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    DGz Mafia players, I knew you'd come. Welcome idiots everyone to the wor- I mean GREATEST GAME OF MAFIA EVER PLAYED. In this game, there will be absolutely NO CLAIMING. No. Claiming. None. I will smite you if you choose to claim. This is a game of grit, pure brute intellect. Only the smart will survive (looking at you daddy Malcolm) and the weak will flail. Prove you have what it takes. This is a closed setup, meaning no roles will be revealed upon death/intro to the game. Day will last 48 hours (starting at 11 PM Central) and nights will be 24 hours. There is a 4 post quota that you must reach or you will be substituted out. @Faintwill kill you as he will have to indulge on this glorious cancer. Majority is off, as I'd like to keep the days and nights starting/ending at the same time. No lynch is a valid thing. I will let you know when you are in MYLO. Introducing the victims contestants: Malcolm Brandis Jazz Sage Walia Tyranno ZeroPassion Hazmah JerichoTheUnwise All site rules and mafia rules apply. Please read your role PM, and please do not communicate outside of this thread, unless otherwise specified. Please keep all arms, legs and penises inside the car at all times. Everyone so delete on 3 1 2 3 You're in MYLO
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    Lol no problem. Glad I made some kinda impression despite being totally lit off my ass this weekend for a rave. ROFL Will keep an eye on this site, looks like an interesting group of players.
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    OFFICIAL VOTE COUNT (1) Zeropassion (from Jazz) (1) Jazz (from Zeropassion) (1) Jericho (from Tyranno) (1) Sage (from Brandis) Missing posts from Quota: (2) Brandis (4) Malcolm (4) Sage (4) Jericho (4) Hazmah
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    This is gonna be a closed setup, with no claiming (don't even hint) and no role reveal (to the players) upon death. I need at least 8 players to make this game work, but the more the merrier. Post Quota will be 4 posts a day phase and since I have common sense there will not be a vote quota. My time is pretty flexible so I'll let the players decide if we wanna do 24/36/48 hour phases Players: Malcolm Brandis Jazz Sage Walia Tyranno Number2 Hazmah JerichoTheUnwise Subs: Faint And yes. There will be flavor. And lots of it.
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    Fucken rapist, don’t ever talk to me or my son ever again. but yea I’m in
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    mario kart but instead of mario characters they have crash bandicoot characters and instead of a film it is a game called crash team racing and it gets remastered for ps4 please remaster crash team racing please
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    i didnt realize the game started. after work ill come in and fuck scum so hard in the ass last night lol
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    Signups are closed, will still accept subs though. Role PMs will be out soon
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    Shoutout to @Kanji for subbing in from outside dgz.
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    why did you lie when you said you could take the dick
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    Dumb very pregnant ass cousin needs a ride home brb as soon as possible.
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    Walia has solved the game everyone. Tell Walia gg
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    i totally believed we were in mylo after reading the OP and i resigned myself not to caring about this game should i revert course and decide to care? idts
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    I thought this would be fun game to play since video game movies have a stigma for being bad and nobody has really figured out how to do them yet. The Tomb Raider one that came out recently is supposed to be okay from what I heard but nothing special, Assassin's Creed apparently they spend most of the film in modern day which is crazy when you have all sorts of historical time periods to visit instead. I wonder why they didn't just scrap that part of the game. Anyway here's my idea: I would adapt Shadow of the Colossus but have the guy only need to kill one Colossus (probably I'd pick the third Colossus or maybe the flying one in the desert) to save the girl instead of 16, and try to build the relationship between him and his horse throughout the film. He would have to speak more to the horse though so you can build the relationship whereas in the game he's fairly mute. Most of the film would be about that relationship with the horse and his travels across the Forbidden Land, scaling tall mountains, through ancient and abandoned cities (like the one where you fight XIV aka Cenobia) and other landscapes, or camping at nighttime feeding the horse. There wouldn't really be any other characters than those people that arrive at the end after he gets turned into a monster. At the Colossus battle I would try to depict it the same way as they do in the games, not some rampaging monster like in Pacific Rim or Rampage but as an animal that you could feel sympathy for since it's just minding it's own business and ends up being murdered. Maybe in the fight scene do what they did in Dark Souls where you can see it's injured and in pain towards the end like with the Sif boss battle when the wolf is damaged and you see it limping and in pain. I would possibly kill the horse toward the end but not during the battle itself, maybe just before like in the lead-up to Colossus XVI where the bridge collapses and it falls but in the game it survives, I would rather be more decisive and kill it instead. I'm not a scriptwriter though it would probably be really boring but I think it would be cool and could actually work.
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    Shit Fucking Westero. I thought this was supposed to be a role madness game? Vote JerichoTheUnwise. Seems like the right choice tbh.
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    A fine fine welcome back into the DGZ mafia scene. Vote: Jazz die
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    Tempting but I'll be in a couple other games plus vacation this week so it might be hectic. I'll keep an eye out for something that'll start in July.
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    @Broken Brilliance do fuck you mafia 4.0
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    For the million dollar question @reiam I banned or do i stay
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    Came in with a clutch vote cuz I knew rei was spewing bullshit! And Tyranno fucks the gamestate to repay me?
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    i lost my laptop charger. i godded d1. malcolm should not have died. i considered killing solstice. another kill was faint. i was asking for reads on roles. rip. i found my laptop charger though!
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    I like my mafia games the way I like my coffee - without markus in it and with a very bitter note at the end.
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    That’s supposed to be rei, and yeah fuck your late as fuck claim rei.
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    uvote Vote rei He is scum, not a cop. Any real cop would have countercounterclaimed me immediately and outed their scan sine it's mylo, not asked me why they would do something if scum. They also waited until I said I wouldn't be around to bring this up. My break is over so I have to go back to work, but I will try and get back on later if at all possible.
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    Alright so I gather I've taken on the role of the freaking spazz before me. Who hates me so far? Maybe we can start there. LOL
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    If you're town then why aren't you trying to solve the game? Who do you think is town/scum and why? Which partnerships between the remaining players are or aren't likely? You're the strongest player left regardless of your alignment, so coming in the thread just to say "If I was scum why would I do this?" then bailing isn't doing you any favors. Honestly the only thing making me hesitate on you is this as scum love making posts like this as they create false dichotomies and set up future mislynches; so if I'm wrong and faint is scum then he was very likely trying to setup up mislynchs here, meaning you could be town. (And I could very well be wrong on faint given 3 of my day one reads were wrong, and I really dislike this particular post for the above reasons). But you haven't even brought this up yourself and there has been such little game solving effort coming from you (or anyone left really) that it's ridiculous. It bothers me tremendously that both Markus and Brandis have yet to pop their heads in here despite over half the phase passing, especially since I remember them both being EXTREMELY active early on and throughout day 1. And Brandis promised he'd be able to give us a lot more day 2 as he'd have more info then, but we've yet to see anything. It makes me think Malcolm was on the right track and at least one (if not both) of them are scum and he bit the bullet for catching onto it. vote Markus / flacko / whatever you call yourself now I really wish I could have held off on voting until they posted something today I could analyze, but I have to go into work early tomorrow and won't get off before end of day. That said it's quite likely I won't be able to make a post tomorrow, so this next hour or two is all you've got me for. And since it's mylo ALL OF TOWN BETTER HAVE A VOTE OUT AT EOD. I think it's unlikely faint will be around at EOD due to timezone issues (he complained about it when day 1 ended) so whoever is here needs to be vigilant on making sure people vote before they have to go and watching the thread to prevent any potential scum snipes.
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    Will the other earl if there is one please claim now? It would be nice to know if we’re dealing with a role blocker or not
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    Okay, so I guess some explaining is in order. I'm going through some insane stuff right now so hopefully effortposting about this will get my mind off of it, or at least distract me for a little while. First and foremost, congratulations to Titto Maret aka @Faith+1 for ending in top 8 of YCS New Jersey last weekend. He was the only one in the room playing my exact 70 card list. His profile is here: In DN picture form, here was the list: Typed out: Main Deck: 40 Monsters: 9 3 Sky Striker Ace - Raye 3 Psy Frame Gamma 1 Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair 1 Ghost Winter & Cherries Something 1 Psy Frame Driver Spells: 28 2 Called by the Grave 2 Foolish Burial Goods >>>2<<< Metalfoes Fusion 3 Pot of Desires 1 Reinforcements of the Army 1 Sky Striker Area Zero Space 2 Sky Striker Mecha - Afterburners! 1 Sky Striker Mecha - Jamming Waves! 2 Sky Striker Mecha Hornet Drones 1 Sky Striker Mecha - Shark Cannon 2 Sky Striker Mecha - Widow Anchor 2 Sky Striker Mecha Modules - Multirole 3 Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! 1 Terraforming 2 Twin Twisters 1 Upstart Goblin Traps: 3 3 Infinite Impermanence Extra Deck: 15 1 Psy-Frame Lord Omega 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Heavymetalfoes Electrumite 1 Isolde of the Noble Knights 1 Knightmare Mermaid 1 Knightmare Unicorn 1 Knightmare Phoenix 1 Linkuriboh 3 Sky Striker Ace- Kagari 3 Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku 1 SPYRAL Double Helix Side Deck: 15 3 Ash Blossom & Something Something 1 Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair 2 Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode 1 Called by the Grave 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Sky Striker Area Zero Space 1 Twin Twisters 1 Sky Striker Mecha Hornet Drones 3 Typhoon Here were Titto's matchups: Feature Matches: Round 6 vs James Sooklaris: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/2018/06/round-6-feature-match-titto-maret-vs-james-sooklaris/ Top 16 vs Max Reynolds: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/2018/06/top-16-feature-match-maximillian-reynolds-vs-titto-maret/ It's worth mentioning as well that I'm currently 3rd place in DN matches with this list, with a 90% winrate (72-8.) However, some of my losses aren't exactly "real" (losing to giant bees flying into my room making me panic, losing to having a suicidal schizophrenic breakdown against an idiot mid-match, etc) so it's closer to like 76-4: Ok. Now let's talk about the actual list. Why Play Pure Sky Striker? Right. So the first thing I want to make clear is the context this deck was made in. It was around the time Gouki started getting extremely popular, about 2-3 weeks ago now. I had already wanted to play a go 2nd list since going 2nd is preferable in the mirror, and it just so happens that the hand traps that get around Called by the Grave in Gouki are better going second as well, such as Psy-Frame Gamma and Infinite Impermanence. Note that this was right before Trickstar Brandish got extremely popular, which was at the end of last week. However, if you play well, this isn't actually a hard matchup. I'll explain more about that in another post. Anyway, like I said, at the juncture of "good in the mirror" and "best outs to Gouki around Called," we arrived at a go 2nd list maining Gamma and Impermanence. That was the reason to actually play the deck for this event in the first place. Card Choices Some things might confuse people with this list, especially going by the YouTube comments. But there's a reason for every single choice with theory that goes back months now. I'll start with the weird monsters. Diabolos This card is part of a group of cards that go by the logic of "going for damage in the mirror (I'll include Trickstar Sky Striker in this too)." These cards include Twin Twisters, Called by the Grave, Diabolos itself, etc. They can't be considered in separation from eachother. What caused the need for going for damage in the mirror were the Cherries/Evenly builds that became popular online. The way that you beat that deck is just to ignorantly go for damage and not play into Evenly too hard. That's how we originally realized it and started playing these cards, but we stuck with them because going for damage just ended up being better in the mirror anyway regardless of their build, especially with the new End of Match Procedure rules. Naturally, since the cards that adhere to this logic are stronger in the mirror, we want to side more of them in the mirror. That's how we ended up siding a second Diabolos, a third Twin Twister, and a third Called. 1 Cherries The 38th, 39th, and 40th cards in my deck were 2nd Afterburner, Diabolos, and 1 Cherries. I had 3 spots left while building it. I decided that instead of playing three cards that shine in one match up but are bad against others, I'd play cards that are amazing in specific match-ups but that are decent otherwise, diversifying my match-ups. The 2nd Afterburner is good against Altergeist. Diabolos is good in the mirror. Cherries is good against Gouki and Spyral. Just like the Diabolos-Called-Twin Twister idea, these cards cannot be considered apart from eachother, and that's how we ended up with the numbers for them. Now for the weird Spells. 2 Metalfoes Fusion Elephant in room lol. So, just like the last two choices cant be understood apart from their context, the thing that must be realized about Foolish Burial Goods, Metalfoes Fusion, Twin Twisters, Called by the Grave, Airspace, etc is that they're Burning Abyss monsters. What do I mean by this? Recall the logic of the ratios of Burning Abyss monsters in my old BA decks from 2015. Instead of the "3 of one card before any of another" theory, they operated on "since they're the same card effectively and therefore redundant, spread them out as much as possible in numbers to minimize the chance of drawing two of the same one." The aforementioned cards in this deck operate on exactly the same logic. They're all combo cards that are bad in multiples. All that would be left, then, is to demonstrate that Metalfoes Fusion belongs in this list of cards. It is by far the best card to send with Multirole and Airspace, and along with Diabolos, the best card to discard for Twin Twister. Considering we play 8 of those outlets total (even more post-side,) I think we can justify another Metalfoes Fusion. Worst case, it's not that difficult to get them to destroy it when you set it in a format with Trickstar Lightstage, Knightmare Phoenix, and Jamming Waves. The last thing to mention is worries about "how many bricks we're playing." To begin with, it just so happens that Trickstar Reincarnation being in the format is pretty convenient for letting us play more bricks since they'll be replaced with the new hand. Second, Metalfoes Fusion and Diabolos are moreso combo cards than bricks in the traditional "Garnet" sense. The only real brick in the deck is Driver, and even then we still at least have Twin Twister. 1 Field Spell, 1 Terraforming This is just the right order to play them. Seeing them both is fine because you can use Field Spell on the dead Terraforming, which you can't do if you played 2 Field Spell instead. 2nd Field Spell in side comes before 2nd Terraforming because the 2nd Terraforming makes banishing the Field Spell with Desires way more risky. 3 Pot of Desires People say they don't like this card because the mirror is "resource-intensive" and they don't like "banishing too many resources." The reality is that if you're on the "go for damage" logic with Diabolos, Twin Twister, etc, then the mirror isn't about "resources," it's about just killing them. To add to that, you have to get to certain cards as fast as possible in other match-ups. Since, unlike Called by the Grave and Twin Twisters, this card is neutral to what matchup you're against while also being applicable to the same idea that made them 2 of's, this is the first card in order to go to 3. Only 2 Widow Anchor, Shark Cannon Shark Cannon is good against Trickstar, as well as when you're going for damage in the mirror to have a searchable way out of their Raye in Graveyard. It's also good if your Red or Blue get Cherries'd, to reborn theirs. These situations "come up" which dictate a need for it. Widow Anchor is played at 3 a lot, which I don't think is bad. However, it is weak against boards with Knightmare Goblin. I suppose you could argue that they lose anyway when they have boards like this, but they can end on it potentially through a hand trap (ending on a worse board.) Considering you don't really need to Widow Anchor much in the format in a going second list (whereas in a going first one you might just wanna set a bunch of them,) there becomes less of a need for this card, but this counterbalanced by the fact of Desires banishing it and the 2nd in deck "coming up," brings us to 2 copies. 2 Hornet Drones It just sucks when this card gets Cherries'd in the mirror, and Raye is almost always preferable to start with. With 9 starter cards in the deck, along with combinations like Multirole + Field Spell or Twin Twister + Field Spell, as well as the opponent's Reincarnations, I'm not that worried on the impact cutting one has on the consistency of the deck. However, against decks we side in Sphere Mode against, we want all 3. So we end up with 2 mained and 1 sided. That's it for the Spells, and we've already discussed Gamma and Impermanence, which concludes the main deck. Now for the weird stuff in the extra. 1 Scrap Dragon This, along with Omega, clears itself from the Extra Monster Zone. However, unlike Omega, it deals with Floodgates on board. So if they're playing Altergeist and have Anti-Spell up and use Multifaker in hand, you can Gamma it (which they can't Protocol because Faker activated in hand,) then get over the Marionetta or whatever on board to turn off Protocol, then Scrap Dragon the Anti-Spell and you're golden. Works fine against other helmet decks like True Draco as well. 1 Heavymetalfoes Electrumite Mike was the one that convinced me to put this card in as the 15th card over the Hexstia vs Skull Dread I was slaving over. I guess one pendulum did top so it's sort of relevant, moreso than World Chalice anyway. On to the side deck, stuff that hasn't been explained yet. How I Side I'm gonna start by copy/pasting the text document on how to side with this deck. It doesn't include Trickstar because it was made before that deck became popular but the siding against that deck is -3 Gamma -1 Driver -1 Cherries -3 Impermanence +3 Ash +1 Called +1 Diabolos +1 Twin Twister +1 Airspace +1 Drones: 3 Ash Blossom + Something Something This card's function is due to the popularity of Shared Ride, to make going second in the mirror and elsewhere still better even post-side. You hold it for that. 2 Sphere Mode This card acts as another hand trap that they can't Called by the Grave. 1 Hornet Drones This goes along with Sphere Mode mostly, since you can't normal summon Raye the turn you use it. But it's also good against Reincarnation and Anti-Spell Fragrance decks. 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, 3 Typhoon We just aren't losing to Altergeist. MST vs Cosmic Cyclone is debatable, but you can MST your own Field Spell to unbrick yourself. Also, paying for Cosmic Cyclone is not as good with the new End of Match Procedures. Typhoon, it should be mentioned, is also important in the mirror cus it prevents you from losing to a turn 1 Multirole while not being able to be Called by the Graved (unlike Ogre.) We're playing that over Evenly Matched in that matchup because better Altergeist players have caught on to not setting a trillion cards against us, and if they just set a floodgate and maybe a backrow and just try to go aggro we can be in trouble. And that's the deck. Might be subject to change some now that Trickstar is really popular though, but I don't think its a bad matchup if you play well. Once again, huge shoutout to Titto for top 8ing this event. 2 Fusion 2 Strong!
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    No. The rules have changed.
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    De-spell isn't versatile, it doesn't hit regular backrows harpies aren't really versatile either, it's an entire deck, and if you have to pick a skill because there's no other versatile cards in the format then the game isn't balanced
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    whenever I run a train on you, I think of faint
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    unvote vote hazmah "First of all, @Broken Brilliance Stop posting in the thread you clown, it creates clutter." this looks like scum attempting to appear like helpful town and saying they are "anti-clutter". I don't believe this is a townie opening post
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    who the fuck are these people wow
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    i straight up didn't see your claim rofl, like yeah it was bolded and italicized but i was in dont-get-modkilled mode and glazed over it No idea how i pulled it so well i think my overall 'scum would never be this dum' strat helped a bit
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    metal gear solid but you cut all the sneaking