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    Day 2 Final VC BB (5) - Soph, Jazz, Marjorie, Malcolm, Juan Juan (2) - Macer, BB Not Voting (2) - 2k19, Gemstone ____ Broken Brilliance was lynched. They were: ____ Night 2 begins now, and will end in 24 hours at 5PM EST on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019, or when all night actions have been submitted. ____ TheGoldenTyranno has subbed in over 2k19.
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    "Wait," Faith cut rei off mid-sentence. "You shot a deer?" "That's right, a ten-point buck. Right between its soulful little eyes." This time, Sayaka interjected. "Since when do you hunt, bro?" "Since always. I'm a great hunter." "How does hunting a defenseless creature make you a good hunter?" "Yeah," Faith agreed. "You should go after something that could at least defend itself. You know, a really great hunter would go after something that can hunt him back. Like a man!" "Don't even joke about hunting no man." rei was having none of this. "Who's joking? I'm not joking. I think that hunting a man would be the only true test of a good hunter." "Yeah? I was hunted once." rei's demeanor became more serious. Faith and Sayaka had unwittingly triggered dark memories from within him. "I had just come back from Nam. I was hitching through Oregon and some cop started harassing me. Next thing you know, I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods. I had to take 'em all out. It was a bloodbath." "That's Rambo, dude." Now Sophocles chimed in, having listened in on the conversation from nearby. "What?" "You just described the plot of Rambo." "Yeah," nodded Faith, "you're confusing your life with Rambo, bro." The members of the website Duelistgroundz.com had grown used to this. "That's not the first time you've described your life in the way of John Rambo's life." "Yeah," said Sayaka. "You know what? It's actually making me think I can get on board with a manhunt." "Really? Me too, dude." Faith was getting excited at the new idea they had stumbled across. "I'm just throwing that out there." "No." rei was adamant. "You do not go on a manhunt." Faith and Sayaka laughed together. "Screw you." full claiming is allowed players flip on death one mafia member carries out the nightkill 36 hour days, 12 hour nights or whenever majority is reached/all night actions resolved no powers/nightkills on night zero PLAYERS 1. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I AM TYPING THAT USERNAME OUT ON MY KEYBOARD 2. JAZZ 3. MALCOLM 4. BROKEN BRILLIANCE 5. SAGERHAPSODY 6. REI 7. MATERIALMACER 8. GEMSTONE MINE 9. THEGOLDENTYRANNO
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    Town wins by SK surrender rei: Mafia Roleblocker - Lynched day 1 Broken: Mafia Tracker - Lynched day 2 Marjorie: Serial Killer - Surrendered day 5 Macer: Town Roleblocker - Killed night 4 Jazz: Town Tracker Gemstone: Town Doctor - Lynched day 3 2k19/TGT: Vanilla Town (Neighbor) - Lynched day 4 Soph: Vanilla Town (Neighbor) Sage: Vanilla Town (Neighbor) - Killed night 1 Juan: Town Fruit Vendor Malcolm: Town Fruit Vendor - Killed night 2 Every faction complained that the cards were stacked against them. Town MVP: None Town HM: 2k19 Town LVP: The chosen Juan Scum MVP: None Scum LVP: Broken Brilliance
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    Some thoughts from a guy who read 0 posts itt Getting "there's a third party" from literal standard role PMs is hilariously stupid. Every role PM should read like these ones unless your setup is open or you explicitly want to hand out more information about the setup (which is fine if that's what you're looking to do). Scum were slightly underpowered - it wouldn't have mattered this game because they went and got themselves killed but they did need a bit more of something Scum getting eliminated asap was about as poor of an outcome as possible for the balance of this game, it would have been much more interesting otherwise. That's unfortunate. I completely forgot about the existence of safeclaims LOL I have no idea why anyone would claim to be a neutral with a wincon which could clearly steal the win from town
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    Are you two cosplaying jazz and frank
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    sorry jc not just any boy box can get this epic superstar donkey dong
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    there's no reason to claim unless I was on the chopping block, and not only was there no reason I should have been on the chopping block, i wasn't until i left. Soph/tgt/juan were all far better lynches than me.
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    we spend 22 hours discussing 3 completely viable targets, I disappear for 2 fucking hours and you guys go and lose your minds and do literally anything but that. Lesson learned, never leave dgz town alone for more than 5 min if a choices has to be made.
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    also i have no idea what juan was smoking but I want some
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    I Wanted a Peaceful Life with My Wife, but My Best Friend is the Demon Lord and Can Summon Irresistible Crackhead Succubi visual novel based on the life of aaron coming soon
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    what is that like 1 hour and 12 minutes what is this a goddamn math lesson
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    tfw you walk into the thread after having not posted all day and you're 1 vote away from hammer
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    tfw you make an account on duelistgroundz to bump a 5 year old thread and defend erin diaz
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    It wasnt just because he was "tired" he wasnt penalized but because hes never cheated, been suspended from any game for cheating and simply made a human mistake. 3 years later and not a bleep of incident still. The guys really sweet and while he was sloppy as hell he accidently drew an extra card and asked chris v for his handcount which chris v immediately counter asked. When we were there thats how we saw it and thats how judges saw it, if he knew he cheated he would not ask for a hand count that would also get his hand counted. THINK PEOPLE
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    i know you wish she made this thread for you we all know
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    I would have taken this gladly were it not for doctor not claiming when it mattered lol I'd say we're about even.
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    shoutout to Malcolm for showing up this game and actually explaining reads
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    "Scum please hammer" flacko: im not to do that yet town members getting suspected:
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    so gemstone tunneling me made me use my bullet proof power every night instead of killing bc i had to soft pr so u guys can just thank lvp doctor claiming vanilla although the scum role blocker is dead for ur win
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    i tried my best guys. i didnt get lucky even once. everyone i wanted to kill and was setting up kills for were confirmed by roles. broken immediately exposed himself. i think i could've maybe done it if i had one more lynch. it felt really really unfair. half of the town roles confirmed themselves by roles and the scum roles reflecting made the counter claims ridiculously strong. the best i could do is just do a coin flip and win the 50/50 but I couldn't even get that. i tried to end with a final four but the people i ended up having to have at the end sucked. also i didnt actually want gemstone to die but jazz and tyranno unvoted like immediately and switched to him. if i didnt skip kill i would've just died right there regardless. imagine if gemstone just claimed healer like a good player though. i was just doomed. there was just too many confirmed towns.
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    why are yall taking an aaron thread this seriously
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    Nah ur fine, most people enjoy ur posts
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    I am not lying sophocles. I am over my hate boner for Juan. He isn't scum. He isn't serial killer. If he's fruit survivor, whatever.
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    Day 3 Final VC Gemstone (3) - TGT, Jazz, Marjorie TGT (2) - Juan, Gemstone Soph (1) - Macer Not Voting (1) - Soph ______ Gemstone Mine was lynched. They were: _____ Night 3 begins now, and ends in 24 hours or when all night actions have been submitted.
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    I will show you the scum Shining, slithering, apprehended Tell me tracker now when did You last let your brain decide? I will open your eyes Show you liar by liar Over sideways and higher On a magic posting ride! A whole scum team A whole new factual point of view So don't you tell me no Or who has to go Or say I'm only sheeping A whole scum team A dazzling plan you never knew And then from way up here It's crystal clear That now you've found the whole scum team with me
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    in other news I am number 10290 in poe queue so you have me till that works itself out.
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    But it’s just Juan, and if he steals this win it’s 100% on you guys
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and argue that our basis shouldn't be that someone isn't trying to play suboptimally.
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    that's even worse have you seen my voting and posting record? I wanted to lynch BB throughout most of D1, then consciously swapped to rei when a Juan train was quite likely. Then on D2 i kept my vote from the start of the day to the end on BB. That's a hell of a bus if I'm scum and I'd like to think I'd never be stupid enough to do that.
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    I made a 96 on my history finals. One more to go.
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    and one for us bc tyranno's subbing in
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    Ladies calm down, you can both be scum
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    Huh? I nailed ash in my first read through the thread. Don’t be silly and discredit my read. I had no problem with either lynch but I preferred Juan. Also, soph is one of the poopiest scum there is
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    Malcolm didn’t nail rei lol 2k and I led the rei lynch Malcolm wanted to kill Juan Not saying malcolm is scum. Hell I actually think juan probably is scum, but get your head in the game
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    i've personally advised him not to cheat, but at the same time im not really going to drag someone away from a girl if he wants to go through with it. hes an adult and made his own conscious decisions sadly. im 100% not trying to manipulate him to abandon his family. i actually advised he stops doing what hes doing. he's now cheated twice and its quite clear the direction hes going in sadly. at the same time, im still going to go out with him because hes my friend. hes an adult man. if anything me smashing the glass in the bathroom was quite the cockblock but he still managed to keep going.
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    mostly because path of exile servers go up in about 4 min and I promise you that I wont be back in the thread for eod after that.
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    a) i never tunnelled you faith. I pressured you on the worst post in the thread thus far. Stop whining about it. b) jumping on at eod to bus rei makes literally no sense when up until I jumped on juan was likely to be lynched but alright.
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    well, i have the biggest dick and my vote is on juan so juan it is!
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    jazz 100% deserves to die today.
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    prepare to get neg stalked you fuck