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    LOL the funny thing is its not even the guys that get excited when another girl comes here. its the few other girls that do. join the discord forums are dead. also you can talk and guys can tell your a girl... (we have had a lot of catfish posters... saying they were a girl, and being guys. i believe the most epic was lily, who was preop trans and growing boobs and showed them off. she is a she now and is one of the most epic persons on this board. bow to her and lick her toes) =] tips for surviving here as a girl. either post your boobs or dont. people will ask its kinda a thing from the catfishs. if you do don't be apologetic about it when various people try to slut shame you like what happened to robyn (who is awesome but i hated it when she let some guys do that like fuck off dudes its her body you should shut your trap and count yourself blessed to see her awesome boobies. k?) and if they say tits or gtfo well sorry i dont really know how to properly fence that yet... i either ignore or direct them to google porn. they will calm down when confirmed you are girl. usually best way to do that is post pic with salute to dgz. Welcome to DGZ. have fun? hope you stick around and all this hasn't scared you. or that you are 12. that would be awkward. we need girls please stay =[ on the getting into the game advice, read articles on decks to learn how to play them. when learning a new deck play with people using the same deck, watch what they do, pick up plays. repeat. a LOT. Then play a lot more vs all sorts of other decks and pick it up yourself. Sidedecks are your friend but dont disrupt your deckflow to disrupt your opponents. you can do both. never rage quit. losing sucks but has lessons to make you better. learn them and its not a loss. this game is largely luck but you don't just lose because of luck, if your a good player you wont rely on it (but this is ygo and it does ALWAYS help) starter decks suck. if your looking to learn look at deckprofile articles and build a suggested decklist from there, will also tell you how to play it.
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    Best Staff Member: Satchmo Best Duelist: You all suck at YGO Best New Member: Warbot Best Poster: JC Best Post: Best Thread: Worst Staff Member: Markus, gotta feed the feud Worst Duelist: JC again Worst Poster: ShamanReborn Worst Sig: Pick any, having sigs enabled lol Worst Thread: Mafia God: Malcolm Best Meme: Winter Wunderland Best Thing to Happen: Detox getting the first season of warring ended early and the ensuing drama Angriest Poster: Markus Biggest Shitposter: digbic Stupidest Fucking Idiot: U.B. (don't know his DGZ username, the guy who occasionally pops up in #politics) Where is Big P? Duelist You'd Like to Fuck: (DUELF) Faint
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    "i knew a person who could cultivate the words that they aligned in a way that could coerce a train to fly a perfect state of mind in which to learn creative rhymes until their person was emburdened by the verses they designed and they began to lose their touch... the little quirks in all their writing became terse and uninviting and ingesting any lettering they surgeoned into life instead of being entertainment was inert and just absurd and all the work was fucking tiring and suddenly... they were writing less and less in spite of their success they saw no light and second guessed the creativity they harbored in their heart there's only so much fucking artwork you can make 'til you forget the way to start so a couple million people saw some dipping in the frequency of music while they fought idiosyncracy that slept as mental illness... and woke as some peculiar train of thought that masqueraded as a symptom of a hindering deliquency i hope that all these words have made you think of me" -Atlas Today is the last day of Spring Break so I won't be around much again for a while. Consider this a parting gift, a fruit of some of my studies the past three years. Introduction The theory and practice of psychoanalysis has remained controversial since its founding in Freud. Analytic-minded liberals have attacked it ad nauseam as not being founded on sufficiently empirical content, and therefore not a legitimate science. For all his now-famous anonymous case-studies, Freud himself admitted much of his theory was based on self-reflection. The attacks on psychoanalysis, inter alia, posit that too much of psychoanalytic theory is derived a priori. On the other hand, it has been criticized from the left as well for its Oedipal structure, particularly in Deleuze and Guattari. Finally, there are enemies of the progression of the science from within the science itself, as we can find in the hell that Jacques Lacan went through in his efforts to not only "return to Freud," but also to advance psychoanalysis with enrichment from concepts such as the Mirror Stage, the Real-Symbolic-Imaginary trinity, the statement that "the unconscious is structured like a language," jouissance/surplus-enjoyment, etc. Naturally, the latter (Lacan) is attacked also on political grounds: See Scruton and, ostensibly less overtly political (yet more mature of a critique than Scruton,) Sokal. Such is the state of traditional attacks on psychoanalysis. However, now in the 21st century, advancements in research have progressively softened the voices of these cliched attacks, providing evidence for Ego Psychology: https://qz.com/728039/growing-research-in-neuroscience-shows-that-freuds-idea-of-a-superego-isnt-as-wacky-as-it-sounds/ Further, let us review the testimony of leading physicist and String Theorist Michio Kaku: "Well, scientists now have looked at Freudian Psychology and the brain using all these modern techniques, and first of all we realize that perhaps Sigmund Freud wasn't totally wrong. There are many textbooks that simply dismiss Freudian Psychology calling it 'nuts,' that is nothing but the 'sexual fantasies of a repressed Venetian scientist of the last century.' But now we realize there's more to it. First of all the Unconscious Mind - we can actually see the brain in motion, and we realize that much of the activity is totally unconscious, just like what Freud predicted. And Freud also said there is the Ego, the Id, and the Superego, that we are in a constant battle with our desires and our conscious, and we see that now with brain scans. The 'Ego' is basically your prefrontal cortex. . . . And then, your desires, we see the pleasure center, right there in the center of the brain. . . . And then your conscious is right behind your eyes, the orbital frontal cortex is where your conscious is." [I'd like to remind those who consider Kaku a "pop-physicist" that he has authored several graduate-level textbooks, including one on Quantum Field Theory (QFT) I'm currently reading.] While I'm personally absolutely content with a priori theorizing in psychoanalysis (bear in mind that, per Kojève's treatment of Hegel, the origin of self-conscious geist is desiring-Desire,) the blessing of this scientific verification allows us a starting point from which to, on hopefully less controversial grounds, base our theorizing about the Stupid Card Game. First, though, for non-initiates it is necessary to explain the basics of Freudian psychology. Ego Psychology Psychoanalysis posits three psychical systems: the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. The Id is that primordial part of the psyche that deals with desire, and operates on the pleasure principle. It produces images of desire and makes no distinction between whether that desire has been fulfilled or not. Ignoring nightmares, since our unconscious Id is operating while we are asleep, we dream about what we want. (This has recent scientific dream-study evidence to support it.) This production of images of desire is called the primary process. The Ego interacts with the material world in order to fulfill the desires of the Id, and thereby operates on the reality principle. It is our conscious logos. It is concerned not with the morality of an action, only with whether or not that action fulfills the desire that the Id produces. A lucid dream is considered the activation of the conscious Ego whilst asleep. (This also has recent scientific dream-study evidence to support it.) The process of interacting with the material world to actualize the desires of the Id is called the secondary process. Finally, the Superego, which quite literally supersedes the Ego, is that system of morality or ethos which checks on the conclusions of the Ego regarding which decision it makes, and represses those which contradict the morality of the person. Since psychoanalysis argues that early childhood is the most rapidly-developing stage of the psyche, the socially-accepted morality passed down to us by authority figures, mostly parents in societies imbued with the family structure, will likely end up as our morality. (Clearly a sufficiently self-aware person can battle against this and hold a different ethos, but for the general, non-reflective person, this is the case.) Such are the three systems constituting the psyche. What is their dynamic? They exchange what is called psychic energy with each other. Psychic energy (or, mental energy) is nothing mystical. It's just like other types of energy from physics and thermodynamics. When the Ego is activated, an amount of psychic energy is transferred to the Ego. Similarly, when the Superego represses both desire and decisions the Ego makes, psychic energy is transferred to it. One's personality is considered the totality of these three distributions of psychical energy. Someone whose psychic energy is mostly dwelling within the Id may be called impulsive. Someone whose psychic energy is mostly dwelling in the Ego might be called smart. Someone whose psychic energy is mostly dwelling within the Superego might be called moral. Since there is only a finite amount of psychic energy, more energy devoted to one of the systems will mean less devoted to at least one of the others. An impulsive person might not be the brightest. A bright person might be a maniac serial killer and not care as much for morals. An ethical person may suffer from the repression of their desires a lot. Finally, psychoanalysis suggests that a good balance of psychic energy in all three systems is the key to a healthy psyche. There is a bit more to this, such as different drives, cathexis, and so on, but these are the basic concepts we'll work with. Circles Hoban, in Road of the King, writes at length about the proper construction of a circle. He is aware, contra possible criticisms, that the added value in a solid member of a circle will nearly always supersede the risk of getting paired with them in an event, up until the point of diminishing returns. He is also aware of the necessity of some diversity in the circle. In other words, if we have two people in a circle that always have the exact same opinions and contributions, then absolutely nothing is added by having the second person there. In such a case, the small outlier of getting paired with them, or other risks, supersede the usefulness of having them there in the first place. But what Hoban didn't talk about, in fairness it probably isn't his area of study, is the significance of the psychoanalytical constitution of the circle. This shall be the main business of this article. Let us translate the concepts above laid out in terms of the Stupid Card Game. Our Id produces the desire to win. The Ego interacts with deckbuilding and technical play in order to secure that win. The Superego is what stops honest players from cheating, or, it's what produces judges instead of players. Now, just as a higher distribution of psychic energy to one system impacts the distribution to at least one of the other two, so too do we realize the different basic personalities of competitive players/judges: 1. Tryhard: Desires very much to win and plays the best decks (Id). Isn't as good at actual deckbuilding or technical play (Ego). Might sometimes "push the rules" to fulfill their desire to win (Superego). 2. Effortposter: Doesn't care as much about winning and is thereby opened up to play non-orthodox strategies, or to not play in tournaments much at all (Id). Excels in deckbuilding and technical play (Ego). Asks many questions about what the rules allow, insofar as they manifest themselves as higher optimizations in technical play (Superego). 3. Judge: Desires little to win, so when they do play, they don't use very good decks (Id). Isn't the best at deckbuilding or technical play (Ego). When they do play, though, they make sure to follow the rules, and they are extremely knowledgeable about rulings and the like (Superego). The thesis here is that just as a balanced distribution of psychic energy is key to a healthy psyche, so too is a good circle balanced between Tryhards, Effortposters, and Judges. A circle ought have, therefore, at minimum at least one Tryhard who will be the one actually playing and putting the team on the map, at least one Effortposter whose theory the Tryhard(s) use in order to actually win, and finally at least one Judge who is an invaluable resource for both the Tryhard and the Effortposter. For the Tryhard, the judge keeps them on the right track as a clean player, and lets them know where not to push the rules. For the Effortposter, their relation to the judge is the opposite, they learn where they can push the rules. Moreover, a corollary from the idea of psychoanalytical balance in a circle is that, when new players are added, it should be made sure that the groups are at least roughly still proportionate to each other. Instead of having 5 Tryhards and 1 Effortposter, you'd want either 4 and 2 or 3 and 3. There's a point where you have more players than the Effortposters can convert their theory to. On the other hand, there's a point where you have a really good collection of Effortposting nerds, but their efforts are useless because they have no Tryhards. Always keep this distribution in mind when you go beyond the minimum three-per-circle. The question of whether this proper constitution of a circle may be extrapolated to that of a team, for DuelistGroundz's current purposes, I'll leave for you to contemplate. Perhaps you'll find it helpful for warring. That's it for now, thanks.
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    As you may have read I was running a deck Konami titled as "Monster Surge" which in my opinion is tier 1.0 While I debated leaking my list I suppose that I might as well I am even going to show you it via DuelingNetwork screenshot [spoiler][img]http://i.imgur.com/nG5EY.jpg[/img] it's not a joke[/spoiler] props: seeing everyone Shaun Dass cody ryan earl caleb, and everyone else from tps veggie weenies goatcream the guy who told me where i could get a sandwich when i asked jokingly and awkwardly seeing people from dgz cody bringing me blacks slops: not making day 2 all the ugly volley ball girls w/ their big thighs and small heads walking around
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    that's this genius right here: @Ultimate Buffalo
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    how to get verified? parallel do you see me post here help me out dammit lol
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    I won vs KewlKat. Also Brandis won 1 match vs Raust, not 2.
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    Brandis72 defeated rei in a best of 3 match of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Trading Card Game's April 2005 "Goat Control" format. He also did your mom. Sigurimi wins.
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    Im not even sad. He had a long life and did amazing things. I'll look at the stars tonight with him in mind. Reading a book of his is probably something he'd like yeah.
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    Hi all, just a regular girl who would really like to get into the game and I was wondering what advice you had for me about starter packs, rules of the game, etc. Thanks all
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    I lost vs Brandis72 2-0 but swung around and smashed Kewl 'Kat 2-1-1.
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    @wrinklywinkie aha...
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    overall cringe rating for this thread is 8/10
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    At least he's not in Africa lol
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    best post 216 but it missed last year's nominations.
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    Best Staff Member: rei, he literally bought the site lol Best Duelist: Jazz Best New Member: ZeroPassion Best Post: Jazz waterfall post - Worst Staff Member: mark Worst Duelist: Jazz Worst Poster: rip kid no cry person Worst Sig: Worst Thread: Mafia God - confuse rei Best Meme - Winter is coming Best Thing to Happen: mark getting caught Angriest Poster: markus Biggest Shitposter: Me. Stupidest Fucking Idiot: anyone still at DGz (myself included) Where is Big P? Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF): rei
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    I think I might have become the best Goat player on the site right now
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    Best Staff Member Paraliel Best Duelist Hyperbeam Best New Member Inkweaver Best Post 'TGA in long-term decline, backs out of DGZ ownership' Best Poster Faint Best Sig Best Thread TGA in long term decline, backs out of DGZ ownership Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team Metalshop for Metalworker Worst Staff Member Worst Duelist Jay Worst Poster ニック Worst Sig Worst Thread Post an insane lie about the persxon above you Mafia God Faint Best Meme Best Thing to Happen RiWork consulting takes over duelistgroundz Angriest Poster Jazz Biggest Shitposter markus Stupidest Fucking Idiot ニック Where is Big P? Right here bby Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) Melisandre And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned ; )
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    ^ to clarify, the (edited) was to add the extra n's (very important)
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    Only 38 sorry =/       Hey I just ended up writing a shit stream on my deck post (it has my opinion of the best Teledad deck on there). I figured since it's so long and useful I'd just post it here so you guys can win UDE day etc. I'm in shitty St. Louis so I'll be playing a funner variant. I've played with/against Fredella (what a shittybad scrub), Levitin, Naughton, Travis Doan, Jonny Nagel, Ryan H., Hugo, Adam Corn, Spicer, Gonzales, Wang, Bowlings, etc at Frisco/Houston. I've beaten everyone in this list for cards or in SJCs or lost 2-1 (Spicer) to sick set-ups. I know what I'm talking about so if you're going to troll or act like a fag you can fuck yourself. Tips (this is going into a TCGplayer article but figured I would write first): The bolded ones are huge things that the best of the best (top 1% do) and even the good players don't. 1. Unless you know most of their hand and you just PWBed something or know they don't have MST, don't ever bluff set Storm. It's your swing back card you use to secure a game-ending turn. You see Cesar bluff this all the time and it's just stupid. 2. If they have two backfield set, even if you have something like Scapegoat/Roar set you're not safe. You better do something to break it up. 3. If they summon Strat and add Mali to hand and you summon your own Stratos and cancel, don't set a backfield unless you have two defensive traps (SJ is defensive to me). You see Cesar lose game 2 faster (he would have lost g2 anyways probably) vs Alejandro by setting SJ instead of just passing with a clear backfield. 4. Don't ever summon TRA unless 1) You're at like 200 lp 2) you dustshoot/CCV and see PWB/Brain with no PSZ/Teleport 5. At times, it pays to go all out for game just to force SJ if you have a Stardust play, even if it takes you down to 1-2 cih versus their 5-6. Example: You have Stratos Grepher Malicious E-Teleport Oppression. In most scenarios the right play is to play your whole hand. Special Grepher summon Malicious summon Stratos to pop backfield, teleport for Stardust, set Oppression. That's how important your opponent's s/ts are. 6. Always calculate how much damage you can put on the board, you'd be surprised. 7. Dustshoot draw phase so you can see everything. If you have a good hand like Oppression, or if you have an OTK hand like Grepher + DAD, you should CCV draw phase too. In fact, it's usually a good idea just to CCV draw phase because if they set two backfield and a monster you'll probably have to gun it anyways (if you don't have SJ). 8. The first play you should always make is ask for a response then set a s/t, unless you have Stratos. If you have Stratos, get him to board asap in case they Dustshoot or CCV. So if you have a hand like Diamond Dude D Draw PWB Solemn Allure Krebons, I would set PWB, set Solemn, set D Draw (if I'm going to play it), set Allure. I would then flip Allure and such. 9. If you have Allure + Diamond Dude + D Draw + removable Dark, you play Allure first to D Draw a hopeful Malicious. 10. If you have a safe play than summon Stratos on t1 with no traps, you do that instead. So if you have Rota, Gardna, Teleport, DaD, Solemn, and Breaker, it's a lot better to set Gardna/SJ and pass rather than summon Stratos for blank Malicious. Even if you didn't have DaD, probably. 11. You shouldn't Goyo for their Stratos unless you actually need the DDraw to survive a game push next turn. Remember you can grab your Stratos from theirs. 12. Don't forget Stratos's s/t destruction. Even if you know it to be an SJ or PWB, it's often better to force it on them. 13. If you're not taking game shot, don't SJ or PWB to break up their plays (unless you have no answer). Use your shit on their backfield and pop their shit with your monster. 14. Unless you have a hand of CCVable monsters, don't ever set MST if you have something like DaD in hand for game. You want them to set one, not 2. 15. Set up Oppression fast. Example: You have Plague Rota Malicious Oppression Solemn Diamond Dude. You Rota for Grepher, you special him, you sync two monsters, then you set Oppression/Solemn. 16. Grepher wins games. Don't be stupid and Allure him for no reason. Always remember you can special summon him the turn you summon Stratos. 17. Watch your Dark count. 18. Main outs to Colossal Fighter. 19. If you have DaD Storm and game in hand, it's not a bad play sometimes to sync t1 for Stardust knowing it will get swung over, if you have nothing else to defend against game. 20. Don't Solemn if they summon DaD with one backfield down. Even if it was a bluff, you were boned. The exception is if they have game on the board and they need SJ to push it through and destroy your Krebons or something. 21. Don't summon Krebons unless you have more normal summons later down the road. You're doing it to save your normal summons, not to "block because har har its Krebons." You will get buttfucked. I'll post more as I think of them. 22. Before you talk shit about a skill less format, I guarantee a top Teledad player like me Spicer or Bellido will fuck a scrub up 90% of the time without cheating irl. The skill gap is HUGE. 23. I think Oppression DaD is a lot better than regular DaD. 24. Once you're really, really good at Teledad, every hand plays itself and it gets boring as fuck. So if I warred you playing Norelas or Volcanic Rocket or Teledad Psychics or w/e, sorry. 25. If your hand is fucked without your Stratos summon and you have something like SJ + PWB vs their set two backfield and two Destiny Draws, it might be smart to just set your two backfield and pass, hoping to SJ their SJ. If I read your shit is weak, I will Solemn your Stratos all day and bone you like cubone. 26. Doom Lord sucks monkey cock. 27. Don't forget you can spin D Draw/Allure to the top to get out Plague and D Dude. Yes, I know it's basic, but sometimes it's better to hold D Draw in case of that. 28. When you shuffle your opponent's deck, either do 1-2 1-2 and make two piles (don't merge them, just put one on top of the other). Or do 1-2-3 1-2-3 and don't merge them. 29. If you have multiple Solemns, don't do what that scrub did and make sure you set all of them. If you have PWB + SJ, you set both because it adds an extra card to the combo they need to kill you (Storm). It's very hard to do 4k damage against a set PWB unless you draw flawless Grepher + Dark Discard + DaD+ Malicious. 30. Colossal Control just means it's undestroyable by battle so you protect it. 31. Don't attack a face-down monster unless your hand is Crushable or unless you're pushing through damage and you have defenses. If you keep attacking Sangans with no follow-up, it can mean the difference between D Draw + searched Mali + two Teleports for death or a win. 32. If your hand is CCVable, Oppress the Malicious. If they draw 6 in hand, D Draw Malicious, and remove it you should probably Oppress it. It's highly unlikely your Oppression will last through to their next turn. 33. If you have any possible way of CCVing on your turn before they set up backfield, you have to do it or it WILL be dead later. The exception is if you have strong infrastructure like Stratos + Malicious + Gardna + PWB + Heavy Storm and you know you can set it up later. 34. If you ever end up in a situation where it's Colossal vs Colossal and all your DaD's are dead and theirs are not, you are dead in the water most times. You should also suck less next time. 35. I am fairly quite certain Breaker is a staple. 36. Unless you are doing it for level3-4 thinking head game reasons, Rotaing for Grepher on t1 is very stupid. You should also be using your second Rota on Grepher usually to set up game shot. It's a key card of the format (and nearly everyone misuses it). 37. If you play Roars or Scapegoats, a good play often is to PWB their set on your draw phase in case it's Solemn. Then if they PWB you you can chain, and you're guaranteed safe for that turn. 38. There is a move called the ATJBUTTPLUG HIYAH! It was known by many players but I think he's the first to (attempt on record in a feature match) it in an SJC. When you have 2 Colossal vs their Colossal, you swing your Colossal into them. Then you pick your own then hollywood and say OH SHIT I AM FUCKING JULIAN WONG WTF DID I DO THAT FOR. Then they pick yours (thinking you misplayed). Then you crash both Colossals and special summon both and then butt plug them. Then you hi5 Julian Wong. Oh and Julian wanted me to say Claudio taught it to him, because Claudio is a hot Euro and Julian is super gay for him.
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    We're a week away from the beginning of two postseason events: DuelistGroundz's Winter 2018 Seasonal Playoffs and Winter Classic. Winter Classic A lot has happened since Bullet Club emerged victorious in the current-format Autumn split of 2017. With the dissolution of All the Outs, ESPN, and the Seraphim, Bullet Club now contends with Storm of Ragnarok for the #1 spot after suffering a number of harrowing losses, most notably to Team Egypt of DuelingBook Forums. Two of Bullet Club's stars have also left the franchise to start their own team: Noxjja and Nicey will represent Tea and Biscuits during these postseason events. I heard that Metro briefly held the position of Chief Strategic Coordinator of Bullet Club, but was eventually ousted from the role for his poor performance. Lastly, a familiar face scored quite the upset just two weeks prior at DCS: New York City. Lemo Pear Gang has emerged from the ashes, having gradually rebuilt since their disqualification last fall, and claimed a DCS title through rip kid no cry. Based on their performances from the regular season, Bullet Club, Storm of Ragnarok, and FuZe Gang are likely locked in their seats for the Winter Classic, leaving one spot up for grabs between Bazoo Boys, Tea and Biscuits, and Lemo Pear Gang. The competition is even more intense on the Goat side of the leaderboard. Neo Sigurimi narrowly carries the first seed over Damage Step, with Workshop for Metalworker and FuZe Gang trailing far behind. Tha 4HUNNIDS and Fluffy Lions will duke it out in exhibition wars to see which, if any, of them can wrestle the #4 seed from FuZe Gang. Four exhibition wins for either team would be enough to do it -- FuZe Gang is not likely to be able to start and finish any wars of their own with only seven remaining days. Seasonal Playoffs - Winter 2018 For almost three months now, the Goat community has wrestled with a singular question: who will stop Jazz? With back-to-back wins at the last two GS-certified events, one of which earned him his seat in this very event, Jazz is the most decorated Goat duelist in the entire league by a long shot. In those three months, Jazz has also fired back strongly against the common concerns towards the end of last year that the format could devolve into Chaos Control mirrors, having won both DCS Juneau and FLC1 with the same pure Goat Control list. It turns out that the shock in pure Goat Control lists observed in the field of the Alpha Omega Memorial wasn't just an altruistic gesture to honor Max Suffridge (RIP) -- it was, in fact, the early symptoms of a full-on renaissance of the archetype of Goat Control. Defending Seasonal Playoff champion MMF will be the first of Jazz's contenders, but likely not the last: Mascis, HyperBeam, and Chevalier de Fromage have all teetered back and forth on the brink of Master Duelist rank over the course of the Winter season, the latter two hot off their Day 2 performances at FLC2 just this past weekend. Fan (but not Masha) favorite Kasper has also breached the coveted 100 Elo mark very recently, leaving him as Jazz's projected first-round opponent if no one else follows suit. However, trailing these five are WGM, Brandis72, Soul, Silver, Tristan, Carl Waite and Shining Blue-eyes along with a few other duelists such as Gojira and G-sop who are inactive as of now, but could still spike the Elo ratings in the remaining week of the season. Three competitors in this season's current-format playoffs are all but certain: rip kid no cry, Noxjja, and Chevalier de Fromage. Tristan's losses to rip kid at DCS: NYC have left him just outside Master Duelist rank, but for most of the season he maintained it comfortably (while winning back-to-back Card Overflow monthlies) and could easily make up for his losses in the remaining week of ranked play. Knowing that every win he scores is a win against Metro and his peanut gallery, Noxjja will be playing at the top of his game with his beloved Odd-Eyes deck, while it remains to be seen what Storm of Ragnarok and Lemo Pear Gang have in store for this event.
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    Hello, DGZ! As many of you have already noticed, I am very new to forum posting & the taboo to which it's users are accustomed to (ergo my color posting & generally negative feedback). I post general questions because I have nothing specifically to discuss. So today, I'm curious; what are your favorite cards? My own favorite card is probably Mark of the Rose. I'm pretty sure I already said that before in a previous post though. Aha...
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43396008 He passed away peacefully at home. I've had an hour to digest this and I'm still shocked, to be honest.
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    maddie - sorry for ditching you. i deleted my discord account, and it slipped my mind that i was even supposed to do a commentary or whatever. i moved out of my house in earnest and i don't/didn't have a private place to VC in so i don't think i could have done it in any case.