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    *leans from behind a wall* Is it safe for me to even appear here anymore? *walks out from behind the wall* Whatever, not like I really care about this place that much, might want to see if I can get out of the negatives, if possible. So, with that little thing out of the way, I'm lavaman555, as far as some, or most, know I am kinda famous for being bad. Wondering why I'm here now, I'm here to post my current list for Orcust, and get some help with it. Currently I am using it in real life, even ran an older version of this list at the Indy Regional on November 3rd. I went 4-5, if you want to know what I played and how each round went, I'll post it after this. So, here's the list, I even given a link to the list if people want to see the cards. Main Deck: (40) Monsters:(20) 3 Armageddon Knight 3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 2 Cyber Dragon 1 Dark Grepher 1 Orcust Brass Bombard 3 Orcust Cymbal Skeleton 3 Orcust Harp Horror 2 World Legacy - "World Crown" 2 World Legacy - "World Wand" Spells:(19) 3 Allure of Darkness 2 Called by the Grave 1 Foolish Burial 1 Monster Reborn 2 Orcustrated Babel 2 Orcustrated Einatz 2 Orcustrated Return 2 Terraforming 2 World Legacy Succession 2 World Legacy Survivor Trap:(1) 1 Orcustrated Core Extra Deck:(15) 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon 1 Borrelguard Dragon 3 Galatea, the Orcust Automaton 1 Knightmare Unicorn 1 Linkuriboh 2 Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator 2 Orcustion 1 Summon Sorceress 1 Topologic Bomber Dragon 1 Wee Witch's Apprentice Side:(15) 3 Droll & Lock Bird 2 Effect Veiler 2 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju 2 Ghost Orge & Snow Rabbit 2 Twin Twisters 2 Evenly Matched 2 Red Reboot Well, that took a while for me, but other than that, yeah. Hope you guys have fun messing this one up. *goes behind the wall again*
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    I need to still try and pre-emptively stop the corruption that took the site catastrophically down but seems we're good for now. I'll send out roles tonight, I have some check scripts running and i want to take the board down for maybe an hour then for me to run a bunch of updates and patches, may as well get that squared away now as preventative action
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    Hello all, I'm back with one final announcement for any and all Goat-heads remaining around these parts. We're in the endgame of the first phase of a long series of grassroots community developments, and it's finally culminating in the launch of GoatFormat.com, the latest and greatest community hub built by Goat players for Goat players. GoatFormat.com was built to give the community a central comprehensive resource for both inexperienced and veteran players. Our goal is to expand existing goat format communities as well as preserving the format we love to play. Tomorrow on Saturday, November 17 at 5:00PM EST, we will begin an inaugural stream on our Twitch channel with a number of announcements of what we have coming in through the pipeline. We are already running a ranked ladder for Goat Format play in our Discord channel, and we have many announcements to come regarding future events. Thank you again and always for the hospitality, and I hope to see all of you in the near future!
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    Raging Earth A phallic, rock hard creature
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    Heyy guys, you hangin out? we're gonna have a nice chill mafia game the parents and the buzzkills want to shut this shit down, so we'll have to vote em out of the game be sure to make five posts with more than 10 words in it by the end of the day phase... when was that again? Oh yeah, it's SATURDAY AUGUST 10 AT 4:20 PM. The thread will lock itself then, so if you're a mod don't be posting after it you dumbass. And of course, don't talk about the game outside of the game, that's no good. You can tell anyone whatever you want in game, we aren't no narcs here. Any other questions about the rules feel free to ask in thread with bolded @MOD - i figure 'most standard rules apply' if i missed any players 1: Scumwood 2: The Antagonist 3: BuildTheWalia 4: TheGoldenTyranno 5: Jazz 6: Solstice 7: JC 8: Malcolm 9: Aurirevoir 10: Sophocles 11. Broken Brilliance
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    My record ended up being abysmal. We had 4 rounds under the current TCG banlist and going into the final round I was 1-1-1 with my neutered ol' Salad Deck R1: 0-2 Faced a DinoThunder deck and got blew out of the water by both the Thunder deck and my own decks impotence. R2: 2-0 This was a strange one. The deck was Orcust... with a Pendulum engine? Dude swore it works but he bricked g1, unfortunately, I bricked as well so the game drug out until I managed to go for game with Fusion of Fire. G2 was goofy we hit time and I won by attacking over his Hieratic link that he left up 4 some reason. R3: 1-1-1 This was Pure Orcust which I should have beat if we hadn't hit time. I lost the die-roll and got blew out by his deck and mine own g1. G2 we ended up in a simplified game state we're we'd both exhausted our resources. 4 a long while I kept getting slowed down by Impermanence until I finally got the upper hand in resources and went 4 game. And finally, because of our prolonged g2 we went into time and drew in g3. R4: 0-2 Inspecter Boarder True Draco 2 Anti-meta 4 me. I could not play. Fun fact my opponent had gone 1-1-1 aswell. On the upside, I got this cool mat, 2 OTS packs, Lost Art Skill Drain, and I caught a game of (Exarion unfortunately) Goat Format afterward:
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    You have to be borderline psychotic to write a three-page thread about this retarded shit on a website that nobody reads in an attempt to frame a guy who hasn't played in half a year. Also, it's already widely known that Burgn(dy) is just an alt that you share with nicey to troll on...
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    Hello everyone, long time no talk. It's been a while since I've made a post, but something urgent has arise that called for my expertise. As some of you guys may have noticed, a swarm of second generation "dbbots" have infiltrated the format we all know and love. Clearly the mastermind behind this took influence from the king of shenanigans, Kris "use my dice app" Perovic. Before you panic, my specialized team for data retrieval and I have formulated a method towards discovering the culprit; Angus Lam himself. Ever since the beginning of time, the question which left prominent philosophers Nietzsche, Plato, and Aristotle dead in their tracks was, "which no life (of presumably Canadian-descent), would have such a yearning to improve their mediocre skills to collect replays under the alias of 'bot'". Although the greats of the past left this question unanswered, I took it upon myself to investigate the evidence necessary to unveil the greatest mystery of man-kind. Through blood, sweat, and tears, the grit of my effort finally started to produce fruit when I noticed a correlation between the login/out times of the bots, and our first suspect - Angus "where are my twitch viewers" Lam. After noticing such a coincidence, I decided to risk my own safety to ask Lam himself, "are you the bots?". Upon receiving my message, Angus "I shuffled back 2 TD" Lam went offline or invisible; a natural response for the guilty. Nonetheless, thanks to my training, I maintained my composure. Shortly after, Angus "I solemn'd decree" Lam replied really aggressively, as if I was the cause for all of his failures in Yu-Gi-Oh, and life. It was then I pondered the question, "y he mad?'. I continued my research and cumulatively compiled an irrefutable case for Angus "Angel Chaos is T0" Lam's conviction. First of all, morpp was the first person to blame me and nicey OUTTA NOWHERE for being the bots even though we haven't done anything: "hurr durr lemme blame nicey and jayy for being the bots for no reason just because I dont like them then ill add that its for reasons i cannot share so people will NEVER think its me" I'm on to you Morpp... this screenshots obviously raises red flags cuz he was already the suspect for being the bots so saying that is kind of.... odd... Special shoutout to WGM.....#4Hunnids As days passed by I began to realize a pattern that the bots and morpp's log off time were ALWAYS in a 20-30 minute range which is an obvious thing to do if you're the bots because you obviously don't want to log off at the same time or else you're basically showing that you're the bots. Furthermore, these bots are not even watching morpp's duels and NO BOTS watched the WGM vs Morpp duel and WHY THE HELL would anyone want to miss that.... unless.... the person who was playing could be the bots.... weird. On stream, before he started putting passwords in his duels, the bots would never watch him, they still don't. I started to ACTUALLY watch this dude's streams and goddam theyre so wack but I was watching them to try and get more info. There was this one day (ill find it later) he was streaming where his stream was going really laggy and it kept crashing, which doesn't usually happen but it was happening. I logged on to db and I see all the bots online which was making me think a little bit "maybe he's not the bots after all"? Then after more and more lag on his stream he said "hold on lemme try this to fix it" and then he did something and BOOM all the lag was gone and his stream was in good quality again and then I check to see what the bots are doing and they're ALL OFFLINE ALL OF A SUDDEN.... WEIRD!!! After this I was almost 100% certain he is the bots. Then one day... he slipped up completely.... I caught him logging off the bots and his main account at the same time which definitely sealed the deal. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Happy 4th of July. Goodnight America. if u made it this far.... part 2 coming soon.... "who hacked kris perovic?"
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    I am back on here and see lavaman is too. Oh god I miss this place.
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    we are the refuge for 'facebook and discord are blocked at work' <3
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    For those who don't know, DuelingBook.com added a create-a-card feature with its own room to go with it. This has pretty quickly spawned an idea for a new format... Meme Format Rules 1. All cards in your deck must be custom cards. 2. Games are played best out of 1, no sidedecking. 3. You need at least 5 people watching your duel in order to start (the more, the better). 4. The game ends when a player's lifepoints are reduced to 0 or another win condition is reached. 5. However, when a win condition has been reached, it's not necessarily the case that the player who won actually wins. Instead, the watchers of the duel vote on whose cards were funnier/more interesting/more creative. The player who got the most votes actually wins. Basically, think of it as a hybrid between Cards Against Humanity and Yugioh.
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    Hello everybody! Why does it seem to me that this Goat forum has died a little? Anyway, Luxury Gaming (https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuxuryGamingLLC/) organised a FREE 64-man Goat tournament, award the winner with 100$ prize. It then changed it to 128-man because slots were quickly taken. Since this is the biggest Goat tournament since 2005, I feel like it should be talked about! Round 2 is in progress today, each round lasts for 2 days, we are playing single elimination best of 3. IDK what else is there to say. My friend just took out HyperBeam, I will post interesting replays after the tournament is over I hope that some other participants of this tourney also see this post and tell how it is going for them
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    Cold Feet I am so lucky but I don't know what to do
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    Here are some simple flavor text for iconic cards (does not work for normal monster as they already have flavor text) Black Rose Dragon Perhaps the garden if faulty no nothing has been destroyed at least nothing of value Five Headed Dragon And they say two heads are better than one Thousand Dragon He has lived 1000 years, he will deal you 1000 damage Insect Queen Even among bugs and filth there are rules and for every rule there is a ruler The Legendary Fisherman Known among the Umio as a god like legend. He is with the ocean and the ocean is within him. Coycat Nobosy will consider themselves unique after meeting me. Silfer the Sky Dragon For the dusk. Toward the Sky And enter Heaven without dying THe is the story of Osiris god of the sky Jinzo Our perfect creation Monster Reborn Senet anyone
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    I was 265 lb in mid feb. I am now 205 lb
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    If you really think you can only be successful / happy by having a significant other, you’re going to have a hard time. Wanting a spouse and kids eventually is fine; feeling like you need them ASAP is only going to make you miserable. You can’t base your happiness and success on other people; you need to find something that makes you happy regardless of circumstances outside your control. The suggestion of finding a hobby you enjoy that you could devote yourself to is a good one, and if said hobby involves interacting with others then that’s a bonus as then you can broaden your friends circle to those that may have more time and possibly meet someone you’d consider significant other material there as well (you’d know you have one thing in common at least). Travel is generally better if you have someone to share the experience with, but if you have the funds and don’t mind going at it alone then nothing is stopping you. I don’t think one trip will magically solve all your problems, but I’ve heard several places say that even just planning for a trip is a good mood booster so I certainly don’t think it will hurt. I know lots of people that tend to push travel off with the idea that they’ll do it when they retire (more free time, no need to request off work, and hopefully have more money saved up) but I personally think it’d be much more enjoyable when you’re young and you don’t have to deal with aching joints or tiring quickly. You’re not alone in the feeling of going nowhere, though with a good job and a strong friend circle I’d say you likely have it a little bit better than most. If you’re well off enough that money isn’t a major issue, perhaps consider cutting back on your hours slightly? This is something I did recently as work was consuming my life to the point that it felt hard to do anything else, but even dropping those few hours have made me significantly happier even a few months down the road. I realize this isn’t an option for everyone as bills and debt come first, but if you can afford it it’s something to consider.
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    the whole goddamn game apparently
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    does anyone need a sub
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    Wunter you fucking suck at mafia
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    but before i continue town please i NEED your help please explain to me on what planet people think Malcolm is the healer is this some kind of collective Sick Play im just too stupid to understand? my understanding of the chain of events that happened here was this: - (day 1) malcolm says "i really want to kill Solstice and Tyranno" - (night 1) solstice gets attacked - (day 2) Francis makes a post going "wow our healer sure made a great save last night" - (day 2) Malcolm posts , which i interpret as calling attention to it being a dumb post and francis attempting to call attention to himself for the NK i find myself fairly suspicious of malcolm, but everyone (pretended???) to write him off as confirmed town and i just do not understand it at all was this some Sick Plays where the entire game managed to collectively try to get a multiball faction to kill each other? at least i think Francis is town (but not the healer) for the first time in possibly the history of DGZ mafia
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    TYRANNO WAS LYNCHED You are Laurie Forman! The town bike - everyone's had a ride... or in the words of Stephen Hyde "going where every man's gone before" YOU ARE ON TEAM BUZZKILL, YOU WIN WHEN ALL OTHER FACTIONS ARE DEAD. Once per night you can target a player and learn every player that targeted them
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    The dub has Vegeta as All Might and I couldn't be happier hearing Plus Ultra and Smash from that voice.
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    the saddest part about this is that you all, and now me, are posting on duelistgroundz.com in the year 2019
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    As an update, I ended up buying about 5-10 pairs of bluetooth headphones from the £0 to £300 price range to demo-them and decide which to keep. The top headphones I kept were: 1. Apple Airpods They simply are just way too fucking easy to use. So quick to put in your ear, so quick to charge, compact, microphone gives amazing call quality, can be used in any situation, multi device pairing. They have shit noise isolation, don't get loud enough, competitors have better sound quality but none really nail the ease of use of just being able to put them somewhere on your ear and bam you're in. Othere competitors require SLIGHTLY more fiddling to get them in and out, and sadly for a shitty little earphone like this, convenience and ease of use is EVERYTHING IMO. 2. Sony CH700Ns These headphones are incredible and IMO might just be the BEST sounding bluetooth headphones on the market. Most high end bluetooth headphones specify in active noise cancelling My providing passive noise isolation and active noise isolation they reduce ambient noise to nearly zero. Sony XM3000s and the QC Comfort IIs. However this comes at a BIG audio sacrifice which no amount of codec support of technological wizardry can completely undo. That is they sacrifice sound stage and imaging to block out ambient noise by capitalising on the ANC and passive noise cancelling. These headphones have ANC but don't prioritise it (at all). The earcups are huge and soft and not deep, the air flow is crazy good and the noise isolation is average (sound can leak easier). This leads to a very very very impressive soundstage for a bluetooth headphone. They also are one of the lightest headphones on the market so great for gym. And they have 37+ hours of battery life. They also pack a very basic but solid ANC for blocking out car noising/airplanes/gym noises. They don't deal with voices and don't provide complete silence due to the open cup of the headphone (necessary for its amazing soundstage). Its bass is also just incredible and has a custom EQ on board. Its build quality, design, style are shit. Basically the average bluetooth buyer of headphones wants ANC, good looks, touch controls, passive noise isolation, folding headphones, no sound leakage, good build quality, a case. This headphone says fuck you and basically gives as good as an audiophile bluetooth headphone you can get for one third of the price of the very high end headphones. I do wish the build quality was much better and I also wish they shipped with a case but oh well. I use both of these for gym. Neither are sweat proof and they'll probably break within <1 year but I'm fine replacing them rather than spending £300 on a supbar set of the higher end headphones which sacrifice SQ for ANC.
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    arrow's ending with a short last season. thank god they're finally putting old yeller down.
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    Slick was lynched. They where vanilla townie
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    I would post them, but DB has better quality than my phone does.
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    Pyramid of Light A structure of immense power in Egypt, not Africa lol Exiled Force We are not your personal army Reckless Greed Yo, money Mind Master Thoughts create emotions Question Should I go to YCS or Prom? Scapegoat Ban reggie Supreme rage Oh boy jazz and mark are playing mafia again Pot of Greed endless you are only famous because of starwind you are only famous because you kissed a boy jeff jones you're a faggot im sure there are plenty more
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 releases January 29th.
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    When the 200th YCS in Columbus concluded roughly two weeks ago, I glanced over at Manav Dawar’s winning Sky Striker list and I couldn’t help but notice how his card ratios and deckbuilding philosophy differentiated so much from what I considered to be “optimal” or “the norm”. While I do not wish to detract from Dawar’s success in any way, it goes without saying that his list played a good number of one-ofs and two-ofs that many other players, including myself, would usually opt to play as three-ofs. This is most notable in his hand trap lineup, in which I believe he played 2 Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring, 2 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit, 1 Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion, and 1 Effect Veiler. Dawar’s decklist got me thinking about what the core ideologies behind building a good deck are (specifically, defining card ratios), as well as some common deckbuilding misconceptions I see players struggle with in today’s metagame. It is my hope with this article that I can explain the difference between one-ofs, two-ofs, and three-ofs in Yugioh. Without further adieu, let’s begin. (A small disclaimer: as with any concepts in general philosophy, objections and exceptions will exist; these are just some general rules and guidelines to follow when deckbuilding. This is also by no means a conclusive article; other categories that define one/two/three-ofs may also, and likely do, exist.) One-Ofs One-ofs in most decks generally exist in two categories. The first category includes cards which are so insanely powerful they are limited on the Forbidden and Limited list, and as such you can only play one copy of said card in your deck. Cards in the current metagame which fall under this category include Firewall Dragon, Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones, Soul Charge, and Monster Reborn. These cards are usually monsters with powerful effects that lead to one-card Extra Links/unbreakable boards or powerful spells that tend to change the tide of a Duel when they resolve successfully. The second category is a little bit more complicated and are what I would define as “generally searchable/tutorable, (secondary) engine cards you usually don’t want to draw, but do not mean end of the world if you DO draw them”. Examples of cards which fall into this category include Knightmare Corruptor Iblee (which is tutorable off of Knightmare Mermaid), Speedroid Taketomborg (which is searchable off of Speedroid Terrortop), and Altergeist Kunquery (which is searchable through a variety of cards in the Altergeist deck like Altergeist Meluseek and Personal Spoofing). These cards are usually cards that are required for an engine to function effectively, but can be bricks or dead draws if seen at the wrong time. However, even when these cards are drawn, the engine it is a part of can still function effectively enough to not justify playing more copies of the pseudo-brick. It is probably important to note that when it comes to cards in the second category, they don’t necessarily have to be very strong to justify their inclusion in the deck at one copy: so long as the card is powerful enough and has enough synergy with the deck, you can justify playing one lone copy of it. Perhaps the best example of this would be with Flamvell Guard and Dragunity Corsesca during the March 2013 Dragon Ruler format. These cards were essentially vanilla tuners that did nothing on their own, but the ability they had to enable the Dragon Ruler deck to go into generic Level 8 Synchro monsters was relevant and powerful enough to justify playing the lone copy of either one of them. The Tuners could also be banished in a pinch as materials to summon a Dragon Ruler as well. Two-Ofs Two-ofs in most decks can be categorized into cards which are powerful enough to be semi-limited; cards that you always want in the deck and are necessary for the deck’s main combo; and cards that are only good at certain stages of the game and/or clog if multiple copies of them are drawn, yet aren’t powerful enough to justify running a playset. That’s a lot to cover, so let’s go over each of the categories one by one. The first category is rather self-explanatory. Cards like Called by the Grave, Scapegoat, and Terraforming would fall under this category. These cards are powerful because they are strong utility cards that are useful in a wide variety of scenarios: if we take a look at the above examples, these cards either help you push through hand traps; are one card Link 4 monsters if they resolve; or serve as extra copies of an Field Spell starter card (e.g. Dragonic Diagram or Trickstar Light Stage) that helps get your deck going. Other examples throughout Yugioh’s history include Nobleman of Crossout in Goat Format and Solemn Warning during the Plant Synchro format. The second category of cards includes cards like Gouki Octostretch and Altergeist Silquitous. Octostretch is an interesting case because if the Gouki player played only one copy of Octostretch, they had a 12.5% chance to open him, and if they drew their lone Octostretch in their opening hand, the deck’s main Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights target disappears. However, the chance of opening both copies of a two-of is extremely slim: the probability of doing so is roughly 1.28%, which means that when going first there is a 98.72% chance at least one copy of Octostretch will be in your deck. This was also the reason why most Gouki lists played an extra Equip Spell to send with Isolde: in the odd event they opened with Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade, they could still send a card like Living Fossil, D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation, or Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr to the GY to summon Octostretch. Another example would be Altergeist Silquitous; Silquitous is a card you always want to have at least one copy of in your deck so that you can summon her off of Multifaker, and much like Octostretch, opening with your lone copy of Silquitous would be less than ideal because it would make Multifaker a much weaker card in general. While Silquitous does suck to draw, drawing one of your two copies of her is better than having one of your deck’s most powerful plays dead if you open with your lone copy of her instead. Finally, the last category of cards doesn’t come up too often in the context of modern Yugioh anymore, but was a category that was relevant in past formats. Perhaps the best example of such a card would be Tsukuyomi in Goat Format. Tsukuyomi was a very powerful card in 2005: it was a one-card out to Thousand-Eyes Restrict, prevented powerful monsters like Airknight Parshath and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning from being stolen with Snatch Steal (Equip Spells cannot target face-down monsters), and could even recycle face-up Flip monster effects and set up “Tsuk locks”, which were soft locks involving Tsukuyomi, a Flip Effect monster, and ideally some form of backrow protection like Book of Moon or Sakuretsu Armor. However, one of Tsukuyomi’s biggest flaws was that she was a Spirit. While this meant Tsukuyomi would always stick around in your hand if you were careful with her, it also meant seeing multiple copies of her when you already had one in hand was less than ideal; any additional copies you saw of her would essentially be dead. For this reason, most decks that play Tsukuyomi only play two copies of her: despite the fact she’s a great card, the chance of seeing her more often doesn’t offset the potential consequence of seeing more than one copy of her in your hand at any given point of the Duel. It’s also worth noting that Tsukuyomi is also searchable off of Sangan, so the little burger fiend could always fetch her for you if you desperately needed access to her for some reason. Three-Ofs Three-ofs generally exist in two categories, similarly to one-ofs. The first category of three-ofs are pretty straightforward: they are cards you always want to open with and act as (themed) starter cards. Cards in this category include, but are not limited to: Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!, Sky Striker Ace – Raye, Altergeist Multifaker, Armageddon Knight, Dark Grepher, Vision HERO Vyon, Dragonic Diagram, and Trickstar Light Stage. To maximize the chance of opening a playable hand or seeing one of your starter cards, you want to max out on the number of copies you play of said cards – this should be a pretty straightforward concept to understand. The second category of three-ofs are unsearchable, non-engine cards that are powerful enough to warrant playing at three and are cards you always want to open with despite not being a part of your core engine. Cards like these include Pot of Desires, nearly every relevant hand trap (e.g. Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring, Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit, Effect Veiler, etc.), and extenders like Junk Forward. What’s important here is the difference between a three-of that sucks to draw in multiples and a two-of that you’d rather not clog with. If you decide to play an unsearchable non-engine card as a three-of, it means that seeing even just one copy of that card is better than potentially opening with two or more copies of it. Conversely, cards that are better when they do not clog instead of being opened more consistently and/or seen more often are better suited to be two-ofs. The line that separates these two categories of cards can often be rather subjective and is also heavily format-dependent, so do keep this in mind when deckbuilding. Having said that, the latter category of three-ofs are what I believe to be the downfall of a lot of decklists in the modern era of Yugioh: they tend to not make use of these category of cards well. People often mistake dead-obvious three-ofs as two-ofs, or in rare scenarios, sometimes even one-ofs. A good example of this being the case would be with Pot of Desires: I wholeheartedly believe that Desires is either a 0-of or a 3-of and nowhere in between. I get upset when I see people play Pot of Desires at 2 in their deck because they don’t “want to open with two copies” or because “they don’t want to draw Desires off of Desires”. The reality is that the chance of either of these two instances happening is so slim that it doesn’t offset the power loss that occurs by playing any less than three copies of Desires: a free +1 is never something you want to pass up on unless you’re about to deck out. Other cards in similar scenarios include powerful combo extenders such as Instant Fusion (William Candia, a Dragon Duel Worlds competitor was playing two copies of Instant Fusion in his deck at Worlds and I was severely questioning how he got as far as he did), as well as essentially every relevant hand trap in the game. Playing any less than three of any particular hand trap is a concept that rarely, if ever, makes sense to me, and should only be done if you can’t find room in your deck for something to cut. Even in this scenario, it is only wise to cut one copy of the weakest playable hand trap against the general expected metagame at that point in time (i.e. if the three most powerful hand traps in the format are Ash, Droll, and Belle, but Belle is the weakest hand trap out of the three, then play 2 Belle and three of the other two hand traps). That about wraps it up for this article. If you enjoy my content, make sure to follow me on Twitter at @Morpp_SSB and check out my streams over at https://twitch.tv/Morpp_SSB. Until next time!
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    It still seems like the default should be that if you have 3 copies of a card you love to draw and there is no externality like tutoring involved, you should be playing 3 copies of the best card. https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/hypergeometric.aspx 5 card hand, 3 copies in deck, 30% chance of getting exactly 1 copy, 3.6% chance of getting more than 1 copy. 6 card hand 5.4% chance of getting more than 1 copy. IMO any argument that "taking three copies is bad" is wrong for cards that are *individually good draws* like the Maxx C vs Effect Veiler setup is completely wrong. Obviously to truly understand this whole system you have to measure the odds your game just in fact ends if you draw doubles next to each other, which is probably impossible except if you are Blizzard or someone else who can perform ridiculously large scale data mining on thousands of human games. The argument that "you don't want to draw two" only makes sense if you automatically lose 100% of those 3.6/5.4% games by drawing doubles, which is probably incorrect. I would guesstimate that drawing doubles probably has a fairly minor impact on your overall win rate for many instances of drawing doubles considering most decks still play a large portion of their deck as "non-combo pieces" and are supposed to be able to function happily if you draw multiples of those non-combo pieces. Obviously though, not all doubles are equal. Drawing 2 maxx going first in a 5 card hand fucking sucks, drawing 2 maxx going second generally rocks. You have to average the win rate out across all your game 1s, and I can definitely see a world where it's game 2 and you KNOW you are going first it's mathematically correct to play 2 Maxx Cs. The thing is you actually have to form a hypothesis and to the math to figure out if that is true or not, which in an ideal world would be running some statistical model on the data of a bunch of DN games to make a confidence interval of what your win rate is if you draw 2 maxx Cs going first. If you actually don't do that math and don't study statistics in college and don't have a bunch of data on your win rates for Maxx C going first, I think the "wow you should play 3 Maxx Cs" shorthand is pretty much the best shortcut when deckbuilding. "Mostly" though, I think that unless you card that you draw doubles in your hand says "if you draw this card next to each other you will lose" you can probably play through it in a lot of cases, and the expected value of playing the 3 of at 3 instead of at 2 and a substitute 40th card in your deck usually outweighs the hit to your win rate in those 3.6/5.4% of cases in which you draw doubles in your opening hand. Improving the quality of the 40th card after all improves your deck across all subsequent turns, whilst the impact of the doubles issue is only felt in the first turn. Anyway this is just my 2 cents, it's not the same as whether you should play for example 3 useless holy shine ball type things, this is about optimal untutored draws like Maxx C or Monster Reborn. The thing that gets me is that when you have the off the wall smart meta calls, they are not built correctly because the person creating the off the wall thing that is the optimal choice for the meta-game, even if it is correct, has made some obvious error or flaw. Objectively good theory like playing the right amount of two ofs and three offs based off the odds of actually drawing doubles of Maxx C can happily coexist with the theory of "wow a hot and spicy meta pick is better than taking standard.deck and hoping you draw well and don't misplay" against a field." There is nothing that says those two things can't get along. Obviously stuff like the difference between playing the third Maxx C and the the first effect veiler as your 40th card probably doesn't impact the win rate a lot. But someone with the right mentality should be spending a cost efficient amount of time making those optimisations from Maxx C to Effect Veiler. Also, the whole Patrick Hoban theory of "don't take the standard deck in take a hot and spicy meta take" is something that only applies to Yugioh in its current form because technical play is not as determinative. In other diverse TCGs and systems where technical play IS the determinative factor, the DBZ TCG that Panini was running that got canned was an example of this, the impact of technical play was *huge* and the metagame didn't devolve into "well I have my windups that I can play optimally you have your windups you can play optimally therefore even if I play 51% better than you a win rate of 60% across 12 rounds of swiss isn't good enough." You have to measure the skill play ceiling of each system and the impact of technical play when you are weighing up your choice. Obviously the hot and spicy pick makes sense if you do in fact have a hot and spicy pick that players aren't prepared for and misplay more vs, or has an innatve advantage, this is 100% true in Yugioh. In other games it is not necessarily true at all, if you can build up a huge win-rate in the mirror match just by hitting a crazy skill ceiling that your opponent's can't it's totally different. Issue is that TCGs and Yugioh and particular ultimately have a very small amount of interactive decisions because there is a smaller number of variables, and the skill gap for controlling those variables isn't as wide. You just don't have that kind of determinative system coming up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMO though my current hot take looking at Yugioh is that the win rate is definitely hugely impacted by playing something that is easy for people to misplay against, and playing for time is obviously the #1 skill for all tournament players and the most important thing which is depressing. The impact of spending a hours practising allowing yourself to stall for EOMP without getting banned by the judges AND how to speed the game and speed your opponent up when you don't want to go into time is by far the most important skill in Yugioh. Frankly it's almost depressing that obviously unsportsmanlike play is clearly rewarded because manipulating the match if going into EOMP favours you is just such a strong strategy.
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    this thread is literally 5 years old
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    After the loss of Titan against Alexis and his return to the shadows, we all thought this was the end of him, but after watching Yugioh GX events, I found some evidence to say the opposite. 1.He's the only duelist who could cope with thunder giant shocks and make him useless(Aster was able to cope with thunder giant shocks, but this duel was orchestrated by Sartorius, so it was useless anyway. That doesn't count sorry.) 2.crowler didnt pay him rent 3.After defeating Kagemaru by Jaden in episode 49 Titan is no longer in the shadows anymore. Yubel summoned Titan in episode 121 of Yugioh GX then defeated by Jesse and then summoned him again, but he was defeated by Jaden and Jesse however the real Titan was in the hands of Professor Banner, who stole the card from Yugi deck somehow, and then in episode 45 of Yugioh GX. He banished it from the game, but returned to the deck with the ability of elemental hero Electrum
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    you play two because you want to see it some of the times but not all of the times
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    na you're alright, unless you're working at olive garden, then you've got real problems
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    Hunter x Hunter (the new one) Death Note Attack on Titan Trigun (put up with the early silliness it gets good) Re:Zero (some of sao's concept with better execution and more suffering) konosuba (some of sao's concept with better execution and probably the funniest anime i can remember) Neon Genesis Get In The Fucking Robot Shinji
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    Some people say there can be no such thing as a masterpiece for any art form. Taste is too subjective they say. THESE PEOPLE ARE WRONG Ideally this would be superfluous since this is DG and the fucking SITE OWNER IS NOT NAMED AFTER ONE OF THE MAIN HYDROCHORIC ACID COMPOUNDS. But noooooooooooooo. Amazingly, in the year 20 fucking 18, people still need to be convinced on how good this amine is. This amine proceeds to mindfuck its synthesizers by delving into the depths of textile industries, paper industries, bleaches, soaps, photography, curing mercury and lead poisoning, blood transfusions, dentistry, preservatives, kidney functions, antioxidants, and even deactivating DNA-damaging enzymes. It will leave you a traumatized huddled mass and make question the meaning of your pathetic existence. But enlightenment ultimately comes through struggle and you will come out of it a better amine fan for having synthesized this amine. Indeed, your amine taste will be reborn and you'll have new found appreciation for quality amines. Chemistry critics have described the balanced equation as one of the most perfect reactions ever oxidized. The nomenclature is critically acclaimed. If you a) like amines and b) haven't synthesized or haven't intended to synthesize this, guess what, you're retarded and probably getting banned. Synthesize #1 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) [insert picture here]
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    Well if you started the entire Bucs offense in DFS congrats you win
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    I didn't notice that this topic was posted 3 times. Sorry.
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    I built this deck yesterday. It's pretty expieramental but I've had some success Card Car D x1 Draw Power Archlord Krystia x1 This deck can turbo her out if it's lucky. Plus it locks the opponent out of special. But it's Lv8 so It's bricky Sangan x1 Crush Card Combo Fluffal Cat x1 Not a very useful card, but he can go into E-HERO Gaia Edge Imp Frightfuloid x3 The heart and soul of the deck. It can ditch Sheep and is the core part of going into Chimera LAzion the Timelord x1 He's just a cool tech lol Bazoo the Soul Eater Thinking oof ditching him for a PSY-Frame engine. Fluffal Sheep x3 The other heart of the deck. Summoning an Edge Imp is just too good of an effect to pass up. Artifact Achillshield/ Aegis x1 Artifact Engine woot
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    General rules/info: No fucking neutrals. This game will probably be unbalanced as hell and super swingy. Almost everything has been randomised so blame RNG for this Standard rules apply, hopefully you all know these by now. FULL CLAIMING. Don't necessarily expect "town" roles to be town or "scum" roles to be scum, though. 48/24 phases for the first couple of days, we'll see if they need shortening. 4 post quota. You have 48 hours this shouldn't be hard. Scum will be using a qt. On day 1 only, majority will not end day early. After that, it will. Ties will result in the lynch of whoever hit that number of votes first. I'll announce MYLO/LYLO etc. PM me if you have game/role related questions. More specific role info: Docs will only prevent one kill action per heal All roles are compulsive - if you do not submit an action then I will randomise it. Nobody will be made aware of their sanities. A sample role PM might be "You are a Macho Cop. You are Town.", or "You are a Doc. You are scum, qt is here." The following roles may be in the game (and there may be up to 2 of each): Normal Doc - works as normal Naïve Doc - heals always fail Paranoid Doc - Jailor CPR Doc - if the target wasn't due to be killed by someone else, then he dies Doc Martin - faints (read: dies) at the sight of blood; dies in place of his target Sane Cop - normal cop Insane Cop - receives the opposite alignment of the target (eg scum scans as town) Paranoid Cop - always receives "scum" as the result Naïve Cop - always receives "town" as the result In addition, docs may have the following role modifiers: Macho - unaffected by all doctor actions (except their own) Weak - dies if he targets the opposite alignment None - no modifier Cops may have the following role modifiers: Macho - unaffected by all doctor actions Weak - dies if he targets the opposite alignment Amnesiac - someone else (chosen randomly each time) receives the scan results Role - scans for "cop" or "doc". Can only be sane or insane (not paranoid/naïve) None - no modifier Check out the mafiascum pages on Cop/Doc for more info on these roles/modifiers. THE GAME HAS NOT YET STARTED AND I HAVEN'T SENT OUT ROLE PMS. I WILL POST AGAIN ONCE ALL OF THE SETUP IS COMPLETE.
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    you had 24 hours to submit an action, c'mon guys...
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    because thats a recognizable url. CONSTANT VIGILANCE
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    i guess i'll start and finish the memes early SHIT FUCKING INDIA i am vanilla town vote jazz unvote winter wunterland there is no scum give francis the bomb rei malcolm francis tyranno is the best mafia player broken sucks malcolms cock for brainwaves you all fucking suck at mafia
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    I’ll sub if needed but I thought it’d be good to sit a couple games out
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    I've been super busy but I'll try and get it started by tonight or tomorrow morning
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    You are rei, the cheater - You are aligned with neither the Weight Watchers nor the Evil Junk Food Conglomerate. When either faction meets their win condition and you are still alive, you shed 10 kgs of waterweight and steal the win! Edit: Also you can read one player's PM every night phase
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    Wunter is playing so badly I'm rounding from scum back to town because how can you be that bad but dont quote me on that i;ll still end up voting him most likely if I dont find someone more scummy
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    React with love if u'd like me to shift EoD next time to Evening central time. please get in those pr actions promptly