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    CREATOR OF DUELISTGROUNDZ (THE HISTORY OF DUELISTGROUNDZfirst went to yugiohrealms, some kid recruited me to his forum, i was like wow u can make your own forum? i started making my own with my friend irl who also played ygo along side of me. We made one on proboards, called 'duelgroundz'. We recruited friends irl and some ppl from ygoforums, ygorealms eventually abunch rejected invites and we got banned :). We threw DuelGroundz project away. Then i made a forum on invisionfree called DuelistGroundz.. it was gettiing alot of promotion, duelists from other forums were checking it out, had some affiliates and their members would come over to DGZ me(OSIRIS) and my friend Keneth(EyeOfHorus) recruited nonstop, we got some loyalists ect. Then i met a guy named Ray, i was already frustrated with invisionfree's down time so Ray gave me his board for free and he was hosted under exocrew. We had all the members come over to the new board this time i was known as WhisperingWind. The board did great for a week but Ray failed to mention his board had bugs ect. ect. so Exocrew shut it down, and we were left with no boards. Loss of members ect. i then turned to the exocrew staff and told them my case. CoolKat an exocrew admin helped me out an together i started bb.exocrew/Static my friend Keneth changed his name to DarkJester and we were back in buisness. This board was sucessful and we were getting gfx'ers/duelists everywhere and ygo was at its prime. Got some big names over from realms,forums, and some lowl activity invisionfree forums. Then CoolKat's buddy Mike saw how much publicity DGZ was getting and gave me an offer i couldn't refuse. an upgrade to exocrew.com but under 1 circumstance, we would have to put up the exocrew advertisement. i was like meh :) wouldn't hurt.. we got the new board up and shizz. I then looked around other forums still recruited and met this girl liang(SHANGHAi) from duelnetwork. We talked for a while and got be great friends, keneth was becoming inactive so i was basically running the board alone. so that's when it was me/liang who took over.. this was dgz at its prime we had members from all over. We even had a war with Revolutionboards (another big site) and beat them. with the help of me,gob =]. then dgz became home to one of the greatest teams Genesis. This was DGZ at its prime. slowly ygo started dying.. liang left, and meh i was left looking at the board.. what did i have left in my tank? i began persuing my career in music irl, and met up with my crew we got some shit made in my friends basement and that was another project. DGZ was old news.. i had to go after music, everyone in my crew had to pitch in money for the studio being built, i already had money in the bank.. but it wasn't enough. it meant giving up DGZ. I interviewed some suitors.. Then along came rei, he was always a dgz loyalist since liang came over promoted to necromod from wat i remember plus he was one of the coolest guys u could meet, plus he was canadian j/k anyways i ended up selling the site to him. and now DGZ is still up and running the games slowly getting better (i guess) and yeah. the history of DuelistGroundz The End. Everyone played a role for DuelistGroundz.(tomuch in my head so ill just jot down anything i remember in my head, before i forget.) Keneth and I for starting it. Ray and I for opening the possibilities to other boards. CoolKat/ Co. and I For helping it get back on its feet. Liang and I for taking DuelistGroundz to another level. Ash and Co. for keeping DuelistGroundz alive. and ofcourse to the members who were loyal to me for my whole journey on the internet. some i don't hear from anymore, some i talk to once in a while. hope u enjoyed that, if not i just wasted 5 minutes of ur life if duelistgroundz ever has articles or anything on ygo or dgz general or something =] i would be glad if u guys put this up.. just so that my legacy's not forgotten, and im also forgetful i can look back at this and just smile/

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  1. The Airplane Boys - Brave New World

    Yo Fellas! We just released our New Music Video a couple of hours ago - check it out when you get the chance. SHARE if you fucks with it.   [MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-V85Ee2xzU&feature=player_embedded#![/MEDIA]
  2. The Airplane Boys - Brave New World

    Liquid Snake - I think it's still early for us, we're still trying to build with our supporters all over the world. Then we'll approach them. We felt Coachella and Osheaga Festival were just sneak peeks to get our name to circulate. So college tours and mini tours we're looking to do to get people familiar with the movement. Most importantly, word of mouth.. you guys spreading the word and shit is going to fuel this music. #1 OUTTA LAKE MINNETONKA - (Funny ass name) We're playing at this Doc Martens Showcase on Thurs Mar/14. We're also confirming other dates since we're there from the 11th-18th As soon as we finalize the schedule i'll make sure to post it on our social feeds and ofcourse here. once again, thanks everyone for the love. do please share the music and help us grow this movement.  
  3. The Airplane Boys - Brave New World

    Thanks man. If any of you guys are in Texas in march for sxsw we'll be there. Hopefully in the summer we'll be touring UK, FRA, and GER
  4. The Airplane Boys - Brave New World

    yo thank you for the support fellas!!
  5. The Airplane Boys - Brave New World

    Hey friends,   Just wanted to share with you guys our new project 'Brave New World' I've been travelling and touring a lot with my crew lately and these recent travels have inspired these sounds & lyrics. If you find the time take a listen, download the tape, and spread the word. I appreciate all the support my close friends & new friends here in DGZ have been giving to my whole Airplane Boys / Beau Monde movement. Please continue to spread the word.   Much love!     Stream & Download the tape: http://theairplaneboys.com   If that site doesn't work you can download it directly here: http://www.hulkshare.com/eej2emxq6scg
  6. airplane boys

    Yo bro - we're back in Austin, Texas for SXSW from the 11th to the 18th of March, hopefully ya'll can check some shows out there.   Thank you again for all your support we're getting set to release our new project on the 19th this month, and just dropped the new video   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDQy8hbkz9I&feature=youtu.be   talk soon brothers.
  7. The Airplane Boys - Alignment

    Whatsup old friends, Glad to see this community is still up and running stronger than ever. Thanks to rei and his crew! Brings back memories. How's Everything going? hows the game involved.. whose still around? I really wanted to let you guys know that we dropped our newest mix tape 'ALIGNMENT' it's been getting some dope reviews thus far and it's growing organically around the world. I'd love for you guys to take a listen and play that shit on your drives.. spread the word.. [url="http://theairplaneboys.com"]http://theairplaneboys.com[/url] [img]http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/418570_10150786562639942_84697049941_12661133_605558790_n.jpg[/img] Here's the newest video from 'Alignment' called DICTATE it was even recently chosen to be on one of the scenes of the show CSI. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWHsvc0hYl4[/media] Feeling like it can only go up from here. If your in Texas.. we'll be there for SXSW from March 13th - 19th. We've been chosen to perform at this years Coachella Festival in April. If your out there give me a shout. Thank you for the memories.. and i hope ya'll continue to grow with me. DGZ was a great chapter in my life and I'm glad to see you guys support The Airplane Boys. Peace & Love brothers. see you soon, Mannie
  8. airplane boys

    Damn that's love.. thank you brothers! very much appreciated.
  9. happy birthday forgotten one

  10. Miss this place

    Yo Sky, Hows work and school going for you? i just graduated from a 2 yr program for broadcasting television but now I'm pretty much just focused on the music. Damn, reborn and dark hole back.. i remember leaving off with premature burial and call of haunted as the only cards that could bring back your monsters lol. The place looks good man, still active aswell.
  11. Miss this place

    Haha whatsup? who are you BiPi.. name change im not familiar with.
  12. Miss this place

    Hey guys, Hope a lot of old friends are still here.. just checking in from time to time. Any updates? how has the game evolved?
  13. The Airplane Boys - Sleep

    Please support friends! Spread the word It's really good to see DGZ is still up and gunning! www.theairplaneboys.com
  14. The Airplane Boys - Outerspace (Official Music Video)

    thanks guys! As for putting on a show, i think we just like so many types of music.. that if we we're doing a jazz festival we'll have a classy set. But for the video this one's catered more the radio and itunes etc. It's the sound we're going for. But we're still exploring, I'm never content.
  15. The Airplane Boys - Outerspace (Official Music Video)

    Ahhh respect bro