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    Are you stupid? That is the equivalent of a non-vote in this situation. Vote properly.
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    Wasted vote this isn’t happening
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    we can save you vs malcolm for tomorrow when we alive=scum one of you
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    Careful scumwood is gonna modkill you
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    Who says broken has good scum play
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    Solstice had a shaky start yikes
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    Haz isn't claiming a real cop. He's claiming 2 other 1-shot magic powers without telling us what they are.
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    Claiming at start of day is dumb. Let's stop pretending it was ideal play
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    Usually, waiting is considered better. Because you get real discussion and reads whereas if you claim at start of day, all discussion tends to die off. I think we ought to look into who the partners are
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    Unofficial Vote Count: Francis - Haz BB - Soph, TGT, rei Solstice - TGT
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    I apologize i misread but to the pr thing https://tl.net/forum/mafia/301748-a-general-guide-to-mafia
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    it doesn't matter. Jazz claimed PR yesterday. Only dumb wolves dont kill into a claim - which is why they were janitored
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    when he died without a flip
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    You guys are hilariously awful lmao Thanks for killing me anyways. Super busy
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    Like if jtu is scum he could have secured a mislynch on broken. Makes me really confidant that broken and jtu are the same alignment
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    Cant afford a tie. Dont like lynching JTU because what he just pulled is suicidal as scum. Think we are in a double mislynch scenario here
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    hard to back out when he never goes in
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    nah, jericho is doing it too
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    You were right when you called him a hypocrite for sheeping people holy shit
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    holy fuck i agree with you thanks i hate it
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    If this isnt the pot calling the kettle black idk what is can we please end this fucker
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    Also scumwood is just a bad player we gotta strip that title from him already
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    thank you for your valuable contributions this game malcolm are you going to make any more hilarious wifom posts?
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    That is the fluffiest attempt at trying to be credible I have ever seen
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    Requesting Jazz be modkilled for editing broken’s post. He’s such a toxic cuck
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    Well, we are town here sir. Not village. Nice slip
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    If you keep your vote on me I’ll scum read you
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    Eh dont care that he met quota. If he doesnt show up for the rest of the day phase we can talk about Soph All I see it as is an attempt to get info. More info is always good. Cutting off info by answering for others is always bad. on mobile but will consider that in the future re: quote
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    Just a heads up, recently found out that power will most likely be out in my area for the next couple of days or so. Thankfully not as bad as where Shane is but we're going to be getting potential 75mph gusts so they're gonna shut it off preventative.
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    I actually cannot grasp why people answer things not directed at them it is literal dogshit level of play
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    So scumbear is sure scum pretty simple game so far jerkbear and scumbear?
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    Sir this is toxic and I’m requesting you be modkilled
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    New to this forum but not to mafia. I'll sign up if you'll have me
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    also i'm not gonna comment on the setup balance but i'm seriously disappointed that you called this setup bastard. insane psychologist? town vig? there isn't a single bastard role in this game
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    That stiched together Sally booty really gets you going huh
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    anyone else's answer "when i'm trying to get laid"?
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    Fuck I'll fix that edit thing once I'm home
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    Chose a stress free education/career path [lately i've been honestly wishing i took that path just to get out of having to deal with MS excel project management bullshit ever again]