you're just a fucking idiot and it's you're actively avoiding the most fun option available to you (the tier 0 mirror) so the blame is all on you for being a scrub
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    ^cant tell if thats a serious nom for worst staff LOL
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    Hello everyone! We are currently taking applications for Ancient Moderator status! If you are interested, please PM me your answers to the following questionnaire (do not post your answers in this thread). Realize that there are not really any wrong answers here. I'm more likely to hire someone that's being honest about their abilities than someone who's going overboard by trying to make themselves seem like the greatest thing ever. I will respond to your PM to let you know whether or not I am considering you for the position within a week of receiving it. This isn't a competition, and there is no limit on the number of people that I will consider hiring. If I believe that you're someone that we need on the team, you're in. Staff Application Questionaire 1. On what date did you join DuelistGroundz.com? As of now, what is your post count? (If less than 1 year/500 posts, explain why we should hire you despite your lack of history.) 2. Have you previously been on staff? If so, what happened? 3. Why do you want to become a mod? 4. Which forums/subforums do you most frequently post in? Be specific (don't just say "yugioh"). In any of these forums, do you find yourself taking a leadership role in terms of guiding or organizing discussions? If so, explain. 5. Which of the following describes your current relationship with Yugioh (choose one): a) I've never played b) I used to play, but I quit and never intend to play again c) I have quit, but I intend to start playing again d) I play on some level, but the time that I have to dedicate to the game is more limited compared to most people e) I actively try to play as much as I can f) Other (explain in your own words) 6. To what extent do you have the ability to bring new active members to DuelistGroundz? Explain. Also, don't PM me any troll applications. No, "Haha my name is Donald Trump and I'm going to make duelistgroundz great again by building a wall around pojo." I'm going to have a lot of PMs to read, and if you do this, you are wasting my time, and I will probably suspend you.
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    the category "Duelist I'd Like to Fuck" is abbreviated poorly. The letters of "DUELF" do not actually match up. This category should be abbreviated as "DILF."
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    Best Staff Member Paraliel Best Duelist Hyperbeam Best New Member Inkweaver Best Post 'TGA in long-term decline, backs out of DGZ ownership' Best Poster Faint Best Sig Best Thread TGA in long term decline, backs out of DGZ ownership Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team Metalshop for Metalworker Worst Staff Member Worst Duelist Jay Worst Poster ニック Worst Sig Worst Thread Post an insane lie about the persxon above you Mafia God Faint Best Meme Best Thing to Happen RiWork consulting takes over duelistgroundz Angriest Poster Jazz Biggest Shitposter markus Stupidest Fucking Idiot ニック Where is Big P? Right here bby Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) Melisandre And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned ; )
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    Ahhhh.... the 75 laws of power...
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    This weekend I attended YCS Bochum with Tristan (along with 2 other friends) who I made friends with at YCS London a few years back. I wanted to do a report so they suggested I should do it on DGZ so here it is I was planning to play magician ftk but playing it the night before I wasnt really enjoying it so I decided to play my Ninja deck instead (Getsuga/Isolde Turbo) Sadly I didnt have all the cards I needed but it was fine as I had all the main important cards and I have been practicing it for a while and I felt really confident playing it This was the deck: Round 1 0-0 Game 1 I look at my hand an Im super happy that I can do stuff. I do my ninja combo and end on rhongomyniad. He top decks grass and mills two snow and I just lose because I cant otk next turn Game 2 He opens left arm and I dont side ash because Im poor so I lose. I dont remember what I did but I think I made dweller and he black rosed so he won next turn Round 2 0-1 I sat down and my opponent wasnt showing up and it turned out that he actually didnt come so I got a free win after 10 minutes. Boring but I cant complain about a free win Round 3 1-1 Sadly I lose the dice roll and he Summons Rescue Rabbit. I dont main deck hand traps atm so I had to let it through and he summoned.. Sabersaurus! I was really surprised to see dino rabbit but he made the detach 2 one and set 2 and passed. So I opened nuts this game, Soul Charge, top deck Reborn, Thrasher and Hanzo. I think he striked Isolde then I baited with Soul Charge and then reborned Isolde got UGN into Hanzo into Skulldread Getsuga and then won Game 2 I side 3 veiler and opened one so I won when he summoned Rabbit. I opened 2 warriors and he only had Goats set which I tornado dragoned and attacked and won next turn. Round 4 2-1 Pretty sure I won the dice roll so I went first but I dont completely remember what happened. I think I summon hanzo and he ashed it so I set 2 and passed? He shaddol fusioned so I Judgemented and summoned Ovi which I striked (i think it was 2 strikes actually) and then I somehow won lol Game 2 I made 4 mat Rhongo and won because dino dolls literally cant do anything into that. He tried to Kaiju it and was surprised when I said he cant summon so he tried to Kaiju my dread lool Round 5 3-1 Trickstar Round 6 3-2 Trickstar Honestly I dont even wanna talk about trickstars. I got droll reincarnationed 3 times. I should have played it safer and sat on blade armor and not added cards to my hand. Both of them were 2-1 games. I just need to practice my trickstar matchup a bit more. Sometimes its super easy but sometimes its really hard Round 7 3-3 I was really sad at this point because I played my trickstar matches sooo bad but I played against dino dolls again and won by summoning Rhongo twice as I won the roll and game 2 I went first too Round 8 4-3 This was my first pen magician game. I dont remember it too well but I do remember that I was going first and I opened something like empowerment, strike, ninj art, agent and dragodies. I used empowerment and discarded dragodies and as soon as I did i realised I messed up so hard cos if he has ash/ogre I end turn and he had it haha. Definately should have discarded ninjart dunno why I didnt Next game he made vortex with backrow and I think it was the first time in the whole tourny I drew 2 equips so I couldnt do much and scooped Ended 4-4 So thoughts on the deck My first thought is to put photon thrasher to 2 because I drew it way too much Secondly Im definately going to keep the empowered engine because it was really good. It either baits ash or ogre, and If its not dealt with I can constantly use it with divine sword. Also when I get my bamboo swords I can discard cursed to get even more draws Spyral engine was also really good I called it right most of the time and its amazing going second and also sometimes bad people handtrap it The event was really fun and im definately going to take the improved build to nats!
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    https://prnt.sc/ijo8ng context: i did this earlier too, i ended up with enough LP that when i summoned Ra, it took me down to 100, then boosted itself up to 65535, not a point higher. later (this screenshot) i had over 80000 lifepoints, i lost enough to take him up to 65535, then lost more to bring me down to 100, and he didnt gain any more atk points. so there's a hard cap coded in for ATK, never knew. (if you are wondering how i did it, massivemorph, temple of the minds eye and kisetai, about the only consistnt farm deck i could find for crowler, even then it can brick though Restart helps that)
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    I think Marvel has reached a level where they just can't make a bad movie. That comes with a price though because they're not taking risks and so the odds of them making something truly memorable are thin.
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    hello everyone if youre a lurker or even a regular user in the duel links section please fill out this short survey thank you for your time
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    Legedary old guard match I cant wait to see its effect on my MMR
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    physical easily. digital have ZERO resale value. I only buy digital if the priceis low aka steam nintendos digital pricing stucture is also shit.
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    A lot of people have been asking me about team-based postseason play, and I'm happy to finally be able to give them something with this announcement. At the same time as Winter playoffs, we will be running a teams-only invitational tournament for both formats. All teams are able to qualify, even the ones that weren't signed up for the regular season! If your team finished at the top of its regular season, you're already in for that format -- you don't need to do anything else from now until March 24. The top 3 remaining teams with nonzero points on these leaderboards for each format on 3/24 at 11:59 PM CST will be invited to play in the Winter Classic, a single-elimination teams tournament played in a similar format to the 3v3 round robin. Here's how it works: every team starts with a base point rating based on their performance in the regular season Round Robin. Your team's base point value is the number of regular season wars your team won in the round robin multiplied by 3. Exhibition war wins are worth 1 point each, and there is no penalty for losing them, meaning it's in your best interest to play as many wars as possible! First-round pairings for the Winter Classic are chosen by the top seed in each format and every team will lock in a 5-person ABCDE roster on the first day of the tournament. The winning team will receive a special prize TBA. I'll also give you dono or whatever.
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    It's a fairly straightforward setup: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Star-Crossed 8-player Open Setup game where the Mafia Goons know each other but have no factional communication Other Mechanics: Daystart The Goons declare the Mafia kill target individually; the kill only goes through if all living Goons declare the same target. If a Goon dies, the next Night is skipped. Setup: 2 Mafia Goons 6 Vanilla Townies 48/24 day and night phases 4 post quota 1 vote quota Tied votes are decided by rng Players: 1. Soph 2. Walia 3. rip Jazz 4. Faint 5. Silver 6. 7. 8. Subs: 1.
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    Best Staff Member: MMF Best Duelist: Me. Best New Member: Inky Best Post: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/172227-i-will-sing-for-you/&do=findComment&comment=4143409 Best Poster: WarBot Best Thread: "Sage said he was gay then he disappeared" Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team: WfM Worst Staff Member: Markus? Worst Duelist: BuildTheWalia Worst Poster: Japnick Mafia God: Malcolm Best Thing to Happen: WarBot Angriest Poster: Japnick Biggest Shitposter: Stayfrosty Stupidest Fucking Idiot: Punkapunken Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF): Inky Most Likely To Be Banned: Punkapunken
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    Only playing devil's advocate here but I'm not entirely sure where this thought process even arose or how it came about. Every single action taken by any human ever is based somehow out of greed. Your attributing "being an asshole" to being "morally wrong" frankly just has no place in this thread, for the sole reason that if everybody here were as feeble minded as you, there wouldn't be much progress made. Progress is the overall goal.   Is that what you're teaching your kindergarten class right now? America is so fucked.
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