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    frogman is the shadow the hedgehog of goat format
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    Hang Wire They're going higher Wind is whistling on the barbs Your head's a hammer That man is a liar The day is like a warm night Salt rusts the cold line Every morning and every day I'll bossanova with ya If there were a fire Can we scratch beneath this Roster: Haruki - Discord: @Kyousuke#7939 Urthor - Discord: @Urthor#5265 Sykotic - Discord: @Primary#0241 gone - Discord: @Shane#3447 staunch patrician grant - Discord: N/A Danissgar - Discord: N/A
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    TEAM DUELISTGROUNDZ[.COM] »»Noxjja / Noxjja »»MMF / MMF »»Jazz / Jazz »»Me. / Chevalier de Fromage »»A Loli / Dance Gavin Dance TEAM PRO PLAY GAMES »»Gabe / ppg gabe 2-0 »»Desmond / he just played on justins account lol »»Dale / »»Avery / AveryFoster »»Justin / ppgjustindelhon I'll be honest, I really didn't think we were gonna be able to make this one happen. Damage Step and the Seraphim have joined forces in this crew battle against Pro-Play Games featuring the legendary Dale Bellido. This will be the first of hopefully many events for the new Team Duelistgroundz[.com]. Shouts out to Morphing Jar, aka Big P, aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats, aka Exiled Force, aka Dubai, aka pimp on dn, aka Mustang, aka Guerilla Warfare, aka Brybry, former NHL sniper. Shouts out to Bullet Club aka Mullet Club aka Masha Fan Club. This event will be recorded/streamed on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check out PPG's YouTube here as well! WAR STORY:
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    they are fucking garbage. a lot of people have ridden my ass for not liking the beatles. holy shit. never have i seen a more cock sucked mediocre band in my god damn life. no one will ever stop dick riding the beatles. the shit has gotten so annoying. not only that but they are terrible terrible people. they are not worth remembering. they're garbage. there were better bands back then. sick of this.
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    Paul McCartney - so fuckin cool musical genius Manlet great voice great hair great face cool friends loves sheep John Lennon - Marxist Leninist weirdo glasses nerd way too into walruses is abusive but has cool T-shirt’s smokes pounds of kush George Harrison - pretty boy good attitude went to India a bunch and became a Buddhist reached nirvana invented Nirvana floated into space Ringo Starr - badass name fucking sick schnoze funny as fuck got these fuckin crazy blisters on his fingers from drumming like a freak has huge schlong fucks everyday really good at art together they are the best pop band of all time
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    yo man u alredy know how I'm rockin man I put the boy avery back in his bag ez af man idk what he was thinking he the pinnacle of hot dog water man I bet dale bellido still play united we stand with fucking scape goats man that guy still in 2005 while we in 2020 what he doin? ez win for us bois s/o bullet club tho
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    Regarding the Vanilla Town thing: It is generally anti-town to role hunt or speculate on roles (because it gives scum information to go off in NKing power roles) and it doesn't help people solve the game. Scum does want to know who's VT and power roles so when you list someone as possible VT it's a huge red flag. Scum tell eachother 'I think Jazz is VT' in the QT, town should never say that. There's exceptions, e.g. 'Oh Jazz always plays like this when he's VT, I think he's town' but not when you just casually put it in a reads list. That read as a huge scumslip. Even if it wasn't and you feel you would've noted that if you rolled town: don't do that when you're town lol.
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    I'm guessing you mean this post by Jazz: Ironically that's him voicing doubts about your lynch (because scum wants to survive so would therefore try extra hard not to get lynched) so it only benefited you in Jazz's case (Btw get wrecked, Jazz, Re: the italicized bit) Then in this post he goes on to say your shortage in activity is not alignment indicative. I think you're just projecting a feeling of frustration on other people's posts, as far as I saw there was no conscious decision to lynch you over activity
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    they were basically the jonas brothers of the 60s.
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