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    Been a long damn time. How ya'll been?!
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    booting into safe mode is a good sign im about to head to an interview so ill come back to this later but from safe modew/ networking run chkdsk from command line as administrator first and foremost. sounds are always discouraging as they could be mechanical failures, hard drive or fans usually
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    have you tried turning it off then on again
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    yea i have no idea why anyone would want to get back into ygo
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    Terrible game, I wish rei would have taught me how to play MTG 10 years ago
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    Post big list of games you've rated out of 10 and then update with posts/reviews of games you've recently played. Discuss people's ratings etc. Bayonetta 6.5 BOTW 10.0 Fire Emblem Awakening 10.0 Fire Emblem Conquest 10.0 Fire Emblem Revelations 6.0 Fire Emblem Birthright 8.0 Fire Emblem Path or Radiance 8.5 Mario Galaxy 9.5 Mario Odyssey 10.0 Pokemon Blue 9.0 Pokemon Silver 9.5 The Last Story 6.5 Windwaker HD 10.0 XC2 8.5 Alan Wake 6.5 Assasin’s Creed 6.0 Crysis 7.0 Batman Arkham Asylum 9.0 Batman Arkham City 8.5 Bioshock 8.0 Bioshock 2 8.0 Bioshock Infinite 8.5 Bloodborne 10.0 Bravely Default 8.5 Brother a tale of two sons 8.0 Dark Souls 10.0 Dishonoured 8.5 Divinity Original Sin 8.5 Dragon Age Origins 9.5 Fallout 3 8.5 Fallout NV 7.5 FF7 8.0 FFX 8.5 Kingdom Hearts 10.0 Kingdom Hearts 2 10.0 Kingdom Hearts DDS 7.5 Kingdom Hearts BBS 7.5 Ni No Kuni 9.5 Persona 3 7.0 Persona 4 8.0 Portal 9.0 Spec Ops 5.0 South Park Stick of Truth 9.0 Suikoden I 7.0 Suikoden II 7.5 Witcher 1 6.5 Witcher 2 8.0 The Last of Us 9.0 Trails in the Sky FC 10.0 Trails in the Sky SC 10.0 Trails: Cold Steel 8.0 Trails: Cold Steel II 9.0 The Stanley Parable 7.0 The Walking Dead Season 1 6.0 To the Moon 6.0 Tomb Raider 9.0 Uncharted 5.5 Uncharted 2 8.0 Uncharted 3 7.0 XCOM 8.5 I know straight away some people will be perplexed by me rating FF7 lower than FFX. Its more to do with just how outdated 7 was and my inability to come to terms with it in regards to navigation. Also I actually felt more attached to the FFX cast and the ending. Fallout NV being lower than 3 is also very controversial... I just didn't get through NV and got bored of it after hitting Vegas and talking to the two different factions. I would like to replay it as I feel like I've missed something there. Kingdom Hearts 10.0 despite not being perfect by any means it outweighed by just how epic and impactful the story and memories its created is.
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    ... guess I should prob just put up or shut up - I don't do numerical rankings because complex opinions being condensed to digits is no bueno for me but lets rank the final fantasies... that aren't 11 and 14 i don't like MMOs I can't rate them fairly. Also realizing that no1 will both not be my favourite and the actual pick i'm making for no1 makes me feel... really, really dirty but I can't really justify any other title as the best Lets also be clear that i enjoy every single one of these games except 2. ANYWAY 13 FINAL FANTASY GAMES RANKED AND JUSTIFIED 13: Final Fantasy II I have to give it credit for both basically launching the SaGa series and for trying a cool skill system the game is just fucking broken, the 'trap rooms' with 99% encounter rate and you somehow land in the middle is the stupidest shit on earth, and I still can't get past "Guy speaks beaver". FF2' introduced named plot characters but really to me its main contribution is Ramuh's story in FFIX... 12: Final Fantasy XIII It was really tempting to put this at 13 for the synergy of 13 - 13 but lets be clear - walking down a hallway for 20-40 hours, with no towns and interaction and the story being primarily delivered through FUCKING TEXT MANUALS IRRELEVANT TO THE ACTIONS OF YOUR HERO is god awful gameplay design. That said, it's a super fucking pretty game and I love the characters and I'll never say no to it, it's just a deeply flawed game 11: Final Fantasy XII The only single player Final Fantasy I haven't played. It's here entirely because I couldn't find a spot for it. I will update this when I beat it. Or rerank whatever. 10: Final Fantasy So here's the thing with FF1 - the NES version has the best plot twist of all its releases (what the Sky Castle is) but is also fundamentally broken in a bunch of ways so you'd want to play a remake which gets rid of the amazing twist because remake staffs are fucking idiots. It's a good RPG, iut's a bit sparing on plot because lol NES, its main limitation is being badly coded - what do you mean all these stat effects do nothing?! (then again FF6 had similar problems and is... lower on the list) 9: Final Fantasy XV Wanted to put the joyous boyband adventure higher but the late game is just... so meh - after so much in terms of amazing exploration and landscapes the game just nopes you out at the eleventh hour and staples you to the railroad and forces you to suck it all up without seeing anything during the climax. What a bummer 8: Final Fantasy III This would be higher if Final Fantasy V didn't exist. The job system is the single greatest aspect of classic FF, and is almost, but not quite an aspect that would make FFX-2 worth playing. FFIII is the hardest game in the series which would be props but a big part of it is just architectural with the SIX FUCKING ENDGAME BOSSES WITH NO SAVES SINCE THE START OF THE DUNGEON. other than that it suffers due to NES-plot scarcity, only FF2 really overcame that but I mean FF2 had... well there's a reason i ranked it last. 7: Final Fantasy VIII Great plot, great music, great characters, really fun to break teh hell out of the game and ruin everything at level 10... but its also broken as hell, time compression is kind of contrived, Squall can be an unlikeable fuckstick even if he does have good character development, and its graphics have aged really badly next to 9 (Cartoony, aged beautifully) and 7 (also ugly but at least their faces look okay) 6: Final Fantasy IV Taking everything good about FF2 (and was released under that title first in the US woot) while adding actually good gameplay and introducing one of the greatest keys of the series, the ATB system. FF4's main problem is trying to pull the 'oh this person died but surprise they didnt' emotional punch way too many fucking times (what, Tellah, Cid, Palom, Porom, Rydia, and Yang - only one of which actually sticks, plus the Kain backstabaroony)- and the fact that the initial US release was so badly nerfed and so meh translated... though it makes up for that by being by far the best Final Fantasy speedrun - check out Brossentia's DieHard% speedrun at a GDQ in like 2013 it's still amazing and hilarious. 5: Final Fantasy X To me, my top four can all be shuffled around and i'd still be happy with the results, X is the last game that doesn't make that cut - X has the second best battle system in the entire series, a beautiful plot, environment, and soundtrack, and pretty cool characters (fucking everyone loved Auron growing up and you cannot convince me otherwise) - what keeps it out of the top 5 is while FF has always been linear this is where it really shows its Crash Bandicoot the RPG syndrome of walk for 40 hours looking and beating up pretty things that would later make FF13 so awful. 4: Final Fantasy V I'm sorry did you have a gripe against FFV? I can't hear you over my SWEET ASS MOTHERFUCKING JOB SYSTEM. Final Fantasy V has the best battles in the entire series. Your cunning and stratagy is never rewarded so thoroughly as FFV does, and there are many cool and creative ways to get what you need done... and if you dont think, you just fucking die. Plus it's funny as fuck, especially with the GBA and onward translation, and introducing dimensional hobo Gilgamesh to the series for great dialogue, fun battles, and even the funniest moment in Final Fantasy VIII. The only reason it loses to the rest of the top 3 is because not taking itself too seriously does kind of hurt compared to the gut punches the top three pull. 3: Final Fantasy VI ... I really thought this would be number one but when i broke it down it couldn't cut past the other two. Ultimately fucking around in Narsche is just so boring it brings the rest of the game down - and the rest of the game is the most diverse final fantasy cast, with a compelling plot, great player punches (even if Mateus did Kefka's blow shit up move ifrst no one liked FF2), music that literally pushed the SNES to its limits, no main character, a truly open second half where you could do as much or as little as you wanted, plus some damn fun battles and scenery. Except you Gau, fuck you Gau. Do not EVER play FF6 on a sony console. SNES encounter rates + PS1 load times is a fucking nightmare. GBA version is prob its best release 2: Final Fantasy IX Fuck, that revealed number one, which means I'm sorry in advance and I hope I can justify it. Final Fantasy IX has the best 'feels' in the entire series, it's a beautiful game that's aged really well due to cartoony graphics and matte painting backgrounds, it has a strong female character who does not want to fuck the protagonist, the protagonist is likeable, clever, flirty, and involved, the homages to blade runner are fun, quoting the phantom menace is... not, but whatever, and considering the game is a love letter to the previous 8 games it does SO much right and SO much perfectly and hnnng i fucking love FF9. So why isn't it no1? 1: Side characters need to be fleshed out more / disk 3 needs more shit I am looking RIGHT THE FUCK AT YOU AMARANT. And a little at you Freya but at least you had sort of an arc. You need more shit, lets lave it at that 2: SNES encounter rate, PS1 load times, super cinematic intros Battles take for fucking ever in this game and you sometimes cant even remember waht the fuck you were doing - Kuja;s palace comes to mind here as its what pissed me off in my first run, but seriously wtf. I am so glad the PC/mobile version has basically cheats to turn off encounters hardwired right in. 1: I can't fucking believe I ranked Fnal Fantasy VII First. Look, FFVII just does things right from every corner of the final fantasy universe without ever feeling like it's calling back to shit or homaging it - it has a deep introspective plot like 6 did but its long sections (midgar) instead of feeling like a chore are engaging, beautiful, and keep you connected - but behind that you still get the classic 4-6 FF gameplay you need but all gussied up for the new-at-the-time system - it's not that FF7 does everything right, but it captures every single component of what makes FF games good - good battles, interesting characters, cool environments, captivating tone, rewards for exploration, decent plot, and a diverse world - every other game has a glaring flaw with one of these components; and VII simply doesn't - or the flaw is minute enough for it to just not matter. You son of a bitch Sephiroth, I should have known you were frogs all along.
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    Best post of the thread was slick saying the "i wouldnt do this as scum" because not only is it wifom, i think we should accept its not true.
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    The laptop in question in a HP pavilion dv7-6b78us Entertainment PC running windows 7. I have a much better desktop, but as it's not portable I'd really like to get this old thing running properly. I was trying to run a steam game as well as update another one at the same time and my computer froze; I could neither see nor move the mouse and attempting to bring up the task manager using control+alt+delete did nothing. I made the mistake of holding the power button to shut down and then everything went wrong. I went to restart and got as far as the windows logo before it hangs for a bit, makes a weird noise, then turns itself off. I've tried running a repair; it didn't help. I've scanned for viruses and found nothing. Neither system restore nor doing a clean boot has fixed the issue either. I've tired a few recommended msconfig commands with no luck. It will run fine in safe mode with networking, however this is not a permanent solution especially as it has no audio. I've checked the drivers in the device manager and the only one showing issues is Consumer IR Devices, but disabling it has not solved the issue and trying to update just tells me I already have the latest version. I've tried uninstalling the steam games I had open when it froze, but it says this feature is not available in safe mode. At this point I'm not sure what else to try other than putting everything back to factory settings, which is going to be a pain as it means I have to install everything all over again. I'm open to any suggestions.
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    I end up paying $400 for all of the glad stuff that I need. I run this beast of deck. Monsters: 19 [3] Test Tiger [1] Elemental Hero Stratos [2] Elemental Hero Prisma [2] Gladiator Beast Laquari [2] Gladiator Beast Darius [2] Gladiator Beast Bestiari [1] Gladiator Beast Murmillo [1] Gladiator Beast Hoplomus [1] Sangan [1] Spirit Reaper [2] D.D. Crow [1] Breaker the Magical Warrior Spells: 9 [2] Cold Wave [2] Book of Moon [1] Reinforcement of the Army [1] Monster Reborn [1] Mystical Space Typhoon [1] Heavy Storm [1] Brain Control Traps: 12 [1] Torrential Tribute [1] Crush Card Virus [1] Trap Dustshoot [2] Bottomless Trap Hole [2] Dimensional Prison [2] Gladiator Beast War Chariot [3] Solemn Judgment Round 1 - cornarchs (bobby barone) Game 1 he gets everything, I win game 2, then I win game 3 in time. This was a very close match. 1-0 Round 2 - Horrible version of GBs I 2-0 this kid easily. 2-0 Round 3 - Another weird build of GBs I win game 1, lose game 2 because of a misplay, and then win game 3. 3-0 Round 4 - More GBs His build was actually decent, but he made a few bad plays and I 2-0 him. 4-0 Round 5 - TeleDAD Game 1 he gets the nuts. I can't stop his stuff. Game 2 he doesn't put a counter on Breaker (even though he never used the effect). So then I Cold Wave, summon Laquari and attack into his 1900 breaker. I was mad. He wins. He ends up going undefeated. 4-1 Round 6 - GBs (cooper) Game 1 I win because my build was better than his, but game 2 I sacked the crap out of him. I'm at 100 to his 1900 with a dead Royal Oppression fd, a Book of Moon, and a Sangan. He has 2 fd Jujus, and a Stratos. He summons Prisma. He attacks with Stratos. I book it. Prisma attacks, I search for Test Tiger. At this point, my hand is Mind Control, D.D. Crow, and Test Tiger. He ends. I rip into the other Test Tiger. I go, Mind Control Prisma, dump my 2nd Bestiari, Test Tiger for Darius, contact, kill the 2 fd Jujus. Then, I Test Tiger the Gyzarus for Darius, Bestiari, and contact again to kill his fds. They were Shrink and Mirror Force. I kill the Stratos, bring out 2 Laquaris, and pass with a Crow in my hand. He goes Test Tiger for Darius next turn, I crow and he scoops. 5-1 Round 7 - TeleDAD (rodney, shawn castillo's best friend Game 1 he first turn CCVs me, but somehow I manage to come back. Game 2 was close. He has Magical Andriod with no cards to my Test Tiger in hand and no cards. I rip into a Laquari, Test Tiger for Darius, Bestiari, contact, attack, and he Necro Gardna's. He had 3 Darks, and needs to rip a DAD. He tops Allure, removes a dark, and can't do anything. I attack again, and bring out Herk with 1 card in hand. He rips a CCV, and gets all excited, then realizes that it won't help him. He sets CCV, crow, and passes. I Heavy Storm the CCV, summon Murmillo, Murmillo hit the crow, then herk for game. I sacked. 6-1 So the top8 is announced: the guy who beat me, sam, shawn, me, random, darell, kittle, and cooper (if I remember correctly). So I have to play the random. The faggot won't scoop for packs/mats even though he already has his invite, idgi. Top8 - TeleDAD Game 1 I wreck because I stop all of his combos. Game 2, last game I have a Murmillo in def, Shadow Mirror and Oppression fd with 1100 left. He has Reborn and Brain in hand and nothing else in hand/field. He reborns, I oppression, then he brains for game. =/ Game 3 he completely god hands me. Turn 1: Allure, Stratos, DDraw, Allure, DDraw. Turn 2: Stardust, DAD, Stardust, Stardust, plus he has a Solemn fd. gg? 6-2 I end up getting 6th overall. Had Shawn won his top8, I would've gotten 5th and had an invite passed down to me. Oh well. Props: - Cornish, Shawn, and Gary for selling me the stuff that I needed - Not getting anything stolen - Getting top8 - Andre not DQing Shawn for calling anyone a sack Slops: - Not getting an invite
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    White Dragon Wyverbusterx1 Mekk Knight Indigo Eclipse x1 Maruading Captian x2 Mekk Knight Orange Sunset x3 Psy Frame Driver x1 Psy Rame GAMMA x1 Stack Reviver x1 Gilarsaurus x1 Mekk Knight Green Horizon x1 Heroic Challenger Extra Sword x1 Bitrooper x2 Glow Up Bulb x1 Mangarokket Dragon x1 World Legacy World Shield x2 Heroic Challenger Knight Watchman x1 Fishborg Archer x1 Shellrokket Dragon x1 Unknown Synchron x1 Summoner Monk x1 Black Dragon Collapseparent x1 Fishborg Launcher x1 Mekk Knight Arvam x1 Fishborg Planter x1 Bitron x1 Draconnet x1 Spell World Legacy Key x1 Reasoning x1 White Dragon Wyverbusterx1 Mekk Knight Indigo Eclipse x1 Maruading Captian x2 Mekk Knight Orange Sunset x3 Psy Frame Driver x1 Psy Rame GAMMA x1 Stack Reviver x1 Gilarsaurus x1 Mekk Knight Green Horizon x1 Heroic Challenger Extra Sword x1 Bitrooper x2 Glow Up Bulb x1 Mangarokket Dragon x1 World Legacy World Shield x2 Heroic Challenger Knight Watchman x1 Fishborg Archer x1 Shellrokket Dragon x1 Unknown Synchron x1 Summoner Monk x1 Black Dragon Collapseparent x1 Fishborg Launcher x1 Mekk Knight Arvam x1 Fishborg Planter x1 Bitron x1 Draconnet x1 Spell World Legacy Key x1 Reasoning x1 World Legacy Scars x1 Monster Reborn x1 Lullaby of Obiencance x1 Monster Reborn x1 Trap Memory of an Adversary x1 Evenly Matched x1 Solemn Strike x1 Contreversal Choices Memory of an Adversary: A personal favorite and a hidden weapon Psy FRAME engline: Making Omega is one of the few good Synchro plays I can make World Legacy/ Mekk Knight Engine World Legacy Scars : Good Drawpower World LEgacy Key: I don't have a lot of option The MEkk Knight Core: Great turn second cards Mekk Knight Arvam: Good for Linkuriboh. Lullaby of Obiendance: Another underated choice (and semi counter to Gouki) White Dragon Black Dragon Engine: The decks weirdest choice, but they have proven that there searching helps you make your best board (Recovery Sorcerer+ Firewall (o-linked) with a Summon Sorceres). Or Maybe Honeybot+Firewall (Colink)