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    he fucked an ogre so hard in the ass last night
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    if it's too much right now you could just delay it and someone else can take over running a game
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    hey guys, sorry. i had a lot to deal with over the last few days and the game is all set up and ready to go but im tired. i will send out the role pm and start it tomorrow. sorry =/
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    jc told me to go fuck myself and die when i asked him to play so my self esteem is crushed i couldnt bear to ask anyone else.
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    I've noticed that when I click submit on a post, the button says 'saving' for ages and will take a good 1-2 minutes to actually post and refresh the page. Sometimes I just manually refresh and 2/3 times the post is there submitted. 1/3 it's literally just gone so I make an effort to copy paste whatever I write just in case. Other times the site just takes fucking forever to load. Safari MBP
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    Rewatching The Rising of the Shield Hero
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    i started watching basketball in 1996. i was only able to watch michael jordan's last two years with the chicago bulls when he was still in his prime. kobe bryant was the closest thing to michael jordan for my generation. i'm glad i was able to witness kobe bryant's entire career. when i was a kid, he was my favorite basketball player who i watched since their rookie year. to be honest, i started appreciating tim duncan more as i got older even though the dallas mavericks was my favorite team during the early 2000s when they had steve nash, michael finley, and dirk nowitzki and they kept losing to the san antonio spurs in the playoffs. kobe bryant passed the torch to lebron james. lebron james is the biggest basketball player in the world like michael jordan and kobe bryant were in their primes. i was shocked when i woke up to hear kobe bryant passed away in such a tragic manner. it was definitely one of the most devastating deaths in history. he was a polarizing figure because he was arrogant when he was younger, but made people start conversations with his abilities, and eventually matured to a wise man who is universally respected.
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    As a kid growing up in Socal during the 00s. This fucking killed me. It's just so crazy. Especially living in the same area as him. Everyone in my city has a Kobe story, when he'd come to the ARC to practice, or that you were going to the same swim school as his kids. For us in Socal, Kobe and the Lakers brought people together. It didn't matter your race, religion, class, or age. Love him or hate him. He'd bring out the most passionate responses in people. He inspired a bunch of short ass asian kids who had no hopes of ever playing in D3 let alone the NBA to ball. On the court at recess and during lunch we'd pretend we were Kobe. We all wanted to be Kobe. Now that I'm older I can only respect his insane work ethic and his brilliant mind. The dude wasn't just a basketball savant, he was an intellectually curious dude. His reach was beyond basketball. He inspired me in how I live my life. Whenever things felt rough, I'd tell myself that Kobe wouldn't let that discourage him. So I chose to work my ass off just like he would. The mamba mentality can be reached by us all. And this is all for a person that's never met him, I can only imagine how his family is. I always felt like there would never be a celebrity death that got to me, but this was just too much. So to the mamba, thanks for everything. Socal mourns for you.
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    fuck JC. He should have posted this in Smash'd so we could all enjoy it. Pure selfishness
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    probably starting this later tonight. i wont be home until the end of the day
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    thanks uhaul for fucking me like a bitch during my move not like this will cost me another hundred bucks i dont have
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    Stop trying to make e happen, gretchen
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    i hate the other thread almost identically named in csk i vote to remove/rename it