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    #1 @slickz v. #2 Francis J Underwood this week. Marquee match of the week.
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    mayfield should have been in from the start. hue’s an idiot
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    My dumbass thought this was in Brooklyn.
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    The Vive already does some hella cool stuff with lightbox 1.0 that is cool as heck without any intention of future proofing, and it does all the stuff Oculus does. The cool stuff that Vive does with the Lightbox 1.0 is worth the price premium on its own, not much else to say.
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    Josh Gordon to the Patriots for a conditional 5th round pick
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    After playing 77 matches on DB, these are the decks I faced: Chaos: 10 Warrior Toolbox: 5 Goat Control: 16 Zoo: 8 Burn: 2 Monarch: 13 (not the most objective as some games I played against a friend) Other: 23 (mostly DFT, Empty Jar and PACMAN can be named, other was really just random)
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    I didn't notice that this topic was posted 3 times. Sorry.
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    You know what else was a season-altering decision? Drafting Le'Veon Bell. Remember 1. We are only two weeks into the season. A lot of shit is gonna happen and change 2. Other people have had it much worse than burning a 3rd round pick on a player they didn't want. Quit complaining about it. Your team is fine. Also, if yo thought you burned a pick on DT and didnt draft Manny because you though the Broncos would suck, it's on you for getting cold feet and not pulling the trigger. Drafting DT, who you didn't like either way, should have had no bearing on drafting Manny.
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    "This afternoon we informed Josh Gordon and his representatives that we are going to release him on Monday," general manager John Dorsey said in a statement. "For the past six years the Browns have fully supported and invested in Josh, both personally and professionally and wanted the best for him, but unfortunately we've reached a point where we feel it's best to part ways and move forward. We wish Josh well." RIP