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  1. Infernity - Discussion

    The only questionable moves I see in the above deck profile is the lone Transmodify and possibly the lack of spells in the main. With 1 Transmodify, you aren't going to draw it at the right times. It can make a solid field out of nowhere though, but with 1 copy, I don't see this happening a lot to make it worthwhile.   I wonder if he had any issues with not having enough spells for Summoner Monk. I've always gone with 14-15 as my standard, and sometimes I don't even open a spell with Summoner Monk lol.   EDIT: Regarding the side though... I feel all his choices are justifiable but I don't think they were the best choices he could have made. I see a lack of Dimensional Prison which is arguably a good card for Fire Fist in a sense they do run a low monster count. Regarding Fire Fist - he doesn't even run Overworked. Overworked is one of the best side deck cards for that deck right now... He should of had least sided 2 copies.
  2. I Heard You Liked Goat Control. 4.0

    Being a faggot is fun though. Much more rewarding than positive reps lol.
  3. I Heard You Liked Goat Control. 4.0

    oh how thou neg me so   EDIT: this is a masterful troll thread. How do you expect me to contribute?
  4. Swagtrick Proban

    yeh dgz loves hoban and i love him 2     also lol at caring about rep
  5. I Heard You Liked Goat Control. 4.0

    omg so mad
  6. I Heard You Liked Goat Control. 4.0

    lol people finally realise. dgz is full of troll bait.   ggnore
  7. I Heard You Liked Goat Control. 4.0

    khalil > dgz
  8. I Heard You Liked Goat Control. 4.0

    master thread
  9. Goats 2k14

    tried it and it was ok
  10. Swagtrick Proban

      lol forever and ever
  11. Infernity - Discussion

      You need Fiendish Chains somewhere.
  12. Bring on&#1228

    Dat terrible Infernity deck.

    Lol this whole thread.
  14. Infernity - Discussion

      I disagree with your opinion. The problem with Vanity's Emptiness is that it's reliant on certain matchups to be effective. Without the cute Number 66: Master Key Beetle combo, the card really just serves as a minus. You're not always going to open the mentioned combo, thus you'll find Vanity's Emptiness just sitting there in your hand sometimes, or just waiting to be dead drawn.
  15. Infernity - Discussion

    It's searchable by Heiress? I've tried it, but the field spell was just better.