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    Don't bitch about the new game mechanics here. Take to pojo or 9gag Link summon is an upcoming game changing mechanics to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Link summon involves a brand new type of card called Link Monster open spoilers to see all the revealed monster so far Now, that you have seen some of the upcoming link monster. You might be confused with the new stuffs and the lack of defense stat Lets take a look at Decode Talker again There are many new things about Talker that will be needed to be pointed out. First thing, the background color is a dark blue. Do not get it confused with Ritual Monster. Second, Talker, and all Link Monsters do not have a level or a rank. Therefore they are unaffected any card that affect level/rank. Third thing is important, noticed the black and arrow that surrounds the card. The red arrows indicates where you can bring out an extra deck monster. NOTICE THE ARROW POINTING UPWARD. This means opponent can bring out an extra deck monster in the zones pointed by the arrow. Last thing, Talker and Link monster do not have a defense stat. They are replaced with a word called LINK. Talker has a link of 3. This means he requires three monsters to be summoned (HAS to be effect monsters). But why does he say 2 or more effect monsters? Because you can use a link monster to bring him out. You can use a monster that has a link of 2 and one other effect monster to summon him. How do we perform a link summon? I will be explaining by using yosenju as an example. We have three yosenjus in hand. We normal one then normal the next two yosenjus. We now have three yosenju, or three effect monster to be specific, on the field. We can now perform a link summon to bring out Talker. To do this, send three yosenju to the grave. Then place Talker on the zone you desire. Ideally you would want to summon Talker in the new Extra Monster Zone (I will explain the new zone later on) Congrat! You have sucessfully performed a Link Summon! Now let's explain why performing a Link Summon is so important and how it will change the game. To start things off. There is a new zone on the game board. It is called Extra Monster Zone. Look at the poorly drawn mat and search for the blue rectangle. That will be where the two zones will be But why is it called Extra Monster Zone? Well because that is where any monsters that is summoned from the extra deck will be. But theres only two zone, do I only get to have two? No, you and your opponent will get one. Player that is going first, gets to choose the left or right zone. If the first player gets the left zone, the other player will get the right zone. What, that means I will only get to have one extra deck monster on the field!? Yes, you will only get to have one extra deck monster on the field. BUT, you can have more than one extra deck monsters on the field! How? Well, thats why you have to perform a link summon! Take a look at Talker again, and notice the red arrows. The zones that are pointed by the red arrows can be used to summon an extra deck monster. Take a quick gander at the picture below. Notice how Lighting Chidori and Diamond Dire Wolf are in the zone pointed out by Talker's red arrows. This means each zone is important and plays a big part in yugioh now. Even if you have Talker in the extra monster zone, you cannot bring out an extra deck monster below it. It must be in the zone pointed by the arrow. So do not misplay when placing a Link Monster on the field. You will not be able to take it back. Be very careful about placing a Link and extra deck monster. This is tentative, you do not have to place your first monster in monster zone one. You can place it any of the monster zones. So you don't have to use up a zone that can be used to bring out an extra deck monster. Now you're probably wondering if you can have more than one Link monster on the field. Yes, you can. Providing if you already have a Link Monster on the field. You can summon a Link monster in a zone that is pointed by a red arrow. Lets summon Talker first and place it in the extra monster zone. How about we summon Gaiasaber, the Video Knight? Gaia has a link of three and requires at least two or more monster (notice it said monster, so you can use vanilla monster this time). Lets summon an another round of yosenjus. We have Talker in the extra monster zones, and three other monster on the field. lets perform a link summon. Send three of the yosenjus to the grave and summon Gaia then place in the left zone pointed by the red arrow. We now have two link monsters on the field. In addition, we have unlocked two more zones so we can use them to bring out an extra deck monster as indicated by Gaia's red arrow. I put Gaia in that specific zone because if it I place it on the other zone pointed by red arrow. I can only summon two more extra deck monster So take your time to think of where to place a link monster. Because if you place it in the wrong zone and you cant summon any other extra deck monster, you just made a misplay. You can perform a link summon by using one Link monster as a material. Lets summon Gaia by using Talker and one yosenju as material. Gaia is a link three and requires two or more monsters to summon. Talker has a link of three so we only need one more material, not two more. Send Talker and a yosenju to grave to summon Gaia and place in the desired zone. Link summon will be a nice change to yu-gi-oh. The game will be slower and require more in-depth thinking and strategies than ever before. However, this means there will be less extra deck monsters spam, as you need to have a link monster on the field to bring out more extra deck monsters. So unfortunately, deck like Dark Synchro will be effectively dead. Decks like Zoodiac, however will still be good. It will just need a different way to play out Let me know if you have anything to add to the OP or you think something needs to be fixed. Oh, forgot to add. All link monsters goes to the extra deck. Ruling Updates: Link Monster cannot be set at all. Even card like Darkness Approach won't work on Link Monster. In addition, Link cannot be switch to defense. They do not have defense at all. Therefore any card that force all monster to switch to defense, such as quaking mirror force/book of moon/stop attack/, will not work on Link Monster All pendulum that were used as material for a Link summon will go to GRAVE. They do not go to extra deck. Don't use "but when they synchro/fusion they go to extra" as a response to this. Konami said so . Extra Monster zones are not chosen at the start of duel by the player going first. They are chosen by the first person who performed a link summoned. No one can have both Extra Monster zones. Only one players get one each. If a Link Monster is removed from field by anything, all of the extra monster that were linked DO NOT get destroyed. They were summoned from the extra deck sucessfully. In addition, just because they were summoned from extra deck sucessfully, does not mean you get to put the extra monster in a different zone. You must have a card that lets you do that. Link Monster can be stolen. A opponent that uses Change of Heart on your Link Monster can choose to place it on any zones they desire. Also, your extra monster do not get destroyed if your Link Monster gets stolen. When you use a card that special summon an extra monster from the extra deck, they must go to the extra monster zone or a linked zone. If you have no zones that can be used for an extra summon, you cannot use those type of card at all (Bahumut Shark, Mask Change, Ultimaya Tzolkin, Starlight Road, Magical Scientist) If you are trying to perform a special summon that is also considered a xyz summon (eg. NO S39, Ptolemaeus), the monster must be specialed in an extra or linked zone. Not the zone the original monster was. If an extra monster that was successfully specialed from extra and went to grave for any reason. If you chooses to revive it, they go to a regular monster zone not extra zone. But you can place it in a linked zone if you want to (eg Stardust Dragon) If a link monster has an arrow that points to an opponent's zone, your opponents get to perform an extra summon in that linked zone. So think about bringing card out such as Decode Talker
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    did they SERIOUSLY just destroy my pendulum deck i've worked so hard the past week on? this is a really big hit. i now have a card type i officially hate. four of my best monsters are pendulums--Timegazer Magician, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Risebell the Summoner, and Performapal Turn Toad. now i can only use ONE of them (at a time, assuming i have already used all of them once and they were destroyed and sent to the face-up extra deck) pendulums represent the ebb and tide of human emotion; we all have our ups and downs and it comes across in our dueling,. they are the symbols of the back and forth gameplay everyone truly desires. they get knocked out, but come back again. that's what they do. besides, i'm of the opinion that pendulums are more flexible than most of the other monster types if you know what you're doing. determining whether to overlay your pendulum monsters, which monsters to set as the scales in case they have removal, and constantly adapting and pushing through are skills that just aren't apparent in the other monster types. non-pendulum decks just play a lot easier by limiting your options somewhat. it doesn't suit me. any moron can build a Zoodiac Kaiju and get a 50% win rate you all might think i have an irrational silly attachment to my cards, but so what? there's nothing wrong with knowing how to use them better than anyone else. i might even be able to find a way to adapt, if i start using the Attack boosting performapals to OTK without dragging the game on and forcing things to pile up in the extra deck. Maybe I play Pot of Riches to recycle the monsters. After all, pendulums are all about coming back time and time again
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    While people on youtube are busy parading around their meme-tastic Zoodiac combos involving all sort of nonsense like brilliant fusion and predaplants, I've been trying to figure out more realistic and standard Zoodiac combos on my own that aren't stopped by literally every hand trap and actual trap in the format that have the potential to quickly swing a game. I will admit that probably a lot of people have "already figured all of this out" and will comment "haha you're an idiot if you didn't already know this", but in the absence of any reliable resources whatsoever dedicated towards the competitive playerbase, I thought I'd lay this all out so that as a full community we can remain on the cutting-edge of competitive, current play. Standard Ratpier Combo Any Ratpier (and hence Tenki) can lead to some pretty strong boards. Although we're not going to drawing 10+ cards turn1 anymore, we can still put ourselves significantly far ahead on t1, to the point that I highly suspect that people will still be complaining about the die roll has having too much influence on the outcome of a match. Hand: Raptier 1. Normal summon Ratpier, send Ramram to the grave. 2. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from hand or deck. 3. Overlay Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow, search any Zoodiac monster of your choice (usually Whiptail). 4. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull, special summon Ramram from the grave. 5. Overlay Chakanine into Hammerkong, Tigermortor, and then Drident (3 materials). 6. Detatch a material from Drident, kill your Ramram, special summon Ratpier from the grave. 7. Overlay the two Ratpiers for the rank 4 of your choice, usually Daigusto Emerald or Tornado Dragon (note that before detatching for Daigusto Emerald, we will have exactly 3 monsters in the graveyard). The end result is that by expending one card in hand as our normal summon for the turn we end with a Whiptail in hand, a Drident in play with 2 materials going into the opponent's turn, and a rank 4 of our choice in play. Although card advantage bears little relevance in modern-day Yugioh, this is a +2. It's worthy of note that Ash Blossom will not fully interrupt our combo, although it will stop us from making the rank 4 at the end. No big deal. Ghost Ogre, however, if used correctly (on our Ratpier's effect to send Ramram) will fully interrupt our combo. Other Pure Combos What if we don't have Ratpier? It depends, but usually we can set up some pretty similar combos depending on the rest of our hand. It's still very difficult to completely brick if your deck is well-constructed. Hand: Zoodiac Barrage (no other Zoodiac cards in hand) 1. Activate Barrage, kill itself, special summon Ramram from the deck. 2. Overlay Ramram for Broadbull, detatch Ramram to add Ratpier to your hand. 3. Normal summon Ratpier, use effect to send whatever you'd like (Zoodiac Combo or Whiptail usually) 4. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 5. Overlay Boarbow for Chakanine, detatch Boarbow, special summon Ramram from the grave. 6. Overlay Boarbow for Tigermortor, swap Boarbow for Whiptail (if you sent Whiptail in step #3), then overlay for Hammerkong and Drident (3 materials). 7. Detatch a material from Drident, kill Ramra, special Ratpier from the grave. 8. Overlay the two Ratpiers for the rank 4 of your choice. Here, we see a pretty similar result, except instead of netting a Broadbull search (we had to normal summon it), we end with a extra Xyz monster in play (the Broadbull). Not bad. Hand: Any Zoodiac monster (not Ratpier) + Barrage 1. Normal summon Zoodiac monster (henceforth referred to as ZM), overlay for Broadbull, detatch ZM, search Raptier. 2. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull, special summon ZM from the grave. 3. Activate Barrage, kill ZM, special summon Thoroughblade from the deck. 4. Use Thoroughblade's effect, discard Ratpier, draw 1. 5. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ratpier. 6. Detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 7. Overlay Ratpier+Thoroughblade for a rank 4 of your choice. 8. Overlay Tigermortor into Hammerkong into Drident (2 materials). This is a strong opening, as we have converted 2 cards and a normal summon into a Drident, rank 4 of our choice, plus an Barrage on board which our opponent has to deal with before our next turn, and a draw from Thoroughblade. This is, again, roughly a +2. In the event that you open Ratpier+Barrage (with no other combo pieces) usually you're just going to want to go for the standard Ratpier combo, which Barrage providing added insurance in the event that your Ratpier gets hit by Ghost Ogre. There's no way convert the Barrage into an extra rank 4. Multiple diagustos t1? In my format? It's more likely than you think There was substantial debate about whether or not Zoodiac decks were better with or without the Draco engine in them. Now, I think there will be very little debate regarding this matter. The Draco engine is the best way to extend our standard Ratpier or Barrage combos into an ending boards that are nearly unbeatable. Diagram in particular is insane because it can destroy Ramrams in our hand and trigger them. Hand: Ratpier+Diagram+Master Peace or Draco Spell 1. Normal summon Ratpier, send Ramram to the grave (sending Ramram here is just in case we get our Diagram Ash Blossom'd later in the combo). 2. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Raptier to special summon Ratpier from the deck. 3. Overlay Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow, add a 2nd copy of Ramram to hand. 4. Activate Diagram, kill your in-hand Ramram, search Master Peace/Draco Spell (whichever piece you're missing) 5. Ramram's effect is triggered and special summons Ratpier from the grave. 5. Overlay Broadbull from Chakanine, detatch Broadbull to special summon Ramram from the grave. 6. Overlay Ratpier x2 for Daigusto Emeral, detatch Ratpier, and shuffle back Ratpier, Boarbow, and Broadbull to draw a card 7. Activate Draco Spell, use effect to tribute Draco Spell and Daigusto Emeral for Master Peace. 8. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ratpier. 9. Detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 10. Overlay Tigermortor for Hammerkong then Drident (2 materials). 11. Use Master Peace or Drident (your choice) to kill Ramram, special summoning Ratpier from the grave. 12. Overlay Ratpier x2 for Daigusto Emeral (or a different rank 4 if you prefer). Our end result is that we turned 3 cards in hand into Master Peace, Drident, and rank 4 of our choice, and 1 draw. Given how much redundancy the deck can play (5 Ratpiers, 6 Diagrams, 6 Draco Spells, 3 Master Peace) you are actually quite likely to open this combo. Many times, you might not have the full combo, but draw into the other pieces as you are comboing off. It's more likely than you think. In addition, Barrage typically works here in place of Ratpier as well, although the lines play out slightly differently. In some cases, I have even made 3 Daigusto Emerals t1 with Ratpier in hand+Barrage+multiple diagrams. The most nutted hands in this deck actually resemble the Fusion Substitute combos of old pretty well. Of course, one of the other advantages of running the Draco engine is that we can replace our Terrortops with Baobaboons, giving us access to M-X-Saber Invoker, which is still pretty insane. Sample Hands I won't give out the entire decklist yet, but most of it is pretty straightforward. The deck builds itself for the most part. Next, I'll provide with 3 randomly-generated sample hands, and how I'd play them going 1st vs an unknown deck. Hand #1: True Draco Heritage, Master Peace the True Dracoslaying King, Zoodiac Barrage, True Draco Apocalypse. Pre-Combo comments: The interesting thing about this hand is how Draco pieces that we've opened. We can actually end up using Diagram to search a 2nd Master Peace and play them both, one immune to monsters/spells and the other immune to monsters/traps. This is incredibly difficult to beat. 1. Activate Barrage, use effect to kill itself, search Ratpier. 2. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier to special summon Ratpier from the deck. 3. Overlay Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow to search Ramram 4. Activate Dragonic Diagram, kill Ramram in hand to search Master Peace. 5. Ramram is triggered and special summons Ratpier from the grave. 6. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull to special summon Ramram. 7. Set True Draco Apocalypse. Normal summon Master Peace by tributing the set trap and Ramram. 8. Overlay both Ratpiers for Daigusto Emeral, detatch Ratpier, shuffle back Ratpier, Boarbow, and Broadbull to draw a card (it's Ratpier). 9. Activate True Draco Heritage, draw a card (it's Baobaboon). 10. Use True Draco Heritage's effect for an additional tribute summon. Tribute Daigusto Emeral and Heritage for a 2nd Master Peace. 11. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ramram. 12. Overlay Tigermortor for Hammerkong and then Drident (3 materials). End result: Master Peace in play (monster/spell immune), Master Peace in play (monster/trap immune), Drident in play (with 3 materials, 2000 defense, and targetting trap immune), 3 continuous spells/traps in our graveyard, Diagram in play, Ratpier+Baobaboon in hand (pretty bad draws to be completely honest). Hand #2: True King's Return, True Draco Heritage, Zoodiac Whiptail, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Terraforming Pre-Combo Comments: This is another interesting hand, because it might seem like we have no Ratpier access. In this case, we won't need it at all to end with a strong board. 1. Terraforming for Dragonic Diagram. 2. Normal summon Whiptail, overlay for Broadbull, detatch Whiptail to search Ramram. 3. Activate Diagram, kill Ramram, search Master Peace. 4. Ramram is triggered and special summons Whiptail from the grave. 5. Overlay Broadbull for Chakanine, detatch Broadbull to special summon Ramram. 6. Activate True Draco Heritage, use the effect to tribute summon Master Peace by tributing Ramram and True Draco Heritage. 7. Overlay Chakanine for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine for Ramram 8. Overlay for Hammerkong, then Drident (3 materials). End result: Master Peace in play (monster/spell immune), Drident in play (with 3 materials, 2000 defense, and targetting trap immune), Whiptail in play (which can attach itself to Drident if we desire), Diagram in play, True-King's Return set, 1 continuous spell/trap in grave, Ghost Ogre in hand). Hand #2.5: (Virtually the same as hand #2, so I just shuffled in and drew again) Hand #3: True King's Return, Zoodiac Barrage, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, True Draco Heritage, Baobaboon 1. Normal summon Baobaboon, use effect to draw into Disciples of the True Draco Phoenix. I decide to bottom True King's Return 2. Activate Zoodiac Barrage, kill Baobaboon, and get Ratpier. 3. Special summon 2 Baobaboons trigger both, draw into True Draco Apocalypse (we bottom it), and Dragonic Diagram, (bottom Ghost Ogre). 4. Overlay Ratpier for Boarbow, detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from deck. 5. Boarbow for Broadbull, detatch Boarbow, search for Ramram. 6. Activate Diagram, kill Ramram, search Master Peace. 7. Ramram is triggered and special summons Ratpier from the grave. 8. Overlay Baobaboon x2 for M-X-Saber Invoker. 19. Overlay Ratpier x2 for Diagusto Emeral, detatch Raptier, shuffle back Ratpier, Boarbow, Baobaboon to draw 1 (it's another True Draco Heritage). 11. Activate Heritage, use effect for an extra tribute summon, tribute Heritage and Daigusto Emeral for Master Peace. 12. Overlay Broadbull for Tigermortor, swap Chakanine with Ratpier. 13. Detatch Ratpier, special summon Ratpier from the deck. 14. Activate M-X-Saber Invoker, detatch Baobaboon, special summon Whiptail from the deck. 15. Overlay Ratpier and Whiptail for Daigusto Emeral, detatch Ratpier, shuffle back Ratpier x2, Emeral to draw 1, (it's another Diagram). 16. Activate the 2nd copy of True Draco Heritage from our hand, draw 1 card (it's Whiptail) 17. Play the 2nd Diagram, kill M-X-Saber Invoker to search Master Peace. 18. Overlay Tigermortor for Chakanine, detatch Tigermortor to special summon Ramram from grave. 19. Activate Disciples of the True Draco Phoenix, use effect to tribute Ramram and True Draco Heritage for Master Peace #2. 20. Chakanine for Hammerkong and then Drident End Result: 2x Master Peace (both immune to monsters/spells), Drident with 2 materials, Emeral, Diagram, Barrage, 2 continuous spell/traps in grave, with Whiptail+Ghost Ogre in hand.
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    This'll be kinda a short one. I entered this tournament after playing zero games with this deck, because I really didn't feel like playing Infernoid, even moreso did not want to play Zoo, and kinda didn't want to play in general. So I played Fluffal. 26 3 Fluffal Dog 3 Fluffal Bear 3 Fluffal Wings 3 Fluffal Penguin 3 Edge-Imp Chain 3 King of the Swamp 2 Edge-Imp Sabres 2 Fluffal Owl 2 Maxx "C" 1 Fluffal Sheep 1 Fluffal Cat 14 3 Toy Vendor 3 Polymerization 2 Foolish Burial Goods 2 Frightfur Fusion 2 Instant Fusion 1 Frightfur Factory 1 Pot of Desires 2 Frightfur Tiger 2 Frightfur Sheep 2 Frightfur Kraken 2 Frightfur Sabre-Tooth 2 Toadally Awesome 1 Elder Entity Norden 1 Fairy Cheer Girl 1 Bahamut Shark 1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Frightfur Wolf 3 Royal Decree 2 Denko Sekka 2 Grisaille Prison 2 Full Force Virus 1 Raigeki 1 Dark Hole 1 Night Beam 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Chain Disappearance So there's been a kid at our local that's been playing this deck for over a year now, and every time we play him we're surprised at the random kills the deck pulls out of nowhere. This has lead to a common discussion we would have with him where he asks, "How am I supposed to win this game?" to which we'll answer, "Just fucking kill him." And various variants of that. Named my decklist after him, "The Magnes Special" and channeled his spirit throughout the tournament. The best part about this deck is that the games you lose are usually over pretty quick, usually as soon as your Poly gets Barriered it's safe to pick your cards up. This is great for morale, as evidenced by my incredible mood throughout the following rounds. Going into the tournament I wasn't sure what my bad matchups were, aside from the cards Dimensional Barrier, and Artifact Scythe. I goldfished enough hands to realize I could kill through just about anything else. I didn't take notes, and a couple of these rounds I don't really remember what happened, but I thought the tournament was entertaining enough to do a quick writeup for. Anyway, bit of an issue with the team war. There were 7 of us, but only 6 slots. Both Brando and myself are on shit decks, him on Chain Burn. The team is very split on which one of us to take, but in the end opts to take Brando. I made it my personal goal for the tournament to have a better record than him for the, "I told you so" factor. This turned out to be incredibly easy, as during round 6, Brando was 0-6 and still playing. Round 1: The Nightmare (Artifact Windwitch Invoked) Well, I guess. Game 1 I get Scythe'd 2 turns in a row and lose to the 2200 beatdown. Game 2 He had Raidjin + Crystal Wing and 1 backrow. I do a bunch of shit to bait his monsters, and when I go for a Sabre Tooth play he flips Torrential, opening up my Instant Fusion -> Bahamut to lock the game up. Then game 3 he has D.D. Ground and multiple Barriers. Round 2: Slightly less of a nightmare, but still a nightmare (pure speedroid) Lol, I think I'm the only deck in the room that can't actually kill a fucking Crystal Wing without wasting a million cards. Anyway, game 1 I fucked up and forgot about the Necro Gardna Speedroid in his graveyard, which didn't seem like a big deal because he was only on 2 cards. Unfortunately his 2 cards were a way to make Crystal Wing, and Vanity's Emptiness. Game 2 was the only real grind game of the tournament, he opened Crystal Wing and Clear Wing, both of which are very real cards against my deck. I make a sheep to attack over the Clear Wing, and pass with Torrential set. Anyways, he does some shit that ends with double Crystal Wing and I Torrential him into back to the stone age. Game 3 he opens Crystal Wing Emptiness, but knowing that is the only set I had to be worried about I played to bait the Emptiness out before Raigekiing his Crystal Wing, so I just fucking kill him. okay, please no more Crystal Wing decks. Round 3 The Nightmare Again (Artifact Windwitch Invoked) Oh c'mon, what the fuck. Game 1 he bricked, passing with just Raidjin. Unfortunately my Desires decided to banish the 2 Toy Vendors remaining in my deck, and I draw Foolish Goods and Bear. Game 2 he opened the nut board, and my hand was just straight unplayable. okayokayokay, we're 1-2, but we're done losing (See: Playing vs. Artifact / Crystal Wing decks) for awhile. The next few rounds are a wild ride. Round 4, 60 card BA Game 1 he opens with Foolish Graff -> Scarm, make Invoker and do the rat combo. Set 2 backrow and pass. So I just do some fusion shit to clear his set Strike + Chalice, bait out his Drident and just fucking kill him. Game 2 he Full Force Viruses me, leaving me with 2 Toy Vendors and I think an Instant Fusion? Idk, anyway I use Vendor, pitch the 2nd Vendor to reveal Owl. The judge rules that I get to have it all, and my opponent doesn't appeal. This lets me summon it, search, and have it live. So anyway, this ends with me attacking for like 30k damage with a board of Tiger + Sabretooth + a 6 material Wolf. I feel like the Full Force vs. Toy Vendor ruling was probably wrong, but I'm not going to appeal the ruling that wins me the game. Round 5: Infernoid Game 1 he opens with Reasoning -> Decatron, and just passes so I fucking kill him. Game 2 he has slightly better, opening with Monster Gate -> Radian, and summons Seitemas. So I just fucking kill him. Round 6: Zoodiac Game 1: He has Rat Combo and Double Strike. So I just fucking kill him. Game 2: I think this was the game I maxx "C"'d my opponent, they stopped with no backrow and I just Poly'd out a 5 material Wolf with all my cards. Life is good when people don't draw Barrier / Sanctum against you. Round 7: Burning Abyss Infernoid Game 1 he opens and passes with a bluff set and set monster, so I just fucking kill him. Game 2 he makes me go first, so I fucking Grisalle Prison (see: Double Barrier) him, then fucking kill him. Round 8: Infernoid 2-0'd him in 8 minutes. I think game 1 he just had Decatron and a bluff, and game 2 was just Patrulea and 2 bluffs. Round 9: Zoodiac Game 1 he opens 3 backrow and Rat combo. So I just fucking kill him. Game 2 he starts and opens with Fragrance + Twin Twister Game 3 I really thought I was about to fucking kill him through Strike + Drident, but when I poly'd out my dude discarding Wings he discarded Lancea, bricking my Wings and Frightfur fusion. I set Torrential, and it turns out his other set was Twin Twisters. He draws slumber for turn, and with his 2 cards, Slumber + Whiptail, just fucking kills me 6-3 Fitting end to a fun tournament. People kept choosing to go first game 2, which was kinda tilting since I was boarding in 4-ish traps so I actually had something to do going first. Ended up working out though, so whatever. Only thing I'd change in the main deck would be to cut the Desires, after it cost me a game, and almost cost me another by banishing all 3 Fluffal Wings I was siding it out all tournament and never really missed it. It might turn into a Fusion Recovery, or 3rd Owl, something like that.
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    WORLD CHALICE World Chalice (or in OCG, Stargrail) is a new archetype introduced in Code of the Duelist. The World Chalice archetypes takes full advantage of the new link mechanic to build a board of monsters that can float into more World Chalice monsters when they are sent to the Graveyard. These Link Monsters also have pretty good effects, and World Chalice is very good at summoning these specific Link Monsters. Essentially, welcome to our new Link Overlords.dek. The common misconception about Link monsters is that they will slow the game down. While not exactly the opposite, Konami has done a tremendous job at introducing an entirely new mechanic and keeping the speed of the game about the same. Normal World Chalice Monsters These cards are actually pretty vital to the deck’s success. You need to be at minimum playing 3 Beckoned. Chosen and Crowned are not as strong, but Chosen can be summoned through Emergency Teleport. World Chalice Effect Monsters Lee is the deck's Stratos and the card that either helps you combo off, or set you up for the next turn. You are mainly searching World Legacy. Sometimes you can use it's other effect to discard a Gaurdragon and add Lee back to your hand, allowing you to use Gaurdragon's graveyard effect. Legacy is just as important as Lee. These two cards are basically what allow you to go off and end with a board of 3-4 Link Monsters. Legacy is also resilient in that it can search another copy of itself if your opponent manages to break your board. You can also use it's effect when your opponent summons a monster form the extra deck to Gaurdragon is a very linear hand trap that can only protect your link monsters. However, he seconded effect allows you to extend your combos by summoning a normal monster back from your graveyard. Non-World Chalice Monsters Venus and Shine Ball are absolute musts for the deck. They basically are the combo cards that allow you to create the strong first turn boards for the deck. Honestly, not seeing Venus in your opening 5 makes the game pretty difficult to win outright. For now, Gofu is another solid option for the deck. Despite it being a one card Link 3 monsters without using your normal summon, Gofu's end results don't quite hit as high of a ceiling as venus. Rescue Rabbit and Ferret can find you more monsters to make Links with. These aren't necessarily essential monsters for the deck, but they do provide some good support if your draws are not combo card heavy. Extra Deck Monsters Imduk is such a great card for your combos. The extra normal summon allows you to advance your board nicely. Even though the arrow on this card is terrible, Imduk is one of the key cards in the World Chalice extra deck. Ib is another essential combo piece, as it it's easy to summon and allows you to access to great Link points, giving you access to more extra deck monsters. It is also an excellent wall that can protect the monsters it points to, then you can summon another World Chalice monster! Yet another combo extender due to his effect, but also Auram has the best arrows as far as your World Chalice monsters go. He special summons ANY monster in the grave by the way, meaning that you can bring back dead Firewall Dragons or other good stuff that you just happen to throw in there. When combo'd correctly, you are going to draw three cards off of this guy right here. His effect to send to the graveyard does not target either. Basically, the Boss monster of the World Chalice is insanely good. You actually have to run 1-2 Proxy Dragons in order to combo correctly with the deck. Being a generic Link 2 means that you don't have to stress about using different types / attributes for IB. Proxy is also generally decent card to protect key cards on your board, while also triggering World Chalice GY effects. Since you are playing Normal World Chalice Monsters and Shine Balls, Link Spider allows you to have access to a Link Zone if nothing else, or turn that Normal Monster into an Effect Monster to continue comboing with. You can also get mileage out of it's effect if you open normal monster heavy. Most Link decks so far have been using him as an additional combo extended, getting out 2 of him and having one act as a Kirin. World Chalice avoids this by just having him be a Kirin for 2. Firewall Dragon is extremely powerful turn one, and luckily he is hard to get rid of in this deck. Emeral is needed to give a +4 overall. heard that drawing cards was good. Key Spells Heart allows you to recoever lost World Chalice combo pieces if they get negated, or just after you used them so that you retain even more card advantage. Thought it isn't a Rota or Barrage, it does also protect your link monsters from battle, which is extremely useful given that your goal is to end with as many links as you can. Transmodify is an absolute must in Venus based builds. It essentially functions the same as it would in Agent decks of old, however this time instead of setting up one boss monster it leads you to about a +4 overall. In the normal monster heavy version, these cards are useful in starting your combos. If you are playing a version of the deck with Rabbits and Ferrets, you probably want this card. Especially in a version with Venus as you can go ahead and do Venus shenanigans then search your Rescue friends and make even more plays. Key Combos So what are these +4 combos I keep mentioning. Well, this deck has a few two card combos that end with 7 cards in hand and a substantial board. Venus + Legacy = (1) Summon Venus -> 3 Shine Balls (2) Shine Ball -> Imduk (3) Imduk extra summon Legacy by tributing a Shine Ball (4) Legacy+ Imduk-> Aurum (5) Legacy effect -> Lee + Beckoned (6) Lee effect search another Beckoned (7) Aurum's effect pop Lee -> SS Imduk from GY (8) Imduk + Shine Ball -> Ib (9) Imduk effect SS Beckoned from hand (10) Overlay 2 Beckoneds for Emeral (11) Emeral draw effect -> Shuffle all 3 Shine Balls back. (+1) (12) Venus -> SS 2 Shine Balls (13) Emeral + Shine Ball -> 2nd Ib (14) Venus -> SS last Shine Ball (15) Venus + Shine Ball [next to Venus] -> Proxy Dragon (16) Shine Ball -> Imduk (17) Proxy Dragon + Imduk -> Ningirsu. Effect. (+3) (18) Aurum + Ningirsu -> Firewall Dragon Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Ib | Firewall Dragon | Ib Extra Monster = None 7 Card in Hand This same combo can be accomplished with Lee + Transmodify. Lee can search Legacy for you if you don't have it in your hand. ------------------------------------------------ Gofu + Legacy = (1) Special Summon Gofu -> Effect to special summon two tokens (2) Token -> Link Spider (3) Normal summon Legacy tributing Gofu (4) Legacy + Link Spider -> Ib (5) Legacy effect -> Lee and Guardragon (6) Lee effect, search any Normal World Chalice (7) Ib + Gaurdragon -> Auram (8) Ib effect -> SS Normal World Chalice from hand (9) Auram effect, tribute Lee -> SS Ib from GY (10) 2nd Token -> Link Spider (11) Link Spider + Auram -> Ningirsu. Effect. (+2) (12) Normal World Chalice + Ningirsu -> Firewall Dragon (13) Banish Gaurdragon from GY -> SS Normal World Chailce from GY (14) Normal World Chalice -> Link Spider Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Empty | Firewall Dragon | Ib Extra Monster = Link Spider 5 Cards in Hand ------------------------------------------------ Venus + Legacy + Any Monster = (1) Summon Venus -> 3 Shine Balls (2) Shine Ball -> Imduk (3) Imduk extra summon Legacy by tributing a Shine Ball (4) Legacy+ Imduk-> Aurum (5) Legacy effect -> Lee + Beckoned (6) Lee effect search another Beckoned (7) Shine Ball -> Imduk (8) Imduk + Lee -> Ib (9) Imduk eff -> SS Beckoned from hand (10) Overlay Beckoneds -> Emeral (11) Emeral draw effect -> 3 Shine Balls (+1) (12) Venus effect -> 2 Shine Balls (13) Shine Ball + Emeral -> 2nd Ib (14) Venus effect -> 1 Shine Ball (15) Venus + Shine Ball -> Proxy Dragon (16) Shine Ball -> Imduk (17) Lee GY effect, Discard the monster you had to add Lee back (18) Imduk + Proxy Dragon -> Ningirsu. Effect CL 1, Imduk effect CL 2. SS Lee from hand and then draw (+3) (19) Lee + Ningirsu -> Firewall Dragon Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Ib| Firewall Dragon | Ib Extra Monster = Auram 7 Cards in Hand *** Once Tri-Gate Wizard is legal, you can continue to this field *** (20) Firewall Dragon effect -> Get back two World Chalice monsters to your hand (one of which should be a Normal Monster) (21) Firewall + Ib -> Tri-Gate Wizard (22) Ib effect -> SS a World Chalice monster from hand (23) Auram effect, tribute that World Chalice monster -> SS Firewall Dragon from GY (effect reset) (24) Auram + Ib -> SS 2nd Firewall Dragon (1 Link) (25) Ib/Auram effect -> SS Normal World Chalice monster from hand (26) Normal World Chalice Monster -> Link Spider (to extra monster zone) Field should look like: Empty | Empty | Firewall Dragon | Tri-gate Wizard | Firewall Dragon Extra Monster = Link Spider 7 Cards in Hand Other Options The Predaplant + Brillaint engine gives you more resources to pull from, allowing you to play through traps. Invoked Gives you access to an additonal toolbox of monsters. Since the World Chalice monsters are all different Attributes, you can do your combos of summoning Link Monsters, then Banisher Aliiester and whatever World Chalice monster to summon things like Raiden and Mechaba for an additional boss monster / disruption. Essentially, there are a couple different ways to go about constructing World Chalice, and it's pretty much up to the deck builder about what they want from the deck. You should start all your lists with: Sample Builds:
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    today is the day mark finally snapped vig=scum - Today at 9:59 PM I gave a warning only but since ACP already gave a warning it became a 1-day suspencion that even satchmo agreed with but also monahan urthor digbick etc literally everyone so keep pretending it's something I did rofl nah you broke the rules so you get banned simple as that suck it you fucker Markus - Today at 6:46 PM mark do u have a girlfriend yet still lonely vig=scum - Today at 10:00 PM go play with your 14-y/o "gf" Markus - Today at 10:00 PM banning me for making jokes is the weakest thing ive ever seen vig=scum - Today at 10:00 PM you didnt get banned for jokes you got banned for breaking 2 rules post had like 12 neg rep 0 pos no one liked your joke no one likes you even your friends think you're a retard i dont even have anything against you outside of you being the face of all DNF-ers new era who ruin dgz which is something I've already accepted to be the case like I have nothing against you you make a thread that breaks the rules, I warn it because thats what I do I even argued the other day that your GF shouldnt be banned but youre such a fucking retard that you get mad over getting banned for 1 literal day that youre gonig to emssage all your mod friends monahan etc and you know what they do? they screenshooted it and we all laughed at you SMASHED fuckeer no one gives a fuck youre just a bad poster Markus - Today at 10:02 PM i hope u run into that attacker u want so that you can test ur mighty krav maga, so maybe u will understand how weak u are vig=scum - Today at 10:02 PM and need to fucking stop being a retard
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    It’s been about a year since I’ve taken over the site, so I figured I’d let everyone know how we’ve been doing since then and what my plans are for the future. To start, activity is up significantly. In June 2016, DGZ had 2787 posts. In June 2017, DGZ had 6186 posts. Our Alexa rating had been steadily increasing, although it has started to plateau in recent months. I hope to do some marketting on Facebook and DuelingBook to improve our numbers even more. We successfully launched our own Yugioh platform (LackeyDGZ), which is something that I thought that I wasn’t even capable of. It’s definitely given me confidence to launch more ambitious projects in the future. If you haven’t tried the software yet, please do so. I’ll even personally show you how to use it. Remember that we are still selling DGZ shirts and DGZ loyalist; buying either would do a lot to support the site. Remember that free stuff isn’t a one-way street. If you want TGA to increase funding for warring, online tournaments, etc., you need to support their products as well. Remember that they are the reason that our server costs are getting paid for every month. In the future, if you need to buy or sell cards, I hope that you will consider The Game Academy. I want to give special thank-yous to @Satchmo for doing a great of running the Discord server and helping me with Lackey, @Zappdos for running mafia quite well, @Gemstone Mine for helping me with Lackey, and @mark for helping keep the Yugioh forums afloat (don’t give up!). To staff, in case I had not made it clear, realize that you are selected on a basis on what you directly contribute to the site. If you want to be promoted, take on new tasks. It can revitalizing a less-used forum, doing marketing to bring in new members, or starting some completely new project. I think that a lot of our members and staff put too much faith in me. I cannot run the entire site by myself. If you know that there is something that needs to be done for the site that I have not done yet, offer to do it. If you don’t know what you can help with, ask me. I promise I’ll never run out of things for you to do. I’m still taking staff applications. Remember, “I’ve been here for awhile, think being mod would be cool, and I promise I won’t blow anything up” is not sufficient to be considered for the position. In regards to warring, it’s been a lot of work, and I’m probably going to change the system in the future. I’m probably going to emphasize the individual ladder more and make teams a bit of a looser affiliation. My plan is to learn Python and program a Discord bot that will handle all of the match results and rankings for me, which should make everything much smoother. Assuming that you don’t want to spend money and don’t want to be added to staff, you might wonder what you can do to help the site. Realize that any forums website is only as good as its posters. So post often. Share your ideas with the community and get feedback. It seems a lot of us play Yugioh but only a few of us want to discuss Yugioh. Realize that “I don’t discuss Yugioh because no one else discusses Yugioh” is circular logic. Make the first move. Be like @victor Make posts like this. Realize that I barely even play this game anymore, so I can’t generate all of the discussion myself. Even better than that though would be to bring all of your friends to the site. I’d be eternally grateful, and frankly I am much more likely to consider you for a staff position if you’re someone who has a reputation for bringing new people to the site. Lastly, I’d address some behavior that I feel has been rather toxic to the site. This is been bothering me for awhile, and I feel like now is the best time to bring it up. This is people who keep saying, “DGZ is dead.” Now, firstly, if we’re going to get technical, clearly it is not already dead. You could however ignore all of the data that suggests otherwise and claim that, “DGZ is dying.” Now I’m going to naturally assume that anyone who is posting on DGZ currently wants to DGZ to do well. The issue is that I’ve talked to numerous people who either stopped posting on DGZ or did not come back to DGZ because they were under the impression that DGZ was a dying site. This is obviously problematic. Going around telling people that DGZ is dying, at a point, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So even if you wholeheartedly believe that DGZ is dying, you’re only making it die faster by running around and telling everyone that it is dying. I get that we’re all cynical, but realize that how you talk about the site has a profound impact on its future success.
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    yeah guys you wouldn't believe how often i am out there having the sex. Way more than the other losers here on DGz. Everyone says, "JC, you're the best at the sex." My good friends are all saying it. Believe me. And these people are way more attractive than the girls a normal DGz user would be able to get. It is what happens when you're as great as I am. You just get 10s after 10s, sometimes every day. Sometimes, when I'm stalking random girls for 30 minutes after math class as they walk to their car, they just turn around and throw themselves on me. That's kinda what they do. They just jump and then we synchronize. It really is a symbol human evolution, people. And it happens all the time, because I'm just that attractive. So attractive. They are saying confidence is attractive. And let me tell you, quite frankly, they're right. That's why when I see a girl, I just walk right up there and kiss them. Works every time. With hair like mine, though, it is only to be expected. My hair is fabulous. Before you ask, it's not a wig. Not a wig! See? You can feel my hair if you want. I can prove it. You touch my hair and you'll be saying, "JC. has the most outstanding hair. Maslow needs to update his hierarchy of needs, because JC's hair is right there, holding everything else up. I can't find self-actualization or fulfillment without JC's hair. I don't know how I did it before." And I'm funny too. You wouldn't believe it. I walk into a room. People see me. I try talking to someone. And BOOM. Just instantly. Laughing hysterically. My mom assures me I'm the most funny and handsome person she has ever met. Believe it. I will be the next Hokage.
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    ...that duelistgroundz.com had at least 10,000 posts in a single month. DGZ shirts are back DGZ just successfully completed a mission to release the only bug-free manual Yugioh sim on the market. Our mafia games have been more active now than ever in the history of the site. DGZ is probably dead though, am I right guys?
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    In the effort of trying to maintain a healthy and more enjoyable environment for all players, we would like to establish a consistent rule set of rules that will be posted in every thread. We are looking for feedback on issues that are not captured by this current rule set. We are open to considering eliminating content here, but all mafioso involved strongly agree with the rules here; you would need a strong argument. Additionally, we would like to re-implement the warning system on a more critical basis, and offer mods the right to refuse players permission to play in their game if and only if they have received multiple infractions. Feedback is again encouraged. Our main goal is to help create an environment in which people can keep their emotions at the door when the game starts, and keep them there when the game ends. There are too many viciously personal attacks that extend past the game; most of us suck at it and it's an area we need to improve in as a community. "Attack ideas, not players" is an idea we need to consistently keep in mind moving forward- we are prepared to heavily infarct players that violate this. When in doubt, wait 15 minutes before making your post. Finally, we want to begin implementing. . . Mafia Rules No editing of posts. * No communication outside of the thread or any relevant QT. * No posting in the thread during the night phase. * You are allowed 1 OMGUS post. No game relevant content in an OMGUS post. No posting in the game thread unless you are somehow involved in the game. No repping game relevant posts if you are not an active alive player in the game. If the game is no claiming allowed, you may not claim in any fashion. * If the game is no claiming allowed, you may not fish for claims in any fashion. * You may not post or quote your role PM unless otherwise stated. * You may not quote or allude to interaction with the host as evidence for an argument. * You may not screen shot or otherwise abuse the new content marker (especially for the purpose of proving inactivity). You may also not ask others to provide screen shots or otherwise abuse the marker. * You may not single out another player to victimize for reasons beyond the scope of the game (ie. personal dislike, grudge from past games, etc). If a player feels like they are being singled out, that player may file a complaint to be investigated. No bets, bribes, or threats allowed. * Spirit of the game clause. No attempt to intentionally harm a game will be tolerated. * No overly-aggressive or toxic behaviour; including but not limited to use of slurs, insults, or personal attacks. Attack ideas, not players * You must read your role PM. * If you are unable to commit to the game due to unforeseen circumstances, you must notify the host within a timely manner requesting a substitute. Follow all other rules imposed in the OP of the game by the host. * If a moderator feels you are posting excessively and lacking content within those posts, they can warn you. Repeated excess posting afterwards can lead to a modkill and/or a warn/suspension. * All other site rules still apply. * in addition to the below punishments, you may be subbed or modkilled and your faction punished to mitigate damage to the gamestate for these offences depending on the severity. Warning Points (WP), Suspensions, and Bans Silver (1 Total Suspension) Markus (1 Current WP, 1 Total WP, 1 Suspension) mark (1 Total WP) Jazz (1 Total WP, 1 Suspension) Digbick (Banned 02/05/17) Based on severity of any above rule infringement, you will be handed either a warning, a suspension, or a ban. Warnings Collection of three warning points will result in being handed a suspension of varying length depending on the cause for your warnings. After the course of three games, if you have not received any further warning points in that time, you may request the removal of a warning point in this thread. If you have received two warning points and attempt to sign up for a game, it is at the host’s discretion whether to include you in their game or not. Suspensions Suspensions will make you ineligible to sign up to any games for the length of your suspension. Suspensions will be handed out directly for major infringements of the above rules. Previous number of suspensions will be taken into account when deciding on the length of current suspension. Bans If you have received a suspension in the past and have shown no improvement, you will be banned from the mafia section. Game Rules Game rules are to be followed in addition to the aforementioned rules in this thread. Failure to do so will result in the same punishment options being used. A template for game rules: X claiming Ties will end in X All questions for the host are to be made via PM Day phase will last X hours or until a voting majority of X is reached Night phase will last X hours or until all night actions are received Lylo/Mylo will/won’t be announced Minimum posting quota is X. Failure to meet this will result in X Scum can/can’t communicate in the QT posthumously There will/won’t be an ability table There will/won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early Self-voting is not allowed
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    She was really into him but during their intercourse she started screaming 'Yes mark, harder!' so mark naturally went FUCK YOU BITCH YOU DONT TELL ME HOW TO HAVE SEX LIKE I WAS REALLY EXCITED TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU BUT YOU'RE REALLY BAD TBH I KNOW THIS IS THE RIGHT PACE TO HAVE SEX AND IF YOU DONT AGREE THEN YOU REALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO FUCK, and stormed off.
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    I'm gonna top that by spending the next 3 months in the mountains of Japan living by myself in the woods. Every day I will meditate under a waterfall for an unspecified amount of time until my brain becomes water logged. Then I will catch a fish with my bare hands and cook it over a fire. With this newfound perspective, I will contemplate on the mistakes of my past, I will regret the wrongs I inflicted on others, and I will forgive the ills that have been inflicted upon me. I will then spend the twilight hours of the evening developing advanced survival strategies which with a little luck can be translated to mafia tactics. Then I will sail back to America on a boat I made myself from the bones of the animals I killed and the bark I peeled from trees. I will make my way back to my new york city apartment on foot, lift up the doormat, and uncover a dusty key. Once inside my modern abode I will charge my laptop before I even bother to call my family, who I'm presuming will think I committed suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. I will then power on my laptop and log on to duelistgroundz.com. I will join the next mafia game and I will play exactly the same way that I did before.
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    How is it that people who are sending around dick pics to little girls get to play Yugioh but Alex Bunts gets banned for 5 years for smoking weed with an alligator? There is no justice in this game.
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    wow I am very upset that this is what the smashed forum has come to. one fag with assburgers exposing another fag with assburgers and the other trying to take the high road by claiming hes a minor? enjoy, as you can only play that card anywhere for another year. what are you like 17? how about you try harder at playing yugioh cards or some shit like the rest of us did instead of trying hard to impress ppl who think you are annoying af.
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    Preface This document should be seen as the end product of ACP’s journey throughout Goat Format, so to speak, as well as his final gift to DuelistGroundz. While I have taken it upon myself to add this preface and have been requested to finish the parts that he did not, the vast majority of this work should be attributed solely to ACP. With this section, my intent is to outline the historical context for the often unique theories and philosophies that came to define ACP’s approach to Goat Format. The earliest incarnation of the ACP everyone knows and loves (to hate) is “ACP the Gadget Guy.” After scoring his first regional top 8 with Gadgets following the release of Shrink, ACP continued to play Gadgets at a high level long after they were considered a top-tier deck in the TCG. One of the best “ACP stories” from this era in my opinion is a brief, seven-line conversation at a 2008 Florida regional with ACP and local legend David Pratt, recounted by ACP as follows: The first thing to realize about this exchange is how hilarious/satisfying it feels to say the sentence “Allen C. Pennington, you’re the best duelist!” out loud, but it is important for much more than just this undeniably top-tier meme. I believe “being the best duelist” became an overarching goal, a quest if you will, for ACP the Gadget Guy. Sure, Gadgets weren’t great in the September 2009 format, they were probably worse than decks like Lightsworn, Zombies, or even Blackwings, but this didn’t matter to ACP the Gadget Guy, who would consistently rely on solid theory and fundamentals to carry him through fields of more powerful and more popular decks. As undoubtedly one of the best players in Florida for most of this period, ACP the Gadget Guy had little trouble finishing in the top 8 of most regionals, yet when faced with large fields of national-level talent, top 16/32 finishes at SJCs and YCSes consistently eluded him. Beginning sometime in 2010, ACP began to branch out from his beloved Gadgets into other archetypes, most notoriously with his list of Frog FTK which, to no one’s surprise, he dubbed “Next Level Frogs.” This name is particularly relevant for this history for the reference it makes to Chapin’s Next Level Magic, the book that ACP would probably tell you himself helped him achieve much of his success in this phase of his career. Having reached a point where he was largely comfortable with his fundamentals, the post-Gadget ACP became much more concerned with finding what could be considered objective solutions to formats. In other words, his focus shifted from “being the best duelist” to “being the duelist with the best deck.” This was no doubt motivated in part by his studies in mathematics which accelerated during this era of his career, his love for these studies being a part of his personality that no one on DuelistGroundz is unaware of at this point. In 2012, ACP finally broke his premier event curse at YCS Chicago with Chaos Dragons (ironically the same event at which I suffered my first premier bubble loss), and went on to a number of top cut finishes at premier events in the years that followed. With each of these performances, ACP seemed to get closer and closer to his ideal of “the best deck,” and ACP himself will probably tell you that he truly does believe that the Gishki and Domain Monarch decks he topped with in 2013 and 2016 were, indeed, the best decks of their respective formats. With these key points about ACP’s development as a player in mind, it should come as little surprise that he was one of the first players willing to explore “the lame decks” in Goat Format during the Revival era, to the point that Jazz hilariously tried to ban him from playing shit like Empty Jar during the 2015 War League after a single match. The last thing ACP, and especially hyper-analytic post-Gadget ACP, is ever concerned with is how much fun his opponent is having. After all, losing is generally considered by most people to be not a fun thing to do, and yet, in order to be the best duelist with the best deck, you will probably have to make more than a few opponents suffer such a fate, whether it be in a “fun” matchup like a Plant mirror or with a “lame” deck like Gishki. If ACP is ever going to deviate from such a “lame” strategy, the reason will probably be that he no longer believes that such a strategy is “best” or “optimal,” which, incidentally, ended up being the case in 2017 when he created his Angel Chaos deck, explored later in the article. After “retiring” from modern premier events, ACP had time to reflect on his career and re-evaluate some of the principles that previously guided him. At the same time, a series of events known quite well to most of us here on DuelistGroundz began to chip away at his trust in the YGO community at large. The ultimate product was a period of tempestuous critiques, directed at both the work of his former selves and that of the community around him. The first breakthrough in the era of this new critical ACP came with the Average Prize Model, an attempt to move beyond the traditional conception of best-deck-as-best-average-matchup towards a truly comprehensive attempt to solve any given format given a few key parameters. He also began to rail heavily against the model of “power vs consistency” developed circa 2013-2014 by Max Reynolds, Patrick Hoban, and Noelle Evelyn. In ACP’s opinion, these two terms shared a single referent; he never saw any reason to distinguish between them. One final theory he never got around to publishing had to do with the threat-answer dichotomy. In private messages, ACP once proposed to me that there existed a third type of “hybrid” card between these two well-known categories that he called “assists,” which largely accounted for the massive shift in the YGO metagame circa 2009-2010 towards Royal Oppression and similar effects (Skill Drain, Archlord Kristya, Vanity’s Emptiness, and so on). 2017 has been a bittersweet year for Goat Format. The metagame saw possibly more development in the span of 12 months than in the format’s entire 11-year history prior, with no less than seven major tournaments to boot, and yet, at the end of it all, we are left without the two great Masters that made such development possible. I often describe the entire modern history of Goat Format as a footnote to the work of Kris Perovic, but with this publication, we might be entering a new era. That is to say, it may be the case that Goat Format, from here on out, will be a footnote to the chain of events that left our community with neither ACP nor KP.
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    Backstory: I've played Yu-Gi-Oh! on and off since I was a kid. Last stopped playing during December 2015 format. Found some kids at my school that played and decided to get back in. My play group has a collective total of 0 dimensional barriers, so I decided Fluffals would be a good deck. One of them is graduating, so they wanted to go to lolcals with some of the group. I estimated that lolcals would have a collective total of 3 dimensional barriers, and I'm a college student, so I decided Fluffals were in fact roughly 50/55 cards I owned. The card shop I previously played at closed down, so I knew it would be a new crowd. I happened to have DSOD sleeves, so I decided before the tournament that I would use them and pretend to have no idea what any of the cards were. A few hours before, I run a practice match with my friend, trying out lines like, "Wow, using XYZ monsters? I guess they're pretty strong, since you don't even need Polymerization" and, "Eh? It says here you need a Tuner monster, but how did you have one on the field without Tune World?" We also decide that playmats are for tryhards. We discuss whether Starter Deck 2017 is the optimal playmat and decide that it loses out to Paper Towels. This is the first time I've gone to a tournament in a while, so I figured I'd post because 'why not'. Decklist: A locals report is probably not even worth talking about, so I want to talk about the deck a bit and maybe get a discussion going. Maindeck: I've been running Fusion Substitute at 1 with 2 Poly, but realise that I want to just OTK people and Sabre-Tooth brings back the only fusion monsters that would hit my grave, so I swapped it out for 3 Poly. I don't own Foolish Burial Goods, so I had to run without it. Good card, should probably be running 3. I think the deck building process here should be strictly, "How do I obtain more Fluffals, Edge Imps, and Polymerizations in my hand?" Without Patchwork, we need to use worse cards. With that in mind, I would probably suggest the main deck to be something like: - 1 Kaiju; as a standalone card, the odds of it not doing anything are high. Out of the kaiju, this one is cool because Sheep can crash into it and tie if you have Sabre-Tooth out, meaning it kills a monster and gets to attack again. - 1 Owl; while it searches Polymerization, we are replacing it with Foolish Burial Goods, which can in turn get Owl which gets Polymerization - 1 Sheep; There is an argument to be made that since the deck has 3 dog and 3 vendor to search, there is a good incentive to run multiple searchable 1-ofs for when you need it. However, Sheep's real purpose was to give me access to Fusion Substitute plays when I would otherwise brick. By just running 3 Poly, Sheep comes up significantly less. + 3 Foolish Burial Goods; sending Toy Vendor lets you search literally any piece you need ([Dog] -> Edge Imp Sabres or Fluffal Penguin or Fluffal Cat, Fluffal Owl -> Polymerization). Penguin and Cat are especially important because using them to fuse for Tiger allows Tiger to avoid cards like Strike. I think there is also a good case to be made for running Pot of Desires in this deck. You want to obtain a set of specific cards that allow you to kill your opponent. Looking at the deck, you can see that it is mostly three-ofs. The odds of losing all of your Polys or all of your Edge Imps is low, and you could even theoretically wait until after you search and/or use Wings to use Desires, using it as a tool to try and extend your combo when you hit a wall. To run Desires, I would probably cut 1 wings. This might seem incorrect at first because resolving Wings is a great play and we are introducing another one-of that Desires could banish. However, with Foolish Burial Goods in the deck and the goal of killing the opponent on turn 2 means that you never want the opportunity to resolve a second Wings. The other two options here are a bit of a toss-up, but my first instinct would be one Instant Fusion and going down to one Owl. I think most current lists run 1 Edge Imp Sabres, but without sheep and with Pot of Desires, I think 2 edge-imp sabres becomes a much better choice because needing the 2nd one will come up more. I do not have math to back this up, though. Side deck: The idea here is supposed to be, "Prepare a side deck filled with cards such as Kristya and Grisaille Prison. Since you play Fluffals, the opponent will know you want to go 2nd. This means you can go 1st and lock them out." However, I don't own those cards, so I instead decided to mash together the cards I had laying in my deck box and call it a side. You haven't lived until you perform the Instant Fusion -> Thousand Eyes Restrict, Pass Turn into Frightfur Sancutary -> Send Bear + Instant Fusion -> Norden -> Thousand Eyes Restrict into Frightfur Fusion -> Chimera combo. Just kidding, it's awful. But I decided if I faced any 10 year old kids playing Yugi decks, I would try my hardest to play it. I imagine my side deck should also include something like Lancea. - 7 cards that should never be in a side deck + 3 lancea + 2 kristya + 2 Grisaille Prison Note: Toy Vendor lets you summon any monster from your hand on a success, so Kristya has odds to be summoned. Norden and all of the Fluffals are fairies as well. It isn't impossible to get the grave to have 4 Fairies in it, and Kristya is a win-con, so setting up for it is a good plan. Note 2: I have not read any of the Dinosaur cards. Should I be running like Mask of Restrict or something in my side now? I'm not sure if Forbidden Apocrypha is good or not. Never brought it in, although it might have helped in one of my matchups. Extra Deck: I don't own Toad + Shark or the Rank 8s or the 2nd Sabre-Tooth. I decided to swap out Number 82: Heartlandraco with Dark Rebellion at the last second to fill the role of 'get another punch in.' Didn't work out, though. Double Frightfur Wolf is bad and shouldn't be run. The only time it will ever come up in any planet is when your opponent plays no backrow, plays monsters that don't float, and you draw exactly King of the Swamp + 1 Fluffal + Dark Hole + Polymerization + Frightfur Fusion + Brick (can't use Kraken because of KotS and can't use Tiger because Tiger + 2 Attack Wolf = 7800). Starve Venom is also a bad card that shouldn't be run. I use it exclusively to tilt one person in my play group that hates the anime character that uses the card. - 1 Wolf - 1 Starve Venom - 1 Thousand-Eyes Restrict - 1 Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon + 1 Sabre-Tooth + 1 Bahamut Shark + 1 Toadally Awesome + 1 Number 82: Heartlandraco or Gagaga Cowboy or some rank 8 (number 38?) Anyways, on to the report. Round 1 (Table 4) (vs Kozmo) My opponent is a few minutes late because he is sleeving his deck, but he shows up and presents the deck before it gets to game-loss territory. Game 1: I learn that this is also his first time playing in forever. However, he also doesn't know what his cards do. Turn 1 he plays Kozmotown and Farmgirl. I draw bricky but want to avoid Farmgirls, so I Dark Hole and he tags into Forerunner -> Sliprider. I just end with Sheep + Edge Imp Sabres, praying that Farmgirl doesn't get a hit through. He doesn't know how Kozmotown works, so he uses Burial from the Different Dimension on Farmgirl and then tries to Kozmotown back the Farmgirl. I don't care and am ready to let him redo the play, but the judge announces from another table, "Guys, remember: there are no take-backs in Yu-Gi-Oh!" so I say something like, "Well, if the judge says so, I guess there's nothing I can do." He doesn't have any other monsters, so he punches the Sheep. I draw polymerization and kill him the next turn. There were also two random judge calls for basic things that I can't even remember. Game 2: I decide not to side and he opts to go first. He uses Kozmotown to return Farmgirl to the deck and then summons some low level pilot and passes. He then calls the judge over to ask if he can Set Kozmotown over Kozmotown in order to trigger the destruction effect. He learns that he cannot and decides to not make the play, even though I'm pretty sure you have to try the play first before the judge is supposed to answer the question. I summon Instant Fusion into Sheep and then make Sabre-Tooth and he switches into Forerunner. I summon Sheep and ram it into the Forerunner until it dies. He calls the judge over to ask if Sheep stops the effect of Forerunner. Next turn he does something to clear my board and plays Goodwitch. I use my Kaiju on the Goodwitch and he tries to tag it out and calls a judge. After that, he uses Call of the Haunted on Goodwitch and then immediately tags it out into Lady. I haven't seen it before, so I ask him to read the card, and he passes me the 2nd copy from his hand. Since his hand was 2 cards and I now knew both of them (the other being the 2nd Kozmotown), I just make Tiger to blow up the board, using Cat to stop Lady from negating Tiger's effect and then he dies (after another judge call, of course). Round 2 (Table 1) (Anti-Meta): The most entertaining part of this tournament was probably watching this guy shuffle. Step 1: Randomize the deck Step 2: Look through your deck and rearrange the cards to be the in the order you want (to avoid clusters of the same card, of course). Step 3: Cut your deck once and present to the opponent. I call the judge over because this is obviously stacking, but the judge agrees that "you can do whatever you want, as long as you shuffle afterwards and the opponent gets to cut afterwards." I argued that cutting his deck once does not count as shuffling, but the judge disagrees with me so I start the game. Game 1: I learn that I can't do anything against Lose 1 Turn. I get him low, but then he manages to get a Mirror Force and turns it around with an Eater of Millions and Gren Manju play. At this point I strongly consider the benefits that judge-approved deck stacking can give me (judge word is law, after all), but I decide against it. Game 2: He draws Lose 1 Turn again and flips it during my standby phase. I spend 4 or 5 turns just searching with Dogs and Owls and resolving Wings combos. Then, I make a 6-material Tiger and target all of his cards. He says I can't activate it because of Lose 1 Turn, so we call over the judge. The judge seems against me saying things like, "yeah, it's negated due to lose 1 turn." I eventually manage to get him to agree to "I can activate the effect, but it will not destroy his cards." Then, I chain my Secret Ultimate Spicy Omega Tech, De-Fusion, and kill him. Game 3: He opens Rai-Oh and traps, but I open Dark Hole and Tiger and move on to the next round. Round 3 (Table 1) (Songbirds): In the pre-game talk, he mentions he doesn't own Dimensional Barrier. Round 4 (Table 2) (Zombies): I get paired down, but can't complain about it because all of the other decks that are undefeated at this point are things I thought I would probably lose to. Game 1: It turns out using Polymerization requires multiple cards, which you don't have after 3 Omega. Oops. Game 2: I consider siding in my Apocryphas but decide to just gamble that he doesn't open another god hand. He makes Beelze, I learn why I run Thousand-Eye Restrict, I pop my own Restrict with Tiger, and then I kill him. Game 3: I make the first XYZ monster I have seen this entire tournament, Abyss Dweller. I misplay and get sent thrown into a grind game without a 2nd Sabre-Tooth. Ultimately, he gets down to 700 LP, but he has a Set monster which turns out to be Fairy Tail - Snow. I can't finish and decide to blame not running Cowboy or Heartlandraco instead of taking responsibility for misplaying. Then, he puts game on board, looks at the time, and concedes, because he doesn't feel like playing another round. Round 5 (Table 1) (Infernoid BA Zoo): I see the two people I came with sitting at Table 2 and wish I was playing against one of them instead. I decide to give this round my best effort anyway, since I need the play experience against strong decks. Game 1: I look at my starting hand and scoop. Game 2: I look at my starting hand and scoop. Top Cut: The TO enacts a force split policy. I am suddenly reminded that Yu-Gi-Oh! does not offer cash prizes and wonder why I decided to play this. I take my packs and get nothing of interest. Had a good time, 3/3 people from my play group topped, and one of them pulled barrage. I would play again, I guess. Thanks for reading, maybe next time I'll play a real deck or go to a real event.
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    Well would you look at that! Someone is handing out gifts already haha! So super generous! If you like bombs that is! 6 Bombs have been given out! 2 to francis 1 to jazz 1 to mark 1 to rei 1 to mascis
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    @Francis J Underwood has been handed a shiny, metal object. It looks dangerous--handle it with care. At the end of each Day before the lynch occurs, you may PM the moderator to pass it to a player who has not held it before.
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    hi guys im eric and my friend markus showed me this site. i promise im not a faggot like he is.
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    I thought Winter wasn't mentally ill, or a pathological liar, or a pedophile. I was wrong. Most of you know Winter as the guy who got banned 6 times from DG. His last multi was lordTyranus. Winter used to have many DN accounts, among which were lordTyranus and Dank Law. The reason being he often got banned. His most famous account on DN was Catmaster0, which he used to admin the site. He wasn't very good at the job and was demodded. Catmaster0 is also his Pojo account. People from Pojo still remember him as both DN's Catmaster0 and Dank Law. Though Winter publicly denies being Catmaster0, he admitted it to me in private. He claims to have only one DB account, which is Dank Law. As he was playing me on DB as Dank Law, Winter logged on his multi and tried to convince me he was someone else. Since I saw right through his game, he called me out on Pojo then joined my Discord server as Sries Mslaiks to throw a fit. To make it look like he wasn't Winter, Sries Mslaiks acted like he'd never been on Discord before and started asking questions about everything. I grew tired of arguing with him and decided to just roll with it for a while but dumb questions kept on coming. Despite his new multi being officially Catmaster0, Winter still refused to recognize his fellow DN admin. I finally got enough and banned the multi. It still didn't shut him up. This is not the first time he's tried to pull something like this. Some people think Winter is also Alex, a dangerous pedophile with a ton of multis. Though both of them display the same sociopathic behavior, I don't have enough evidence to come to this conclusion/ What's certain is that Winter is a pedophile in his 20's who hits on 14-year-old boys. Just like Alex, Winter is an internet cockroach; you can ban him but you can't get rid of him. However, deep down, he knows he's not fooling anyone. P.S.: @Winter Multi is actually not a Winter multi.
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    As always, some pre-tournament buildup. I haven't really played yugioh seriously since ARG Nationals back in August. I tried to spike ARG Springfield a couple months ago when Zoo was first coming out, but I didn't quite get there. For AC I just played Fluffal, and I haven't even been entering locals. Spending most of my time now focusing on MTG, preping for GP Vegas next month. But hey, it's a new format and there's a YCS a few hours away, gotta at least put in some effort to do well, right? 3 weeks out I had no intention of playing at all. The Zoo combo looked miserable to both play, and sit across from. a couple weeks out from the event, Matt told me there was a cool Yang Zing Dinosaur deck that had Oviraptor alone turn into 2 negates, with plenty of opportunities to extend the lines. So naturally, I immediately throw that deck together, goldfish for awhile and feel pretty good with it...Except in can't go 2nd, and bricks hard. And at this point I'm committed to playing in the event, so I decide to just play the obvious best deck, Pure Zoo, on the Sunday before the event. The deck went through a bunch of iterations, but I knew early on that I didn't want to play a lot of traps. Going first you get to resolve 2 Pot of Greeds, and end with a board. You should be favored enough in those games that hand traps, and turn 2 relevant quickplay spells are enough interaction to seal up a game that you just want to build your deck to be as good at going 2nd as possible. There were 3 main principles in my mind when refining the deck. 1) Don't brick. 2) Don't get bricked by a single hand trap. 3) Don't lose to the die roll more than you have to. Balancing all those goals is a difficult problem, and my list wasn't optimal by any means, but I do think I had one of the better lists in the room. Monsters: 23 3 Zoodiac Whiptail 3 Zoodiac Thoroughblade 2 Zoodiac Ratpier 1 Zoodiac Ramram 3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 1 Maxx "C" 1 D.D. Crow 1 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju 1 Lunalight Black Sheep 3 Speedroid Terrortop 1 Speedroid Taketomborg Spells: 16 3 Fire Formation - Tenki 3 Zoodiac Barrage 3 Cosmic Cyclone 2 Fusion Substitute 1 Dark Hole 1 Raigeki 1 Soul Charge 1 Instant Fusion 1 My Body as a Shield Traps: 1 1 Imperial Order Side: 3 Flying "C" 1 Retaliating "C" 1 D.D. Crow 1 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode 2 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Mask of Restrict 1 Twin Twisters 1 Unending Nightmare 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Dark Hole 1 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju Extra: 2 Zoodiac Drident 2 Zoodiac Broadbull 2 Zoodiac Chakanine 2 Zoodiac Tigermortar 1 Zoodiac Hammerkong 1 Zoodiac Boarbow 2 Daigusto Emeral 1 M-X-Saber Invoker 1 Stardust Charge Warrior 1 Elder Entity Norden The side was kinda hacked together last minute. I spent all week learning how the actual deck functioned, what I could get away with, making sure I could do the combo properly, and quickly that I didn't really have time to figure out what I wanted to do with the board. I knew pretty quick I didn't want to do the greedy going first plan of siding in a bunch of powerful traps like Strike and Barrier, since that felt like worse value that continuing to shore up the deck's weaknesses going 2nd, and the hard traps aren't even that much better than hand traps. So the question then became which cards make going 2nd easy? Obviously hand traps, but which ones? I didn't even realize Retaliating "C" was playable until around 2:00am Saturday morning before the event when Porter asked why I wasn't playing any, an "I don't know", "That seems nuts", "Do you have any extras on you" later I decide the proper number to run is 1. Because Matt had 1 extra. Similarly, Ghost Reaper wasn't even on my radar until a couple rounds into the event when I heard people were losing to it. Droll was in my side for the first 7 days I tested the deck, but I dropped it last minute when I decided to max on Flying "C", and play the Retaliating. This has the unfortunate side effect of not giving me good cards to side in vs. the True Draco Zoo variants which I didn't realize until I was paired against the deck. Droll definitely should've been in the side at least, possibly in the main over Crow. Anyway, in general I really liked my deck. I was saying most of day 1 that I thought I had the best deck in the room. Everyone I played against was on Barriers/Strikes mained, which I thought was silly. Nobody I played was on Flying "C", which made the Charge Warrior in my extra deck look kinda silly, but I didn't mind too much. Flying "C" is kinda bad against the True King Zoo variants, but it's one of the best cards vs. Pure Zoo. Going round by round would be pretty boring, as almost every game is "me/opp comboed for 10 minutes and buried the other player" or "me/opp had Maxx "C" and opp/me lost" There were, however, some very good games scattered amongst the garbage. Round 5 I had a game I thought I was losing for a solid 30 minutes. I was locked under Imperial Order, and setting hand traps to deal damage when my opponent attacked his Whiptailed Drident into them. He eventually got down to 2100 life, decided to pop his IO with Drident and try to kill me. However, I had Ogre for his Barrage, and he passes with a 1 material Drident with me still at 5200 life. Finally able to, I activate Soul Charge for 5000, bringing back a Drident and 4 level 4 Zoo monsters. Anyway, I resolve a couple Emerals and pass with a Drident with 2 materials, a Drident with 1 material, and a Whiptail in hand vs. his empty board and 2 cards in hand. I ogre his Barrage and we're off to game 2. Forgetting we have a time extension, I offer the handshake as there were literally 4 seconds left on the clock at the conclusion of this game, but he's quick to point out the 5 minute time extension and I'm on tilt, dreading the inevitable draw. But then I open Flying "C" + Ghost Ogre and win game 2 anyway. It's not often you play a match and think you're hopelessly losing for 39 of the 40 minutes but win 2-0 anyway. Another round my opponent used most of their cards to pass with Master Peace + zoo cards. I think they had one card leftover, and a set backrow. Anyway, I have Dark Hole to clear the Zoo stuff out of the way, and start going down a line to make Hammerkong + a big Drident to attack over his Master Peace when he Torrentials the board on my 2nd Rat, clearing his Master and my board. He Diagrams for Return and passes, I crow his Master Peace when he tries to bring it back, and then Ogre the field spell on his following turn. I draw an uninterrupted Zoo summon before him and manage to take the game from there. I do not know how to put 8000 damage on the board with this deck. I know there's some stuff you can do with Whiptails, and Drident popping your Ramram mid battle phase to deal a ton of damage, but I never feel comfortable going for these lines even when I know they'd resolve simply because I've never done them before. I win all my games by grinding my opponent out of cards and slowly pecking away with Emerals and Thoroughblades. This turns out to be a bit of a problem when playing Flying "C" sometimes. So on turn 1 I Flying "C" my opponent, Ogre his Barrage, and he passes. Then for 20 minutes I sit on a 2000 defense Drident, and loop Emerals (800 def!) with Barrage to resolve 2 Emerals a turn digging towards a 2nd Flying "C" so I can feel safe clearing the Flying "C" I gave him and getting some damage in. I resolved something like 15 Emerals that game, discarded to hand size 3 turns in a row, it was a disaster and I'm not sure why my opponent was willing to put up with me and didn't just sign the slip after the first couple turns after it was apparent I was never going to give him an opportunity to play again. Time is eventually called and I'm up by 1500 life because of a Strike he played earlier in the game. On turn 2 of time I finally find a Flying "C" so I push for damage and deal like 10000 with no problems. Round 9, the first round of day 2, I win the die roll and get Maxx "C"'d on my Invoker. I end up passing with Drident + Imperial Order and an ... Ash Blossom in hand ... Oh ... Well, he didn't have Terrortop or Cyclone so I take that game. Quickly pick up my cards and hide my embarassment. Round 10, I'm already locked for top cut so I'm just playing for fun, as seeding is irrelevant in Konami events, and my breakers are god after starting the tournament 7-0. I lose game 1 after half going off on turn 1, and my opponent discarding Black Sheep, setting 5 and passing with no play, which felt kinda bad, but whatever. Game 2 I get Retaliating "C"'d on my Fusion Sub, tank for 2 minutes and just concede. My top 32 match was pretty horrible though. We roll 2 dice, I start it off by rolling a 3, and he follows it up by rolling a 2. I thought it was my day ... For about 10 seconds until I drew my hand, set a Fusion Substitute and passed the turn. He set 4 and passed it right back. we trade plays for hand traps / actual traps for a few turns until a turn when his board is clear, and he's got 2 backrow. I draw a Terrortop, and it resolves. He Maxx "C"s my Invoker effect while he's at 4800 life, so I go in. Invoker out Blade, Barrage out another Blade throw a Drident over my Blade, and attack for what I assumed was either going to be lethal, or 3200 and a Barrier, and get hit by a main decked Mirror Force. Game 2 I'm still kinda on tilt from all the games I dropped through the swiss to Retaliating "C", so when I see my hand that can end with 5 cards in hand, Emeral, Drident, Hammerkong, a faceup Barrage, and an Unending Nightmare set without using Fusion Substitute I run it. Directly into Dark Hole Terrortop Rat. It probably would've been better to not make the Hammerkong and instead just leave Ramram in play and have 1 fewer card in hand so Dark Hole wouldn't ruin me so bad, but I think I'd still lose there. Idk, hindsight is 20/20, but after I got 2-0'd in 15 minutes round 10 I looked around and saw a lot of Retaliating "C"s on the table. Maybe I should've still went for the Fusion Sub combo, but it just felt so free to play around it at the time, but drawing towards Imperial Order or My Body as a Shield would've been very relevant. Anyway, with my 11 round Win-a-Mat out of the way, I consider entering a more sane 3 round Win-a-Mat but decide against it, not really wanting to play any more yugioh after losing 4 games in a row. Look the mat up on ebay, see sold listings for $15-20 and immediately sell it to Ned for $40. As far as big picture stuff in the tournament goes, it's crazy how many of my matches went to time. I usually play pretty fast, I almost never pick up draws, and am usually done my rounds with 10-15 minutes left on the clock. This weekend though, the opposite was true. Combos took so long to go through that even matches I won 2-0 ended with less than 10 minutes on the clock, and if I ever needed a game 3 it was rare for it to not end in turns. Thankfully I never picked up any actual draws this event, and EoMP was never relevant to the outcome of my matches, but there were some close calls like the round 5 match above. I played against Zoo 10 times in 11 rounds, 4 of them being Draco Zoo, and 2 of those Draco Zoo decks played the Brilliant Fusion package. I also played against Evilswarm round 1 which was a nice bye to start off the event. Anyway, I played pretty poorly. my opponents also played poorly. none of that mattered as much as drawing more "C" monsters than my opponents. Please ban Fusion Substitute before WCQs Konami. Anyways, back to testing for Vegas. See you guys at Nats.
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    I was really hoping that this would be a thread about yugioh implementing actual set rotation like MTG standard.
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    4 scum +traitor in 17 is fine number wise but the conversion condition must be harder than 'lol pick 1 and he becomes scum' + neutrals. on my way out so I will post overall game thoughts when I get back I very much disliked the overall negativity that surrounds the community right now. I dont know if this just happened in this one game or is it a general thing, but are we not all friends being happy playing the same game that we supposedly enjoy playing? Some people really need to chill. Im very glad Jazz understood his mistake and apologized for his day 2. Had my internet not betrayed me on day 3 I am confident we would have won but eh what can you do
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    2017 the Tournament Report Similar to my multi-tournament report from last year I’m going to take you through my year in yugioh. This time however I’m going to just highlight all the events I attended this year and give the highlights I probably won’t be going as in-depth, mostly because I don't remember much as some of this I am writing a year later. I was going to do an entire fall 16 to nationals report but I’ll highlight only the best from fall 2016 UDS Chicago Jarrid Centamore and I last second decide to drive 13 hours to Chicago with Corey, where when we get there we find out there’s no hotel booked like we were told. I go X-0 day 1 and lose out to not top, Furman wins. Jarrid and I fly back from Chicago because Corey is staying until later in the week ARG Springfield I get really tired and lose a match I shouldn’t because I played around strikes when if he had it I would have lost anyway. Last round I lose on stream to Furman ( bricking again), we agree to split and he loses in the finals. This trip was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been in but it has too many inside jokes and things for me to explain and write out ARG Invitational Lose to Ryan and Calvin and then last round get paired vs Corey and g3 he double twins my set 5 summons denko for my last backrow I have 11 outs left in my deck n have 4 turns and I don’t draw one. Timeline PRELUDE: Massachusetts Regional Chapter 1 ARG CT Chapter 2 ARG MA Chapter 3 YCS ATL Chapter 4 ARG AC Chapter 5 YCS Pittsburgh Chapter 6 ARG Richmond Chapter 7 VA Regional Chapter 8 Nationals Chapter 9 ARG Providence Chapter 10 ARG 15k Prelude: Massachusetts Regional Furman says he’s stuck in New York for a funeral and really wants to go to a regional so he somehow cons me into coming ( it wasn’t that hard I love yugioh). Earlier this year my car had been involved in a 5 car accident all because some lady didn’t want to hit a deer she decided to hit other people on a highway ( living in the middle of nowhere is very fun). So I’m driving a 1997 Cherry Red Cadillac clearly made for a very old lady ( my grandmother, bless her heart). I get him from NY and we head off. Luckily due to the time difference there’s a YCS Sydney Stream so until we arrive at about 5am we get to watch our pal Bohdan attempt to win his second YCS which I thought he was going to but sadly he did not : ( . We stop at a 24 hour donut place which since I haven’t eaten in a very long time tastes so amazing like these donuts might have been made some extra ingredients to make them so delicious idk. We sleep in for a little bit while the store goes and sets up for the regional. When we get to the parking garage for the hotel I put down the window to get a ticket. Suddenly the lights inside the car flash and I’m like woah that’s weird, some smoke starts happening and would you believe when it’s 20 degrees outside and we have a like 5 hour drive home the fuse blew… I can’t find where the box is so I can’t even swap one we probably don’t need so my dad’s only other advice is try to reset the fuse or lodge the window loose. How you ask? Kick the door repeatedly. So I kick the door repeatedly and nothing happens we go into the regional. I go out a little bit later to check on it or see if maybe it reset. Like 5 minutes later for some reason the window finally goes up! So we don’t have to go to Walmart and buy ski masks to drive home and prevent us from freezing to death. Chapter 1: ARG CT This will probably be the shortest chapter and probably less than a paragraph. Nothing particularly exciting happened to me. I played in a team war with my friends, ending up playing 3 of them in the tournament. Play Michael State lose die roll and get Siegfried emptiness g1 and g3. Tyler and I found this crazy bbq place that was amazing the first 3-5 bites you took then every additional bite after that became worse, it was the weirdest sensation I ever had with food ever. The only other exciting thing to happen was on the drive back whatever cellular thing powers iphones died so I got to drive home just hoping we don’t die. Chapter 2 : ARG Springfield Probably going to be one of the longer chapters because I actually didn’t lose out this tournament and how fun this trip was. For starters, half of our car backed out the day of; one of our friends backs out then his replacement backs out shortly after that. So the car is Furman Tyler and me we drive toward the event with none of us having a deck. We were all banking on the fact that by the time we reached NYC the YGOSINGLES delayed package would be delivered ( use promocode dgzbodz5 at checkout). Luckily the package arrive and we all have enough zoo cards that are smiling at us. Granted, now that I have these cards doesn’t exactly help me because I have no idea how to play them and I barely know what the metalfoe half of my deck does. I play 1 game prior to the tournament with Jessy Samek who is playing the standard Kaiju zoo deck just he has no idea what a single one of his cards do. The next events that transpire names have been changed to protect the innocent: So like any other trip we start smoking in the hotel bathroom as it’s also like 10 degrees outside or some cold shit. When we go to leave some idiot leaves the door open too long and the smoke detector goes off and myself and another panic and head to another room with our friends that way worst case if we get kicked out we could go in and pretend to book another room. Minutes go by and we’ve heard nothing but the alarm is still going off. One of the people from that room calls someone in the room we are now in and the half of the phone conversation I got from it was “Are you guys ok?” “What the cops are there?” “You’re all getting arrested oh man that’s serious” Turns out there was no one on the line for most of that conversation and I was just being fucked with but I couldn’t tell the difference at the time. So no one from the hotel ever came and we continue on as normal. We all want food but of course the only place open this late is of course dominoes and the following transcript is the series of dominoes called placed between our room and one very disgruntled dominoes employee Call #1 Caller: ( places our entire order via phone then gives address) Dominoes: Sorry we don’t deliver out there Caller: even if we pay you more you won’t deliver to us? Dominoes: no that’s not how any of this works Caller: that’s so fucking gay Dominoes: sir I’d appreciate it if you would stop using that term Caller: well I’d appreciate it if you would deliver our food and stop being gay about it Dominoes: WELL GUESS WHO ISNT EATING TONIGHT ! ( click) Call #2 I don’t really remember the exact conversation of this call since I was still dying from the first one but it basically was just a screaming match between the two with “ It’s ok if you like taking dick man I’m just trying to get some food” and other things being thrown around from both sides. Needless to say dominoes gets angry and after yelling back and forth hangs up. We find another pizza place who delivers and ends up messing up a lot of order but not before we get one last dig in Call #3 Dominoes : Dominoes how may I help you Caller: hey buddy just calling to let you know I am eating tonight Dominoes: go fuck yourself asshole. So now onto the actual event finally. Literally minutes before round 1 Furman convinces we somehow do not need emeral in our zodiac deck. I repeat WE DO NOT NEED EMERAL IN OUR ZOODIAC DECK. We turn our list in playing a nice adamante ( 2500 vanilla) over emeral. He quickly realizes how stupid he sounded and instead said “ well I guess instead of emeral drident we can go drident utopia”. I could already tell how this tournament would go. Round 1 I play vs chaos max blue-eyes and I open turn 1 a fantastic board of Drident + Utopia. I drident one of his guys, he returns back a blue-eyes and has chaos max. I negate his attack with utopia. Then the next turn I make lightning and pray. I attack and he doesn’t use return to protect his guy so somehow I can win. Round 2 2-0 I played a zoo guy who didn’t really know what he was doing so I was able to win quickly Round 3 1-2 I’m up g1 then g2 and g3 I get twin twister’d anti-spell’d to not be able to win anymore. Round 4 1-1 I play vs a very inexperienced zoo player who probably should have 3-0’d me but we have to settle for a draw, he has the audacity to ask me to roll for the win because he doesn’t want the draw ruining his record. Round 5 Mike Albanese 2-0 He wins the roll and lets me go first and he has 60 cards. I opened emptiness g1 and g2 :/ sorry. This was actually the first time I played emptiness in like I don’t even know how long so I had to keep drawing it. Round 6 2-1 Tyler asked me to defend my deckchoice to him and he said “ if anyone ever goes drident anti-spell how do you ever win like it’s just over you lose” Well Tyler was watching as my opponent g3 goes drident anti-spell I normal summon rat he allows it and then I make my own drident to which he responds “ I didn’t think you’d do that” and I kill him that turn. Round 7 Tahmid Zaman 2-0 I play vs infernoid again and he draws much better than Albanese did. I remembering winning g1 just off of him not getting to Devyaty fast enough. G2 looked very bleak and I had to draw a majespecter, luckily with them being my spirit animals I do and it puts me far enough back to win the game Round 8 Gaetan Georges It comes down to the last round again, I’ve blown this enough times to know what to expect. I get the feature standard. This is going to be like my 3rd time losing last round on feature. Except instead I’m playing vs a Georges. I don’t have any superpowers but if I had one ( albeit a shitty one) I cannot lose to someone with the last name Georges. I have no cards and I draw terrortop to make giantrainer and draw 3 and win the game. Finally broke my curse. Pretty good tournament every single person in our hotel room except Furman and Tyler topped I think we had 7 or 8 of the top 16 with us. Gaetan says he can’t wait for all of us to get game losses for our European zoo cards. Day 2: Top 16 Gaetan gets a gameloss for his lullaby’s despite his entire deck being American (ironic) . We play in Top 16 I go first and open giantrainer combo and my 3rd draw is emptiness he doesn’t play a single card Top 8 Nick Ma I have known Nick for years. I have never once beaten Nick, not even at a local. Despite putting him on no cards several times he’s always been able to beat me, plus him having the play in a seemingly cancerous mirror doesn’t feel good. G1 he ends with triple counter and a good board. I do the same g2. G3 I maxx him and he maxx me back I special terrortop tribute for kirin to kill his guy and bounce the other guy. Then pendulum summon and he can’t win anymore from that. Ned punts to Tahmid in top 8 Jessy wins in top 8 so top 4 is Tahmid Jessy and Myself. I will play Jessy in top 4 and I will have the play so I feel good. I stand in line at the concession stand when Jessy walks up. I go to pay for my Gatorade and he pulls out money and says “ no, I’m buying this for him it’s the least I can do for him”. To this day this is the most savage things any of my opponents has ever said to me. Top 4 Jessy Samek We sit down at the feature and I am ready to murder him. For whatever reason Ned decided to be on PPG ( you know the “best team” in the world) and Team War Council was down 1 point to them in the Team War. If I won here we would play Jobber. Prior to g1 Jessy says “ just don’t draw terrortop or Kirin”. I draw my first card kirin ok nice, I draw my second card terrortop. I considered playing the game with just those two cards to add insult. Basically I giantrainer him and it’s impossible for him to win. G2 I draw very awkward and lose to him having multiple whiptails for my bunbuku. G3 my hand is terrortop terrortop taketomborg rescue rabbit dimensional barrier. Before I go on last night in the hotel Jessy asks “ do you think it’s correct to hold ghost ogre for Coach Bearman to make them level 8s rather than just hitting terrortop” I said yea maybe. Well fuck me. I special terrortop and he’s acting too calmly to have this combo done to him again. I get to Bearman and he ogres. My board is now just drident and I set barrier. He slumbers me I barrier him and I still do not draw a pendulum monster and I lose because somehow I drew 0 pendulums in my 18 pendulum card deck L. The snow during day 2 starts coming down super hard but Tyler says we cannot leave without the donut place I told him about from the Mass Regional. We find it and buy like 30 donuts and it was delicious. We then go to shitty Olive Garden; it was less delicious and disappointing. Around the corner from Furman’s house I make a wrong turn in the dark and had to turn around. Suddenly out of nowhere a cop follows me. I get 3 turns then into Furman’s cul-de-sac and finally he throws his lights on. Furman’s neighborhood is so white that just for turning around and going down the same road legally twice he thought we were up to no good. He asks to see all of our IDs, normally I wouldn’t comply because as Tyler said moments later I have a real problem with authority such as police and TSA. He checks all of our id’s says he knows Furman’s brother, a firefighter, then in literally a 5 second glance learned all of our names, where we lived and told us our story he said “ ok so you’re dropping off Aaron, then you’re driving to Mullica Hill to drop off Tyler”. I’m not sure if the cop was just lonely and looking for some friends cause it really seemed like he was super bored and wanted to hangout. Chapter 3: YCS Atlanta Because I am literally mentally unhinged I think it’s a smart idea to drive 12 hours to Atlanta. Day 0 we register and then decide to go see this movie everyone is talking about, Get Out, in Atanta…… I’m white….. So I’m the only White Person in the theater and not only that outside of the event I was the 5th white person my friends saw that day. During the movie under the cover of darkness when it’s revealed the whole white family is on it I decide to scream “ this is why you can’t trust white people”. To which resulted in applause from the audience. I was almost certain I would be murdered when the lights when on after this movie. I went into this event with the most standard deck ever. Now, every single person in South Jersey actually knew the fusion sub combo was a thing we just all thought there’s no way this isn’t just gimmicky garbage. The eventual winner of the event Corey actually told one of the people who were still going to play it “ cut this it just seems gimmicky”. Boy were we wrong. I didn’t play paleo for this event because Tyler was trashing me in playtesting despite him saying he thought it was the other way around. I felt my dupes and toads lost a lot of value with whiptails and Kaiju’s and cl2 dridents. I decided to play Kaiju Zoo the worst mistake of my life. I lend Corey my frogs and try to convince him to not play it but he swears by it. Round 1 I play a Paleo deck and win easily and feel confident in my analysis of that matchup Round 2 I play Paleo and it’s the same result Round 3 I play Miguel Soto who is playing crystrons and me not knowing what a single card does and getting maxx’d every turn just makes me fold Round 4 I play a Zoo mirror and win unexcitingly Round 5 I play paleo. Now when I say I play paleo I played maybe paleo idk. G1 I win quickly g2 I get raigeki’d then a barrier statue beats me down and I can’t draw any one of like 20 outs to it. G3 my hand is 4 Kaijus and Tenki. I’m furious. My single emeral draw is slumber. I’m livid. My draw for turn is slumber, I’m convinced I’m on a prank show. I then draw a zoo thoroblade for another tenki. Get absolute no where. Despite my opponent being quite literally the worst opponent I’ve ever played and never bringing back a paleo when he uses a trap. I eventually emeral back my 2 of my kaiju’s to make my slumbers live and I draw a fucking kaiju off my emeral. I’m convinced I was in a nightmare. Then my opponent ( who is a 500 pound monster who the meme about a chairbreaking on zodiac was posted about) laughs about his draw and goes “ RA SPHERE MODE”. I then on my next turn have to diamond dire the sphere mode and my own direwolf because if it gets back to him I can’t win anymore. Despite all of this somehow I am winning this match through all of this. Sphere mode being the first one my opponent then draws raigeki, dark hole, dupe frog, dark hole all in perfect sequence to beat me and laughs as I walk away before I get convicted of a felony. I drop from the tournament at x-2 because I know my deck is shit because of the Kaiju monsters in it. Jessy loses to Jackie, Furman loses last round of day 1. Corey goes undefeated. Now lets get into the real part of this tournament We go to a chain of wing places and after eating a questionably fellow in the parking lot as we passes him goes “ hey I got plenty of wares for sale, would any of you like to purchase perfume, ipads, iphones, tvs, or a taser.” Now I’m a man of opportunity so I immediately ask him to repeat that last one and he pulls out an iPhone taser and a police taser so of course we buy them because who in their right mind turns down buying a taser from a man’s trunk in an Atlanta parking lot. Later that night I’m down $400 rolling when Corey walks up picks up the dice and rolls snakes for me to go even. It was probably at that moment I should have known he was winning. Day 2 we live pretty much before top 32 starts because we decided to drive to an event 12 hours away. As per usual we bet on every match and make a bracket. I lost the die roll to pick the matches so I got Corey’s opponents. When Corey desires’d into Swap + Ronin in top 16 or top 8 I paid out the rest of the tournament because I knew. Chapter 4: ARG Atlantic City Any excuse to play paleo I’ll take! I forgot I had to take my midterm online by Saturday at noon so I’m hoping I find time inbetween rounds to do that. Round 1 I play vs Invoked and my opponent has game on board but I have Apocrypha set so if he for no reason makes a second fusion I win. He does and I win. Cool! Round 2 I play zoo and I win pretty easily. Round 3 At the time of me writing this months later I can’t exactly remember what happened here. I just know it was so insane that the people who saw it couldn’t believe it and it was like my opponent had to have the perfect 6 cards to out my situation ( which he did). Round 4 I play my TWC teammate despite me playing for my new sponsor CardOverflow ( checkout CardOverflow.com and their facebook group) G1 I win very easily. G2 I lose very easily G3 I have to double desires and he instead of making an emeral allowing him to play again ( this is a point where they played minimal thoroughblade and only rat n whip) he makes rhapsody to banish a paleo I can chain to bring out and my reckless greed where he can just keep the 1200 def rhapsody n nothing in my deck can run it over. I’m winning the game because I have toad and he’s out of monsters due to how he played. I have 3 cards left in deck. When I have 2 left in deck he draws raigeki and puts me on tilt so now I lose a game he still cannot win because of deckout. I explain to my team captain that I’m going to drop for my midterm and he says our team is doing terrible and 2 other people already dropped so I do my midterm and then leave the tournament for reasons. Day 2 I go to the rainforest café with Nishaad, Albanese and the rest of Virginia squad. I quickly learn that Ryan Levine is one of the most entertaining duelists I know. I spend $10 on a glorified Slurpee because they took milkshakes off their menu. By far the most boring event of the season. Chapter 5: YCS Pittsburgh I hadn’t played anything but paleo for two months. Had no idea what any of the new cards did. Threw together a draco zoo deck that seemed cool cause this masterpeace card seemed neat. Furman plays like 2 cards different. Here’s my tournament report Round 1 G1 turn one I get maxx c’d as the first card played on me I go to resolve my effect and notice Ash in my hand. The night before I said I am sure I will forget to negate Maxx c with Ash. There’s that round. I beat like 2 pure zoo decks in a row and then play vs pure draco like round 4 or 5 and lose because I don’t know what all their cards do and they always have demise + desires. I’m convinced I actually suck because I can’t ever seem to get past rd 5 of a konami event. In our top 32 draft I have first pick and instead of choosing Furman I pick Mike Albanese who and I quote said “ I have the best deck in the room”. Furman immediately gets picked second not because it was the correct decision, but because I’m in a pod with local people who don’t really know players. I then pick Tyler Nolan as my second pick because Tyler said and I quote “ I have the best deck in the room”. Despite both of them losing literally immediately in top 32 ( I think Tyler lost in like record time). The rest of my team all makes top 8 ,with Furman beating one of my guys, then top 4 is 3 of my guys and Furman I agree to split because after seeing Furman’s top 8 match I know he might finally win. Also after top 32 I took out a bet on Furman to win with like 10 to 1 odds in my favor. Solid event payday wise. When we got home my best Friend Brandon Brady hands me his binder and says I want you to have this. I simply refused to take it and had to force him to take it with him. It was at that moment I knew my days as a duelist were numbered. I started dueling because of my friends who got me into it and basically every single person I started with has disappeared now and Yugioh has pretty much died in my area. Chapter 6 ARG Richmond I really can’t handle writing out my boring zoo matches so I’m doing the barebones of this one. Jessy wins $50 on a single lottery ticket in NJ Jessy Wins $30 on a single lottery Ticket in Maryland Jessy Wins $500 on single lottery ticket in Virginia We go to get gas in a very “urban” part of Richmond and had someone ask if we had time to talk about Jesus. Round 5 I play vs Mermail lose the die roll and he does a combo that takes every card from my hand and does the wackiest shit I’ve ever seen. He does this g3 through flying c and I can’t even be mad. I lose last round to Ben because I sided out fusion sub as he’s maining retal c and I learn I don’t really know how to play my zoo cards without it. Furman loses to Noah in top 4. Nothing happens memorable on the way back. Not a bad trip but just ehhhh. Chapter 7: Virginia Regional I literally have nothing to write about this, I didn’t show up until like round 3 or 4. Literally the only thing written here is how Silverman bet Nishaad $30 he couldn’t eat a stick of butter and keep it down. So after the tournament we drive to wegman’s buy a stick of butter so Nishaad can eat it live on camera, not only keeps it down but then also eats an entire meal after it. Chapter 8: Nationals Season I’m probably going to go in depth into this one a decent amount since the amount of work I put into my deck for the event. Nick approaches me with a heavy draco small zoo deck. I think it’s an interesting concept playing it at one local and it beats all the pure zoo decks. I then start testing it on duelingbook with mixed results. The deck went thru many stages, at one point the deck played handtraps then baobaoon. There were 3 ARGs and 2 nationals prior to ours so we were just hoping no one else saw how absurd Dinomight and True Draco Heritage was. Atlanta comes and a few people play shuffle reborn get featured but didn’t do well. I’m genuinely curious how too since almost the entire field was pure zoo, I’m pretty sure they were even laughed at on stream for playing it which is crazy now. At this point I’d settled on no baoboon, flying c mained, and still super heavy Draco. Nick and I played at a ps4 tournament and I beat 4 pure zoo matchups only losing to the mirror in time. Nick and I end up splitting the tournament and we are 100% sure our deck is insane. Then Euros happens and Marcello wins with shuffle reborn, it wasn’t the end of the world but it gave them another play each turn to try and extend themselves. Also the last ARG before our nationals someone topped with a super heavy Draco zoo deck but luckily they were like 15th seed and got knocked out round one. I start playing 12 matches on dueling book every night between rated or friends to see how the deck would go long term. It proves to be very successful with the only match-up I’m afraid of being the mirror and the only people who were on our deck was Furman Nick and I so that doesn’t sound likely (again would live to regret it). Right now my deck is very ugly and is currently at 45 cards and the only cards I would even consider cutting are flying c but I’m too hypnotized by it ( boy would I change my mind). I fly out to Chicago Thursday and up until the tournament, Chicago was the most fun I had ever had at an event. Thursday we went to a dine-in theater to see Spiderman. Friday we all agree if we drop we are going to go to an anime rave next to the event. There’s some very fun side adventures with this that I wish I could write but the people probably wouldn’t want me to tell. The Tournament Round 1 pairings go up and I’m at table 447 which I take as another omen. Before the tournament I told Tyler I was so confident I was winning nationals, I even started to compile a list of reasons why I was destined to win/ not destined. The reasons for were : -On an almost entirely full flight to Chicago I had a whole row to myself -I got a free steak at Gibson’s steakhouse for driving a total of 7 hours to go pick up Jessy Samek at an airport didn’t sleep for like 2 days ( further building karma) -At gibsons a table of business men ordered their cake and then decided they didn’t want it and give it to us for free - I won every coinflip in gambling -I never lost gambling for an uber ride The reasons I weren’t going to win nationals Not found. Now back to round 1 I win the die roll. I am ecstatic that’s game. I win. I feel great. I draw my opening hand of 5 field spells and die. Immediately. G2 I open a drident + hammerkong as my only play but I can field a draco on his turn, I get hit with Twin + Raigeki. At this point I’m literally convinced I fucked up and that my deck actually sucks, I’m so distraught. To make matters worse Nick lost to dinosaur making Furman the only person to win round 1 with the deck and that’s because he had two byes. I momentarily consider dropping because another one of my friends dropped because Tyler convinced him to play set rotation and Tyler didn’t know you had to set two different field spells, so his deck sucked. 0-1 Round 2 vs Paleo Luckily enough for me and bad luck for him I’ve logged so many hours with the paleo deck that even without master peace he didn’t stand a chance. It was not a hardfought match. 1-1 Round 3 vs Pure Zoo I’m literally just going to not write much on any of my pure zoo matchups because not many were very memorable as my deck should easily steam roll them excluding them opening the nuts. 2-1 Round 4 vs Pure Zoo I play someone from my local and I remember I won because I made a soul read the one game that could have put me in a bad position and the other was easily won. 3-1 at this point I’m starting to gain a little confidence in my deck back but I’m convinced I cannot go the distance in this long of a tournament. Round 5 Wen Tong X I know this guy simply as the guy Furman played in top 4 and Furman played without an entire extra-deck. G1 despite him having a much further along advantage I win g1. G2 or G3 he has a a zoo monster with a bunch of whips going to attack, I said attack declaration is fine at which point he says “ you know you can’t respond now right? “ to which I say no I think I’ll use my card in the battle step to which he responds “ that doesn’t exist you literally just made that up” obviously I call a judge, one who I always see at philly regionals comes over and after giving his ruling I see him walk away, look at me and just start laughing n pointing at my opponent. Obviously I won thanks to making up my own game mechanics clearly. 4-1 Round 6 Pure zoo Literally do not remember this round at all I won let’s even say he gave a hard-fought match who knows at this point now. 5-1 Round 7 vs Pure zoo Until we get to topcut this will probably be the match I write the most on because what happened in it is absolutely INSANE. First off after like 3 minutes in I’m so close to just pissing myself and the pace that which my opponent was playing was not helping. I win g1, he wins g2. G3 I maxx him when I was behind and he gives me like 5 cards. I draw to 8 cards in my hand, set one ask “ is that ok” I get no response, I wait a couple more seconds then I go to tribute for dinomight and he responds “ what the hell are you doing I’m in my battle phase” I’m shocked. I literally don’t know what he’s saying. He then says that I set a backrow and passed. While my hand is currently, a zoo monster. Diagram, Barrage, and soul charge and a barrier that didn’t even get set. He argues saying I passed and that he drew which I didn’t even notice. I call a judge and am thinking I might just have to give up before my bladder bursts. A flood judges comes over, rules in my favor ( surprise ? ) appeals, wait like 10 minutes for a lead to come over. Keep in mind the only reason one of the leads ruled in my favor was because I had 7 cards in my hand, not because my hand was the pure stones but only because I didn’t discard for handsize, my opponent gets a gameloss and I immediately rush off 6-1 round 8 Gabe Molina Draco zoo mirror This ends up being the first die roll that I win and I am so grateful for it. G1 I open the full combo of force strix+ masterpeace+ drident+ emeral and another masterpeace loaded so he concedes G2 I only lose because my desires does very unfortunate things for me G3 my hand is not good for the mirro. I have to play desires first which draws into Rat for the diagram and odd zoo + draco cards I help. However, my desires banished my 4 draco traps and my other masterpeaces so I’m literally all in. I make Dweller + masterpeace and hope he can’t crack it, he can’t and I win thanks purely to the die roll. 7-1 Round 9 Christian Georges Pure zoo If I had a super power it would be a very weak one, it would simply be that I cannot lose to someone with the name Georges. I have defeated Christian and his brother both in spectacular fashions that I would not get lucky enough against anyone else for. I don’t remember much of the match besides the fact that I maxx c’d him one game then ignorantly put back maxx c with emeral over like an extra deck guy I could have needed and my emeral draw was maxx c. 8-1 I finished day 1 X-1 but there’s 3 rounds tomorrow and I love to not make it so I’m not feeling confident and I’m just ready to accept my what feels like 100th bubble. Nick Furman Bryan and Tyler are all X-2 so pretty much all of us have to hope we get in for day 2. The rest of my room and the other room besides Tyler decide to go to the anime rave and the prior lead-up is one of the most cringe things I’ve ever had to experience. ( Names have been changed to protect embarrassment) Basically a group of my friends are arguing over who has more game. So they all agree to some bet of who can get the most girls at the rave. So they all scamper off and then I see on snapchat it’s just them all standing around awkwardly together ( as expected). However, the real story from it is still to come……. Day 2 Round 10 Chris Leblanc He doesn’t draw a monster g1 so I win relatively quick. G2 he desires then still doesn’t have a monster sets like 5 and passes. I grind through some backrows then he has to desires again. The only zoos he is playing with are 2 rats and a ram he has like 4 cards in deck. I make a misstep thinking when he goes to make chakanine I will twin my return and his backrow to play around enemy controller ( I don’t remember the exact line I thought of but he could have done something sick if he had enemy controller). Just he doesn’t make chak, and in the end phase I don’t twin because I want to hold my dinomight to start getting aggressive since my only fielded monster is a zoo that I’m sure will get barriered. Needless I draw a better card than dinomight so I then twitch and pitch dinomight and he goes “ why didn’t you do that in the endphase” I don’t say what I was playing around and he flips barrier. His next turn he normal maxx c but the literal most damage he is doing a turn is like 700 so I easily take it. I get told at this point I’m pretty much a lock but I’m still nervous. 9-1 Round 12 Joseph Chou This match is basically for fun since we are both X-1 and in. He wins the roll and goes standard drident emeral backrow. I think I lose out to like twin and then can’t beat his double drident next turn. G2 I do standard draco things and win. G3 his end board is tornado dragon drident emeral set warning set cyclone with handtraps. Basically I think I could have possibly gotten another turn but I didn’t set my whole hand when I diagram’d so he cyclones my one backrow and then I’m forced to pop my card in hand when I could have draw 2 and at least tried to mount an offensive. Tyler and Bryan lose out, Furman won his last round and Nick beat Jeff Jones the last round to make it Standings go up I’m 33rd , play 32nd don’t recognize the name just gonna assume it’s pure zoo. Top 64 Pure zoo G1 I lose the die roll, get maxx c’d on my turn 1 ( when my hand is already dogshit). At one point I set a zephyros tribute for a master peace then my opp can finally out the master peace. End phase I go to return mp , as I can bounce it back with zephyros then tribute it again. My draw for turn is actually another master peace, the literal worst draw in my entire deck. So instead I just tribute for that one and save my zephyros which annoys my opponent greatly despite it literally being worse than any zoo since I already have a live way to summon a master peace. Now a brief interruption. For as much at times where the zoo formats where not enjoyable there was something that stood out to me. If you let someone play long enough at some point they might just start making extra deck guys and before they know it their extra deck will become entirely depleted. I noticed this early on in the format that a lot of people will just assume they have to keep making new guys every turn when the game state hasn’t changed at all and they are really just throwing their names away. Basically my opponent has used his emeral, his combo, and I’m sitting on a master peace with one bullet in the grave. I never have to pop something because he can never actually threaten my master peace due to him not having enough extra deck guys left. However, the clock has ticked down to long and I realize that I should have scooped a long time ago but I’m resolved to my fate of losing in top 64 g1 in time. I’m literally ready to concede but then suddenly there’s hope. My opponent activates soul charge for 5, since he doesn’t have a battle phase that’s another turn he can’t threaten master peace and now my master peace is looking huge compared to his life points. I finally see another zoo and There’s 60 seconds on the clock when Furman sits down next to me. I still cannot win through my opponents board in the amount of turns I’m going to have so I feel defeated…. When the craziest thing happened. My opponent conceded because he couldn’t kill master peace. With 30 seconds left on the clock he scoops up and reaches for his side deck. I look baffled. He’s up in life and has an army of monsters I cannot fight through. I touch my side deck in disbelief knowing I won’t actually have to put a single card in. Buzzer dings before either of us exchange a card. Judge walks over and declares me the winner. My opponent didn’t know how time worked for g1. Despite being depressed and playing an unwinnable game for 40 minutes I somehow won. I feel so relieved that at least I’m getting a prize card. Top 32 Denny Vu I don’t remember g1 or g2 very much, I don’t remember if I won g1 or if he did. However G3 ( it might hve not even been game 3 this match until this point was all a blur) was the point where I actually thought to myself that I was winning the tournament or at least qualifying for worlds. I get Flying C’d and I have a tenki’d rat. My opponent is at 8000. Due to Barrier, apocalypse’s halving eff, then my opponent not drawing a zoo on crucial turns. I attacked my opponent down from 8000 mostly with a flying c and a tenki’d rat. When my opponent conceded, despite him running out of zoos due to desires it felt to me like the craziest victory I had ever gotten, two insane wins in a row this had to be a sign? Before this round I beg one of my friends to get me anything to drink, he returns with a pepsi ( I’m a diehard Coke fan) but my headache from no caffeine isn’t the time to get picky and it would later inspire some quality memes when I lost on stream with a pepsi next to me about how I sold out. Top 16 Robert Scarpelli Draco Zoo Mirror G1 he went first desires makes drident Master peace I clear it and establish my own trap peace and after a few actions on his next turn he concedes to which I assume was he banished his other peaces off desires. I never got ask. G2 he makes a board and I have dark hole waiting. I dark hole his board and do zoo things. He summon ignis on his turn and I just don’t play a card. I’m terrified of master peace coming down but my next turn he concedes and my friends told I I looked shocked. I’m curious on his perspective and thought during the match but the way the mirror felt to me I was just always terrified and never felt like I was winning and was sort of scared and happy when he scooped. Nick loses to Furman in top 16, Furman and I wouldn’t play until top 4. Marcus loses to Roland and that’s who I’m facing now. Both were playing pure despite me wanting to play the more inbred zoo mirror deck, which was Marcus’. After getting moved 3 times while trying to start, then getting deck checked we get chosen for a feature. We then go to high roll and I too energetically throw my dice I roll and 6 and the other one goes to land on 5 but rolls off. I re roll, one lands on a 5 and the other falls off. I then think I roll like a 6 and he rolls like a 8 or 9 or something so I once again do not have the play but it’s pure zoo so I don’t feel to bad about that. G1 He opens standard I’m able to crack it but I get Maxx c’d. At this point several things run through my mind. 1 I’ve lost every die roll of top cut, I’ve gotten Maxx c’d going second everyone of my rounds. I don’t get tilted easily but this sorta felt like I had the wind punched out of me. I accidentally don’t put barrage under my bull because I’m so distracted from getting maxx’d in a game I feel I otherwise couldn’t lose. A couple people on the DGZ discord called me out on this and swear that somehow that barrage being there would have won me the game but they are in fact wrong. He cracks my board next turn. Then my next turn I have a choice of summoning dinomight that does nothing or rat. I summon rat and he has barrier, I have barrier for his turn but I’m too far gone at this point. One of my friends swore summoning a dinomight that literally would have been a vanilla was right but upon rewatching it actually would have been worse, and everyone else assured me they would have also summoned rat in my situation. G2 I open enough to make a decent board and my desires draws into maxx c in a game that I think he can’t win without it anyway, I literally would have traded anything to just draw maxx c g3 instead of here. In-between g3 I’m actually ridiculously nervous as I’m about to play the most expensive game of yugioh of my career so far and I’m going second and was told by everyone Roland will make Dweller t1 vs me which honestly like I think none of my other opponents might not have been playing. I side in basically almost my whole side deck, gameciels, 3rd twin, anything that might give me a chance to come out on top. I could also just hope he doesn’t open the stones but as fate would have it I learned I was not destined to win nationals. Roland ends with Drident Emeral Dweller set 4. The Backrows being twin, solemn warning , soul charge ( he did not need it), and another I don’t remember. I draw n I’m not even thinking n don’t look to see what I drew ( it was ram ram I believe) I’m only hoping it’s gameciel. He doesn’t shotgun dweller so gameciel could have done a decent amount here, granted it would have not even come close to winning me this game but I could have at least had a fighting chance. Instead I go to summon dinomight he twins both my backrow, then my zoo is stopped and I concede. I’ve never felt so defeated. I didn’t make it to the finals but losing here was essentially losing in the finals and I began to feel what it feels like to get second and how when people make jokes to the runner up about who they lost to. It just feels like they have something over you and a crushing defeat forever, granted I couldn’t win and Roland definitely deserved it and then went on to Top Worlds as well but I still felt absolutely soul crushed. I then have to play Furman in the playoff for 5/6th I concede as A if anyone has a shot at going to worlds I’d hope it’s my friend who literally has the dream of going, I don’t have a passport, and I am dead exhausted. The judges literally had to wake me up from laying down across to chairs to play. Then I sign slip they ask me if I’m sure and if I know what I’m doing, I agree. Then I try to go to back my makeshift chair bed. I have to play again, I concede again ( I wish I hadn’t after seeing my opponents deck I could have at least gotten 7th a number I like) and go back to trying to sleep on my makeshift bed. I then ask hey since I haven’t really slept or eating in like 24 hours hows about you let me go get some food to which I get responded with a no and this event suddenly transformed from being the most fun to my least fun event ever. Several people asked me in the award ceremony why I looked so miserable and just assumed it was I wasn’t going to worlds. It was actually because I had been trapped in a bubble for hours, sleep deprived, not able to get my cards signed by Aster Phoenix, not having eating anything real since Friday and then also the losing part. Our flight is at 5 am, TSA decided to not open until super later than usual which makes me furious as I already hate their entire useless institution. Then as we get on the runway due to a delay in boarding we just miss taking off before the crazy freak storms started get delayed, I fall asleep for an hour and a half, wake up still haven’t taken off. Finally another 30 minutes later the pilot says I’m going for it and we leave. I get home around noon and literally pass out for more than 24 hours. At which time I wake up to my phone blowing up with the craziest story. Remember the anime rave? Well on Saturday my friend asked me hey can I bring a girl back to the room I met at the rave, I said I don’t care but if anything in the room goes missing I will literally murder you. Then my other friend and him high roll for who gets the honor of umm let’s say “ making her acquaintance”. My closer friend loses and leaves defeated. We then learn that she had both of their numbers and texted my friend the next day complaining about how upset she was that he wasn’t the one who got to make her acquaintance as the one who did was most displeasing and she went into further detail which then ended in a group chat blowing up his spot for like 3 days straight. Chapter 9 ARG Providence quick trip I went to ARG Providence and Stayed with Albanese. We had the great idea of exploring the urban city streets at 430 am. Then it’s now 6 am we plan to wake up at 7. I don’t wake up and after seeing the tournament am thankful for that. I get to the event like round 4 when I wake up and there’s just draco mirrors everywhere which I am so happy I did not have to play. I gave Drew Carter my deck to play and he lost to Blake in top 4. Mike forgot to write soul charge on his deck list and loses in top 16 to the game loss. All of TWC played Pure Draco despite all my urgings not to for how absolutely garbage that deck is, I would literally put it in the top 3 worst decks I have ever played. Now onto the real reason why I went to Providence I’ve been waiting to be 21 forever, like literally 21 years. Casinos in RI are 18 so of course I go to Twin River with Tej and have literally all of the sponsorship money from nats and then other money I brought to blow. Blackjack minimums are like $25 and crowded so I don’t do that. I find a roulette table slam $100 on black, it comes up Red. Tej comes at one point I think we are both up $200 ( I’m in like 250 at this point). Then the dealer ( spinner?) changes and I lose all of that because it was literally green 3 times in 5 spins which we were just not ready for. I play some blackjack and people can witness first hand what I mean when I say never lucky as my 21 was beaten by the dealer’s 21 2 of the like 6 hands I played. I’m down 500 at this point and Tej is like oh well and then we say “ another 200 on black” moral of the story it was red. Pretty sad weekend. Chapter 10 ARG 25k I already know I’m playing DracoZoo for this event so there’s not really anything to really build for. Joseph Chou flies in a couple days early and shows me some neat combos, which to this writing in middle of September people could really help to learn. We enter the 3v3 go X-1 and get 5th so get nothing, standard never lucky. I get into an altercation with a certain player who got into my teammates / friends face but I won’t get into that. I talk that night about how I want to main barrier but everyone else assures me it’s terrible since it does nothing to draco cards, I argue it puts them on one plan for a turn but don’t change my deck. Round 1 Joe Bogli Joe’s a really nice guy who was really cool with me drawing maxx c twice for his windwitch. I learned a new combo before rd 1 and actually messed it up against him and forgot to end on drident g1 whoops. Other than that, it’s really just I opened maxx c game 1, and then I had maxx c for his t3 windwitch g2. 1-0 Round 2 Pure zoo Win g1 easily, g2 I think I lose control of very quickly. At which point my sponsor Josh walks over and my opponent in the middle of my turn after I have made like 3 xyzs already says, I will now use zodiac combo and draws maxx c off of it which Is super tilting mid combo. I break his board because he’s awful and then He has no cards, will be drawing to 1 and has a second zodiac combo. He draws for turn then combos and plays the Raigeki he drew off combo. I lose and am furious. I’m glad someone got to witness my opp comboing into runner runner so the story was believable. 1-1 Round 3 Pure zoo My opponent was very nice and just admitted he didn’t have much experience with his deck, I think our match was like 5 minutes total. 2-1 Round 4 Pure zoo Very uneventful match, Master peace just held it down. Sorry for the bad writing if anyone at this point is actually still reading I’ve grown so tired of writing about zoo matches. Round 5 I lose the roll, it’s the mirror he soul charges for like 5. I consider scooping then I realize he made an Emeral with 1 monster in grave and had to do something super weird like drident himself to get 3 in grave, he fields a master peace and I’m considering just not playing the game out since my hand is literally 4 zoo normal summons. I decide to as my golden rule of if I let my opponent play long enough they’ll beat themselves, eventually he does. I think he tries to retard check me by going to return a guy in battle phase hoping I’ll pop the return and not be able to win, of course I then just pop the guy it brings out and attack for game and I win a game that I had 0 business winning. G2 he appointers my draw, has warning, and barriers me so I couldn’t win no matter what G3 I draw no zoo but a bunch of barriers we approach time. I end up resolving 3 barriers and winning the game and he gets furious that I had 3 barriers when in all reality if I hadn’t opened 3 barriers and opened any combo cards+ 1 barrier I would have simply one turn 1 so I felt his complaining was just unnecessary especially after he handed me a g1. 4-1 round 6 Joey Chou Quite literally the one person in the room who I do not want to play. I lose the roll he combos g1 and I concede t1 . G2 I open and all zoo hand + barrier to his nuts but he’s not expecting barrier in the mirror and in a long drawn out game where I draw no dracos I’m able to take it somehow. G3 he has enough to deem a good hand, I can crack his board but when my barrage gets maxx c’d I know I can’t win :/ . 4-2 Round 7 Calvin Tahan Feature My record vs the Card Guys ( mostly just Ryan and Calvin) is literally abysmal. It seems fitting I get one more shot to defeat card guy Calvin. I win the roll and open soul charge which I literally said before the event I don’t actually know what to do with this card I know 0 combos with it I just know when I play it usually it means I have won. And it did! G2 he plays his soul charge card and I have my soul charge card again but I drew double barrage and no monsters. I sided in Ash because someone told me Calvin was playing DracoZoo so I look kind of stupid for putting those in, especially looking back when I saw a Kaiju g1 but I thought nothing of it. G3 I open Rat + Diagram but the rest of my hand is bricks. I think and summon rat first thinking if I Throw rat out first he won’t ogre thinking I have the extender. It works out and he hand traps my diagram instead so at least I end on a zoo board instead of nothing. I win because he drew like all zoo normal summons I think. In the video Feature my teammate and Deon are doing commentary and my teammate wrongly says that just rat is drident rank 4 which in no world in link format is it. Deon then swears I know none of the combos in my deck and then calls me out continuously during my match saying I do not know any of the combos that he himself admitting to not knowing and then upon hearing a fake combo that he does not know says that I don’t know how to do it properly. Maybe I’m just being extremely nitpicky and annoying but when someone calls me out for misplaying I take it pretty seriously because I try to play optimal at all points, and saying I don’t know my deck because I don’t know an imaginary combo that you yourself just said you didn’t know then pretend to know like what kind of logic is that. Then g3 when my diagram gets ogre’d he swears I somehow can still end with full combo despite you know….. not being able to get master peace with my diagram? Rant over sorry. 5-2 The annoying part about this event was halfway through they announced it is no longer cut to top 32 but top 32 pays but only 16 plays. At this point Tyler, Bryan and I are all X-2 Bryan went 5-0 so he should be locked if he wins. Round 8 I win the roll and know my opponent is one pure zoo with kaijus . So instead of summoning master peace on spells on my turn I set heritage and return and summon dinomight so that way depending on what his hand looks like I can summon the corresponding master peace on his turn. Everyone that I asked agreed this was the right play. However, as luck would have it. My dinomight gets ash’d my return gets cosmic’d and then I lose my board. I draw disciples and I find a line where if he pops the wrong card I can come back but it ends up not mattering as he simply has a second cosmic anyway. G2 my hand is absolutely awful, the only two playable cards in my hand ( diagrams I believe) get ash and ogre’d and I just concede before he ever gets a turn. He then tells me he lost rd 1 and 2 so now I feel even worse and standings go up and I get my $50 of shame and he gets like 18th weird. This was a tilting loss because If I just played wrong I would have won but playing correctly and only losing to a higher combination of ash, cosmic, cosmic, zoo , extender caused me to lose. It was a frustrating loss especially since I really wanted to go to this tournament even more so than Worlds but then didn’t enjoy what the format devolved even more so than nationals. Bryan throws his match and Tyler simply gets floodgated a bunch in the mirror. On the way back my gps tells me last second to take an exit I miss it and we get stuck in 2 hours of bumper to bumper traffic for quite literally 0 reason as it was simply PA drivers couldn’t merge lanes. Day 2 in the parking lot we started playing Rock Paper Scissors for ignorant amounts of money I end up winning around $400 which make up for the mediocre weekend. That’s my lackluster year in a nutshell. A special thanks to CardOverflow for adopting myself and all of Team War Council. Congrats to Furman for the best year had by any Yugioh player perhaps ever despite getting 9th at worlds then having the guy you lose to get a match loss and not dq’d : ( . Thanks to Jessy for beating me and ruining my goal of an ARG win. I thought I would be transferring to Pittsburgh for a hybrid undergrad/law school program but I never took my LSAT so I’ll still be in Yugioh for a bit. If anyone actually read all of this I am so sorry for you. I'm sure I forgot a lot of fun things that happened or just genuinely forget how games went at all!
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    Sophocles has been B a N n E d
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    tier list tier list: S+ tier: Sophocles' posi vibes list A(rbitrary) tier: slickz list B tier: markus' list faint's list unfinished limbo tier: PSK's Official DuelistGroundz Mafia Rankings™
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    Dgz Official Aftergame drinking game. 1. For every "i knew the whole scum team from day 1" take a sip 2. For every "classic scum mistakes" or "obvious scum" take 2 sips 3. Everytime francis posts a wall of text that can be tlrd as "im a god and you all suck" down an entire bottle 4. If at the end of any post you feel salty, mad or annoyed even if it wasnt directed at you or you didnt even play in the game, take a shot 5. For every post that has hypocrisy in it take 2 shots then cry 6. For every post that points out mistakes in others without admitting their own, unfriend then on fb and ban them on discord 7. If a post has "town was terrible but scum was worse" or viceversa, ban yourself from the next game and take 1 shot 7a. If a post has "scum was townier than town or town was scummier than scum" repeat the above 8. If at the end of the thread francis has the most posts, you have to keep drinking until you pass out 9. For every insult, neg jazz 10 . If crei/slick and francis start arguing about how much the other sucks or is good or is less bad than the rest, close the thread, log out and dont come back for a week. 11. For every irony in a post you have 2 choices, if you point out it you have to take a shot, if you dont you have to take 2 shots because you a bitch ass nigga HAPPY CIRROSIS!
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    idk how much of blessing this is since you're playing haha smash'd im a bully
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    Hey guys I have a funny story. One time Markus told me that he was emotionally-stable and mentally-mature enough to be a DGZ mod. Pretty hilarious right?
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    Hey guys! Im all ready to go back and start playing with you guys! Its gonna be gr-
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    Jazz-Today at 9:58 PM If you ban memes I will quit for real Memes are now banned.
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    "hold on mom i gotta finish watching FEMINIST CRINGE COMPILATION #6t412r523r"
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    play green gadget search future fusion shuffle into hand reveal red gadget you already had Better known as the Peter Cheng special
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    Alright that settles it! We march to the Citadel under the cover of nightfall. Our hero has also been decided on! All hail the Mighty Slick! A sense of calm dispersed among the townsfolk but one question still weight heavily on their minds. Who was involved with the slaying of the old hero? Eyes began to shift around the room and small groups began to form. "I never liked him" said one "He is annoying and talks to much" said another It seemed as if a sudden decision was made and a group of townies blitzed Mark! They fashioned a noose and tied him up to the rafters. But, being an old building the wood was rotted and weak and it could not hold the extremely huge heavy unbearably heavy weight of Mark. It snapped and Mark's gigantic butt landed on several townfolk noticed a figure staring intently at the beam mark was being hung on. perhaps he had something to do with this..... Town will make their trip to the citadel tonight I thought you said this place was for the just and pure? exclaimed several scared members of their group The elder turned and looked at them and said "Oh, no no not at all. I said the requirement was that you must be well intentioned due to the mass of dark knowledge hidden in these walls" SUBMIT ALL NIGHT ACTIONS TO ME WITHIN 24 HOURS
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    Well damn, it's too bad that duelistgroundz.com user "Starlight Warrior", world renowned duelist known for his abilities to put a tuner monster and a non-tuner monster into play, place them in the graveyard, add their levels together, check his extra deck for a synchro monster whose level matches the combined levels of the materials that he placed in the graveyard, and special summon that monster in face-up attack or (on occasion) face-up defense position will no longer be able to dominate the tournament scene.
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    In case anyone needs a summary of the game thus far - now including memes from 2005!
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    im super gay and think women have cooties
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    I Summon the Dark Magician in attack mode!