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    Stolen a bit from Empornium. Oh well You just wish you had an Empornium invite The Captains Rule: Our site, our rules. You don't have to like it, you do have to accept it. Rule 1; No porn. Unless it's in BAPS. This includes shock sites, fully exposed female nipple, balls, rectum, vagina, or penis. Same goes with shock sites. Think of it as No ABCD. No Ass Balls Cunts or Dicks. Also tits. Rule number 2: Don't be argumentative just to argue. If you have something to suggest, then suggest it. Beating staff over the head with lawyerman-wannabe interpretations of the rules is trolling. Rule 3: Don't troll excessively. We hate it. We may also ban you for no reason. Rule 4: Spamming in excess is bad. The odd funny post offtopic is fine. Don't push it though, mods are free to determine arbitrarily what is excessive spam. Rule 5: Post in the right forum. Please Rule 6: We run this site, what we say goes. Staff are fascist, watching and controlling. But we're not Hitler, more like Tito or Gorbachev. Rule 7: If your attitude sux you may be banned simply because it's expedient & staff can't be fucked wasting some of their life dealing with you. If you don't like it, aim an admin and they might bail you out. But odds are it's an admin who banned you to begin with because we tend to revoke mod bans. Rule 8: Keep your sigs reasonable. There's no fixed limit, but no more than two images, and no rediculous sizes Rule 9: Don't advertise other sites. We're more popular than your site, and we dont care if you want us to hype you up. The answer is no. Advertisers PAY MONEY to have their links here Rule 10: Outside of hell, don't flame. Inside of the CSK, do not fucking MENTION Yugioh Rule 11: Don't post things you found funny when stoned. They're not funny to sober people. And no there is no drug forum appearing in the near future to accommodate your vices. Rule 12: Don't share your account pass. Ever Rule 13: No multiaccounting. We'll delete the second account and suspend you a few days / weeks. Actually you might even want to stay away from letting your siblings on DG. Don't let them ruin their lives here too. Proxies to access DG are not supported and will frequently be pre-emptively banned to prevent multiaccounting Rule 14: Don't post in ALL CAPS. You're not making a bold statement, you're just retarded. Rule 15: If you make a thread in the CSK calling out / flaming a member, a personal thread if you will, we will suspend you Rule 16: If you have any personal information beyond a name [ie address, phone number, etc] of another member, do not post it without their consent. Rule 17: No autoplaying movies, audio, or otherwise in sigs or posts. They're fucking annoying. Rule 18: Don't ask stupid questions, especially in this thread. Rule 19: Don't be a bitch about or abuse the ref system. Rule 20: Because we cant disable viewing avatars, we're going ot have to implement a rule where they must be unambiguously work safe - no girls bouncing on cocks, no you-getting-laid, and no chicks nearly naked Feel free to discuss or contribute to the rules here.