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    Well, y'all were some of the dumbest nigga last year, and that has not changed this year. God DAMN this was embarrassing. /sarcasm It was a decent game to say the least. Town was a bit too wrapped up on Faint, although their play less than decent. Unfrotunately the Cop scanned Faint n1 and didn't attempt to save them in order to move the lynch elsewhere. The reasons scum were caught were correct, though. Scum did not coordinate any attempt to move agenda, whether it was because of not being online, or inability to do so. Scum shot themselves in the foot. The one thing i noticed were the WiFoM assumptions and the "i wouldn't do this as scum" sort of things said that should be avoided as indicative of a certain alignment. i think some players did not think as critical of the phase as they could have, but we'll work on it. Another thing we should all realize that this is a game where ANYTHING is suspicious. Don't get mad that you're being called out. Scum QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/bUfyEZYps4CVk Host QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jxD7NWPmR2A The players who so rightfully went through the trials and tribulations necessary to finish this game. My thoughts as a whole... TheGoldenTyranno: One downfall was too much credit to Solstice for the "i'm TOWN! YAY" post in the beginning. Good catch on Solstice for them discussing a potential jailkeep as the doctor. Nothing else of note other than trying to act like scum was already caught in the beginning which I don't perceive as helpful. Rather cocky. Jazz: I thought you played well. I think you should have reconsidered other poor play over Faint when it occurred. BuildTheWalia: Your cop play was less than to be desired. You kept silent on Faint and could have pushed an endgame where scum would have to NK you and Faint. The lynch very well could have went to Solstice in the case you were more vocal on the lynch rather than passive. Jazz scan I thought was a tad peculiar and would have been better on someone else. Be more aggressive and not a sheep. Sophocles: You were an immense asset to town. Your reads are unrivaled in the community and your positivity is an example to us all. The way you outsmarted the scumteam by getting Night killed N1, right after nailing the crucial evidence on the wall against them, was marvelous to watch. Your posting style is gracious and your mechanical mafia skill impeccable. Most of all, despite all this, you remains a humble part of the community. Better than Tyranno's cocky attitude. Solstice: I think you need to panic less and plan more. Spread an agenda, don't watch town roll you over the game, even though you have rolled scum many times in a row. I also think you need to be less critical on others, as well as less defensive and push instead. The low post thing you defended was not a good look. Faint: When you keep getting lynched, it may not be idiot town all the time. You need to make more clear what you're trying to say as some stuff may be simple to you, but not so much to others. Less partner connections, more people on their own. Certain scenarios that "had to have happened" are not always what have happened, either. Jap Nick: Your notes are cluttered and lists do not project towniness on their own. This section also does not have maturity issues when one person says fuck you to you, although I agree what Solstice said was poor. Don't call the site a bunch of idiots when your play meets those idiot standards. The players have to know you are not afk but busy instead, right? They might as well have read your mind and knew you should have been the lynch of the day anyway. The pace of MafiaUniverse is much faster than here, and believe me, you'd be chewed up and spit right out the way you played here. If you want to encourage activity, then push it regardless of alignment. Push your own agenda, especially as scum. The pace of this game would be comparable to that of DNF back in the day. If you're going to leave, leave quietly. You have nothing to defend if we are all idiots. Wunterslaus: I didn't see much of note from you this game. I think you need to more aggressive and less a sheep. Mascis: I would peg you to be the player who was the most correct, but the least into the game. Less lists, less dumb floaty nigga, more pushy pushy and communicate. Thanks for playing, everyone!
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    TEAM DUELISTGROUNDZ[.COM] »»Noxjja / Noxjja »»MMF / MMF »»Jazz / Jazz »»Me. / Chevalier de Fromage »»A Loli / Dance Gavin Dance TEAM PRO PLAY GAMES »»Gabe / ppg gabe 2-0 »»Desmond / he just played on justins account lol »»Dale / »»Avery / AveryFoster »»Justin / ppgjustindelhon I'll be honest, I really didn't think we were gonna be able to make this one happen. Damage Step and the Seraphim have joined forces in this crew battle against Pro-Play Games featuring the legendary Dale Bellido. This will be the first of hopefully many events for the new Team Duelistgroundz[.com]. Shouts out to Morphing Jar, aka Big P, aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats, aka Exiled Force, aka Dubai, aka pimp on dn, aka Mustang, aka Guerilla Warfare, aka Brybry, former NHL sniper. Shouts out to Bullet Club aka Mullet Club aka Masha Fan Club. This event will be recorded/streamed on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check out PPG's YouTube here as well! WAR STORY:
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    I checked the game thread and I literally saw no one vote Nick for being inactive, or even mention his activity level at all for that matter
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    I don't do it that consistently, i just have good games where I succeed in pointing out some good stuff and can act constructively off that if i dont find anything i just drool on myself D1 also it's easy to appear town when you're actually right about your scumreads ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ best tip i have that i executed well this game is if you're town, don't be afraid to make gut reads early and act transparently upon them - e.g. I townread faint, said so, and engaged with him constructively and argued against his lynch. (Which =/= posting a reads list because that's relatively nocommittal) Scum has to take care not to be too transparent because it might lead to ppl figuring out their true agenda. Just be ready to revise those reads based on good arguments and analysis, bc I also townread you D1 haha
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    It wasn't your list of notes or lack of activity. What made you scum to me was (1) you listed me as 'likely VT', (2) your reads were contradictory and looked like hedging, (3) you didn't vote anyone, (4) you didn't ask anyone questions. Come on dude. This is "scrub mentality", i.e. blaming your personal short comings in a game on the play of others. In case you didn't realize it the town wasn't on your team.
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    The "Joy to the World" thing popped in my head when I signed up before I even knew my alignment due to a combination of too much Christmas music, me figuring I'd finally get to be town this time since I got scum three times prior, and trying to figure out how I wanted to enter the thread when it went up since my first post is usually what gets attacked the most. Even though I ended up rolling scum I thought I'd post it anyway since it was still somewhat close to Christmas and it should help me look townish since it didn't come from a scum perspective. Tyranno was technically correct that the idea came from town Solstice, but everyone else was also very correct on saying it's easy to fake and so should be taken with a grain of salt. Time for my usual thoughts on everybody I guess. Walia: If walia had been VT I think I'd have had him as MVP for sure considering how good his analysis on nick's stuff was, but unfortunately his play as a power role wasn't the best. He should have claimed to save faint as there was always the chance of doc being there to save him, and even if there wasn't a doc him dying N 2 would prevent scum from fake claiming doc later like I did. I also should have 100% been the scan N 2 seeing as how everybody wanted to lynch me. Wunter: You didn't start out great but I think you hit your stride at the very end. You were 100% correct that the comment I made about faint, walia, and your day 1 read history was a way to set up future mislynches for the three of you. Unfortunately it didn't pan out, but I have nobody to blame but myself for that considering how bad I messed up with the jailkeeper thing. Mascis: Despite being right on your reads very early on I don't think you played that well. You didn't explain your reads and trustlists much if at all, and didn't do much to work with the rest of town. Though to be honest I was terrified of you being a PR as I thought you'd target and out me for sure, but decided I had to risk it as killing you when you'd done nothing but tunnel me would have made me look way too suspicious. Soph: very good, much wow, I had to kill you early on again as usual. Sorry. I don't know how you manage to project town that easy but I'm super envious and would love any pointers you have. Nick: Sorry again for letting my temper get the better of me and not taking a cool down period first. I suppose I should have made more of an effort to save you even if it'd have looked forced considering it was your first game back after so long and dying right off the bat couldn't have been very fun. I need to learn to focus more on the long term effects of things rather than the here and now. Faint: Unfortunately this was one of the worst games I've seen out of you, and that made you a very easy lynch target despite how bad nick slipped up on me. One or two people pushing you could just be scum or misguided town, but when you have a horde on your tail it's usually a sign your play has been sloppy and you need to kick it up a notch. I have problems with this too and it's something I need to work on improving, but you're a far better player than I am so I'm sure you won't be stuck in a rut for too long. Jazz: Way to bait me into killing you Jazz. PR mechanics aside you were pretty much leading the town anyway, so leaving you alive would still have been risky unless I thought you'd keep your townread on me or I could turn everyone else against you. Obviously I read the gamestate very poorly as I think you said in discord you'd begun suspecting tyranno and I thought someone in thread mentioned it was weird you got killed when you were starting to be suspected, but live and learn I guess. I wish I knew how you always got the thread to follow you, it'd be nice for pushing all these scum agendas I seem to be stuck with lately. >.> Tyranno: I don't really have a lot to say on your play other than sadness that you caught my huge slip up. Though reading the OP more carefully probably would be a good start since I was apparently the only one that knew doc could self heal, so if there had actually been a doc and you guys voted them because "docs don't self heal" then you would have shot yourselves in the foot. Otherwise you weren't ever really suspected for scum much so good job on that I guess. ZP: Thank you for hosting, thank you for putting up with the drama in the QT, and thanks for taking the time go go through and analyze everybody's play and offer tips for improvement. I know it takes quite a while when I do it, and I think yours are far more in depth than mine. Also huge thanks for the host notes so we can see what you thought of everything as it was unfolding, I really wish more people would do these as I love reading them (even though it's usually saying how I messed up ). After walia caught the slip up about me in the nick post I think I would have always had at least a small target on my back even if I had managed to radiate "shining beacon of town" throughout the game, but obviously I fell way short of that and then made a major slip up of my own to boot. I just want to be town again where I don't have to worry about dying, getting outed by PRs, or stressing over the wording of every post. Unfortunately work is getting busy again so it likely won't be for awhile, but I hope I can put up a better challenge for you guys next time. Anyways I had fun for the most part, and I hope you all enjoyed ending my triple scum win streak.
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    Walia's a meme btw Vote Solstice 'Kill wunter' Peace
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    It is the end as we know it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL DAY 3 VOTE COUNT Solstice (LYNCH!) (Walia, Tyranno, Wunter) Wunter (L-2) (Solstice) NV: Mascis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another New Years resolution I have for myself is to read properly, and read more. I'm not a book person myself, but I think it helps to look at stuff and see what is actual said instead of things that could be implied instead. Otherwise, I'll just think that person is high or drunk if they don't look at things properly. ; ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solstice has been lynched. Solstice was the final Mafia Goon. I had checked the vote count to make sure and Walia never unvoted Solstice. Town wins.
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    Boy I bet the mafia spec chat is laughing their asses off at our collective incompetence
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    frogman is the shadow the hedgehog of goat format
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    yo man u alredy know how I'm rockin man I put the boy avery back in his bag ez af man idk what he was thinking he the pinnacle of hot dog water man I bet dale bellido still play united we stand with fucking scape goats man that guy still in 2005 while we in 2020 what he doin? ez win for us bois s/o bullet club tho
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    Jeff Fisher: Case Keenum is a top 10 QB by our numbers The prophecy is coming true.
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    Regarding the Vanilla Town thing: It is generally anti-town to role hunt or speculate on roles (because it gives scum information to go off in NKing power roles) and it doesn't help people solve the game. Scum does want to know who's VT and power roles so when you list someone as possible VT it's a huge red flag. Scum tell eachother 'I think Jazz is VT' in the QT, town should never say that. There's exceptions, e.g. 'Oh Jazz always plays like this when he's VT, I think he's town' but not when you just casually put it in a reads list. That read as a huge scumslip. Even if it wasn't and you feel you would've noted that if you rolled town: don't do that when you're town lol.
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    I'm guessing you mean this post by Jazz: Ironically that's him voicing doubts about your lynch (because scum wants to survive so would therefore try extra hard not to get lynched) so it only benefited you in Jazz's case (Btw get wrecked, Jazz, Re: the italicized bit) Then in this post he goes on to say your shortage in activity is not alignment indicative. I think you're just projecting a feeling of frustration on other people's posts, as far as I saw there was no conscious decision to lynch you over activity
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    "I NEED to kill the PR if I want to live. Jazz made a comment earlier about how "nick must have thought he was vanilla" meaning jazz could be PR, but then again that might just be Jazz bait." GOTTEM!
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    I did it by not doing it
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    good morning salty princess
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    I love the recent topics feature but it's useless when 4 Org articles get posted overnight. It's holding us back. Get rid of them.
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    Hang Wire They're going higher Wind is whistling on the barbs Your head's a hammer That man is a liar The day is like a warm night Salt rusts the cold line Every morning and every day I'll bossanova with ya If there were a fire Can we scratch beneath this Roster: Haruki - Discord: @Kyousuke#7939 Urthor - Discord: @Urthor#5265 Sykotic - Discord: @Primary#0241 gone - Discord: @Shane#3447 staunch patrician grant - Discord: N/A Danissgar - Discord: N/A
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    Thank you Tyranno
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    I think I was pretty aggresive when I thought the team was Walia and Faint, but later in D1 when I began to think they were probably not on the same team I became a bit hesitant and found myself agreeing with most of what was said. D3 went good imo
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    This weekend we have the first DuelistGroundz Championship Series in almost three years, just as competition is beginning to heat up in the Winter 2018 War League season. DCS Juneau will be a Goat Format event, and will be classified as a Regional by GoatStats. In addition to the prize pot, the winner at Juneau will earn a seat in the Goat Format Winter Seasonal Playoffs, and there are many dark horses capable of taking the trophy and shaking up the rest of the season. Since the conclusion of the Autumn playoffs, the DGz metagame appears to have developed in three major directions, broadly speaking: optimizing Chaos Control, optimizing Goat Control, and optimizing alt-win/combo. Even though Shining Angel ultimately won the event over Thunder Dragon, both variants of Chaos Control continue to see play, with the aggressive Morphing Jar-style Chaos Recruiter decks making a bit of a resurgence as well. Gojira's 2nd place finish at the Alpha Omega Memorial with an innovative Last Turn build also seems to have inspired a new wave of combo decks in the DGz metagame, with Noxjja slowly but surely improving his performances with Reasoning/Gate and MMF dabbling more and more in Empty Jar. Following the events of the first few weeks of the season, the Seraphim and Damage Step are likely to continue vying for dominance at Juneau. The ongoing rivalry between WorldGoneMaad and the Based Loli is sure to continue, with both duelists currently registered for the event and looking to score their first GoatRank points for the year. G-sop will also be looking to make a splash at this event, hot off his clean sweep at DGz Live 211 just yesterday and eager to prove his consistency across multiple major Goat communities. Another hot narrative right now is Chevalier de Fromage's return to Goat Format, achieving Master Duelist rank for some period of time this season and continuing to show that he's a force to be reckoned with. Lastly, EVIL and Workshop for Metalworker have also been proving themselves as dark horse candidates, and both teams have multiple players capable of taking the entire event. If the top 4 of DGz Live 211, which contained representatives of four different teams, are any indication, the DCS this weekend is anyone's game. Remember to keep checking in on the event's Facebook page, our Twitch channel, the Challonge bracket, and the forum thread here for live coverage of the upcoming action-packed weekend, as DCS Juneau is slated to be a show of high-octane dueling action you won't want to miss!
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    what? In no world was smash 4 not a success. It sold well, did well critically and with the public, and bolstered the sales of an otherwise dead on arrival console. There's literally no reason to use it as a reason to not make smash 5. Sales-wise, it put up near identical numbers to brawl, which is a minor miracle given the relative unpopularity of the 3ds/wii-u compared to the baseline wii (for perspective, as of last december, the wii-u sold only about a tenth of the consoles the wii did, and the 3ds and wii-u together put up about 70% of the wii's numbers), and how lukewarm brawl was recieved.
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    GJ even though you lost in the top 4. I don't really post on here anymore but I like reading your content about MTG. I just wish this site was more active in things outside of YGO.
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    Yea it's probably Faint. Combination of poe and the votes yesterday.
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    THe meta game is real
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    @Sophocles was night killed. He was Vanilla Town. Day has started and will end at 6 pm cat on 1/12/17. This will be approximately 48 hrs in the phase.
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    Well shit I lost track of time. HAHAA
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    I forgive you bro. If you honestly really want to change, and really show that you do (like not hanging around morons anymore), then I accept you apology. I didn't really understand your post much, but I've always believed that every one has some sort of traumatic past that makes them the way they are. I'm not sure how you related to me, but I hope you can put your past behind you and become a good person. ♥
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    let's be honest 5 classic albums: funeral neon bible the suburbs reflektor everything now
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    I said this in the discord but Jap Nick's analysis post was pretty bad and he definitely deserved to get lynched for it. Sucks to die D1 but people get lynched D1 for less. That said I'm sorry you had a bad time m8
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    Oh, another thing, if you say let's kill x, make sure you put out a vote for them and unvote your previous player if anything, too.
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    Technical victories are the best victories
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    I can't wait to make an aftergame so I can rip to shreds over half the game.
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    If they suck why do you feel the need to tell everyone? People don't listen to The Beetles all the time for a reason and those that follow religiously won't be fazed by this thread.
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    And pls don't read to much into this xd I'm not trying to win your trust because I believe there is a good pact here. Also be careful for the EoD when it comes.
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    Another way to make your 2018 more fulfilling is to get ahead of your work and finish it as soon as possible. Reserve your morning time for such activities so you can relax the rest of the day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Jazz has been killed. Jazz was Vanilla Town. I got antsy to start day soooo Day has begun and will end at 5:00 PM CST on 1/15/18. (11 PM GMT)
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    Your words have swayed us, rip. Unbanned on February 1st.
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    Day 1 Interview I knew I wanted Jazz for the Day 1 interview as soon as his name went up on the bracket. It's been almost a year since he played seriously in a Goat tournament, but you can't really hold that against someone with a resume like his. With a 3rd place finish at GCT 2014, 2nd place in the DGz Summer 2014 War League, and 3rd place in the DGz Spring 2015 War League, there's little he has left to prove to the community, but he's back today playing the latest incarnation of his beloved Goat Control list (and qualified for this tournament with Pacman, how about that). While Tango went out to get some snacks before Winners Semis, I got time to ask Jazz a few questions. What deck are you playing today and what led you to play it? I'm playing Goat Control today because it's one of the top decks and it's my favorite deck to play. I think it's more versatile and more adaptable than Chaos Control when played at a high level. I strongly considered playing PACMAN again after easily beating Chaos Control in the live with it, but I decided this would be a good chance to test Goat Control in the current metagame. What's your outlook on the Goat metagame right now? In your opinion, if there is a top "tier" of decks, what are they? I think the metagame is defined by two decks that outclass the others: Goat Control and Chaos Control (angel variant). I think the effectiveness of other decks, like PACMAN or Chaos Recruiter, are largely determined by the composition of the metagame. If the metagame has more Goat Control, Chaos Recruiter becomes viable. If the metagame has more Chaos Control, a lockdown deck like PACMAN becomes viable. I expect the metagame of this tournament to be about 2:1 chaos control to goat control, and a handful of alternate decks that people either play for fun or because they think it's going to be anti-meta. Who are you most afraid of playing today? Who are you most eager to play against? I'm probably most afraid of playing Tango because the last time I played him casually he crushed me with a dimension fusion deck. I'd guess he's using that deck today. It's difficult to establish control over that deck because it can both play the control game and hit you with the OTK. I was most eager to play Markus because I knew he'd be on Angel Chaos Control and I wanted to go up against that to test my abilities with my deck and my 'new' siding strategy against it (sub out ddwl + 2 dust, bring in 3rd book + 2 dark mimic). It's always fun to play a friend as well. In your opinion, who are the top Goat teams on DGz right now? I don't know. Besides Seraphim? Damage Step and EVIL? Almost four years ago, you said in an interview that the biggest mistake you still make is "assuming your opponent runs a deck that you would run or plays their cards the way you would." Does this still hold true, in your opinion? Have you overcome it since then, and/or have you discovered new weaknesses in its place? I've stopped assuming people will run what I run because that's obviously not the case. I've had years of experience playing against random decks, and I've seen the deck I prefer to play (Goat Control) become less popular than many (Zoo, Chaos Turbo, Chaos Recruiter, and now Chaos Control). I've also learned that most people do not play like I do. I think my biggest weakness now is that I don't play as much as I used to. My second biggest weakness is my personal bias toward control decks. I've begun to play other decks more, like PACMAN and combo, but I still hate playing aggro decks. What feedback do you have regarding your DCS experience so far? What could make it better in the future? Nothing it's great. I'd love the tournament to be bigger though. Fuck Marry Kill: Thunder Dragon, Shining Angel, Skilled White Magician, go: Fuck: Shining Angel because it's not as cool as Airknight Parshath, Kill: Skilled White Magician because it's completely useless, Marry: Thunder Dragon because you inexplicably omitted Magicial Merchant from the question.
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    distancing from his walia vote falsely equating the walia logic with being the same as the japnick logic ding ding ding
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    Yeah idk what to think other than I hate Faint this game Getting mixed signals on both Tyranno and solstice. There's things I like and things I don't like about them currently. Gonna have to sit down and think it through Kinda expected to be the NK but I guess nick thought I was vanilla
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    Except none of them said such a thing. Lennon said "We're more popular than Jesus" and he also said it was a bad thing that they were. He never said anything about being better or worse in any way.
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    Team Captain: Paraliel Co-Leader: TheGoldenTyranno Members: Audioslayne Gojira inky 14Henderson7 War Record: 0-0
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    welcome back buddy, fuck the haters